Thursday, November 19, 2015

Janice Is Chastized

Jenn's naked body was slightly shiny from the sweat of exertion, as was Janice's. The two girls had their legs locked together, arms surrounding each other's bodies, kissing deeply. Their leg lock provided leverage for them to drive their hips together, pushing and angling, trying to get their pussies together to rub.

The angle was wrong so Jenn shifted, pushing Janice over on her back so Jenn could be on top. She left Janice's mouth and began suckling on Janice's left nipple, then slowly made her way down past Janice's flat stomach as Janice arched her back, giggled slightly then moaned in pleasure.

Jenn reached the sweet spot between her girlfriend's legs. The soft folds of flesh there were familiar to her, the scent well known, the taste a delight. Her tongue slid over the labia, then with a slight press exposed Janice's clit. As her tongue slid under the clit and began the movement Jenn knew would give Janice the greatest amount of pleasure at this point, preparing for full on stimulation as her arousal grew, Janice arched her back and whimpered.

One finger slipped inside; circling up and back, and Janice writhed. Jenn's tongue stayed with the clit, but then slowly prodded and pushed lower until it entered Janice's vagina.

She stopped, and pulled back. Janice, whose eyes had been closed with her head tilted back, looked down across her body at Jenn's eyes as they stared over Janice's stomach.

"You've been fucking Tom again." It was an accusation, not an observation.

A slightly panicked look crossed over Janice's face. "What? No..."

"Fuck you. I can taste it. I can taste the fucking semen. I know what it tastes like, I swallowed a bucket load of that stuff from the threesome you wanted against my better judgment. You've been fucking Tom. Recently, too."

Jenn was pissed. Janice was nervous.

"Well... yes. It was just once. Yesterday. I'm sorry, I..." her voice trailed off as her mind searched for an excuse and had none. Dammit, she thought she had washed off well enough.

Jenn sat up and stared at Janice. "This is fucking unacceptable. I thought you were trained and obedient, a basically good submissive, but I have to find out you are fucking a guy by tasting him when I go down on you? How fucking insulting!"

Janice sat up. She and Jenn had developed an understanding, leaving their nasty rivalry and need for revenge on each other behind. They were good together, both realized that. But Janice was still basically an arrogant slut, and Jenn was a dominant, and the situation was turning unpleasant.

"Do I need to punish you? I mean, really. Do you need a whipping, or a little time locked in a cage or something? Maybe a good ass reaming with the megadildo?"

A flash of anger appeared on Janice's face, but quickly went away. She was trying hard to learn and accept her place in the relationship. She was a sub. She had to suppress her bitchy side, which had been her downfall before and had almost killed both of them during heated revenge sessions. She had spent almost a week locked into devices that shocked her when she was disobedient, and while it had caused major anger and resentment, it also taught her how much she needed to learn to submit. She was embracing that as best she could.

"No, Jenn. I'm sorry. Please don't... punish me."

"Well, we have to do something." Jenn got up and went to take a shower and wash the sweat of their sex off her body. Janice lay in bed, slowly fingering herself, wondering what was going to happen. Jenn was a total bitch when she got pissed. This wasn't the end of it.

The next evening after work Jenn arrived at Janice's apartment. The couple kissed hello, reassuring Janice that things were still OK with Jenn. But Jenn had a package.

"Take off your clothes, Janice." Jenn was unpacking something. Janice began stripping, wondering what was going on.

When she was naked and standing in front of Jenn, she saw what the consequence of her  sluttiness would bring. A belt. Leather, with bits of metal. Padding inside. Small rings to accommodate one or more locks.

It was a female chastity belt.

"Oh my god, Jenn, you have got to be kidding." Janice was almost laughing at the thought, but seeing the belt, an expensive item, right before her eyes made it deadly serious.

"Like I said yesterday, we have to do something about this. Do you have any idea how disgusting it is to taste his sperm in your cunt? It is like ... ordering a diet Coke and getting Dr. Pepper. Except worse. It's disgusting."

Jenn moved to slide some of the belt around Janice's slim waist.

"God, honest, Jenn, I will stop. I will check with you on any and all sexual activity from now on. I promise. There is no need..."

The belt was strapped around her waist and tightened. The belt itself was soft, pliable and felt comfortable, but was quite tight. That caused a some discomfort.

"Spread your legs." Jenn ordered, rather than requested.

Janice stood for a moment, legs together. Jenn reached behind her and took out a short prod, a pointed stick with a thick base and small metal electrodes at the tip. A miniature cattle prod.

"NO! I will ..." and Janice spread her legs.

Jenn slipped the bottom strap into place. The rear split in two across the buttocks to allow defecation. The strap between the legs smashed tightly against the folds of pussy flesh, and had a thin metal plate where Janice's cunt was. Holes in the plate allowed for urination, though it would be messy.

Jenn cinched the bottom strap up so that it was tight against Janice's cunt and buckled.

"This is an expensive model. Only the best in comfort for my sub, Janice."

Janice felt the tight straps, tight enough against her body she knew she wouldn't be able to move them much at all. It was humiliating, and her anger was rising inside. She wanted to take the thing off and whack Jenn on the top of the head with it, but she suppressed her anger.

Instead, she simply said, "Thank you Jenn."

There were three small locks that clicked into place. Jenn pulled on the straps, trying to get them to move. She was able to shift them very slightly, but the device was going to be effective. Quite effective.

"Fuck, Jenn. I am not going to be able to wear clothes with this!" Janice whined.

"Well, not jeans, I don't think. At least, not the tight ones you like. But any kind of looser clothing will be OK. You will have to get used to wearing dresses I think, and giving up some of your sluttiest clothes."

Jenn admired her work, and asked Janice to turn, spread her legs, walk, and in general model her new fashion accessory. It was a little humiliating for her, but she complied. She realized she no longer had a choice. As soon as the locks had clicked shut, she was trapped and at Jenn's mercy.

Taking Janice in her arms, Jenn kissed her softly. "This is going to help. Trust me. It will be fine."


Three weeks later, Janice and Jenn sat in the living room of Janice's apartment. Tom sat across the way from them, a little nervous. He knew Janice a lot better than Jenn, and Jenn sort of scared him. He had actually been inside her, fucked her during a threesome a couple of months earlier and the experience had made him very wary of her. Jenn could be a real bitch and had unexpected reactions to things.

"So, thanks for coming over, Tom." Janice started the conversation. "We have something to discuss with you, and something to propose."

Jenn cut in. "Janice is pregnant, Tom. With your baby. You knocked her up."

Tom's face went white as a sheet. "What? I... but... Janice, you said you were on birth control."

"It doesn't always work, Tom," Jenn responded for Janice. "It is time for you to face the consequences of your actions, and share the responsibility with Janice."

"Wait, Janice, what, uh... what are you going to do?" Tom was sweating bullets.

"You are going to be a daddy, Tom. I don't want to get married, but you will need to take equal responsibility for the financial aspects, as well as raising the child." Janice stated simply.

Tom sat in shock for a moment, and seemed to gather himself. "OK. Fine. We can work it out."

"Great Tom," Jenn said. "Now, we have something to show you. This is the direct result of your fucking Janice. Janice, show him."

Janice stood and slid off her dress so that she was naked. The chastity belt stood out like a sore thumb. Tom stared at it.

"Janice is not pregnant, Tom, which will probably come as a relief. However, as you can see, your fucking her has had a consequence. Janice is asking you to share the responsibility of this consequence." Jenn was speaking smoothly and directly.

"What the... what the fuck is this?" Tom was upset, relieved and curious. "She's not pregnant? Why would you say she was?"

"Because you need to understand that when you fuck someone, there are consequences. Janice wants you to bear part of the responsibility and share the consequence, just as you would share the responsibility if Janice were preggers. Janice is now in chastity to prevent her from being the complete slut she seems to keep trying to be. But you had a hand in this too."

Janice spoke up, a firm and uncompromising tone in her voice. "Tom, we did this. We fucked and the result is I am locked in this fucking thing. I should not have to bear all the blame and responsibility for this. Just as you would need to help out if I was pregnant, you need to help out now I am in chastity."

Tom was confused. "What the hell do you mean? What do you want from me?"

"Janice believes you should be in chastity as well," Jenn explained. "While you are in chastity, I will go easier on her and let her out for longer periods at a time. When you are out of chasity, she will be locked tight."

"What the hell?" Tom couldn't believe his ears. But the two women were looking at him with no sense of compromise in their faces. He realized he was dealing with two extremely dominant bitches. He had seen Jenn take down a guy twice his size with some carefully placed blows. Janice was just... scary at times, even if she was sexy as hell.

"This isn't really a choice, Tom." Janice's voice was stern. "Here's the device. It's high quality, comfortable, and guaranteed secure for long term wear."

Janice produced the small male chastity device, a bent metal tube with some hinged locking rings at the back.

"Drop your pants, Tom." Jenn ordered.

"Wait, I have to understand more about--"

"No. You don't get to negotiate here. Drop your pants." Janice said in a scary voice.

Tom stood, pulled and tugged and dropped his pants.

"Underwear," ordered Janice.

Tom dropped his underwear. He was naked from the waist down, with his genitals exposed. He felt incredibly vulnerable and scared in front of these two women. They had turned into very chilling bitches. He was wishing he hadn't ever gotten involved with them.

Janice moved over to Tom, took his completely limp cock into her hand.

"This thing is tiny when it's limp. I never realized how much I loath limp cocks," Janice observed as she wiped a small amount of lube on Tom's flaccid member. She slid it easily into the small metal tube. Flaccid, his cock nearly filled the tube. There was no room for growth.

Jenn watched in satisfaction as Janice attached the small metal rings to the back of the device. They were pushed tight around the base of Tom's genitals, tight enough the flesh bulged around them.

"Oww... be careful." Tom complained. He was having trouble accepting what was actually happening.

Click. The lock went in place and closed.

"There. That's better." Janice examined the device, pulled and yanked a bit to make sure it was secure. Tom grunted with pain as she yanked.

"Looks good." Janice was pleased. "Now for your part of the bargain, Jenn."

Janice went over to Jenn and stood before her. Jenn pulled a key from a chain that went around her neck, took one of the locks on Janice's chastity and unlocked it.

"OK, that's good for now. I'm looking forward to making you squirm and scream tonight," Jenn said to Janice with lustful look.

"Go home Tom. I want to be alone with my girlfriend." Janice dismissed her boy toy, motioning to the door.

"Wait, how long do I have to wear this?" Tom asked in a whiny voice.

"I don't know Tom. When you come out, I have to put my chastity back on, and I've been in for three weeks. I think you need to prepare to be locked away for a while."

"Fuck, Janice! That's... three weeks???"

"At least, Tom. Don't piss me off, and certainly don't piss off Jenn, because she is your keyholder. We shall see. Be nice to me and we shall see."

Janice turned her back to Tom and wrapped arms around Jenn, whose hand had already slipped between Janice's open legs and was exploring.

Tom reluctantly put his pants back on, and shuffled out of the apartment, dismissed and alone and in chastity, under the control of Janice and Jenn, who were busy shedding their clothes and embracing each other for the first time in three weeks.

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