Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Nonconsentual: Descent Into Insanity

Nonconsensual Part 1
Nonconsensual: Part 2
Nonconsensual: Part 3
Nonconsensual: Part 4

Sean's life had become one of constant servitude and pain.

One evening Jess led him into the living room by his neck leash and told him to kneel before her when she sat on the sofa. He lowered his head, not daring to look into her eyes. The tall brunette was naked except for panties, as she frequently was in the house when there were no guests. Sean desired her more than anything, and her smell alone made his cock strain painfully against the chastity cage.

Jess leaned back and spread her legs slightly, slipping one hand beneath the panties and beginning a slow circular self-stimulation. Sean stayed unmoving before her, catching glimpses as her fingers slowly rubbed her pussy. She was getting wet.

Without warning Jess slapped Sean hard, so hard he almost fell over and his jaw felt like it would snap off. The side of his face stung and burned, his head rocked back and forth and he was disoriented, dizzy. When he was able to regain composure Jess was continuing her masturbation, except slightly faster. Sean saw her fingers paying special attention to her clit, stroking it indirectly but getting closer. Her breathing was getting faster as well.

This continued for another minute or two when Jess took her free hand and slapped Sean again, hard, the open palm of her hand connecting with his cheek and exploding his face with pain. He whimpered slightly. The slaps left his head aching and his face burning. He was humiliated, watching his mistress pleasure herself and using him to increase her arousal.

Another stinging slap rocked his head, and Sean found himself wondering how a simple slap could be so painful. Tears were trickling down his face and his nose was running. In spite of this he was very, very aware of how Jess was now spreading her pussy lips and sliding one finger inside, moving her hips in rhythm to her hand, complimenting and enhancing the movement as her arousal increased and climbed toward climax.

*Whack* Another slap knocked Sean silly, his head buzzing and light. He wasn't able to think, he was just trying not to faint. *Whack*  *Whack* two slaps hit him hard, as Jess moaned and thrust her hips, obviously feeling the onset of her sexual climax. Her moans were matched by Sean's sobs.

Finally, Jess climaxed in front of Sean, her hips shaking, two fingers inside, her hand busily rubbing her pussy as fast as she could. As the orgasm peaked and then subsided, one of her feet came up, planted itself on Sean's chest, and shoved, hard. Sean was kicked over onto the floor, and he lay there hoping there would be no further torment now that Jess was sated.


Shelley had her own ways of humiliating and torturing her submissive male captive. She, too, used Sean's pain and humiliation as a tool to help arouse her. His agony was her delight and sexual pleasure.

When Jess was gone during the evening, Shelley frequently took Sean to the living room and placed him on the floor, wrists and ankles fastened securely behind him. She then took a long piece of Saran wrap and forced it over Sean's face, covering his mouth and nose as tightly as she could.

As Sean struggled to breath and became increasingly frantic, Shelley would spread her legs and force pussy down on his writhing body, sometimes directly on his sealed face. She desperate movements would help stimulate her. His struggling body, gasping for air, was used as a sort of human vibrator to get her closer to orgasm.

Just when Sean's vision was turning black and his brain was going fuzzy, Shelley took off the plastic wrap and allowed him to gulp for air. Once he had refreshed his blood oxygen supply, she placed the wrap over his head again, holding it there and riding his struggling body with her pussy, grinding her clit into his face.  This process repeated, over and over, until Sean's face was wet with tears and he begged with his gasping breath for Shelley to have mercy.

She didn't. The torture ended only after Shelley orgasmed. Twice.


"This one seems to be losing his spark." Shelley mentioned to Jess one night at dinner. Sean was kneeling on the nail board beneath the table and Jess had her feet up on him, pressing him down painfully.

"You think it might be time to allow him to have an orgasm or two, huh?" Jess said casually. This statement made Sean suddenly alert. Jess felt the change in his posture and commented on it.

"HA! This one thinks he understands and wants some gratification. Perhaps it is time. I want a new toy."

That evening, Sean was led down to the basement. The thing was hanging where it always was, its cock as painfully erect as ever. Next to it on the floor were several buckets of a thick white liquid and several very large rolls of gauze. Shelley and Jess led Sean to stand in front of the material, and then with a blinding flash, Sean was knocked down and rendered immobile. He had been hit with a stun gun, and his muscles were twitching, unable to move.

Dazed and unable to comprehend what was happening, Sean lay on the concrete floor as the two women wrapped his body in gauze from head to toe. When he began to move and struggle to get up, they hit him with the stun gun again, and his body shook uncontrollably, allowing them to continue their work.

Once he was covered in gauze, they took rolls of cloth soaked in the thick white mush and began wrapping his body. Beginning with his feet, the wet goo was applied, wrapped around and around, higher and higher.

They positioned his legs apart, not terribly wide but wide enough to guarantee good access to his cock and balls. When they reached his waist, they wrapped the cement mixture around his hips and thighs, but left his genitals hanging free and exposed.

Sean waited until he felt he could struggle more effectively, recovering from the last stun. He suddenly sat up and grabbed Shelley, trying to shove her into Jess. His hands slipped and the maneuver failed; moments later he was hit with a stun from the gun that didn't let up until the painful world went black and he went unconscious.


Sean woke. Opening his eyes, he saw nothing. He couldn't tell if he was blind or if it was simply dark.

He couldn't move. Any attempt to move any part of his body failed. Even attempts to move his fingers showed that he could only move them a tiny fraction of an inch. His arms stretched out on other side of him, his legs spread apart.

His torso was also unmovable. His back could not bend, his breathing was restricted.

Breathing was possible. There was little else he could do.

He felt a little dizzy. He realized his body was swinging back and forth. He was upright. Swinging. His stomach felt queazy from the movement and he thought he might vomit. It was then that he realized something was intruding through his nose. His left nostril was filled with something. His nose was sore, inside his head was sore, and his throat felt like he had something that could not be swallowed.

It was a feeding tube.

He had been encased in a full body cast; unable to see, hear, or move. Sean felt a scream welling up from inside him, unable to reach full strength because his tight encasement restricted his breathing. Still, he was able to release a short and agonized scream.

In response, he felt something touch his cock. Oh... he felt it now. It was overwhelming. His cock was hard, pulsing, throbbing with lust. It was straining to become larger, restricted only by its own flesh. He sobbed, tears coming from his eyes and soaking into the gauze that covered his face. The touch was a hand, a soft female hand, stroking his hardness. His entire world focused on that feeling, the sensation of pleasure that had been denied him so long and was now intensified beyond all reason.

A sudden sharp pain arrived in his left testicle. He moaned from the pain but the stroking continued. Another sharp pain, in his right testicle. It hurt, terribly, but the pain was mixed with the incredible pleasure of being stroked. He felt the sperm as is began gathering, mixing, preparing for ejaculation.

The pain and pleasure continued, merging and increasing until he was screaming. He couldn't tell what he was screaming about, the pain or the intense pleasure. Perhaps both. Was there a difference? It didn't matter, for all at once the semen erupted and his muscles contracted with a sudden spasm, squirting his body fluid out into the blackness that he no longer could see.

The orgasm was the most intense he had ever felt. The pain of the pins being driven into his balls simply served to increase the sensations. It shattered him, left him limp and weak inside his concrete shell.


"I like him better this way," Jess commented as Shelley removed the pins from the exposed cock of the new thing in the basement. Semen still oozed from the end of shaft, dripping into a clean pan below.

"He certainly reacted, didn't he?" Shelley removed the last pin and put them into a small case for later use. She gave the concrete figure a slight shove, watching it swing back and forth and then joined Jess as they climbed the stairs.

"So, you want to go hiking this weekend?"


Inside his dark prison, the thing that had been Sean started going insane, hallucinating from the lack of sensory stimulation, body decomposing from the inability to move, his mind losing all foundation of reality.

He hung in darkness until the next time his body would be subjected to the pain and pleasure, which was now all he had, all he was good for.

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