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Nonconsensual: Forced Homosexuality

Nonconsensual Part 1
Nonconsensual: Part 2
Nonconsensual: Part 3
Nonconsensual: Part 4

Sean dangled from the ceiling in the dark. His whole body was sore and aching from the beating, the whipping and from being suspended as he was. Time no longer flowed for him. The darkness played tricks and he hallucinated, at first seeing migrating light patterns that later turned into strange creatures that danced around and mocked him.

The sound of the bolted door being unlocked startled him. He must have been dozing, though he would never have believed it possible while being hung like that. The light came on and dazzled his vision. He had been in the dark a long time.

"Oh god, look at this mess. He has shit all over the floor. I am so totally not cleaning this up, Jess."

"Make him do it. He made the mess, make him clean it."

The blond appeared before him. Sean focused on her slowly, his eyes unused to the light. Shelley was naked except for panties, and her body was even more fantastic than anything Sean had imagined from seeing her clothed. Perfect pert breasts stood out with naturally small hard nipples, slowly giving way to a perfectly flat stomach with a slight ripple that hinted at good abs. Her legs were long and smooth, as well.

"Please... let me go. Whatever I have done, I -- aaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!" Sean's plea was cut off when the blond grabbed his testicles and twisted, squeezing hard.

"Shut up. I am not interested in anything you have to say. From now on, you will speak only when spoken too. Do you understand?" She gripped his balls hard, squeezing and pressing her thumb into one of them.

"AHhh... ahhhh. oh my god, yes, I understand... ahhh!!!!" His balls hurt and the pain was getting worse as she pressed them. Finally, she let go, though the pain did not subside immediately and Sean continued to moan slightly.

"Hey, Jess, look at this! He has a fucking hardon!" Shelley was pointing to the erect penis of their prisoner.

The brunette stood in front of Sean where he hung, also naked except for panties. Her body was glorious, thinner and more wiry than the blond. "We can't have that. You want to remove it? Cut it off? Or just cage it? I say we cut the whole package off."

Sean started whimpering at this, wanting to beg to keep his genitals, but afraid that speaking would make matters worse. He was still hurting from having his testicles squeezed so hard.

"Nah. I have too much fun. Like, with Don, downstairs, he would be boring if we had cut his stuff off. Let's cage it." The blond walked over to a side table and returned with a small clear plastic chastity device. She slid it on him, clicking it into place around his scrotum, forcing his now semi-erect penis into the small space. A tiny padlock clicked into place and he was trapped.

Sean was lowered to the floor, where he lay trying to recover from being hung by his arms. They hurt horribly, and when the two girls forced his arms behind his back they hurt worse. His wrists were locked in together, as were his ankles.

Pain shot through his side as Jess kicked his ribs. "Clean up your mess, asshole."

At first he didn't realize what they meant, until one grabbed his head and shoved his face into a slimy mass next to him on the floor. It was his shit, where it had dropped during the night.

"Eat. It. Lick it up. Every bit. Or I might change my mind about letting you keep your pathetic cock." Jess kicked him again. He opened his mouth and tentatively bit into a lump close to him. It tasted foul, and he gagged and spit it out.

Shelley stepped on his balls, pressing down with her foot to crush them. Pain exploded throughout Sean's lower body and he immediately began to suck up the feces from the floor. When all of the solid chunks were gone (inside his nauseous stomach), they women made him lick the concrete floor clean of every bit of fecal matter. He was then made to lick even more of the floor, cleaning up his urine from the day before.

When this horrible process was finally over, the two women walked out of the room, demanding that he follow. With his wrists and ankles each fastened together, all he could do was squirm and wriggle after them.

"He makes a good worm, doesn't he?" Shelley laughed to her partner.

"Eh. Maybe we should see if he can eat dirt sometime, see how good a worm he can really be. Or maybe bury him in the ground, see if he can crawl out?"

"God, Jess, you have a brilliant mind, did you know that? It's one reason I love you so much. She grabbed the brunette's ass and kissed her hard.

Sean wormed his way behind the two women to the kitchen, where the two women sat to eat their breakfast. Because Sean had already eaten his meal of feces and urine, they gave him a bowl of water on the floor, which he eagerly lapped up. When he was done, he lay on the floor, looking at the two gorgeous women as they ate and chatted about things in their life, ignoring his presence.

When the women were done, they scraped the remains of their breakfast into Sean's water bowl. There wasn't much, but he ate what he could. He was then led out of the kitchen into a small room off the hall near the back door. It looked a little like a laundry room with a washing machine, drier, and baskets of clothes. There they took a four foot chain with a collar that dangled from a metal plate on the wall and locked it around Sean's neck.

"Slave, listen to me." Jess addressed him directly with a matter of fact but ominous tone. "We are going out for a few hours. You are to wash, dry and fold all the clothes in these two baskets while we are gone. Do it well, or you will be punished tonight."

To illustrate her point, Jess reached up to a shelf and took down a short rod that forked to two points at the end. She held it and then probed Sean's chest with it. A massive electric jolt hit him; it felt like he had just been hit by a sharp brick thrown at his chest. He yelped, and wriggled away to the corner of the room as best he could.

"Don't bother yelling. We live in a nice country home. The nearest neighbor is a mile away. But just to make sure you don't damage yourself trying, we are going to help you with a little gag. Feel free to chew on it, but don't drool on our clothes." Shelley said this with a sinister warning tone.

A ball gag was placed in his mouth. When he didn't open his mouth wide enough, he felt the jolting pain of the cattle prod against his thigh, close to his locked genitals. He opened and accepted the gag, which was locked in place tightly. He immediately began drooling and felt the flush of added humiliation as Shelley saw this and laughed.

"Do a good job now, and we might actually feed you tonight!"

The two women left, leaving Sean alone with the laundry. His ankles were locked together, and his wrists locked behind his back. He managed to stand, but every action he took had to be done with his hands behind his back. It was slow and tedious work, but he managed to get all the clothes into the washer with some soap, and then sat on the floor while they washed.

Sitting on the floor he considered his situation. He had never seen two women more beautiful than Shelley and Jess, but they scared him worse than anything he had ever experienced. He was helpless, and they were cruel far beyond anything he knew.

They intended to keep him as slave, it was clear. Unless he could get away, there was little he could do but make sure they were happy and obey them as best he could.

He actually felt some desire to do well for women; it felt good to be in their house, under their control. Just looking at their beauty was exciting. The pain they dished out was terrible, but maybe, just maybe, if he served them well enough, he might be allowed to touch them. Maybe even enter one of them, to get inside....

These thoughts brought on an erection, which was immediately painful as his penis expanded inside its cage. He decided to concentrate on the laundry to take his mind off things and keep his penis flaccid. He worked hard, trying to do his best, feeling the fear that he would be punished if he made a mistake. At the same time he felt excitement about the women coming home and the possibility that they might "play" with him more. This disturbing him and in turn made his penis harden once again, as painful as that was.


The sound of the car outside alerted Sean that the women had arrived home. He sat up alert from where he lay in the corner of the laundry room, his neck chain stretched to its maximum. The laundry was done and folded, an incredibly tedious process giving his ankles were shackled and his wrists shackled behind his back. He had tested the strength of the neck chain and found it solidly secure. He chewed on his rubber ball gag, a small comfort against the hunger he felt and the only way he kept his jaw from cramping when it was held open so wide.

The women had brought home a visitor, it seemed. He heard someone else with them, a third woman. They were laughing and talking in the living room. Sean waited.

He had to pee. He had drunk water that morning and it had gone through him. He was dehydrated as well, and his constant drooling had stopped, replaced by a dry mouth. Rocking back and forth to keep himself distracted, Sean held his urine in as long as he could, until it became painful, and finally it burst out onto the tile laundry room floor, creating a puddle beneath him.

Somehow Sean knew what the punishment for his lack of control would be. When the door to the laundry room finally opened and Jess came in, he shrunk back in fear. Jess looked at the laundry and made a slight sound of approval. Then she sniffed the air.

"You animal! Did you urinate in our laundry room? How disgusting. Clean it up immediately!" Jess took off his ball gag and push him over to the yellow puddle with her boot. Sean immediately began licking the floor clean. When he was finished, Jess motioned for him to follow her and she walked into the living room.

Sean's mistresses had two guests over. The first was a beautiful redheaded woman, whose name appeared to be Sarah. She was wearing jeans and a tight top, and had beautiful light skin, light freckles, and flashing green eyes. She looked at Sean with undisguised disgust.

Sitting on the floor at Sarah's feet was a naked man. Well muscled, handsome, and completely naked, this man sat quietly and waited. He had a metal collar (not unlike the one Sean was wearing) and a light chain attached went to Sarah's hand. It was clear he was a slave like Sean, though he seemed much more comfortable with his status.

"Here he is, Sarah, the new one. I told you he is rough, but with some training and discipline he may be an acceptable plaything yet. Tonight will be a good lesson in obedience for him." Jess talked conversationally with Sarah about Sean's prospects as a slave.

Sean listened to the conversation and wondered what they meant a lesson in obedience. They were talking about the other male in the room, who had apparently been a long term slave for Sarah. As they talked, Sean lay on the floor, still tied hand and foot, and watched the four of them. The women were close, and seemed to touch each other a lot, as if they were very intimate. He wasn't surprised when they began kissing.

The other male slave's penis was large, and very hard. His erection could be seen clearly as he sat watching his mistress as she reached her hands up under Shelley's blouse and began massaging her breasts as they kissed. Jess was reaching to undo Sarah's belt and then slid her hand deep under the denim as Sara spread her legs wide. Sean could not help his penis. It grew hard and smashed the walls of his chastity device and he moaned in pain as he watched the women disrobe.

The mass of naked female flesh on the couch writhed and intertwined as the two male slaves watched, both with massive erections; the other male's penis free and upstanding, Sean's captured, compressed and forced down. The women moaned, legs and arms wrapping and moving, sliding from one position to another as they flesh rubbed against each other.

Loud cries of ecstasy erupted from first one of the women, and then another as each of them reach orgasm. Sean watched in fascination as they continued making love, a threesome of lesbianism, naked sweating bodies, fingers and tongues penetrating every hole, grinding flesh on flesh, nipples hard, breathing labored. Each woman had several orgasms before they seemed to fall apart, exhausted, and giggling.

Sean had watched the show, carefully observing each of the women's breasts, mouth, and pussy as they interacted and were massaged or penetrated. He at once felt himself incredibly lucky and the most unlucky man in the world.

Having sated themselves, Sarah poured them all a drink and then said, "I think it is time for my little pet to enjoy himself, what do you think? I promised him a reward for being so good."

"Marvelous idea; lets have them put on a show, shall we?" Shelley stood and crossed to where Sean was laying. She reached to his feet and unlocked the shackles that held his ankles together. As Sean instinctively moved to stand, Shelley reached for a cattle prod that had lain unobserved on a side table and pressed it against Sean's arm. The pain seared deep inside his arm and shoulder and he grunted as he went down to the floor.

"Don't you dare move except when we tell you to. Now, on your knees and face us." Sean complied.

Sarah jerked the male slave's chain. "Go ahead. He is all yours. Use him well."

The male looked at Sean with a strange, hungry look, stood, and walked over to Sean. Standing directly in front of Sean, his huge erection hung before Sean's face.

"Open, asshole." Shelley barked.

Sean suddenly understood. He flushed. He had eaten his own shit earlier, cleaned the floor with his tongue, but suck another man? No, he couldn't. He was straight. He had fucked many women, whether they wanted it or not, and they had all enjoyed it, he knew. But a man? Never.

Shelley stood on one side of him, Jess on the other. "Open and take him in, and make him cum or we will split you open like a pig and hang you with your own entrails."

He believed Jess when she said that. He opened his mouth and closed his eyes.

The head of the male's cock slipped past his lips and Sean shuddered. He knew exactly what it would feel like, having face fucked many women. Now he was being face fucked. His face burned in embarrassment.

As the thick cock slid deep inside his mouth and entered his throat, he found he knew exactly what to do. He knew where the sensitive spots were, how to stimulate, how to make this man feel pleasure. He gagged and almost vomited at the realization of what he was doing, but managed to keep it down. The cock slipped out partway and then plunged in again. The other male slave put his hands around Sean's head, guiding it as Sean had done with countless women before. He thrust, and Sean's mouth made a loud slurping noise as the cock slid back in.

Tears flowed down Sean's hot cheeks. He knew the women were watching him, evaluating him, and it humiliated him more than anything that had happened to him yet. The process went on. He tried to help but the man had control of his head and was simply thrusting, over and over, deep down Sean's throat. He gagged and felt a bit of vomit come up but the man didn't stop. The vomit remained in his mouth, lubricating the penis as it continued pounding in and out.

After a bit he felt the thrusts become more urgent and the cock on his tongue was harder, almost unbelievably rock hard. He panicked, suddenly realizing what was going to happen. He hadn't thought that far, but he knew now. He opened his eyes and saw the flat muscular stomach of the male slave before him, and caught a glimpse of Shelley's amused face behind and to the side as she watched. His eyes remained wide open as the man made a few grunting noises.

The pulsing in the penis began before the stream of semen. He knew it was coming, could feel the man's muscles pumping the fluid up before it erupted in his mouth. With a jerk, the hot viscous liquid ejaculated deep inside Sean's mouth, the force of the ejaculation spurting the cum down his through. He swallowed quickly, not wanting to taste it or let it choke him.

Yet, he did taste it. He tasted the musky, sweaty taste of the man's genitalia, and the acid, chemical taste of the semen as it slid over the back of his tongue and down his throat. He gagged and in gagging sobbed in humiliation at being violated in this way.

Finally it was over, Sean fell to the floor, crying in great gulping sobs. Sarah clapped, and Jess and Shelley started talking.

"Marvelous! I haven't seen a male that degraded in a long time. Your bitch really gave it to him!" The women continued discussing his humiliation as the male slave resumed his position at Sarah's feet.

Sean continued laying on the floor. He couldn't help thinking about the male semen that was now in his stomach, like a poison. The violation of his body had been deep, and left something there. He wanted to vomit it out and up, though he also thought that if he did he would probably just be forced to lick it up and so he did his best to keep it down.

Shelley was getting something from the other room. What was it? All three women were naked now, not having bothered getting dressed after their mutual pleasuring. In spite of his pain and humiliation he noticed and was aroused by their exposure before him.

Shelley returned. She had a dildo. A large one. With straps. A strapon. Of course, these three were lesbians so it made sense, he thought. Shelley strapped it on; the false penis stood out and curved slightly up from her pussy. Jess helped adjust the straps. When it was nice and tight, Shelley turned to him.

"Roll over. Chest and face on the floor, ass up in the air, legs apart." Shelley barked her orders and Sean realized with a shock that his degradation wasn't over. He rolled over onto his stomach, face down, and then raised his hips into the air, pulling his knees up until his ass stuck up as high as he could make it. His legs were a foot or so apart.

He waited a moment as Shelley knelt behind him. Her hands grabbed his ass cheeks and roughly pulled them apart. He clenched his teeth, waiting... and then with a sudden, vicious thrust he felt it. The hard dildo forced his sphincter wide apart and plunged deep into him.

Sean screamed. The unexpected pain of the dildo ramming home shocked him. He was being torn apart. The dildo was too large, the flesh of his anus was being ripped open and yet it thrust home deeper and deeper. He was filled, bloated by the thing inside his stomach before he felt Shelley's hips press against his buttocks.

She slid out and then thrust in again. The pain was just as bad, though his scream was muffled this time. Shelley continued to ram the silicone phallus home, over and over, continuing as ass rape. It went on and on, the pain continuing. He felt wetness all around and heard the slapping sound of Shelley's hips against his ass. His wrists strained against his shackles, not because he thought he could escape but just because he needed something, anything to help him cope with this horrible humiliation.

It seemed to go on forever. When the phallus was finally withdrawn, he hardly felt it, his anus was so pounded and numb. But then he felt Jess behind him. She knelt between his spread legs and wrapped one arm around his waist, holding him in place. His sobs began anew as she pulled his body back, hard, against the dildo as it plunged deep into him again.

And so Jess had her turn with him. She lay on top of him, her stomach and breasts on his back as she shoved her hips back and forth, plunging her penis deep inside and then withdrawing, over and over. He should have been aroused, he should have felt her naked body against his and lusted for her, but he hardly felt the brunette's flesh against his. All he felt was his ass being spread wide and painfully ripped apart.

When Jess was done he lay still, crying quietly. If he had not been broken before, he was now. He had no thoughts of escape or revenge, or even survival. All he could think of was enduring. Enduring the pain, getting through the humiliation. Minute by minute.

When he felt another body laying on top of his own prone form, he though that Sarah was there to rape him. But the hard, heavy body that lay on him wasn't female, it was the male slave once again, recovered from his previous orgasm and ready to use Sean once again. Sarah had directed him to make a deposit in Sean's ass.

His cock slipped into Sean's ass without resistance it was so loose and wet. At least it was softer than the dildo, though Sean couldn't grasp and deal with the humiliation of taking a real cock up his ass. He simply lay there, like the piece of meat he had become, while the male slave pumped into him, finally pulsing and ejaculating a huge load of semen deep inside Sean's intestines. After grunting and moaning through his orgasm, the male slave withdrew. Sean thought disgustedly about the load of semen now squirming inside his stomach, wondered if the sperm were still alive and swimming around inside him.


Sarah left with her male slave late that night. Sean was taken to the dark, bleak room that he came to think of as the torture room. There he was given a bowl of scraps left over from the women's dinner and a bowl of water.

A metal hook was placed up his ass and tied by a rope to a head harness. The rope was shortened and pulled tight until his head was forced back painfully. The hook in his ass rubbed against the torn flesh from his earlier rape and dug into his rectum, pressing painfully against his tailbone from inside. His wrists were still bound behind his back and his whole body felt like it had been run over.

In this position he was left for the night, to get what little sleep he could.

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