Thursday, October 1, 2015

Human Experimentation: Gamma (uncontrolled sperm production)

Richland Prison was designated as the stop of last resort for incorrigible and recalcitrant prisoners. Their crimes weren't necessarily the worst, but the criminals themselves showed the least promise for rehabilitation. The state chose to place these lost causes here, allowing radical experimentation that wasn't spoken of outside the unmarked secure concrete walls in upstate Idaho.

The tall, beautiful woman wore a white lab coat that looked like it had been white and clean that morning, but bore signs of some odd stains. Her long dark hair was tied into a pony tail behind her, and shapely legs extended below where the lab coat ended. She stood nervously in the white, sterile hallway, waiting. Her name tag identified her:

Dr. Jenna Sykes
Primary Researcher
Richland Federal Prison Complex

"Doctor Sykes, thank you for calling me. I've been eager for an update!" A blonde woman approached, slightly shorter than the waiting doctor, but just as beautiful.

"Doctor Wilson, thank you for joining me." The two women kissed a little awkwardly. They had been lesbian lovers until a recent nasty argument had damaged their relationship. The two still dominated the medical wing of Richland Prison, managing most of the patient "care" (human experimentation).

Dr. Sykes motioned for Dr. Wilson to follow her down the white corridor. "So, patient Gamma. The first human subject to be given the spermatomatic serum. He's exhibited the same symptoms as the animal experiments, in general."

"Significant testicle size increase, and erratic behavior?"

"Yes, except we understand more about the erratic behavior and its cause. I keep wondering why we use animals before going to human beings," complained Dr. Sykes as she opened the door to the large holding cell. "We waste so much time on guessing things we could learn immediately from the human trials."

"Yes, Dr. Sykes. I understand your frustration, but we do prefer to weed out the fatalities as much as possible. Our supply of subjects is not unlimited."

The two women doctors stood looking at a naked man, tied down in a bed before them with restraints on his wrists and ankles. The handsome male specimen looked strong, lean, and his face would have been handsome if it had not been contorted in pain. He rocked back and forth as much as his restraints would allow, moaning.

"As you can see, the testicle growth is significant." Dr. Sykes pointed at the large, distended scrotum protruding from between the poor prisoner's legs.

"Why is he restrained?" Dr. Wilson asked, coming closer to observe and actually touch the huge scrotal sack.

"He isn't a danger to anyone but himself, really. But you can observe the scabs on his penis and genital area. Apparently the erratic behavior we observed in the animals is caused by pain, mixed with sexual arousal. The pain in the testicles is from their being filled with an excess of sperm, caused by unrestricted, accelerated sperm production. The arousal is due to an increased urge to expend or purge the excess sperm."

Dr. Wilson slid her hand from the grossly enlarged balls to the hard, erect penis. It showed signs of recent healing from a number of sores.

"I see... so he... does he have the urge to rape, then?"

"Not particularly. He might if he were given a chance, but in general he just masturbates. Let me demonstrate."

Dr. Sykes proceeded to unbuckle the straps holding the man's left wrist. As soon as the man was free he reached down and began stroking his hardened cock. In less than 30 seconds a thick, heavy stream of white fluid spurted from the end of his cock, reached up to his chest and then pooled on his stomach. The ejaculatory flow continued for almost a minute, while the man lifted his hips and jerked his penis up into the air as if he was trying to penetrate some invisible partner riding his cock.

When the orgasm finally subsided, the man collapsed on the bed, panting, and seemed to see the women for the first time. He looked at them directly as he spread his knees to make room for his enlarged ball sack.

"Please, doctor, help me! Something is terribly wrong, it hurts so bad and I can't make it stop. All I want to do is keep..."

The man slowed his speech as he began rubbing his penis again, no more than a minute after his first orgasm ended.

"FUCK! I just... it hurts all the time unless I am pushing more out! My balls are going to explode, oh god, oh god, oh... gggoooodddddddd!"

The naked prisoner tensed all his muscles and suddenly thrust his hips  up and toward the two women doctors, spurting a solid stream of semen. The two women dodged, stepping quickly away to keep from being covered by male slime.

When the second ejaculation had completed, Dr. Wilson asked the panting man, "Do your testicles hurt all the time? Does it feel better after ejaculating? Is there relief?"

"Yes, doctor, there is some relief, especially if I keep doing it for a long time. But it doesn't last. I just... it hurts... god, see, they are beginning to ache again... " Prisoner Gamma started touching his hard cock again.

"Jenna," Dr. Wilson said, using the first name of her former lover, "his cock is significantly larger, as well. Not just his balls. That's true, isn't it? Is there an explanation?"

"Yes, Emily, that is true." Dr. Sykes felt that the excitement of being around a male in pain was helping the two of them come together, sharing interests and maybe, sexual arousal and desire for each other. Both had always shared a sadistic streak when it came to men and formed part of their basis as lovers.

"His cock appears to be about 50% larger now. His testicles are easily three times normal size, but his cock has certainly enlarged as well."

"Let's get his arm restrained again," said Dr. Wilson.

"No, NO! Please, please let me relieve myself! It hurts, my balls hurt!" The man began jerking his cock wildly, trying to reach an orgasm before the women could force his arm back into place on the bed and rebuckle the strap.

He succeeded. Faster than either women had ever seen a man reach orgasm before, Prison Gamma stroked his cock and ejaculated in less than 15 seconds. White slime spurt all over as the women pushed him down onto the bed, smearing their white lab coats, getting on the walls, pooling on the floor below. Several large gobs of semen landed on Dr. Sykes face, where they clung and slowly began to slide down her cheeks as she worked to get the man's arm back into restraints.

Once the patient was strapped back in place, Dr. Sykes grabbed several tissues and began cleaning her face. "I hate men. They are so... filthy. I actually enjoy seeing him roll around in pain, unable to control himself."

Dr. Wilson considered Patient Gamma, and then suddenly moved to undo and slide off her skirt.

"I want to try him," she said.

Dr. Sykes looked at her in disbelief. "Dr. Wilson... Emily... you can't be serious..."

"That is the largest cock I have ever seen, and I want to try it."

"Emily, it's... a man! And when he cums, the amount of his liquid .... grosss... you can't!!!"

Dr. Wilson slipped on top of the naked restrained man. "I want this. I don't care, I want to feel dirty, gross. I want a huge cock inside me, I want a man's cum to fill me until I can't take any more. Why else would we want to do this to a man?"

Jenna Sykes stared in disbelief as Emily Wilson took Patient Gamma's huge, engorged cock in one hand as she straddled him. Sliding her hips into place above the cock, she pressed the tip against her pussy. Apparently, she was well self-lubed because the glans slipped right in, past her pussy lips.

Patient Gamma let out a loud moan.

Emily Wilson also moaned as she sank down further on the huge member. She felt her flesh stretching, wide, wider, as she forced the cock in deeper. It was painful, but also so pleasurable. She was also getting a bit of a kick doing this in front of her lover, who watched in horror as the man's cock strained and pushed and widened her vagina wider than she had ever thought possible.

Patient Gamma let out more moans, and began thrusting hips up. Tears were flowing down his face, whether from pain, pleasure, or gratitude was unknown.

Emily began lifting herself up, pulling the huge member out of her cunt, and then as the tip approached her lips, sank back down again. She groaned, head back and eyes closed. She had never felt something like this before, except once a long time ago when she had used a monster sized dildo. This was much better.

Sliding up and down, creating a sort of froth of body fluid where Gamma's cock entered her, Emily continued fucking the man.

Sixty seconds later, the man cried out, strained against his medical restraints, and jerked his hips, spurting a huge load into Emily.

But Emily didn't stop. She kept going, sliding up and down, the semen inside her running out where it could, adding to the slimy foam at her pussy entrance. The restrained man never stopped, never lost his erection, but just kept thrusting himself. Emily was panting, the pain of such a huge member increasing along with the pleasure that was flooding her.

Jenna watched in disgust as the man shuddered and came again. Barely three minutes into the fuck fest and he had unloaded twice. She knew from experience, the amount of semen inside Emily was probably 10 times the normal amount from one male ejaculation. And she was still going.

Emily was having an orgasm, one that didn't stop. Her body was flooded with warm pleasure that drove her on. She visibly flushed, red spots appearing on her face, neck and chest. The pain in her cunt enhanced the experience, and her ass flopped up and down, slapping against the huge ballsack below. Gamma grunted and cried out in pain as his balls were slapped repeatedly, but he couldn't stop even if he wanted to. He was getting sperm out, pushing more sperm out than he ever felt possible, and it was such a relief.

He came a third time, this time almost screaming in the pleasure/pain.

Emily wasn't giving up. The sound of slapping, slurping, sloshing from the massive amount of sperm inside her filled the room. She wanted more. She wanted more sperm, more pain, more orgasm, to go on being filled by this huge cock that stretched her so completely.

Three more times prisoner Alpha spurted loads of semen inside Emily Wilson as Jenna Sykes looked on. A total of six times. There was a full cup of semen, perhaps more, inside her. Finally, sated, she stopped the rocking motion of her hips, carefully raised herself up and let the huge cock of prisoner Gamma slide out of her and flop onto his stomach.

"Thank... you... thank... you... " panted the prisoner. Dr. Sykes took a caliper and measured his testicles. They were significantly smaller. They really had purged a significant amount of semen out of him. Unfortunately, her lover Dr. Emily Wilson had been riding him while this happened, and it hurt Dr. Sykes terribly.

Turning to Emily, Jenna saw a river of sperm descending her inner thigh. The gobs of white stuff were slowly dribbling and oozing out of her cunt. Throwing Emily a towel, Jenna said "Clean yourself up. It's gross."

"Do you think he is sated? He's ejaculated 8 times in the last half hour." Emily looked at the restrained man with curiosity.

"I don't think so. Maybe for a little while, but the drug keeps up sperm manufacture pretty consistently."

"Let's remove the restraints and see what he does."

Jenna reached over and undid all the prisoner's restraints. Prisoner Gamma, still panting from exertion, slowly rolled over in bed and began humping the sheets below him.

"He'll end up doing that until he gets huge sores on his cock."

"Let's see how far he goes. Leave him free." Dr. Wilson was still cleaning up the sticky white stuff slowly draining down her leg.

"He might end up killing himself."

"Hmmm... do you think so? Dying from excess masturbation?"

"Well, yes. Left untreated he could end up with significant lacerations and infections. If the pain in his balls keeps on, he could conceivably end up dying trying to clear out an endless supply of sperm through various methods of self abuse. We found him fucking an open pipe before we put him in restraints; it was causing a number of lacerations but he never slowed down."

Dr. Wilson finished wiping the last of the semen from her draining cunt just as prisoner Gamma screamed into his pillow, thrusting his hips into the sheets and letting loose with a stream of semen. He took about a minute to rest and then began thrusting his hips again.

"Let's do that," said Emily Wilson quietly. "Let's let him masturbate to death. I'd like to see if he can do that."

Jenna Sykes turned toward the door and opened it, her back to the moaning man trying to relieve his genital pain behind them. This was why she loved Emily Wilson. As disgusting and hurtful a lover as she was, she had a sadistic streak almost as wide as Jenna's.

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