Thursday, May 5, 2016

Power Exchange

"Kelley, we really need those inventory reports completed by end of day. Please get on it right away, and don't get distracted."

Kelley looked unhappy, but held her tongue. There was no way she would get the reports done by five, so she was going to have to stay late on a Friday night. Yet another evening ruined working for Lance.

Lance was a tough boss. He felt the best way to lead his accounting group and foster success was to drive them mercilessly, being the most productive group in the company. His reputation was growing, and a promotion was likely, but his staff didn't like him at all.

Most of his staff were women, for some inexplicable reason. Fairly good looking women. Kelley was a beautiful, sensual redhead with a slim body and feminine look. Her pale skin and green tinted eyes contrasted and complimented her hair. She dressed well and every guy in the division wondered how they might get inside her.

Lance was a tall rough looking guy, who looked like he might be more at home hiking in the Alaskan wilderness. Very fit and handsome, some of the girls had expressed interest in him. He had dated a few, fucked a few, but the relationships never seemed to last. Sometimes the girl realized what an asshole he was, sometimes he dropped the girl because he got bored with the same pussy all the time.

His latest fling had been with a sexy young junior accountant named Heather. A petite brunette, Heather liked to dress attractively at the office and had tried to use her youth and sensuality to get ahead in Lance's department. He had fucked her a few times at the office without ever taking her out for dinner or drinks. She was really good at seducing him, sucking the sperm out of him, and all sorts of sexual techniques, and wasn't afraid to use them. Lance had used her for a few weeks, then broken up with her.

Evening came, the reports were being finished up. Kelley had skipped lunch and break, and it looked like she would get them done by 6:30.

Lance was still in his office when she brought them by.

"There they are, sir. I double checked them, and there are no discrepancies."

Lance flipped through them quickly, tossed them in a pile on his desk with a smirk and said, "Thanks, Kelley. They look OK. I'll read them sometime next week."

Fuming inside, Kelley left.

Lance left a half hour later. The parking lot was dark with pools of light from the light posts. His BMW was parked under a tree, in a dark area. He beeped it open 20 feet away, the lights flashing to indicate the doors unlocked. He got into the drivers seat and threw his coat on the passenger side seat.

Just as he was going to start his car someone slipped a heavy canvas bag over his head and pulled the drawstring tight. He could see nothing, and he clawed at the bag trying to get it off.

"Hey! What? HEY! AHH!"

Pulled from the car, he was thrown to the ground by rough hands, his arms twisted forcefully behind his back, and handcuffed. There were two of them, and they spoke while they subdued him.

"Get him on his stomach."

"That wrist, yes. Get it closed."

"Bastard. Sit on his head."

The voices were women's.

Still struggling he was thrown into the back seat of a car and rolled onto the floor, his ankles were quickly roped together and a blanket thrown over him. The car doors slammed shut. Moment's later the car started and they sped off.

Completely blinded, Lance protested, demanding to know what was happening. He was ignored. With the hood over his head he could not tell where they were going or who had kidnapped him. He couldn't move because his wrists and ankles were secured, and he was wedged on the back seat floor.

After a half hour of driving, the car stopped and the back door opened. The blanket was pulled off of him and hands grabbed him and pulled him from the car.

"Ugh. He's wet himself. What a pussy." The voice was definitely female. And familiar.

"Please... don't hurt me. I have money. I can raise ransom-- aaaahhH!!!"

Someone grabbed his balls and squeezed them hard. "Shutup."

"We should have gagged him," answered the other voice.

"Yeah, well my hands were full. It's done now, he can scream all he likes. No one will hear him."

The voices were... so familiar.

They dragged him inside a place, down some stairs. It was a basement of some sort, the sounds echoed and gave the impression of being in an empty underground place. Suddenly his shirt was ripped off of him. His pants were removed. He was forced to kneel.

"Please, whatever you want, you can have it. There is no need for rough treatment!" begged Lance.

The hood was removed and Lance looked wildly around the dimly lit space. It was an unfinished basement area, with concrete, raw brick and partially completed walls. Before him stood two women.

Kelley and Heather, from the office.

"Kelley! What... why are you doing this? You could get into serious trouble--"

Lance's protestations were interrupted when Kelley slapped him. She grabbed him and slapped him several times, each time harder than the next. The force of the blows and stinging pain sent Lance into shock. He was dazed, unable to defend himself because his wrists were still cuffed behind him and his ankles roped together.

Lance was shoved to the ground. He grunted as he hit the concrete floor, and Heather sat on his back, holding him down. He felt something sharp-- scissors, cutting his underpants off. He was naked.

"Oh god, Heather... what are you doing? What are you going to do with me, you can't do this, you will get into so much--"

"Shutup," Heather said, grabbing and squeezing Lance's balls. He yelped.

Heather rose and moments later his ankles were being spread apart, tied to metal rings embedded in the floor of this cold, hard basement. Lance struggled, but it was no use. His legs were held apart, exposing his genitals.

"He is a bit light between his legs, isn't he," said Kelley.

"He's a pussy. Overcompensating at work for complete sexual inadequacy," barked Heather.

Lance flushed. He was sensitive about his cock, and having these girls make fun of him when he couldn't cover himself was humiliating.

A rope was tied around Lance's wrists and he was slowly hoisted off the floor and up into the air.

"Holy... holy shit..." he panted. The pain of being lifted up by his wrists was a little surprising. When he was partway up, Kelley went between his legs, tied a cord around Lance's ball sack, and tied the other end of the cord to a ring in the floor.

"Oh god... oh god.." Lance was panting, terrified.  The rope on his wrists was pulled higher, tighter, and as he rose the cord around his balls pulled, dragging them down. It hurt.

"Oh god... this hurts, this really hurts, you are going to damage my balls, oh... ffuucckkk..."

Lance was in pain, stretched from his wrists to his distended ball sack.

It didn't stop there.

"I get to to whip him, first," said Kelley.  Lance suddenly darted a glance to the side and saw that Kelley had a six foot leather single tail whip in her hand. She was dressed in a sexy leather or vinyl dress that made his cock hard. She looked so much sexier than in the office, and in spite of the pain in his balls, he was turned on.

Kelley saw his hard-on sticking out and smirked. "Let's see if you are still hard after a few strokes of this," she snarled.

The whip whistled through the air and suddenly snapped around Lance's body. Lance screamed from the pain.

"Ooooo I like the sound of that. Scream for me, Lance!" Kelley swung the whip again, as hard as she could. The leather snapped at the last moment, wrapping around Lance's abdomen and back. He jerked his body and the pain ripped through him. He had never realized that a whip could slice, cut the flesh just like a knife, except a rusty dull knife that hurt worse.

Even though Kelley continued whipping Lance, his cock remained hard. She refocused her efforts, whipping his hips, and finally striking his cock directly. Lance continued to moan, struggle and scream. Each struggle pulled and yanked on his tied balls, but he couldn't help it. And in spite of the direct strikes to his cock, it remained hard.

Kelley was sweating from exertion. Whipping Lance took some effort. She remove the dress she was wearing, both to taunt Lance and to get a little cooler from her exertions. She continued working on Lance's flesh, whipping, flaying, shredding him.

"I think he needs a different kind of punishment," Heather said, finally stepping in.

Heather had a TENS device. An electric current generator, capable of sending brief or longer periods of varying voltage through it's connections.

"Oh... oh, no... please, please Heather, whatever I have done it isn't--" Heather cut Lance off with a kick to the balls. Lance yelled and wriggled in his bondage, unable to get away from her foot when it collided with his soft, sensitive pain globes.

Heather slowly, methodically hooked Lance up to the device. She knew how to use it, too. Contacts, smeared with a conductive jelly were placed on his chest, over his nipples. She then attached two other contacts to his testicles. She turned the device on.

With a small push of a button, Lance suddenly jerked, grunting and crying out, "oh, fuck!"

It had been a short shock, only a second or so. "Let's try upping the voltage on this a bit, shall we?"

She turned a dial, the numbers rising on the display, and hit the button again. This time Lance's body tensed and then twisted around, his voice gurgling a bit, not screaming. The scream didn't come until after the shock ended, when he yelled and swore. Heather hit the button again and Lance jerked and writhed in place, the electricity surging through his flesh, making his muscles tighten.

Heather tried different spots, moving some electrodes around, and different levels of shock, experimenting to see how Lance would react.  She loved seeing his eyes when the pain hit him. They would go wide, and at one point seemed to roll up into his head as his entire body shook.

Finally, one long, hard electric jolt made Lance shake and gurgle and moan and scream, and then he urinated on the concrete floor. He lost bladder control, unable to control his body as the painful shock surged through his testicles, nipples, and cock.

"Dammit, Heather, he's making a mess." Kelley didn't want to clean up after Heather's activity. "I think he's had enough. I'm tired, let's cage him and go to bed."

The girls released Lance's arms, lowering him to the floor. He winced and curled up once released from suspension, but the girls did not let him rest there. They untied his ankles and dragged him over to a cage, shoving him inside. They locked him in and left him there for the night.

He lay in the cage panting, watching as Heather and Kelley headed for the stairs. "Don't leave me here!" He called, begging.

The women ignored him. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Kelley turned to Heather, and said, "This has gotten me really horny."

Kelley and Heather then embraced, kissing each other deeply, their hands roaming each other's body. Lance watched them helplessly as they enjoyed each other's sex for a moment before they hurried up the stairs to their shared lover's bed, leaving Lance in his tight, tiny cage for the night.

Saturday, the next day. Lance had spent the night in the cramped cage, unable to move. He had peed himself during the night, and the place stunk. He was trapped, a slave to the two women who were using and abusing him in any way they pleased.

Heather came down to the basement first, and approached the cage, waving her nose.

"Whew you stink. What a disgusting perverted pathetic man you are. I think you need to be punished for making such a mess of your cage."

Lance cowered, unable to get away from the hostile woman that was hovering over him.

"Please, no, please... don't do this, Heather!"

Heather did not pay attention to his begging, but instead pulled out a small, foot long wand with a double metal prong at the end. It was a small cattle prod, and delivered a strong and painful shock. Lance jerked when Heather touched him with it. He tried to move out of the way, but couldn't. The device came through the bars and snapped each time it touched him. He screamed, and wriggled, but there was no room. He was completely exposed.

"Please no, please, please AAAHHHH!" Lance shouted and yelped each time the prod touched him.  Heather played with him, sticking the prod through the bars on one side, then the other, then in front. Each time she zapped a different part of his body, until tears streamed down Lance's face.

Finally, she climbed on top of the cage, spread her legs, and taunted Lance with her pussy.

"Do you like what you see, slave boy? Would you like to have some of this? Taste me? Hmmm?"

Her cunt was just a foot above Lance's face, spread wide, glistening wet. Lance's cock was hard as she saw her genitals hovering over him, and he couldn't resist. He moved up, trying to get his face up to Heather's beautiful pussy.

"Make me cum, slave boy, and I might let you out of there. Do a good job, slime bag, lick me good!"

Lance extended his tongue as far as it would go and just barely reached Heather's folds of wet flesh. He began licking, moving and pressing his face against the bars, and finally his tongue found Heather's clit. He flicked it, and she moaned.

"That's it, slave boy. Make me feel good. Make me cum."

Lance was doing his best, and just when she started moving her hips and letting him really get his tongue inside her, she reached down with the prod and zapped him.

"AAAAAAAAAAAA!" he shouted, the pain in his shoulder sudden distracting him.

"Keep going, asshole. Keep pleasuring me if you ever expect to get out of there!"

He moved up again and pressed his tongue against her pussy, licking and flicking, doing the absolute best he could. She zapped him again, and he jerked away from the prod, but immediately came back to keep licking. Every few seconds Heather zapped Lance, but demanded that he keep licking her cunt.

Finally Heather told Lance to stop.

"I haven't cum, slimebag, you have failed. I might give you a chance with Kelley in a little while, but for now you stay in the cage. But you know... since you like laying in urine I might just help you out a bit."

Heather spread her legs wide and leaned over to aim and then let loose with a spray of urine. It went all over Lance, covering his up turned face, shoulders, and body.

"Drink it, slave boy, open your mouth!" Heather demanded, and Lance did as he was told. He opened wide as the splatter from her urine filled his mouth.

Heather finished, slid off the cage and left Lance covered in her urine. The basement stunk even worse now. He huddled in the tiny container, wondering what was to become of him.

When Kelley came down, he was to learn what was in store. More humiliation and frustration.

Kelley released Lance from the cage, unlocking the padlock and dragging him out onto the floor. Heather came down and helped drag him to a table where they laid him on his back. His wrists were stretched out and tied to the upper corners of the bed, arms raised above his head. His ankles were then cuffed and tied to ropes that stretched up, lifting his legs wide apart and up into the air.

Lance felt incredibly exposed, vulnerable, threatened, helpless. In fact, he was all of these things.

Lance was gagged. A heavy leather gag that prevented most sound or speech, other than grunting and perhaps sobs. Then Kelley started in on him.

Slowly, gently, she teased his cock. Sliding her hand up and down his shaft, it became hard, rock hard. It felt good, very good, and he could feel his cum gathering inside. Kelley's touch remained light, though, and grew even lighter. Lance instinctively thrust his hips, trying to rub against her fingers, to obtain more stimulation. Kelley didn't allow it, just providing the minimum stimulation to keep him erect and wanting more.

It was agony, an agony of pleasure, to have his cock gently stroked, but never enough to bring him to orgasm. He gurgled and groaned behind the gag. He watched Kelley, observing just how sexy she was, especially when she was out of her office clothes. He wanted to cum. He needed to cum. He begged from behind the gag, asking to be allowed to cum.

When he finally did emit some semen, it was a very small amount. He had one contraction, the beginning of an orgasm, but Kelley had removed her hand and his cock just bounced a little, the orgasm stopping, never reaching fullness. White liquid seeped from the end of his cock, and Kelley used her finger to spread it over his cock slowly, smearing it around.

That caused him to thrust up even harder, to strain and push for an orgasm, trying as hard as he could. When it appeared he might actually begin contractions again, Kelley stopped, let go of his cock and slapped his balls, hard. She slapped his cock, the impact stinging badly, then hit his balls again.

Lance groaned behind the gag, knowing that she would never let him cum; but she didn't stop. For a full hour she stimulated his cock, laughing when he got close to cumming with a bit of sticky fluid oozing out. She would stop then, slap his balls again, hit him, make him cry out in muffled pain, and then slowly, ever so slowly, begin again.

She sat on his face, grinding into him. Lance tasted Kelley's cunt, the juices flowing freely, feeling the softness of her pussy flesh as she ground on top of his nose and face. This just increased his desire, but it was not fulfilled.

Finally, it ended. Lance had released some semen, but not in an orgasm, just in a slow seeping flow over the course of a couple of hours. He was crying in frustration, unable to give words intelligibly because of the gag.

They left him there, tied up in that cold basement. The two girls went out to lunch, but didn't feed Lance. He simply lay there, tied and waiting for them, wondering what these two bitches from the office had in store for him. Their revenge was running deep and they were most certainly not done.

Saturday evening. Heather came down and untied Lance, but not before attaching a restraint device to his genitals. A heavy ring surrounded both cock and balls, tied with a rope that Heather used to drag Lance around with.

She jerked the rope, yanking it this way and that to guide Lance until she had him in position in the middle of the floor. There she took out a flogger and proceeded to whip Lance's ass. He grunted. He had long since stopped threatening the office workers, and had resorted to begging. Now, his begging slowly stopped, for it was obvious the women didn't care. In fact, his begging appeared to excite them, and even made the beatings and pain worse.

After about 20 strokes with the flogger, Heather took the handle and rammed it up his ass. This hurt, really badly and he cried out.

"Please... Heather... I will do whatever you want. You want different work, I can arrange it. I can give... aaaahhhHH!!!!" the handle was rammed deeper into his ass.

"You can have a raise! A promotion! How would you like to be office manager?"

"What about me, dickwad? Forget about me?" Kelley came over with a riding crop. "I don't want your stupid promotion. Trot for me. Move!"

She sat on Lance's back and began whipping it with the riding crop. It stung, badly, but each sting got worse and worse with repeated strokes.

Lance began to walk on all fours, crawling along with Kelley on his back as she whipped his ass to encourage him on. He had never felt so humiliated in his life.

Heather just watched as Kelley rode and tortured Lance's ass. She was enjoying the show tremendously.

"Hit his balls. Hit them with the crop!" Heather urged.

The flogger was still in his ass hanging down like a tail, the handle distending, stretching his anus, and the leather tailings actually helped protect his balls from the beating that Kelley aimed their way. Still, some of the strokes hit home and the sudden pain rippled and surged through his hips and stomach.

"Oh, god, please.. Kelley... I am sorry for whatever I've done and I will make it up to you!"

"Yep, you sure will," said Kelley. "Say, would you like to fuck? I bet you've thought about fucking me many times, eh? When we were in the office? I've seen how you looked at me."

Lance flushed. She was right, he had thought about fucking her, and Heather as well. They were both very attractive women and he liked to think about using and abusing them in his fantasies. He wondered what she meant when she talked about fucking him now. Maybe... just maybe, Kelley would let him inside?

No such luck. He rolled over on his back, and had his feet tied spread wide apart again, lifted up so his genitals and ass were very accessible. Kelley put on a massive strapon dildo, and maneuvered between Lance's opened legs.

"Let's fuck, shall we?" She said as she pushed the huge artificial member against his anus. His ass was burning from the whippings, his anus already spread and stretched from the flogger handle, but this dildo was huge and stretched him so wide he screamed.

Kelley didn't stop. She just kept pushing harder, and harder. "Do you like my cock? Take my cock baby, take it deep. I'm a gonna pound you, babe. Cum for me now, babe..."

She was using words, phrases that Lance used when he fucked one of his one night stands. Except she was fucking him. Pushing the dildo deep inside his rectum and up into his bowels. He felt like he was going to split, and screamed again.

Then she started pushing it in and out, reaming him.

She continued fucking his ass for a half hour.

"Come on baby, god you are so hot, take me in deep, take my cock," Kelley kept teasing Lance with his own words. "Oh, baby, I am going to cum, I'm... oh, not yet... let me thrust a little more. Am I getting your G-spot, babe?"

Lance was convinced his ass was bloody from the stretched beating it was getting.

Finally Kelley stopped. She pulled out  the dildo and simply walked away. She and Heather left. Just before they left, Kelley called out, "That was sooo good babe, I will call you, OK?" She was using the same words he used with his conquests.

Lance lay there, wondering if he could get free, get away from these crazy, revenge filled bitches. But he couldn't. He was trapped, locked, tied, and someplace far out in the country where no one would hear him.

Laying on the floor of the concrete basement, tied, chained, gagged, Lance recovered from being whipped, flogged, and having his balls beaten. His entire body hurt, and he had been humiliated by the two office workers, the women who worked for him.

That night Lance was fed from a dog dish. He was collared and restrained, but allowed on hands and knees to each dog food from a can. It tasted terrible but Lance was so hungry he ate it. The two women watching him as she ate and laughed.

"You really are a doggy, aren't you boy. Eat up, it's all you are getting."

When he had finished the canned dog food and drunk from a bowl of water, he was dragged into the living room and made to do tricks.

"Sit up boy, front legs up, and beg. Whine for my boy!" Kelley was demanding he beg and whine like a dog. Lance did as he was told. The two women had broken his spirit, and he just wanted nothing bad to happen to him now.

"Roll over, boy. Roll over!" Lance rolled over onto his back for Heather.

After an evening of humiliation Heather and Kelley dragged their boss downstairs, back into the basement. There, Heather tied him in a very special way, wrists behind his back, and then tied to his balls. She pulled it tight, his wrists tied close to his ball sack, so that he had no comfortable position he could be in. If he relaxed his back, his wrists pulled on his testicles, tightening and pulling them behind him. If he arched his back, his wrists got closer to his ball sack and relieved the pressure, but his back quickly tired and he had to relax it again, yanking on his balls.

He spent the night this way, never able to find a good position, not being able to sleep. His balls ached. His back ached. He hurt, all alone in the cold basement, naked and afraid of the two crazy women that had kidnapped him.

The next morning, Sunday, he Kelley came down and observed his painful predicament. Simply watching and enjoying his exhausted struggles turned her on and she began to masturbate in front of Lance.

"Hey, Lance. You need to service me here."

Kelley untied Lance and told him to come over and eat her cunt until she came. Lance tried, tonguing and suckling Kelley's sweet pussy, but he wasn't very good and she became angry.

Heather appeared and began whipping Lance's back, demanding he work harder to get Kelley off.  Lance desperately tried, moving his lips, his tongue, everything he could. Finally he was gratified to feel Kelley jerk her hips and moan as she smashed his face into her cunt. She had a loud, long orgasm, and then collapsed.

It was Heather's turn, and Kelley took the whip to slice and mangle Lance's back. She whipped him mercilessly until Heather grunted, moaned and screamed her way to an orgasm.

When it was over, Lance's back was a mass of red welts from the whippings over the weekend.

He lay on the floor of the basement, moaning.

Heather and Kelley came into the basement and put the hood over Lance's head. They walked him out of the house and into the car, shoving his naked body into the back seat.

After driving some time, they stopped and pulled Lance out. They shoved his naked body out onto the grass on the side of the road and drove off.

Lance reached up and took off his hood. He was on his own front lawn. The women had returned him to his house.  He looked up and down the street and dashed into his house, getting out of the street.

Monday morning rolled around and Lance returned to work, sore from the weekend's beatings and abuse.

He walked by Kelley's desk. He dropped a stack of folders on her desk. "The inventory reports need to be redone. New data. On my desk by 3:00PM."

"Yes... sir..." Kelley sighed.

Heather caught Lance in the hallway.

"So, Lance, you have a nice weekend?"

Lance smiled at Heather. "Yes, yes I did Heather, thank you for asking. Oh, and would you get me some coffee?"

Heather leaned up against Lance. "Keep it up, Lance. I have a new toy for this Saturday, and Janice said she would join us. Payback is sweet."

Lance leaned back from the dominant pose Heather had taken. "I look forward to it Heather. Now, that coffee?"