Monday, March 7, 2016

The Milgram Experiment

Erica saw the advertisement in the school newspaper and read it carefully.

In some ways it seemed a little too good to be true. Some psych professor was trying to get people to come participate in a study on learning and memory. For a couple hours of time, the participants would be paid $100.

Not bad pay for a couple of hours.

Erica filled out the form and emailed it. She got a response the next day asking if she could come in that evening. The study was being conducted in the basement of the Humanities building, a place normally off limits to students.

Intrigued, Erica headed over at 6PM to the blank steel door that led to the Humanities basement. As instructed, she knocked, and after a moment the door was opened by a tall woman wearing a white lab coat, her hair pulled back into a pony tail.

"Come in Erica. My name is Dr. Cozby, I am running this experiment and will be guiding you through it."

Dr. Cozby looked Erica up and down approvingly. "My goodness, you are a cute young girl, just what we need. I say that because part of this experiment is to evaluate various social factors and their impact on learning and memory, and one of the primary social factors is psycho-sexual interaction. In this phase of the experiment, we are studying various reinforcement techniques and how they interact with social-sexual distractions and interactions."

Dr. Cozby motioned for Erica to follow her down a flight of concrete stairs into the basement, where they entered a small concrete room about 15 feet square. There was a heavy wooden chair bolted to the floor in the middle a desk and chair to the side of the room, and a table with some electronic equipment placed in front of the heavy chair.

A handsome young man was standing in the room looking nervous, and waiting.

"This is Jack. Jack also answered the ad and is going to be participating in the experiment."

Erica shook hands with Jack, feeling a little awkward. Jack was obviously more nervous and they both wondered what was going on.

"This experiment is designed to evaluate and gather information on the interaction of sexual response and punishment on learning. One of you will be the learner, one of you will be the teacher. The teacher will provide the sexual stimulation as well as the punishment to the learner. Now, we flip a coin to randomly select the roles."

"Heads the learner is Jack here, and tails it is Erica." Dr. Cozby flipped a quarter, watching it turned in the air and then land on her hand, which she flipped over onto the back of her left hand and showed heads.

"Well, then, Jack, I guess you are the learner. Now, to assure the conditions of the experiment are controlled and predictable, you will be strapped into this chair." Dr. Cozby indicated the heavy wooden chair bolted to the floor. "Let's get started, please remove your clothes and sit in the chair."

 "Wait, what? Nobody said anything about being naked!" Jack protested. As beautiful as Erica and Dr. Cozby were, he didn't want to be naked in the room while they were clothed.

"I'm afraid it is required for the experiment," Dr. Cozby said sternly. "We can't very well stimulate you sexually if you are clothed. Now, take them off."

Jack slowly removed his clothes, stopping at his underwear. Erica watched with some amusement. Jack was a cute guy and it was fun seeing him strip in front of two women. When he removed his pants it was clear his cock was hard and sticking straight up. Jack was blushing, knowing they were observing him and his erection.

"Remove the underwear, as well." Dr. Cozby demanded.

Jack removed his underpants and stood, completely naked before the two beautiful women. He tried to hide his erection with his hands, but it was hopeless.

"Sit in the chair," Dr. Cozby said, and when Jack sat she began strapping him in place.

"Wait, is this necessary? I don't understand, why am I being strapped down?"

"Oh, we need to make sure the stimulus response mechanisms are strictly controlled, and need you to remain still the entire time. Don't worry, everything will be fine."

Jack was strapped with his legs, waist, and arms firmly held in place. The straps held his legs apart so his erection was easily seen. The exposure of his genitals to the women, strangers up until that moment, was obviously very arousing for him and his cock was rock hard.

Dr. Cozby took a small tube of some slimy substances and smeared it onto Jack's scrotum. Once again, Jack protested, but this time Dr. Cozby ignored him. He was strapped down and there was nothing he could do to resist so she simply went through the preparation, smearing the gel on his genitals, as well as several other locations on his body. She then placed several electrodes to each of the places where she had lubed him with the gel.

When Dr. Cozby rubbed the gel onto Jack's genitals he got even harder and his cock pulsed. Dr. Cozby took out a ruler and measured the length of his erect cock. Erica observed and laughed; Jack flushed red in embarrassment once again.

Finally Jack was wired up and ready to go. Erica sat at the table with the equipment.

"Here is the experimental procedure, which will be strictly followed. There are 50 sequences of numbers that Erica will read. After reading a sequence of numbers, Jack, you are to repeat the sequence exactly. If you repeat the sequence correctly, you are rewarded by having Erica here give you a few strokes on your cock. The further you go, the more strokes. She will also remove one article of clothing for each item you get correct."

It was Erica's turn to protest. "Hey, wait. I didn't agree to get naked. That is his role."

Dr. Cozby once again simply stated the rules of the experimental procedure, and that if Jack repeated a number sequence correctly, Erica had to remove one article of clothing.

"But, if you don't get the number sequence correctly, you are punished instead of rewarded. Instead of sexual stimulation, you will receive a shock to the genitals. This shock will slowly become more powerful as you miss more of the test items."

And so they began. The first number sequence was easy. Erica took the sheet of number sequences and began reading them.

"1, 2" read Erica.

"1, 2" said Jack.

Erica removed a shoe and then leaned over and took Jack's hard cock in hand, giving it a few strokes.

"3, 9, 1" read Erica.

"3, 9, 1" said Jack.

Erica removed her other shoe and stroked Jack's cock a few more times.

"7, 1, 8, 2" read Erica.

"7, 1, 8, 2" said Jack.

Erica removed one sock and stroked Jack's cock.

"This is a pretty good experiment, I like this," grinned Jack. If this kept going, he might end up spurting his cum out in front of Erica and Dr. Cozby.

"9, 12, 3, 0, 1" read Erica.

"9, 12, 3, 0, 1" said Jack.

Erica removed her other sock, and looked at Dr. Cozby. If this experiment kept going this way, she was going to be sitting naked in the chair next to Jack in no time.

"Keep going," said Dr. Cozby.

"31, 9, 10, 32, 3, 99" read Erica.

Jack paused for a moment, then answered, "31, 9, 10, 32, 3, 99"

Erica, lips pursed unhappily, pulled her top over her head and off, revealing two large and well formed breasts held up by a bra. She stroked Jack's cock, and he closed his eyes and moaned a bit with pleasure.

"9, 2, 0, 22, 1, 42, 99" read Erica.

"9, 2, 0, 2, 1, 42, 99" said Jack.

He got it wrong. Erica pushed the first switch to activate the electric shock. Jack jumped at the unexpected jolt to his balls and said, "ouch."

"73, 6, 38, 61, 8, 2, 74, 90" read Erica.

Jack was listening carefully now, after he had his first taste of the punishment for an incorrect answer. "73, 6, 38, 61, 8, 2, 74, 90"

Pouting, Erica stood and slid off her pants. She was now wearing nothing but her bra and panties. She leaned over and stroked Jack's cock several times, as he leaned his head back and tried to thrust his hips out to meet her hand job.

"36, 59, 28, 3876, 2, 48, 7, 12" read Erica.

Jack paused. There were too many numbers.

"36, 59, 8, 3876, 2, 7, 12" he said.

Erica sighed with relief and pushed the next shock switch. This time Jack jumped hard in his chair and gave a yelp. "Owww! Shit, that hurt!"

His cock was still rock hard, though.

Erica read the next sequence.

"8, 391, 55, 970, 620, 2, 9, 3 474, 0"

Jack looked at Erica with a concerned look.

"There's no way I ca---"

Jack screamed with the next shock delivered by Erica and wriggled around in the chair, straining against the straps. Erica looked smugly at Jack. She had the feeling she wasn't going to be taking off any more clothes, and Jack's hand jobs were done with. She certainly hoped so.

"7, 3, 9, 2, 745, 0, 23, 94, frog, 284, 99, 1, 8, 59" said Erica.

Jack looked at her with a panicked expression. "Frog? What's that? That's not a number--"

Erica flipped the next switch. "AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!" screamed Jack, breaking out in a sweat and jerking at the straps. Jack's cock was still hard.

Dr. Cozby took out the ruler and measured Jack's cock again. "Please proceed," she ordered Erica.

"No! Please, I can't deal with it, don't make me!" Jack begged. Erica sat in front of him, partially clothed, watching his naked form struggle against the straps. She looked at Dr. Cozby.

"Please proceed. It is required." Dr. Cozby was firm.

Erica read the next sequence. "17, 31, 44, 223, 75, 10, whale, 94, 88, 284, 354653, 1, 25, 9, 904"

Jack began to cry, knowing there was no way he could remember the sequence.

Jack then screamed, his body shaking in convulsions as Erica administered the next level of shocks.

Erica watched as Jack's cock became harder and throbbed after the last round of electric shock. She was actually enjoying watching his balls slowly fried, and being the one doing it. She'd always dreamed of torturing a man, but never thought it would be possible. Here she was, part of a psych experiment, torturing the hell out of some random cute guy.

She especially got off on his begging.

"Um. Dr. Cozby. Could I... say... tease him a bit? Like, humiliate him a bit as part of the punishment?"

"That's a fantastic idea, Erica. I'd love to see what you have in mind," said the professor.

Erica read the next series of numbers, a random assortment so long no one could ever have remembered them. When Jack simply begged for mercy, Erica undid her bra, exposing her breasts, and then moved them over so they were on his face.

"Suck my nipples, slave," she said. Jack, tears streaming down his face, started sucking Erica's naked breast.

"Not good enough!" Erica barked, and flipped the next switch. Jack wasn't able to scream this time, the shock was so severe his entire body convulsed and all that was heard was a choking, gurgling sound.

When the shock stopped, Jack sagged in the chair, panting, bathed in sweat.

Straddling Jack's lap, Erica slid her panty covered pussy over his distended, turgid cock.  As she rubbed his cock with her pussy, she read the next sequence of numbers. It was just a formality now, something that had to be done before the next mind-numbingly painful shock was administered.

This time when the shock was administered, Jack lost bladder control and peed onto the chair. The smell was pungent.

"Disgusting," Dr. Cozby said. "He has two more levels to go, don't bother reading the number sequence, he won't get them anyway. Just give him the shocks."

So Erica did. She flipped a switch and watched Jack try to scream, his eyes bulging along with his hardened cock. Her hand slipped under her panties, rubbing her clit as she watched the young male student writhe in agony on the electric chair.

Dr. Cozby continued to watch the two young students, satisfied with the way the experiment was going.

"Implement the last shock level," she instructed Erica.

Erica was rubbing her cunt frantically as she flipped the last switch. Every muscle in Jack's body jerked and strained under the shock, foam gathered around his lips and his hardened cock spewed white liquid out, bouncing and jerking under the shock induced contractions.

At the same time, Erica exploded in an orgasm, her legs wide apart as she fingered her clit wildly, watching the poor tortured man convulsing, smoke curling up from the electrical contacts, vomit drooling from his mouth, cum draining from his cock.

When it was over, Erica sat on the office chair, legs splayed wide apart, collapsed and panting.

"Wow. That was intense."

"Yes, that was certainly a good one. I like how you performed. Would you like to do another one?"

"Another?" Erica was still looking at Jack's still form. His eyes stared unblinking at the ceiling.

"Yes, There is another volunteer coming by in 20 minutes, would you like to repeat the experiment with him?"

Erica frowned. "I don't think I would want to take the chance that I might be the learner and not the teacher," she said.

"Oh, no worries. That part of the experiment is rigged. The learner is always the male, the teacher always the female."

Erica slowly smiled.

"In that case, yes. Yes I think I might like to do this again..."