Thursday, September 22, 2016

Lesbian Cocktail Party

(I wish I didn't have to say it, but I do. This stuff is fantasy, and some of it can be dangerous. Deadly dangerous. Don't do it. Play safe.)

It was a party.

A cocktail party, of a sort.

Janice had been told by Jenn that they were giving a cocktail party for a few of their friends. Lesbian friends. The ones that had a bit more of a kinky lifestyle.

Jenn dominated Janice. There had been a time when they struggled for the dominant position. Jenn had won when she finally trapped Janice in a warehouse with a shock collar and spent a week slowly breaking her down, training her.  At the end, Janice had not only accepted her position, but realize just how fulfilling it was, how much delight and pleasure she took in serving Jenn.

Sitting on the floor naked, a collar around her neck and a chain leash attached, dipping down then raising up to Jenn's hand, Janice felt at home as Jenn explained that they would host the cocktail party jointly, but that Janice would play a special role.

A rather central role.

In the middle of the living room.

Janice accepted this, and looked up at Jenn from her subservient position adoringly. Jenn leaned down, raised Janice's face up to hers and kissed her gently.  Having a beautiful plaything like Janice was marvelous, and Jenn spent many happy hours tormenting and pleasuring her girl.

"Her Girl."  Jenn liked the ring of that. She possessed Janice. Janice was hers. Hers to do with as she pleased. Hers, like her Camry was hers. Hers, like the TV was hers. Hers to use and manipulate and do as she pleased. Except it was also a person, and that made it even better.

It made playing with Janice even better. Knowing Janice had submitted to her, excepted her ownership and was subservient. Jenn could use and abuse Janice's body in any way she liked. It was one reason she liked to keep Janice chained, or tied, or restrained in some way. As a reminder. A visible or sensory reminder that this one, this person, this girl, was not free. She belonged to Jenn.

So now it was time for her to show off her possession. Jenn was going to share her girl, the fact she had a girl and that this girl was submissive, owned by Jenn.

To show off her body.

To show off her obedience.

To play with her, and to do it in the presence of friends who could also play.

"First of all, I don't want any accidents while you are the center of attention for all our friends," said Jenn. "So, I think an enema is in order."

"What? Jenn, what are you planning that might... I mean, losing bowel control?" Janice looked very worried.

"Yes, dear. And don't call me Jenn. Mistress will do, at least until after the party. I want you to get used to it."

"Yes, mistress..." Janice cooperated when Jenn arranged the enema bag filled with warm water. Jenn was actually being very kind to Janice, using warm water and plenty of lube for when the nozzle slid into her anus.

The water flowed in as Janice squatted on her hands and knees. It felt good at first, but then as more and more of the large enema filled her colon, Janice began to whimper.

"Please, mistress, this hurts. I.. it's giving me cramps. Peristalsis, and... ooowwwwww...."

Jenn placed a kind hand on Janice's lower back, caressing her ass cheeks. "It's all right Janice, this will be over soon. You've almost taken it all... and there. Now. Stand up, don't let a drop out until you get to the toilet, now!"

Janice spent the next 20 minutes on the toilet, making sure she expelled every bit of the water and feces it flushed out.  Finally, she announced she was ready.

It was still a couple of hours until the guests arrived, so Jenn tool Janice down to the basement and placed her in a holding rack. This was a special length of wood, designed to hold Janice's arms and legs apart and keep her immobile. There, Janice waited and listened to Jenn prepare for the party upstairs.

A little while in the restraints was not difficult. Two hours began to get to Janice. Her knees hurt, and she cramped in her shoulders. There was nothing she could do, though, except wait for Jenn.

The guests arrived upstairs, and Janice breathed a sigh of relief. It would not be long now. She had no idea what would happen to her, but the idea of being used publicly by Jenn and their mutual friends rather excited her.

Finally, Jenn came down the stairs and gave Janice a firm swat on her exposed ass.

"Well, Jan, my dear, the girls are all here and some of them are already in a festive, party mood. Time to come upstairs and strut your stuff!"

Jenn unlocked Janice, helping her stretch her cramped legs and stand. "Let's get you properly restrained for display, shall we?"

A length of rope and a ball gag had Janice with her arms immobile behind her and unable to speak, and it was in this condition she was led upstairs. There, 10 or 12 women lounged around, all sipping drinks. Some of them had clothing that was loosely undone, some obviously had been kissing or making out.

"Show our friends what a good slave you are, Janice!"

Janice strutted around, showing off her body. It should have been humiliating, and it would have been for almost any other girl. But Janice was a confirmed lesbian slut. She had a fantastic body and knew it, and she loved to show it off.

She walked around in front of the guests, wriggling and wiggling as they reached out laughing and touched her, running hands over her flesh and even between her legs.

Several of the women refocused on other guests and began to kiss again, hands slipping under clothes and pushing, prying, and unbuttoning to loosen and removed more and more.

Janice had never seen so many girls ready to pleasure each other all at once. She wanted to participate in the party, but her hands were tied, her mouth ball gagged. She was not allowed.

She watched as her girlfriend and mistress pulled up the skirt of a gorgeous woman named Jeanette, fingering her exposed pussy as she kissed the girl.  Jeanette's skimpy dress was pulled down, exposing her breasts, and pulled up, exposing her cunt.

Janice tried to get involved, tried to participate in the deepening orgy of alcohol and sexual pleasure. She walked over to a couple of girls, and tried to hump the leg of the girl on top, spreading her own legs and then rubbing her pussy.

Jenn saw this and immediately intervened. "You are NOT a part of this party. You are a toy, a plaything, something to be observed and have things done to you, not to initiate or pleasure yourself in any way!"

She pulled Janice off and tied her wrists above her head, pulling the rope through a pulley in the middle of the living room. Janice's arms rose above her, wrists pulled up, until her body stretched and elongated and she was standing just on her tip toes. She dangled there, rocking back and forth, unable to do anything except try as best she could to relieve the pressure in her arms and shoulders by pushing down on her toes.

It hurt. "It hurts," she said to Jenn, who had returned to Jeanette. Jeanette had her legs spread as wide as she could get them as Jenn was frantically massaging her cunt, trying to get her to climax.

Her complaint was ignored.

"It hurts!" she said again, just as Jeanette moaned in orgasm.

Janice's shoulders and arms were stretched and cramping, tears came to her eyes, and she was whimpering.

She was able to rotate slightly, and thus observe the other women in the room. Some were shy and not participating, but were observing. But most were in various states of nudity by now and were causally playing with each other's bodies as Janice slowly rotated in the center of the room.

Many of the girls pointed at her, laughed, or stared at Janice's elongated, naked form as they slowly were pleasured to an orgasm by another woman. Her nakedness and pain was becoming an important central focal point for the rest of the sexual activity in the room.

She whimpered more, complaining that she was in real pain. The cramps were awful, running from her arms down her back, and even invading her hips.

In response, Jenn came over with a flogger.

"You make too much noise. I will give you a reason to make noise," she said angrily.

"No, please, Jenn!"

"Mistress!" snapped Jenn. She had Janice kiss the flogger, and thank Jenn for her discipline.

Jenn slid the flogger over Janice's body, letting the small leather straps slide over the curves sensually. Then without warning she pulled back and slapped Janice's ass with the whip, causing her to jerk in pain.

"Come girls, who wants to help Janice reach an orgasm?" she called out. Several girls volunteered, took the flogger and took turns making Janice kiss them, or kiss the flogger before receiving more strokes of the whip.

Each of the girls took their turn whipping the poor unfortunately slave girl as she hung in the center of the room. Janice squealed and writhed as best she could, given she was suspended so only her toes touched the ground.

Finally, Jenn relented and released Janice's arms. She collapsed to the ground, groaning. Her body was pink and striped from the flogger, and she curled up in a little ball, trying to recover from the ordeal.

Around her, the party goers had returned to their play, continuing to drink, get drunk, and stimulate each other's bodies in every way conceivable.

Jenn leaned over to Janice and whispered to her, "Janice, my dear. You have not yet fulfilled your responsibilities. Time to get up and dance for us."

Janice groaned and slowly got to her feet.

Jenn announced to everyone, "Janice is going to dance!"

Janice stood, thinking that she would be asked to do some sort of sensual dance for the lesbian party guests, but instead Jenn reached up and pulled down a noose that she quickly slid over Janice's head and around her neck.

"The noose dance, the oldest of all dances," Jenn proclaimed and pulled up on the rope.

Janice rose to her tip toes once again, this time being pulled by the rope around her neck. The rope was rough and uncomfortable, and the noose was designed to slide closer and tighter as anything pulled on it. So, Janice very quickly learned to stand perfectly still, her head tilted slightly to the side.

The pressure of the rope around her neck was not great but enough to make her cough occasionally, and to keep from moving around. Janice dangled at the end of the rope, surrounded by girls grunting and moaning, slurping and vibrating each other to sexual climax. She simply hung there, unable to even see what was going on any more.

She knew, however, that her pain and predicament was being used as a visual aid, a part of the pleasure of the others. Her naked torment was stimulating the female party guests in their quest for sexual satisfaction.

This was truly humiliating. Her pain was the source of other's pleasure. Her helplessness was getting the party guests off.

After a while Jenn finished with Jeanette, but before moving on she stopped and pulled the rope around Janice's neck tighter. Janice felt her neck actually stretching, her head forced even further to the side. It began to become hard to breathe and a pressure was building up in her head. She tried to beg for mercy, but what came out was a sort of gurgling wheeze. The rope was pushing up on her jaw making it hard to open it and speak.

There was a pop and Janice felt one of the vertebrae in her neck move slightly. Her neck was actually stretching longer. In her mind she began to panic, but there was no way to express the panic. She couldn't move. All her weight was on her neck.

Jenn had moved on to a foursome with three other girls. Each had their head between the legs of another in sort of a circle. Tongues were delving deep into cunts.

It was amazing. Every once in a while they would switch around so that different girls were paired with a different cunt. They continued, and every once in a while one of the girls would shudder, moan, and grab the head of the girl between her legs as she felt a sexual climax take her.

All Janice could do is hear the sounds of pleasure, interspersed with comments about her own predicament. Some of the girls were wondering if she would die. She wondered herself if she might be on the way out.

She felt hands roaming her body, touching anywhere they pleased. Under her arms. In her anus. Between her legs. Inside her.

One woman shoved her fingers into Janice's anus, a painful feeling, and then shoved those fingers into Janice's mouth. She did nothing. There was nothing she could do.

A dildo was inserted into her cunt. She had no idea who did this, it didn't matter. The dildo had a vibrator, they turned it on and even though she was choking, spots coming before her eyes from lack of oxygen, Janice found herself in the throws of an orgasm. Warm pleasure flooded from her hips to her chest, and then her limbs.

Janice moaned. The dildo was not removed. It remained up her cunt, but the rope was pulled tighter. She was on her toes, but most of her weight was on the noose now, and it tightened and cut off the blood to her head.

She understood now why Jenn had insisted on the enema. If she had not been cleaned out, she would have defecated right then.

Her head pounded, eyesight disappearing. She struggled a little, her toes leaving the ground and her legs kicked. The rope tightened so tight there was no breathing, none at all. Blood was cut off and she was losing consciousness.

Her last sensations were of the vibrator shoved deep inside her cunt, and the sound of two women grunting and crying out in an orgasm.

Everything went black and she was gone.


Jenn and Janice lay together in bed, holding each other close.

It had been a week, and Janice's neck had mostly healed from the rope burns and abrasions from having been hung.

Jenn gently caressed her girlfriend, lovingly caring for her.

"I thought I was dead," Janice said.

"You came close," responded Jenn. "It was amazing to watch."

Janice thought for a while. Finally she said, "I think it was a little too much."

Jenn nodded. "Perhaps. But then, that is for me to decide."

Janice snuggled closer. "Yes, Mistress. That is for you to decide."

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