Monday, August 3, 2015

Janice Learns Her Place

Jenn walked around to the back of the car and pressed the hidden button along the edge of the trunk lid. It popped open to reveal her nemesis and sometime lover Janice, fully clothed but restrained in a tight hogtie. Her mouth was bulging with a rag of cloth and taped over with a clear packing tape, muffling most noise. Long brown hair was frazzled from the bumpy car ride.

Janice glared up at Jenn, wincing a little as the light streamed into the trunk. She had been in the dark for a while.

"Well, Janice, it is certainly good to see you again. After that disgusting scene you pulled with me last May, we have some catching up to do. I bet you had begun to think you would never see me again?"

"MMmmmmphhmmmmmm! MMM!" Janice made as much noise as she could, which wasn't much. Her eyes said a lot though. She had pretty brown eyes that flashed when angry, which was often.

"You know Janice, you really are beautiful. We could have been great lovers if you hadn't turned out to be such a damn fucking psycho."

Jenn left for a moment and returned with a flat wheeled cart. She grabbed Janice's legs and began pulling her out of the trunk, bit by bit. Janice was significantly taller than Jenn, and while she was slim and had a good body, was longer and unwieldy. Her body slowly scraped over the edge of the trunk, each bone, ridge and curve dragging, inspiring Janice to scream muffled insults through her gag.

"Damn girl, you be heavy. You don't look any fatter, maybe you gained a little though?" Jenn laughed as Janice continued making noise.

Grunting and yanking, Jenn finally got Janice onto the cart and rolled her into the empty warehouse. The metal door shut with a heavy clang. The walls were concrete, there were two doors made of metal with heavy locks, and the only windows were high up, perhaps 20 feet. Harsh lighting from bare bulbs illuminated the mostly barren concrete area. The windows were crusted filthy and didn't let in much light. The floor was clean but covered with stains from the machinery that once filled the space.

With a push of her high leather boot Jenn rolled Janice off the cart and onto the floor. It was only a six inch drop but Janice grunted when her body landed, and growled into her gag. Jenn rolled the cart out of the way and returned to kneel on the floor next to where Janice twitched against the hogtie that kept her essentially immobile.

Jenn produced a hair brush and lifted Janice's head into her lap. As she slid the bristles of the brush through Janice's long brown hair with affection, she talked, holding a one way conversation.

"So. Janice, I've had a lot of time to think. At one point I thought of just catching you someplace and strangling you with a wire garrote. That would have been pretty cool I think, it's very personal. I imagined feeling your body struggling and fighting for life. But then... well... to be honest, you are the only girl I have met that has as morbid a sense of sexuality and adventure as I do. It seemed such a waste to just... dispatch you."

The brush continued to smooth the brown hair, catching on snags and working them out.

"So I finally decided, really, you just need to be reined in a bit. Trained. Obedience training, you know? So you don't get all twitchy and go insane. I mean, this whole thing between us started with some very gratifying sex. Do you remember?"

Janice glared up at Jenn, but nodded reluctantly. She remembered what it was like being Jenn's lover. The two lesbians had spent some very sensual, orgasmic hours naked in bed when they first met. Somehow it had all gone bad and turned into a sick domination and torture contest, but there was no doubt the two girls had fit together well. Especially when they spread their legs and scissored. Janice fondly remembered the feeling of their soft flesh pressing, rubbing.

"But, you just had to go and insult me. Like, really go off the deep end and act like some royal fucking bitch and it really hurt my feelings. I think we just need to teach you some better manners."

With a sudden motion Janice tried to jerk her head up to hit Jenn's face where it bent over her. Jenn was too quick, ducking her head out of the way and responding by slapping Janice hard enough to make her grunt and moan.

"Yep. You need some civilization. That's for sure."

Jenn let Janice lay on the cold concrete, struggling against the ropes. She walked slowly over to a table at the side of the large room where she picked up some large shears, then walked back to the struggling female form. Kneeling down she hooked one finger into Janice's top, exposing a bit of cleavage. The shears opened and slid under the cloth then closed, cutting the material easily. It spread apart, revealing the soft curves of large breasts, and as the shears snipped again and again the material fell away, revealing soft smooth skin.

A single snip cut the bound girl's bra in two between her breasts, and the straining soft flesh fell out, free to flop about with Janice's futile struggles. The snipping continued, cutting her jeans, revealing her strong lean legs. The last to go was the panties; cute pink cotton things that stood out in contrast with the dark punk rocker style of the rest of Janice's outfit.

Jenn pushed Janice's now naked body over with her boot, rolling her away from the shredded remains of her clothes. Janice had been quiet while the clothes were removed, but with the touch of Jenn's boot she emitted a muffled scream of frustration through the cloth wadding in her mouth.

Moving to the table again, Jenn returned the scissors and picked up a strange looking collar. Janice looked so small and vulnerable, laying in the middle of the large concrete floor, naked and hogtied. Jenn walked back slowly, knelt next to her, and ran her hands over the beautiful girl's nakedness. Memories of making love flooded her and she could feel herself getting wet, lubricating between her legs as she slid her hands around Janice's neck and felt the urge to squeeze.

Instead she encircled the soft skin with the collar, bucked it tightly and then locked it with a padlock.

"One more thing and we will be ready to begin," Jenn stood and walked to the center of the large factory floor. A heavy iron ring was embedded in the concrete. A chain was locked to it. Jenn bent over and picked up the end of the chain, and dragged it over to where Janice lay, struggling and attempting to move toward the door in tiny movements. Jenn grabbed Janice's ankle and snapped a metal cuff attached to the end of the chain around it.

"There. That should do it. We are ready to begin."

Jenn took the shears and began cutting the ropes off Janice, first freeing her legs, and then her arms, and then her wrists. As soon as the wrists were free she ducked out of the way because Janice immediately took a swing at her.

Once Jenn was out of reach Janice reached up, undid the gag, and threw it away as hard as she could.

"You. Fucking BITCH!" screamed Janice. "I should have drowned you when I had the chance! I hope you lay at the bottom of that mud slop for days before someone got you out! What do you think you are going to do with me now, anyway? To think I liked you, even fucked you once! You are nothing but a wh--"

Janice's eyes went wide and her screaming rant suddenly stopped with a choked squeak. On her collar, a small box had a tiny red light that had lit up and was glowing. Her hands shot up to her neck and grabbed the collar, and she dropped to her knees, continuing to gurgle. The red light went off and Janice dropped the rest of the way to the ground where she began panting and clawing at the collar, trying to get it off.

"What... the ... fuck..." she said in a wheezy voice.

"So, Janice. That was an introduction to your new situation. That's a modified dog shock collar you have on. It actually uses some parts from the waist restraints they use for prisoners. I know it is quite painful, I tried it on myself to test it out. Last time I do that, let me tell you!"

Janice sat on the floor, tears flowing down her cheeks as she realized her situation. Chained and unable to get to any of the exits of the warehouse, with a shock collar controlled by her bitch ex-lover who was willing to use it at any excuse. She gulped and continued quietly crying.

"Wow. That is much, much better! Amazing how quickly you are learning. One basic shock! And at a relatively low setting!"

"Jenn, that wasn't a low setting. Really, I almost peed myself it hurt so bad. Please don't do this." Janice sounded contrite.

"Babe, I really didn't want to. But if you learn some manners, and trust me, you will learn some manners, then maybe we can learn to be friends again. Maybe even be intimate again." Jenn sounded sincere.

Janice said nothing, she just calmed herself, slowing her breathing. Jenn watched her beautiful body move as she breathed.

"Let's get started, shall we?" Jenn unzipped her jeans and slid them off. Her fingers hooked her panties and took them down at the same time, exposing herself from the waist down. Kicking her pants and boots aside, she pulled a chair over within reach of Janice's chain, and sat down, spreading her legs wide.

"Do me, Janice. Make me cum."

Janice lay still for a moment, eyes shooting hate like tracer bullets. Jenn lifted the remote to her shock collar, thumb over the button. That prompted Janice into action, and she slowly crawled the few feet to where Jenn's legs were spread and waiting, her cunt wet with anticipation.

Janice buried her face between Jenn's legs and let her tongue begin to work. Jenn moaned slightly, leaning back in the chair, moving her hips out to encourage Janice.

"Fuck, Jan... you have always been good. Hard... get inside a bit, yes.... that's it..." Jenn gave panting directions as Janice slid her tongue around expertly, sliding across Jenn's slit and clit.

Yes... yes... keep going, you are doing good baby.... " Jenn was sweating slightly, and her hips rocked together with Janice's motion. She was approaching climax, feeling the warmth begin to flood her hips. Her hands gripped Janice's head and pushed it in, guiding her ex-lover.

With a sudden, obviously planned motion, Janice reached up and grabbed the remote out of Jenn's hand. Jenn was completely absorbed by her oncoming orgasm and had no time to react. As soon as Janice had the small unit she leaped back from Jenn, slammed the remote down on the concrete floor to break it, and followed up by slamming the chain down on the plastic box over and over until all that was left was tiny broken shards of plastic. She screamed as she smashed it and when she was done she sat staring at the remains.

"You don't really think that tantrum is going to help, do you?" Jenn stood to the side, and raised her hand for Janice to see. Janice's eyes grew wide with fear as she saw a second remote control, Jenn's thumb resting on the button.

"You were doing so well there for a bit. But leaving me unsatisfied is just... well, not to be tolerated." Jenn's thumb moved slightly, pressing down on the button.

Instantly, Janice shrieked, rolled over as all the muscles in her body tensed from the electric shock rolling through her body. Her hands made it to her neck and clawed at the collar, but otherwise her body simply convulsed on the floor. Her legs splayed wide, straining.

The shock only lasted a few seconds but it felt like an eternity to Janice. When it stopped she was sobbing, begging Jenn to stop, for no more, that she would behave. Jenn came over and stroked her lover's hair, putting her head in her lap once again, holding her lovingly.

"Of course, Janice. It pains me to see you in pain. I want nothing more than to see you learn your place and behave, so that you don't have to experience pain ever again." She kissed the tears on Janice's cheek.

"Let's try again, shall we?" Jenn spread her legs and Janice moved her head into place, beginning her work again. This time she brought Jenn to an almost immediate orgasm, her tongue slurping and sliding across Jenn's cunt, until the goth bitch shook and shoved her hips into Janice's face, hard, and came.

Gasping from the effects of her climax, Jenn lay on the floor, wrapping arms and legs around Janice, holding her lovingly. Janice lay next to her dominant, afraid to do anything but be still. She tasted Jenn, her face smeared with saliva and Jenn's cunt juices. She felt Jenn's body against hers. She wondered how long she would be here and how best to handle things.

"That was good, Janice! Now, I think it is time for some more lessons." Jenn rose, kissing Janice once on the cheek.

"Now. Crawl over there, to the table, and pour us a drink, will you?" Jenn indicated a rough table at the side of the warehouse and the bottle of wine and glasses that occupied it. Janice rose and began walking over to the table, obedient. Just a couple of steps she gasped, her legs convulsed and she fell to the floor. Tears flowed from her eyes. The shock was only for a second, but it was unexpected and Janice lay on the floor, legs splayed wide, chest heaving.

"I said to crawl, dear. We must learn to crawl before we walk."

Janice rose to all fours, and started crawling. Her sizable breasts hung below her and swayed slightly, her ass up in the air, cunt visible from behind. Upon reaching the table, Janice rose to her knees, poured two glasses of wine, and then looked questioningly at Jenn. The question was obvious. She couldn't carry the glasses while crawling.

"Go ahead and carry them over here. You have permission to walk."

Janice stood and brought the glasses over. Jenn took hers, and sipped the red wine while observing her naked slave. Janice took a sip, but red wine spilled and tricked down her naked chest and breasts. She was nervous, stressed from the situation.

"Jenn, I accept you are in control for now. But you can't keep this up. I will be polite and obedient because I have to. But how stupid is this? How stupid are y--" Janice's body jerked from a short warning snap of electricity.

"Suckle my breasts," Jenn demanded. She pulled her top over her head, exposing two perfectly formed boobs, firm but soft, nipples hard. Janice crawled over, placed her arms on Jenn's thighs, and leaned over to suck on her left breast. Her own breasts hung down and slid across Jenn's stomach and crotch as she suckled. Jenn moaned and leaned her head back, enjoying the attention and stimulation.

Janice suckled and slurped for 10 minutes or so, until Jenn told her to stop.

"Janice, you are dear to me," Jenn said slowly and carefully. "It is important to me that we re-establish our relationship properly, and that it be mutual. It's only fair that I serve you as well. Lay down on the ground, and spread your legs."

It wasn't a request. Janice did as she was ordered. Spreading her legs wide to expose her pussy.  Jenn knelt down and slowly licked, flicked, and stimulated Janice's pussy lips, expertly stimulating her just enough and slowly building. Janice resisted her natural tendency to enjoy Jenn's expertise, but finally gave in, thrusting her hips up as Jenn thrust her tongue deep slid back out over Janice's clit, and then back again. Janice shuddered and moaned in a controlled climax then flopped on the floor, sweaty.

"So, Janice. I have to go for a while. I am leaving you with some food and water over there."

"NO! Jenn! Don't go, you can't leave me here chained like this! What if I am cold, what if I need to pee?" Janice was panicked.

"The cold won't be that bad. Be grateful I don't have you suspended from the ceiling or roasting on a spit. As for body functions... use that area over there. There's a bucket." Jenn was sliding her clothes back on as she spoke, and headed for the door. Janice knelt naked in the middle of the floor, her chain keeping her from following.

Before leaving, Jenn stopped at the entrance to the warehouse and turned to Janice.

"I think you should thank me properly."

"What the fuck for? Kidnapping me and forc-------aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!"

"Thank me for paying attention to you, for taking the time to help you learn."

"Thank.. thank.... thank you Jenn. For ... whatever... " Janice panted, and then screamed again as the shock stiffed her body.

"Thank me for dominating you. Admit you are worth nothing."

"Yes... Jenn... thank you for teaching me manners, thank you for punishing me!" Janice spit it out with venom.

"That will do for now. See you a little later." Jenn left and the heavy metal door clanged shut, leaving Janice alone, chained to the floor in the deepening gloom of the evening.


Janice pulled and yanked on the chain around her neck to no avail. The links squeezed and slipped, pinching her fingers and drawing blood. Her neck became raw from the constant movement as she strained to budge the collar, or at least disable it somehow. She couldn't it was too well constructed.

Thirsty, she walked over to where the dog dishes were. She leaned down and tried to pick up the one with water, but it was glued to the floor. Janice bent over and slurped and lapped the water up, then turned to the food dish. As far as she could tell it had dog food. She ate it.

After several hours her bladder was about to burst and she gave in, squatting over the bucket and letting a stream of urine fill it. The heat of the liquid rose and felt warm against her bare. When she was done she pushed out shit, hearing the wet plop as it fell into her urine.

Never had Janice felt so demeaned or humiliated. Or so angry.

Jenn returned late at night. Janice was huddled in a corner, trying to stay warm away from the stink of the bucket. Jenn removed the bucket and dumped the contents in another room, and returned it. She leaned over and kissed Janice lovingly. Janice kissed her back, but with less enthusiasm.

"I bet you have been bored and pretty lazy while I have been gone. Let's get you working. It is always good to give a pet some exercise, you know?" Jenn motioned for Janice to come to the middle of the concrete floor.

"Let's have you do some jumping jacks. 20 of them. Go!"

Janice gaped at Jenn and didn't move. The shock that gripped her neck rippled through her muscles and she squeeled, "OK! OK! OK!"

After a moment of recovery, Janice began the jacks, swinging arms wide up, legs apart, then jumping back together. Her breasts bounced beautifully. Jenn enjoyed the motion of Janice's beautiful body.

"Good. Now, let's do some stretching! On your ass! Legs wide!"

Jenn guided Janice through a thorough workout, and the sweat began form and trickle down her bare flesh as she worked. Jenn loved the sweaty look, and kept working Janice hard. She only had to use the shock collar once more, and only for a very brief reminder. Janice was obedient.

When Jenn finally allowed Janice to rest, she provided a towel to wipe off the sweat and kissed her on the top of her head. "You are doing well, really. We can start establishing some more refined rules for you. Let's see... first, you get that obedience is key. Always obey without argument. You understand that, right?"

Janice nodded.

"Good. The other main rule is to show respect at all times. Look at me lovingly, proactively try to make me happy with you, service me. Kneel before me, knees spread and hands on knees with your head down. Try it now."

Janice shifted and assumed the slave position, exposing her cunt and breasts, face looking at the ground.

"Good girl," Jenn patted Janice's head. "The last rule will be to always take care of yourself. Keep yourself clean and groomed. I will provide items to wash and care for your hair. Make me happy with you, and you will be happy in return."

"Jenn, how long are you going to keep me here? You can't do this forever." Janice's tone was submissive, though it still had a hard questioning edge to it.

"Janice, you are walking a fine line right now. Do not question or challenge me. I will let this pass this one time. The answer to your question? I will keep you here as long as it takes."

It must have been nearly midnight and Janice was exhausted, but Jenn had more planned.

"Let's do a little training. Turn over, hands and knees, ass in the air. Don't move."

Jenn removed her clothes as Janice waiting in the position. Jenn produced a strap on harness, and inserted a huge dildo, 10 inches long and quite thick. She pressed it against Janice's ass, pushing gently but persistently. Eventually it invaded the girl's body, sliding in a few inches, accompanied by a small squeal of pain from the slave. Her sphincter muscles pulsed, clutching the soft rubber, alternately squeezing it and pushing it out.

The dildo slid out an inch or two and then pushed back in, further this time. Janice gasped and hung her head, pressing her forehead to the floor. "Oh... my god... that hurts. It is too big! Jenn, please!"

Each thrust of Jenn's hips rammed the dildo deeper, slid it out further, and then deeper yet. Eventually the thrusts were running the entire length of the dildo, which plunged deep into Janice's bowels. Jenn put her hands around Janice's hips, slid them around until her stomach and breasts lay on her submissive's back, and felt her stomach move with each thrust in. The invasion was pressing and moving Janice's internal organs around, she felt like her insides were being scrambled.

The dildo ass fuck was humiliating. To be forcibly fucked by a strapon was one thing, but up her ass, like some gay male? Tears squeezed from her eyes, from a mix of pain and humiliation. And yet, there was something deeply erotic in being taken this way by her beautiful ex-girlfriend. She began to feel enjoyment in spite of the pain.

"Fuck... fuck... oh my god, oh... fuck!" Janice was panting with pain, but Jenn reached around and played with Janice's clit, pressing and sliding in sync with her thrusts. Janice reacted to the stimulation, began panting and moaning, the moans mixed with cries of pain. It was a true pleasure/pain experience, and the pleasure mounted steadily until Jenn could feel Janice's body tense and shudder beneath her. She moaned loudly, and collapsed on the floor.

Jenn let the dildo slide out of Janice's ass and waited a minute or two for Janice to recover from the ass reaming she had just experienced. When her breathing slowed a bit, Jenn pushed the dildo into Jenn's face, and simply said "Suck."

Janice turned her head away from the slimy rubber protrusion that had just been up her ass.

"Suck!" Repeated Jenn. Janice refused silently.

"Aaaggggkkkkkkkkkk!" The jolt hit Janice as her neck felt like it was on fire for a moment.  She opened her mouth and took the shit smeared dildo into her mouth and began sucking.

The long rubber dong slid about halfway down the slave's throat before she choked and pulled back. Jenn thrust it forward again, pushing deeper. Janice couldn't breathe, and grabbed the strapon and pulled it out, gasping for air.

Jenn produced a pair of straps. "Turn around. You need some help with this exercise."

Janice turned her naked body around, still kneeling. Jenn yanked one strap around Janice's wrists, securing them behind her back. The other strap went around her elbows. This one she pulled slowly but steadily, bringing Janice's arms behind her back closer and closer until the elbows touched. Janice made sounds of pain, grunting and whining, but Jenn simply cinched the strap tight and buckled it in place.

"Turn around." Janice struggled a bit, but managed to turn toward Jenn, opened her mouth wide, and took the large dildo into her mouth. Jenn thrust it in, sinking deep down Janice's throat, holding it there as Janice's face turned red and her stomach and throat convulsed, trying to get some air. The strapon was pulled almost all the way out and Janice gasped and a bit of vomit dribbled down her chin. The dildo sunk in again, and the process began again.

For 15 minutes Jenn fucked Janice's mouth, slowly training her to take the dildo deeper and deeper down her throat. The front of her chest and breasts were slimy from drool and vomit when Jenn finally pulled away from Janice and let her collapse on the floor, panting, recovering.

"A good training session, dear. You are coming along well." Jenn kissed her pet on the head, gave her another towel to clean herself off, and left.

That night Janice slept in the dark with the towel as a substitute for a blanket.


The next day Jenn trained Janice to crawl on her hands and knees. For a while Janice wore a lovely fox tail, a puffy thing sticking out of her ass that swayed as she crawled along. There were some small problems at the beginning of training, but they were resolved quickly with short zaps from the obedience collar. After a couple of hours, Janice was perfectly behaved, learning to walk at Jenn's side, sit, heel, and even to urinate on command.

"Janice, you are doing so well, I think you may be ready for the next stage in your training!" Jenn sounded really pleased.

Janice blushed. She had mixed feelings. On one side of her mind, she wanted to get to Jenn and strangle her to death. On the other side, she was pleased with the progress she was making and with the attention and care Jenn was providing. Their previous battles really had obscured her affection and even love for Jenn. She could feel them being released as she learned this new relationship.

Jenn brought out a strange contraption that didn't quite make sense to Janice when she first saw it. It was made of metal, with wide, stiff metal straps that looked homemade and maybe a bit rusty. One of the straps had some holes. Another of the straps had a small metal box with a padlock and some wires.

It became clear what this thing was when Jenn demanded that Janice stand with her legs spread wide and arms above her head. Jenn slipped one of the straps (the one with the holes) between Janice's legs, and the other circular metal ring went around her waist. It was essentially a kind of chastity belt, but the box in back held a remote controlled shock device, which was wired to electrodes welded on to the understand of the strap going through her crotch. Extending from the crotch was a metal phallus positioned to slide nicely up Janice's pussy.

Janice shuddered to think of being locked in this new device, but Jenn closed the waist ring, pulled it uncomfortably tight, and with a small *click* fastened it with a padlock. The metal phallus slid into place automatically with little hassle, filling Janice's cunt hole.

"Time to get dressed," Jenn said, pointing to a pile of clothes in the corner. Janice had been naked for so long now it seemed a little weird putting on clothes, especially these. They were slightly too small for her so that her breasts stretched the knit material of the top showing her nipples clearly. The skirt was plaid, and came only to mid-thigh. Enough to be appropriate with care, but she would need to cross her legs when she sat and not bend over.

There were no panties or bra.

Jenn opened the door to the warehouse, unlocked the chain and then removed the shock collar. What a relief! Janice almost cried with relief when the horrible torture device was removed, and Jenn stroked her face caringly.

"Thank you, Oh... just.. thank you..." Janice kissed Jenn, and their arms wrapped around each other for a moment of real affection.

Then Jenn pulled back.

"Don't thank me yet. Your chastity belt has a shock device in it, and you are still to obey absolutely. I am trusting you out in public but don't embarrass yourself or me and make me knock you down with a zap."

The two girls walked out of the warehouse into the alley. Jenn's car waited there.

As soon as she was outside and felt the sun, the fresh air, the openness of the alley, Janice had an urge to run. It overwhelmed her. She didn't think, didn't feel, she just took off down the alley, away from Jenn. Jenn simply stood and watched.

About 20 yards away at the end of the alley, Janice suddenly faltered, tripped, cried out in agony and fell to the ground. She writhed there, her hands clutching between her legs, struggling and rolling around. Her tight top slid up, exposing her bra-less breasts, and legs spread causing the skirt to rise above her hips, exposing her naked pussy and the wired metal strap that covered it. Her hands struggled with the metal frame that hugged her hips but would not come off.

Jenn slowly walked over to Janice where she writhed on the ground. As she got closer, Janice suddenly stopped writhing and gurgling in pain.

"There is a proximity meter on your obedience belt," Jenn explained, standing over the recovering Janice, who was pulling her clothes down to cover herself. "If you get more than about 30 feet from me the belt kicks in with a continuous shock that won't let up. As you felt, you really don't want that to happen. I recommend you stay close."

Janice crawled to her knees and knelt at Jenn's feet. "I am sorry, Jenn. I don't know what got into me. Just... the feeling of being free. I will be obedient."

"Good girl," Jenn said and kissed the top of Janice's head.

They drove together to a small coffee shop a few blocks away. Jenn ordered them both a coffee and they sat in comfortable chairs in the back. Janice felt wonderful being outside and getting some real food, though the tight metal obedience belt was quite uncomfortable and she had to constantly shift position. She couldn't cross her legs without the metal cutting into her thighs, but she couldn't sit with her legs open without exposing her pussy as she sat. It was a struggle.

After a while they returned to the warehouse, where Janice undressed once again, and curled up to sleep on her pet bed, as she had learned to do.

Over the next several days, Jenn and Janice were inseparable, which was a necessity given the proximity meter. Janice never did find out where Jenn had hidden the based unit it depended on, but a couple of times getting out of range was enough to know it worked. The metal phallus up her cunt turned to a fire of electric shock and she quickly learned to stay close.

Jenn took Janice out repeatedly, on outings and errands. Janice was taught to walk one step behind Jenn with her head bowed at all times, and to be attentive to Jenn's needs. There were a couple of incidents when Janice didn't obey quickly enough to suit Jenn and ended up getting a nice jolt that made her stiffen and yelp. Her naturally tendency was to reach down and try to pull on the metal belt when this happened, but that resulted in her skirt going up and exposing her pussy. She quickly learned to simply take the shock that only lasted a second or two, and then be more obedient.


Two weeks later, Jenn pronounced that Janice's training had reached an end. Janice dressed in her slut schoolgirl outfit and climbed in Jenn's car and they drove to Janice's home.

"I arranged for you to be away on vacation during these last two weeks, so your family and work won't think anything is strange about you being away. I don't expect you to retained your training, but I hope you might have come to the realization that we really are good for each other, as long as you know your place and submit to me. If not, so be it."

Jenn parked two doors down from Janice's house, leaving the engine running.

"Here is how this will work. You get out of the car here. The key to your obedience belt is in the mailbox of your house. I will drive away when you get out of the car, so get to the mailbox as fast as possible. Use the key on the padlock and take off the obedience belt, and go inside, take a shower, and get back to life."

Jenn leaned over and kissed Janice, a long deep kiss. They both felt the connection between them.

Janice opened the door to the car, but before getting out, turned to Jenn and said, "Jenn, you are a total bitch. Just because you shock me into being your fucking slave doesn't mean you are not a bitch. Shock me for saying this, but I fucking hate you, and hope you shrivel and die."

Tears were running down Janice's face as she said this. She got out of the car and ran as fast as she could to her house. Jenn put the car in gear and drove away. In her rear view mirror she saw Janice reach inside the mailbox just as a massive wave of pain hit her. She hung on to the mailbox, scrabbling for the key, and managed to get it before she dropped to the ground as Jenn turned to corner out of site.


That night, Jenn lay in bed reading a Micky Knight mystery novel when the phone rang.


"Janice? Is that you?" Jenn was pretty sure she recognized the voice though it sounded rather quiet and meek.


"What is it Janice? You made yourself pretty clear when I released you today."

"Um... Jenn... " There was silence. Jenn waited.

"Jenn, it's just that... Well. I can't sleep. I don't want to sleep."

"Really, Janice? What's wrong?"

"I miss you Jenn. I've been masturbating all evening thinking about you, between crying and feeling lonely. I don't know what you did to me, but I... I need you..."

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