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Nonconsensual: Kidnapped

Nonconsensual Part 1
Nonconsensual: Part 2
Nonconsensual: Part 3
Nonconsensual: Part 4

They were goddesses.

Sean trudged along the path back toward the wilderness park entrance when he spotted the two girls. They had just arrived and were chatting happily together, smiling and heading down the trail. Both wore shorts that exposed long muscular legs that were clearly toned from a lot of hikes, and heavy hiking boots which made their legs look slimmer and more enticing. Sean couldn't help but think about what it would be like to have those legs wrapped around his body while he pounded his cock into one of the girls.

They were both thin, and fit. One was slightly taller with long dark hair, the other was about his height and had shorter honey blond. They wore loose fitting plaid which instead of hiding, actually showed off perfect breast shapes. They were more than cute, they were amazing. Both were the kind of girl that he would have approached in a club and worked on until one of them let him take her home. And if that didn't work, he would have followed one home, taken her when she least suspected, and had her anyway.

He had done that a few times. Bitches he really wanted didn't get to say no.

As they came closer, he stopped, wiped his brow and greeted the two women. Closer up, he could see neither was wearing makeup, and neither needed it. They had a natural beauty that came through in any circumstance.

"Ladies. Heading up the trail for Rainbow Falls?" He smiled his best smile.

The tall dark haired one looked at him with a smirk which made him feel uncomfortable. "Yes, we are. Why?"

"No reason, I just heard someone spotted some mountain lion tracks near there. You might need a little protection is all. Would you like me to head up there with you?"

The girls glanced at each other. "I don't think so, we can take care of ourselves."

The two girls began to move past him. Something about their demeanor irritated Sean. He moved his body slightly to block their path. "I was just heading that way anyway. I can tag along. The more people together, the less likely that anything will attack, you know?"

The honey blond one raised her eyebrows with a cynical look. "So... you are offering to protect us, is that right?"

"Well, babe... I am sure you can handle a mountain lion just fine. I just thought we could help each other out." Sean was beginning to really not like these two. They were haughty and needed to be taken down a notch.

The tall dark haired beauty began to walk past him, saying "Yes... well, I think maybe a mountain lion isn't the only predator out here. We can--"

Sean found himself reacting to the girls insolence. He grabbed her arm as she pushed past him. It felt good to have control, to feel her flesh in his hand. "Listen, maybe we--"

With a slight, almost unnoticeable movement, the girl's left knee bent, bringing her booted foot up rapidly. It slammed into Sean's groin, hard. He grunted and bent over as pain exploded across his hips. In spite of this pain, he managed to keep hold of his grip on the bitch's arm. He was going to do something nasty to her, as soon as he could focus...

With a soft whump, her other booted foot came up and around in a circle, landing full into his stomach. This time he let go as nausea and pain spread across his body. Sinking to his knees, he vomited on the dusty path. Something crashed into the back of his head, and the world went black.


Sean slowly became aware of his body bounce back and forth, sliding and bumping. He had a horrible headache and could not move. The memory of what had happened slowly came back to him, and he realized that the two women (goddesses he remember wryly) had retaliated against him and managed to overpower him.

He couldn't move his arms or legs; his wrists were tied behind his back, and they were tied to his ankles. He vaguely remembered the term for this from some porn he liked -- a hogtie. But that was something you did to girls! Yet here he was, bouncing along in the dark... in a car of some sort. In a small confined space. What was jabbing him in the face... it was a toolbox.

His toolbox. He was in the trunk of his car. He tried to take a deep breath to yell and realized his mouth was full of something. Cloth. And taped shut.

Anger overwhelmed Sean and he tried to struggle against the ropes which held him. It was impossible, they were tight and struggling just cut off his circulation. He decided to lay quietly and wait until they got wherever they were going. He thought about what he might do to those two women when they got there and he was able to overpower them.  They had gotten the drop on him before, but it wouldn't happen again. He was going to get control, and make them pay.

Daydreams of the tall dark haired goddess kneeling at his feet begging for mercy were flitting through his mind when the car stopped. The front door opened and closed. He heard the women talking outside. He would wait. Wait for his chance.

When the trunk lid popped open he was blinded for a moment. Two silhouettes stood above him, observing. He looked back and slowly his eyes adjusted and he saw the two girls observing him with slightly amused looks. His faced flushed with anger over this, but he just waited.

"Let's get him inside. You take his legs, I will take his shoulders. Be careful not to damage him." The dark one was saying.

The blond one laughed, an unexpected giggle. "Oh, Jess, dear... you are funny."

The women lifted him up and pulled him out of the trunk. Sean's body fell with a *thump* onto the hard concrete of a garage floor, jarring his ribs and knocking the breath out of him. The trunk lid to his car shut with a slam. Sean rolled over uncomfortably.

The tall one that was called Jess looked at him for a moment. "It will be easier if you cooperate. You want to try that? What do you say, Shelley, shall we give it a shot?"

The blond nodded. "Sure. Be easier than dragging him down to the basement."

Jess ripped the tape gag off of Sean's face.

"Owwwwwwwwww ahhhhhhh, you bitch!" Sean could not help but react.

"Yeah. I'm a bitch. Maybe you need to learn that the hard way." Jess began to untie Sean's legs. When they were free, Sean stood up and scowled at the two women.

"You bitch. Untie me. Now. And if I am really nice, and you apologize really, really well, I will maybe not report you to the police," Sean snarled.

"OK. But I can't guarantee I will apologize the way you like." Sean was surprised when Jess agreed and untied his wrists. As soon as they were free, he turned his body around and made to place a right hook on the side of the brunette's face.

Except her head wasn't there. She leaned back a few inches and his fist just went whistling by, knocking him off balance. As his body turned Jess reached one booted foot out, hooked it around Sean's right ankle and yanked it out from under him. Sean's momentum from his bad punch carried him down to the floor in a spin and he hit hard.

The girls waited for Sean to recover and when he was standing again, the shorter blond, Shelley, was standing next to him. "Sean. Dear. That is your name, right? Sean? Look, Sean, I know you want to be the big man and all but you are in waaaaaayyy over your head here. Let's just go inside and down to the your room and see how we can fix you up, shall we?"

This time Sean tried to sneak a quick uppercut toward Shelley's stomach. His fist actually caught a bit of flesh as she deflected his blow and returned it with a solid elbow to his face. Pain exploded across his nose and cheek and he dropped to his knees.

Tears of pain and despair were trickling down his face as the two women each took one of his arms and half dragged, half guided him into a house through a door from the garage. They guided him down a hall until they reached a heavy door with a small wire reinforced window in it. Keys jangled as they unlocked a deadbolt and dragged him the rest of the way in to a small square room filled with objects he didn't understand. It was lit with a single light bulb from a ceiling fixture.

They dropped him in the center of the room on his knees. He was humiliated from being bested by these women three times. He wanted all this to just go away. At that point he would have run and never reported anything to the police if he had been able to.

The two women each took one of Sean's wrists and fastened a metal band around each. Realization flooded his brain slowly and he began to struggle, but to no avail. He was weakened and Jess kicked the back of his knees, causing him to buckle and fall again.  His wrists were then pulled above him and their metal bands fastened to a wire that hung from the ceiling. Shelley went over to one wall and flipped a switch.

With a low grinding noise a hoist motor began raising the wire and Sean's wrists above his head. First he was forced to stand, and then his wrists rose above his head. Shelley didn't stop there, though. She let the winch pull his arms high, slowly stretching his arms and body taught until he was on his toes, finally leaving the floor and he was hanging by his arms, swinging free.

 Large shears were produced. Jess proceeded to cut off Sean's clothes, removing his shirt, jeans, shoes, and underwear. There was nothing he could do to prevent it. He was at her mercy. Jess pushed his body slightly and watched as he swung back and forth. It hurt being hung from his wrists. His muscles were stretched, shoulders stressed, and the steel wrist shackles dug into his flesh.

It was becoming clear that Sean had fallen into the hands of two psycho women who were intent on keeping him captive.


"Wanna flip for it?" Shelley asked Jess.

Jess smiled and looked at Sean where he dangled. "Nah. You can do it. I think I just want to watch."

Shelley went over to the wall and took down a bullwhip. Multiple strands of heavy leather were woven into a single thick lash over six feet long. The handle was a heavy metal covered with leather. Shelley wielded it expertly, cracked it once where Sean could see and smiled when his eyes widened and he began to cry and beg.

"Please, I know I have been wrong, I won't do anything bad, I won't report to the police, just let me go, there is no reason for you to--" his pleas were cut off suddenly by the sound of the last slicing through the air and wrapping itself around his body with a squishy snapping sound. His eyes got big and mouth round as the pain of the whip registered in his mind with absolute astonishment.

He screamed.

Jess smiled big as she saw the big man's body jerk and the scream erupt from his throat. Shelley pulled the whip back and lashed it out once more to kiss the poor man's body with agony. His screams became continuous as Shelley cut his flesh again and again with the cruel whip. Twelve strokes. Twelve lashes. Sean hung from the ceiling with his body naked and blood trickling down from his back, sides, stomach and chest. as he cried.

When she stopped, Shelley saw that Sean had lost bladder control and peed over the floor during the whipping. "You get to clean that up," she said to Jess.

"I will hose it down later. Let's go have dinner now." Jess moved over to Shelley, in front of the sobbing male, and kissed her a deep, slow tongue kiss.

"You know how a male's pain turns me on. Let's go." Jess and Shelley left the dark room, closing the heavy door behind them with a heavy click of a bolt sliding into place.

Sean hung from the ceiling, still sobbing from the pain and humiliation of being taken and punished by the two women. The light went out and it was dark, and he was alone.

The smell and darkness of the torture room filled his mind, the musky odor of his sweat and acrid tang of urine demanded his attention. There was another smell, something subtle and indistinct. I didn't know what it was until it came on him. Blood. His blood, trickling down his flesh, mingled with his sweat.

He had been bested, taken, defeated, punished, and his will was broken. In the dark silence of that torture chamber all he wanted to was be taken down. He would do anything for these two, his mistresses. Anything, if they would just be kind to him, and not hurt him any more.

Little did he know that he would, in fact, do just about anything for them.

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