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Richland Prison was designated as the stop of last resort for incorrigible and recalcitrant prisoners. Their crimes weren't necessarily the worst, but the criminals themselves showed the least promise for rehabilitation. The state chose to place these lost causes here, allowing radical experimentation that wasn't spoken of outside the unmarked secure concrete walls in upstate Idaho.

Dr. Jenna Sykes walked down the pristine white corridor of the secure medical wing to the east of the main Richland Prison complex. She reached a junction of the main corridor with a cross corridor. A nurses station appeared there, with a few women in tight fitting uniforms monitoring screens showing various cells.

"Good afternoon, Dr. Sykes," said one nurse, a petite blonde that whose monitor showed a blank room with a naked man crawling around on the floor as if he were an animal. "Prisoner Kappa is showing signs of significant stress. We might want to introduce the ferret sometime soon."

"Thanks, Juliette. I'll keep watch. I'm going to go work with prisoner Delta right now."

Dr. Sykes was a tall, thin good looking woman with a cute face, light skin and long black hair tied back into a pony tail. Her shapely body was not hidden underneath her doctor's white lab coat.

Walking down the corridor, Dr. Sykes swiped an access card in front of a plan white steel door marked only with the Greek letter Δ.

"Hello, Heinrich. You are looking well today." Dr. Sykes greeted the man in the cell. He was a tall, solid looking man, a few tattoos, short cropped dark blonde hair, and a ruggedly handsome look. He was naked, and was chained to the wall by a collar. The chain gave him room to move between his bunk and the toilet and sink, but he could not reach the entrance.

"Sykes. You gotta lemme outta here. I ain't done nothin and I ain't a bad prisoner."

"I understand, Heinrich. Unfortunately you've shown some tendencies toward violence and aggression that have qualified you for a new experimental program here. We are taking a set of prisoners that have exhibited an elevated level of aggression and castrating them. We will then observe the effectiveness of this procedure and its impact on their levels of aggression."

"What? WHAT? You gonna castrate me? No, you ain't. You can't do that, please, you ain't gonna do that, please, I don't deserve that or nothin!" Heinrich was half angry, half panicked.

He had a large penis that even flaccid hung between his legs a good 7 inches and large testicles suspended in his scrotal sack under the penis. His large example of manhood was one reason Dr. Sykes had chosen him for this particular procedure. She enjoyed watching the testicles of virile men slowly shrivel and fall off.

"I'm sorry. Heinrich. We will be performing the procedure in two days. Thursday, 4:00 PM. Once the procedure is complete, you may find it difficult to masturbate and ejaculate, so you might want to experience what sexual pleasure you can in the meantime."

"No! NO! Please, please, Doc Sykes, I'm sorry for that girl I raped in the prison. For both of em, in fact, and the guy I ass fucked, too! I won't do it again, please don't take my balls!"

Dr. Sykes left the room, closing the door on the begging man.

During the next day Heinrich masturbated constantly. The nurses at the central station gathered around the monitor to watch him play with his huge cock on the video monitor, enjoying the spectacle.His penis began to show red sores because of his constant rubbing.

On Wednesday, Dr. Sykes visited Heinrich again.

"Please, Dr. Sykes, I will do whatever you want. Just don't take my balls," Heinrich was stretched to the end of his chain as if he wanted to attack Jenna. She stayed beyond his reach, and noted his erection was back. Her presence frequently caused male prisoners to become erect.

"I'm here simply to describe the procedure, Heinrich. So you know what will be happening. We find it can help patients if they fully comprehend the nature of an operation.

"We will be using an Elastrator. This is a simple device, rather like a heavy pair of pliers, except it is used to stretch a very tight band wide apart. About this much," Jenna indicated a width of about two to three inches with her fingers.

"Your testicles and scrotum are then pulled through the band. Once pulled through, the band is released. It tightens around the scrotum above your testicles quite tightly. Very tightly in fact. So much so that it cuts off blood flow. With no blood supply, your testicles will simply die; the flesh of the scrotum and testicles becomes necrotic and will eventually flake and fall away, though we will suture it up to assure a nice healing process."

Heinrich was shaking at the thought. The knowledge of what they were planning to do wasn't helping him at all. It was terrifying him. He had one day left with his balls, after which they would be banded and killed.

Heinrich became so anxious, nervous and afraid that he could not masturbate any more. The rest of the day he simply lay in bed, naked, covering his genitals with his hands as if to protect them.

At midnight, the pretty petite brunette
, Juliette, decided she wanted to try him out before he lost his balls, and sneaked into his cell. Several other nurses watched her on the video monitor as she approached Heinrich, stripped, and then climbed on top.

Heinrich was completely willing and ready. Juliette was a beautiful girl and he wanted nothing more than to fuck and shoot his load. Juliette road him with abandon, fucking him like a wild animal. He came inside of her, and she demanded more. He continued fucking her, without ever losing his erection, and after a few minutes he came again, spurting another full load inside her cunt.

When Juliette made it back to the nurses station, Heinrich's semen was dribbling down her thigh. The other nurses joked about it as Juliette cleaned herself up. It had been a good show. The condemned man's last fuck.

The next day Heinrich sobbed off and on. All the nurses watched on the monitor, and at times went into his cell and teased him. Even Juliette joined in.

"Hey babe, I really liked fucking you last night. I was wondering though, could I have a souvenir? Say... one of your testicles? In a jar?"

She then laughed, and left the cell laughing as Heinrich simply cried.

"I really do want one of his balls in a jar. I am going to ask Dr. Sykes if I can have one," confessed Juliette when she got back to the nurse's station.

At 3:30, Dr. Sykes arrived with the equipment. Three female orderlies accompanied her. They went to the cell labeled delta, and opened it.

The three orderlies went in. Heinrich tried to fight, but the orderlies managed to get him restrained, tied and strapped down to the bed so her could not move. His legs were forced apart, exposing his genitals.

"I hear you fucked our nurse Juliette last night," said Jenna. "I hope she felt good. You may not realize this, but after the procedure you will be able to have sex. This won't stop you from fucking, you know. It will... well, it will make it so you don't really want to any more. You will probably just lose interest. And of course, if you do manage to get it up and into a woman, there is no chance you will ever procreate. That's a nice advantage to this procedure."

It was 4:00 and Jenna took out the metal device. It was large, heavy, shiny metal. Jenna brought it over to Heinrich to show him. "You see this is a lever action to spread these posts. The device is very strong because the elastic bands are very, very small and very strong. It takes something this strong to pull the bands wide. Imagine what a band like that will do to your poor scrotal flesh. And your vas deferens."

Jenna then showed Heinrich the band. It was tiny, smaller than a dime, and the inner hole was barely large enough to let light through.

"This is what we will be putting around your scrotum in just a few minutes. When we let the band relax back into place, this is the size of the hole that will be left. As you can see... well, there isn't much room for anything. Any tighter and it would basically just cut through the flesh and your balls would drop off!"

Jenna laughed as Heinrich cried.  "No worries, these bands are made carefully to exert just the right amount of constriction. Oh... did I mention that this procedure is rather painful? I know you probably assumed that, but yes... your testicles will be in complete agony for a number of hours until they completely die."

Jenna began rolling the tiny band over the posts of the elastrator. It was difficult, for even spreading the band wide enough to get onto the closed device was a tight job. She did it in front of Heinrich where he could see what she was doing very clearly. He watched with wide, frightened eyes.

Once the elastrator was armed with the band, Jenna took hold of Heinrich's scrotum and pulled it out and away from his body.

"We need to get a nice, elongated scrotum here, so we can place the band well above the testicles. Oh, Heinrich, would you like to see what we are doing?"

Jenna pulled a mirror down from the wall, and positioned it so the hapless man had a clear view of his own genitals as the doctor pulled and stretched the scrotum. He grunted in pain as she yanked.

"I would be careful with your testicles, but... well, they aren't going to be around much longer, and this pain is nothing compared to what you will be experiencing in a few minutes."

Jenna yanked on Heinrich's testicles once again, pulling hard. Heinrich yelped, almost a scream.

The elastrator was spread wide, and Jenna showed it to Heinrich.

"You can see it is ready now. The band is stretched wide, and the opening is enough to squeeze your testicles through, though it will be one at a time."

She brought the device down to his scrotum and took one testicle firmly in hand. Heinrich screamed again at the sudden pull and pressure and Jenn pushed it through the band opening. The opening was really only wide enough for one of Heinrich's testicles, but Jenn grabbed the other and squeezed and pushed, holding the small glob of flesh tightly and forcing it through.

Finally, both of the testicles were through the band and Heinrich lay bound on the bed, arms and legs spread, panting.

"Well, then. Everything is in place and ready. Time to tighten up the band!" Jenna sounded cheerful as she announced the next step.

Heinrich winced in anticipation.

Jenna slowly allowed the elastrator to relax, closing the space around the scrotal flesh. Very, very slowly. Heinrich grimaced a bit as it pinched the sensitive flesh, even cutting it slightly, producing a tiny bit of blood.

The elastrator continued to relax and grow smaller and smaller, and Heinrich could feel the intense squeezing. It didn't hurt terribly at first; his scrotal flesh was being smashed and it hurt, but it wasn't until Jenna slipped the band off the elastrator that the full constriction took place.

"Ah.. Ahhhh AHHHHH... OHHGGHHGAAAGGGG..." Heinrich felt the band as it smashed the scrotal flesh and then squeezed the blood vessels and nerves underneath.

At last, Heinrich's scrotum appeared as a tight balloon of flesh. His testicles were large and the scrotal flesh surrounding them stretched tight. The testicles themselves began to ache, a dull ache that slowly became more severe.

Jenna played with the balloon like flesh sack just a bit.

"I always like the way a man looks when he's been banded. Like he is carrying a little balloon around between his legs," she observed.

She flicked his distended ball sack with her finger, whacking it. The super sensitive testicles hurt badly, and Heinrich yelped, and then moaned.

"Well, that's it. Now we just wait. It will be increasingly painful for about 12 hours, after which your testicles will be well on the way toward necrosis. We will check on you tomorrow at 4:00. The testicles will be completely dead by then, so the pain will be subsiding."

Dr. Sykes gathered her gear, and stepped out of the cell door.

"Oh, you can release his restraints now," she said to the female orderlies.

Heinrich was unstrapped from the bed and the orderlies left the cell.

Free to move about, Heinrich immediately grabbed his balloon-like, bulbous ball sack. He began picking and scraping at the elastic band.

It didn't budge.

He tried to pull it off, but it was far too tight. The pulling just resulted in his yanking on his own testicles which were super sensitive at that point, and increased the pain. He fell to his hands and knees and sobbed.

The pain grew as the time slowly progressed. The women at the nurse's station watched the fun on the monitors as the prisoner tried everything he could think of to get the band off. He rubbed it against the smooth porcelain of the toilet; he tried to roll it off but only succeeded in getting the band to tighten against the bulbous globs of testicle flesh.

The pain increased. It was agonizing, and Heinrich curled up on the floor. He cried and then screamed in frustration and pain. He grabbed his balls, so frustrated that he didn't care that he was hurting himself more, but then let go when the pain got to be too much.

The excruciating agony had spread from his testicles to his stomach and hips. He vomited on the floor.

There was no tool, nothing in the cell that could be used to remove the incredibly tight band that choked his testicles.

The nurses at the station were watching him on the monitors, enjoying his agony as his naked form rolled around the floor. Two of them began masturbating, their hands reaching under their panties as they enjoyed seeing the big man writhe in pain.

The medical wing of Richland Prison was run by sadistic lesbians. Every one of them eventually came by to look at prisoner Delta as he writhed in pain from the banding that was slowly, agonizingly killing his testicles.

Somewhere around 2:00 AM the pain reached its peak and Heinrich began pounding his head against the floor. He had stopped trying to remove the band, it was too strong and too tight. All he did was tear at the flesh, leaving gouges and cuts. He had been bleeding, but that was stopped now.

The bulging scrotum had turned deep purple and now was deepening to a black.

Strangely, Heinrich found himself very aroused. The pain even added to his arousal. His penis was erect, distended, demanding attention. He stroked it.

The nurses laughed, and cheered at this display as they watched prisoner Delta stroking his cock while his balls were in agony. He continued stroking until his penis spurted cum, but the demands of his system were for sperm; sperm that could no longer come and the effort of ejaculation increased the pain and he cried out as the clear liquid streamed out.

His cock went flaccid.

By 6 AM, Heinrich was no longer writhing in pain. He was laying on his bed, moaning softly. His balls ached, but the pain wasn't horrible any more. He was afraid to look at them. Touching the scrotum he felt nothing. Squeezing and pressing on the formerly sensitive globs of tissue produced no sensation at all.

His testicles were dead. Gone. Still attached, but no longer a living part of his body.

Heinrich cried again, not from pain but from the loss of his manhood.

The nurses had grown bored and were now watching Prisoner Kappa as he tried to hump the door.

At 4:00 pm, Dr. Sykes appeared again and entered the cell.

"Good afternoon, Heinrich. I hear to went very well last night."

"Well? It... I may never... recover... it was terrible. It is terrible." Heinrich sounded like a broken man.

"Yes, yes, that's what I mean. That is exactly what is supposed to happen. I am glad. We got it all on video you know, some day you might want to watch the procedure yourself."

Heinrich just stared at Jenna with a blank, listless stare. "It still hurts."

"Yes, there will be some pain for a little while. We could give you some pain medication, but... well, I don't want to. I prefer to see you in pain."

Jenna smiled and wrote notes on the patient chart.

"Well, that's it for today. Those things between your legs are dead now, but we will leave the band in place until they shrivel and begin to rot. Then we will cut them off and suture you up. Once you are healed, we may return you to the main prisoner population, and see what kind of reaction we get."

Dr. Sykes smiled at the prospect of putting a eunuch in with the other prisoners.

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