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Judicially Mandated Prison Torture

The guy was cute, in a large, muscular construction worker sort of way. Anna had accepted the drink when he offered to buy it, and had even flashed him some side boob. She liked flirting with men, especially hunks like this one. Anna was a gorgeous woman about 30 with long legs, long dark hair, flat stomach and nice sized boobs. She had no trouble attracting whatever man she wanted.

Things changed when she decided not to take him home with her, and he turned ugly. The parking lot was deserted that late, and he had forced his way into Anna's car, tearing her skirt when he shoved her legs apart and wedged his hips between her thighs. His hands were on her breasts, pushing and tearing her blouse away as she struggled, surprised and panicked at the man's force.

When his cock entered her, it hurt. He was large, very large, and she wasn't lubricated, but he pushed hard. His cock was so hard it felt like she was being impaled by a spear, and the deeper he went the wider her soft flesh was spread. She cried out at that point, her sounds of pain mingling with his grunts of pleasure as he shoved deeper into her and began thrusting until he spurted a huge load of semen deep inside her.

They caught him a week later. Trace evidence from her car as well as his semen, and the bruising and lacerations on Anna's body combined to provide enough evidence for a fast conviction. He was sent away to Richland prison for a five year term.

Now Anna stood in a small, darkened room in the prison, looking through a one way mirror. She was waiting to observe the man who had raped her. Barely a month into his sentence and had been approved for remedial torture as a means to reduce his sentence. Ever since the Fair Sentence Reduction Act had been passed, torture had become a replacement for time served, and prisoners could cut their time in prison from years to months, if they were willing to undergo a series of controlled, intense torture sessions.

Now, the bastard that had penetrated and damaged Anna's body was scheduled to undergo his first voluntary torture session. Two hours of pain in exchange for a month off his sentence. It didn't seem fair to Anna, but it was happening. At least she had been invited to watch the prisoner as he suffered in the room on the other side of the mirror.

The torture chamber she saw through the mirror didn't look at all like a torture chamber, but more like a small operating room. White tile covered the floor and walls, extending to a painted white ceiling. In the center of the room was a metal chair with straps, adjustable for a number of positions. Above the chair was a large adjustable light, and to the side were a couple of small cabinets. The whole thing looked extremely sterile, bright, and empty.

The door in the other room opened and a tall good looking blond woman, barely Anna's age, entered with a metal tray covered with medical instruments. She set them down on the top of a cabinet to the side and turned as a man in prison jeans and shirt was led in by two guards.

"Thank you gentlemen," the woman said to the guards, who proceeded to unlock the shackles that had restrained the prisoner. They left the room, closing the door behind them. Even now, Anna stared at the man, feeling the physical attraction of the brute mixing with her fear and hatred of what he had done to her.

"Greetings, Kyle. My name is Melanie and I am the Pain Tech assigned to your case. Remove your clothes and put them on the chair, there." The woman in the next room indicated a chair on the side of the room.

"Whatcha mean, bitch? I ain't takin' my clothes off for some woman." The prisoner's voice was harsh and brought memories to Anna that she wished she could forget, the way he had grunted her name as he had slapped her and held her down as he thrust into her in the back seat of her car.

"Kyle, you have had the rules explained. This is voluntary. You want to do this or not? I am not going to waste time." Melanie spoke in a very matter of fact way.

The prisoner, Kyle, grunted, stared for a moment, then removed his clothes. As he removed his shirt, Anna gasped, seeing the full size and muscle of the man for the first time. He removed his pants, revealing narrow hips and strong legs.

"Your underwear, as well, please." Melanie sounded almost bored, as if she had been through this many times. Of course, thought Anna, she probably has.

Kyle removed his underwear revealing a tight ass and genitals that made Anna gasp again. While the man's cock had actually been inside her cunt, she had never seen it, just felt it. Seeing it now for the first time she was amazed it hadn't done more damage. He was huge, with a fine large scrotum holding big testicles behind his thick shaft.

"Sit back in the chair," Melanie directed. Kyle climbed into the chair, snickering, and then took hold of his cock and stroked it a few times. It began to swell with an erection.

"Take a good look babe, I might just give you some of this later. You want it don't you? I know you do. All bitches do." Kyle spat out the words as if they were knives, but Melanie simply began strapping him into the chair, securing his legs and arms, his waist, and finally chest. Kyle fell silent as he felt himself slowly becoming immobile, his bravado draining away as he became more helpless in the torture chair.

Melanie took a strap with a bulge from a cabinet and held it up to Kyle's face. "Open your mouth."

"Fuck you, bitch. You gonna hurt me cause I get out earlier if you do, but I don't have to be humiliated! You remember this face, bitch, cause when this is all over and I get out of here, I might just come get you, sometime, when you don't expect it."

"Kyle, this is just a job, nothing personal. The gag is to keep you from biting off your tongue during the procedure. Now, how silly would you be trying to impress some babes if you can't talk because you have no tongue, eh?" Melanie smiled sweetly.

Kyle looked confused for a moment, not wanting to allow Melanie any more power over him, but obviously afraid. Finally he opened his mouth, the gag went in, and Melanie buckled it behind his head.

"Now you are all safe and secure, I will be right back. Just hang on a second, and don't go anywhere, OK?" Melanie gave a light laugh of irony as she stepped out the door into the hall. Moments later she opened the door to the observation room in which Anna was standing.

"Hi, Anna. I'm Melanie, the Pain Tech that will be putting dear Kyle here through his paces today." Anna shook Melanie's hand. "I was wondering... I am not supposed to do this, but considering what an asshole this guy is, and what he did to you... would you like to come inside and have a closer look?"

"Oh.... well... I mean, will it be safe?" Anna was taken aback.

"Sure. He can't get out of the chair, and by the time his session is over, he won't be in any condition to do much of anything but drool and be dragged back to recovery. Come on, it will be fine. Let's play." And with this last sentence, Melanie smiled in a wicked way that made Anna realize that she was more than a tech; she liked her job. A lot.

They left the observation room and entered the chamber. Kyle turned his head to observe the two beautiful women as they entered. His eyes grew large in recognition when he saw Anna, and he tried to speak. All that got past the gag was a muffled, distorted series of grunts, but the message was clear. He didn't like the idea of Anna being there.

Anna surveyed his body up close. In another situation, another circumstance, she could have seen herself fucking Kyle. She liked men with good bodies, and her eyes wandered to his cock, laying on his abdomen, half erect. Kyle saw her gaze and was obviously aroused by it, for his cock pulsed and began hardening further.

Melanie flipped a switch and the torture chair moved on quiet motors, leaning back and then raising Kyle's legs into the air, spreading them wide, wide, wider, until his genitalia were easily accessible and exposed. She stepped in and described what she was doing to Anna, who stood close and observed.

"So, first we will wrap the strap around his scrotum just above his testicles. This puts pressure on the testicles in the sack, reducing their natural ability to move, to flop about, you know. Makes it easier to manipulate, in this case to apply the injection."

Melanie took Kyle's scrotum in her hand and lifted his testicles gently up, then wound the strap around their base. As she did this, the heavy scrotal flesh stretched and grew tight around the blobs of tissue inside. Kyle began to struggle instinctively from feeling his most tender body parts manipulated.

"Now, Kyle, this part doesn't hurt. Honest. It won't start to hurt for just a bit." Melanie spoke condescendingly, as if to a child patient in a hospital.  Then she spoke to Melanie. "So, now we simply inject the pain medication into each of his testicles. He has rather large testicles, so the dose is a little higher than normal."

Melanie picked up a large syringe, pulled the cap off the large needle, and positioned it next to the distended scrotal flesh. Kyle started whimpering in fear, and struggled against the straps more.

"The insertion of the needle might cause some pain, in fact it would be considered quite painful by most men." With this Melanie shove the needle through the taught flesh. Kyle jumped and gave a muffled squeal behind the gag. "But, compared to the results of the pain medication, this is nothing."

Melanie pushed the plunger and the clear liquid was pushed into Kyle's testicle. It was apparently a painful process, because Kyle reacted strongly, his naked body jerking and grunts coming from his gag.  The needle was withdrawn and Melanie repositioned it next to the other testicle. She continued describing the process as she injected again.

"The scrotal flesh isn't particularly sensitive, at least no more than any other. The testicle itself is covered by a hyper sensitive layer of tissue, as well as nerve bundles that extend from the testicles back up into the abdomen. This pain medication is a mix of a number of agents, like methyl bromide and capsaicin, which act directly on the pain nerves to excite them."

The injection was completed and needle removed, and Melanie wiped a couple of small drops of blood from Kyle's tight scrotal flesh. Kyle was shaking slightly, his whimpering subdued, eyes closed.

"So now we wait a bit. Not long, perhaps five minutes, while the injected liquid permeates the testicle and epididymis. When that happens, Kyle here will discover what true pain is."

Melanie disposed of the syringe then turned back to watch. Anna stood and watched in fascination as Kyle lay on the chair, strapped to he could only move slightly. He was chewing on the gag, mostly out of tension and nerves, but after a minute or so he moaned and his face took on a concerned look. His eyes scrunched and he grunted, and wriggled against the straps again. It was clear the pain was beginning to take hold.

Anna was about to ask how much pain the injection caused when Kyle opened his eyes wide and screamed. The sound was slightly muffled because of the gag, but it was a good, long, loud scream. Kyle looked wildly at Melanie, with a pleading look in his eyes.

"Yes, Kyle, this is the beginning. Your dose is designed to last about two hours, maybe a bit more. Nothing to do now but endure it. Just lay back and feel the pain..." Melanie had an intense, satisfied look on her face.

Kyle was jerking against the straps, muscles straining. The pain was obviously getting worse, and his body took on a slightly shiny sheen.

"Ah, Anna. Notice he is sweating; this is an indication that the pain levels are really getting up there. As the pain increases, he will become less and less aware of his surroundings."

Anna watched Kyle's muscular body strained against the straps, shaking now as the nerves in his genitals fired their pain signals more and more intensely. He was biting hard on the bit, tears flowing from his eyes.

Noticing something unusual, Anna watched and finally asked Melanie something. "Melanie... his cock is hard. He has a stiff erection. Is it supposed to do that? Is he like, some sort of pain freak pervert?"

Melanie laughed. "Well, no, at least not at the moment. It is a curious byproduct of these drugs in some men, it gives them a raging erection. In a few men, I've actually seen ejaculation during the torture session. With those men, repeated treatments can have an odd effect-- pain begins to become an arousal factor for them. In other words, they associate pain with sexual pleasure, as if the two are the same thing. That is rather rare though."

Kyle was foaming at the mouth, saliva drooling out as he panted and screamed from the pain. His throbbing erection seemed out of place, and yet somehow... appropriate to Anna. He had caused her a lot of physical and mental pain obtaining pleasure, it seemed right that he should now have intense pain combined with sexual pleasure.

This thought grew in Anna's mind, until she suddenly turned to Melanie and asked, "Can I touch him?"

Melanie looked a little surprised, but said "Well, yes. Don't do anything that will leave a mark or endanger his life, or I get in trouble. This is supposed to be controlled. But sure, go ahead."

The women were speaking with raised voices to be heard over Kyle's continuous screaming and sobs. The pain had reached a peak and he was alternating gasps and screams, sobbing, and trying to beg through the gag.

Anna reached out to Kyle, and touched his hardened cock. Kyle thrashed against the straps as much as he could, but the movement was quite restricted and Anna was able to grasp the thick member in her hand with ease. It throbbed in her fingers, and she squeezed. The cock throbbed again, pulsing as Kyle tried to thrust his hips up and down, more because of the pain than any arousal, but the movement still looked like Anna was masturbating him and he was joining in.

Anna squeezed again, and Kyle's cock pulsed.

Anna took her other hand and slapped Kyle's distended, bound ballsack. Kyle reacted, jerking his body. Anna slid her hand down the massive cock, her fingers barely surrounding the thick flesh rod. She hit the ballsack again when her hand reached the base of Kyle's cock, and Kyle grunted through tears.

"Well, that's a new twist." Melanie watched with interest as Anna stroked Kyle's cock, periodically whacking his testicles.

"Huh... yeah..." Anna grabbed Kyle's balls and twisted. Kyle screamed, thrusting his hips up in reaction, causing Anna's hand to slide down his cock.

Anna felt the reaction before it was visible. She twisted the ballsack, squeezing hard as she stroked the throbbing penis once again, but this time the throbbing was more of a convulsion, and as Kyle yelled and screamed from pain, sperm came squirting out from the end of his cock, spraying over his stomach and chest.  Anna stopped her stroking and simply squeezed, feeling the contractions as huge gobs of cum spurted out of Kyle.

Finally, it appeared to be over. Kyle continued to thrash about, grunting and yelling out from continued pain in his balls. Anna let go of his cock and stepped back. Melanie handed her a tissue.

"Thanks. I... I didn't know I was going to do that."

"Oh, that's quite all right," said Melanie. "Playing with the victims is an unofficial perk of this job. I might have uh... estimated the dose a little high, too. He is just now peaking, and it's been more than an hour. He might last three hours instead of two."

Kyle's eyes were glazed and the drool foamed over his gag, snot draining from his nose as he screamed, writhed and grunted in the pain chair.

Anna watched for a while longer, feeling some sense of justice mixed with... something else. She was enjoying this. It was actually fun watching this big, handsome, macho guy writhe in pain, and it was especially fun to be able to touch and play and tease him while it happened. She was really getting off on it.

"Melanie. His cock is still hard."

"Yeah, I noticed that. He is still reacting to the meds pretty strongly." Melanie was silent for a moment, then said "So... can I give it a try?"

Anna smiled and stepped back, motioning Melanie to take her place. Melanie grabbed Kyle's cock and squeezed, then stroked. Anna could see it pulse under the stimulation. Melanie then pulled her arm all the way behind her back, made her hand into a fist, and rammed it into his testicles as hard as she could.

Kyle screamed, and as he thrust his hips around Melanie stroked his cock hard and fast. When Kyle's hips and moans subsided, she punched him in the balls again, as hard as she could. This time when Kyle thrust up and Melanie stroked hard, the cock pulsed, jerked, and with a loud, long, wail, Kyle came once again, spewing a huge load of sperm over his stomach, all the way to his chest, where it mixed with the already drying load from earlier.

When it was over, Melanie punch Kyle's balls once again, hard.  Anna felt Kyle's scream penetrate her body, shake it. The sound seemed to release her sexual desires as never before, like a trigger. She was breathing hard and her hand slid down to her jeans. Unable to delve under the fabric she rubbed her pussy through the denim before she realized was she was doing.

Melanie caught what she was doing, and grinned. "You really are made for this."

Anna flushed with embarrassment, but in her mind she had to admit that there was something incredibly exciting about what had happened, and it involved everything. Her feeling of hatred for Kyle, the feeling of justice in seeing him suffer, as well as simple enjoyment in his pain. And somewhere, deep down, Melanie... she played a part. She liked Melanie, she... wanted Melanie.

Another 20 minutes went by, during which Kyle's screams and moans slowly subsided. Finally, Melanie said, "Well, Anna, I think it is probably time for you to go. You can't be here when he finishes up and the guards come to take him to recovery. It's been... fun?"

Anna took one last look at Kyle's twisted face, sweat trickling down his body, which no longer thrashed against the straps. "Yes. Thank you Melanie. I mean it. It was... well..."

Melanie quickly put her arm around Anna and kissed her, unexpectedly, but Anna sank into the kiss, knowing that she had wanted this all along. When they finally broke, Melanie said, "Will you come to his next session? It's in a month. I would love to see you again. Here."

"Yes," Anna said. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Anna turned and left, feeling the exhilaration of her newly found sadism, combined with the anticipation of a new found relationship with someone that shared her secret desires.

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