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Enforced Male Chastity

My name is John.  I am married to a beautiful woman named Jess, whom I love dearly and deeply. This revelation is something I told myself I must write, to get the story out of my mind, to tell others and to try and understand myself, if nothing else.

We met in college and married while we were still quite young. Perhaps too young? I was 21 and she was 20. Neither of us were virgins; Jess had lost her virginity to the captain of the football team at the age of 16. I had convinced my high school girlfriend to do it with me in the back seat of my parents car in front of her house at the age of 17.

I don't know how many men Jess has had since that time, but she is gorgeous; lean with large but still nicely proportioned breasts, silky blond hair, and a cute freckled face that men seem to lose control over. I sure did. She could have any man she wanted, but I think she has been picky, only fucking a few guys before we met.

Sex while we were dating and just after our marriage was really good. We seemed to find time to do it just about anywhere and any time. We would fuck in the morning if we woke up at the same time; we played before going to bed. Sometimes we would just look at each other when we were in public or a party, and just know what the other was thinking, and then find a private place where Jess could hike up her skirt and wrap her legs around me. She was up for blow jobs at times (though she wasn't too thrilled, she'd do them for me) and we even did anal from time to time. I've always liked anal... there is something so primal and dirty about it. I cum fast when I get inside her ass.

In spite of the way things started, our sex life slowed down over the years. Five years after getting married, we were down to doing it maybe once every two weeks. I don't know why, it just happened. Maybe work stresses, or too much routine.

Secretly I looked at some porn and jacked off; some of the kinkier stuff I saw really excited me. I wanted to try some weird things, but was afraid to mention it to Jess. I wanted to try toys. Maybe some handcuffs, or butt plugs, or, well, just anything that might bring some excitement back into our sex life. I wanted her to focus on me, to play with my body, to take control of me and stimulate or play with me the way she wanted.

One evening we were talking about random stuff and we actually started talking about sex and how much we both enjoyed it and how things had gotten routine. Neither of us liked it, but didn't quite know how to break out of our cycle. So I brought up some of the toys I had seen and talked about maybe expanding our play.

I was really surprised, but she actually agreed to try a couple of things. One was butt plugs, and the other was a male chastity device. I got the butt plug from a store in the next city, but we had to order the chastity device.

Just ordering the chastity device ended up being an incredible turn on for me (and Jess). We measured my cock, both the length and circumference while flaccid (that was difficult because I kept getting a hard on). We went to the bedroom and I dropped my pants but my cock sprang out hard as a rock, immediately, I was so turned on by the whole idea. We struggled a bit, but frankly the more things we tried the hornier I got and we ended up falling on the bed naked and fucking. God, Jess is so good, the memory of that time gets to me, her sweet soft pussy wrapping around my cock...

Anyway, we actually fucked twice before my cock got truly limp. She got the measurements she needed and we sent them off.

The device came in a small brown box, all wrapped nicely with discreet return address on a Tuesday. We decided to try it out that Saturday. We would have sex in the morning and then Jess would put it on me and lock it in place for the rest of the weekend. The entire week I kept thinking about what was going to happen, and ever time I did my cock got rock hard. I was hornier than I had been in years.

Saturday morning rolled around, and I remember waking slowly, then rolling over and feeling Jess's hard naked body next to mine, and my cock was hard before I was completely awake. I wrapped my arms around her, nuzzled her as she woke and sighed, and then turned and kissed me. It was amazing; we made love like the first time then, and I came twice with no problem, both times with my arms wrapped around Jess and holding the entire length of her body close to mine.

Finally I lay on the bed, exhausted, as Jess went into the bathroom to clean up (my semen was drooling down her leg). When she returned, still naked, she was holding the chastity device.

"It's time," she said with a smile. "Spread your legs for me. Let's do this."

I spread wide. Jess put a little baby oil as lube on my cock, and I began to get hard again, though not completely. Jess slipped the ring around the base of my cock and balls, and then slid the sheath over my cock, pushing to get it all the way in. It fit well, tightly considering I was halfway erect, but it was the right length and size. The feeling of the thing going on was amazing, truly amazing. My stomach had butterflies, I was aroused, a little afraid, and mostly excited.

The final click of the lock was like a door slamming in my mind; it was done. I was locked in and Jess was in total control of my genitals. I wanted to do nothing but take her again, right then, I was so excited and aroused, but I couldn't.

The first hour I spent around the house naked, just getting used to the feeling of having this cage locked onto my cock. My erection was accommodated by the device in a rather strange way; as my cock swelled and elongated, it pushed the device out, pulling my balls away from my body and stretching my scrotum slightly. The sheath still covered most of my cock and kept it bent downward. It couldn't really get too large because the sheath was just too small. In fact, it began to hurt some if I got too erect, so I began to train myself to relax and not get aroused.

Finally I dressed, and we went out and spent the rest of our weekend.

That entire weekend was incredible, the feeling of the device constraining and trapping me combined with the knowledge that the device was actually locked on, and that the key was in the hands of my wife. I thought about her constantly, her body, her perfect breasts, the way the key nuzzled between them hanging from a chain around her neck, her tight ass... her pussy. I would get erect again. I had to stop and worked at it, but it was really, really difficult.

Sunday night came and after dinner, I went to Jess with a big smile and asked if she would remove the device. My heart was pounding, I had been anticipating this moment all weekend. I wanted nothing but to fuck her right then, to take her under me and thrust into her.

"I'm not sure it's time, John." Jess said with a curious look on her face.

"What do you mean? We said the weekend, and it is Sunday night!"

Jess shifted sensually in her chair and leaned toward me a little so the chain with the key could be seen descending down between her breasts.

"Yes, and that was Saturday morning. It's Sunday night, but a weekend is usually at least 48 hours. I think you should keep your cage on for at least that long, don't you?" My wife's voice was husky, her soft smell filled my nostrils and my cock throbbed in it's cage. She was teasing me, and it was working.

"Jess, no, please. Come on. I know this was my idea, and I think the weekend is over. Let's fuck. I want you so bad!"

"John, this whole thing is about raising your frustration through denial. I think it's a good thing to wait a little longer. And yes, it was your idea; it was your idea to give me the key. To give me control. And now I am taking it." Jess sat back in her seat. "Let's watch a little TV and then have a nice sleep. Tomorrow, before you go to work, we will see."

"What??? WHAT??? We Will See? What does that mean? You might not even unlock me tomorrow morning?" I was getting nervous, but also incredibly aroused. This was a side of my wife I hadn't seen before and it was turning me on, totally.

"Well, if you behave and don't cause problems. I think we should see if you can make me happy. There should be some price for taking off your cage."

I grimaced. "What? What do you want?"

Jess sat back and propped one of her legs over the side of her chair. She was wearing tight jeans, the sexiest thing that drove me wild.

"An orgasm. Just for me. I think you should service me."

"How? What do you mean? I can't do anything locked... oh.... " It dawned on me.

I got down on my knees, undid her jeans and slid them down, exposing her firm thighs and beautiful mound. She helped me slide her panties down, and I dived eagerly between her legs. Her taste hit me immediately, she was soaking wet. The scene was turning her on as much as me, maybe more.

My tongue was busy that night, I worked her hard, giving her the best I could in every way.It was a game, sure, and eating out my wife was a very great pleasure. I wish I could have at least touched myself and jerked off a little while I was doing it, but worshiping and pleasuring Jess was exciting and pleasurable for me as well.

Jess came the first time with her hand on my head, shoving me hard deep into her cunt. She moaned and shuddered, thrusting her hips up and then cried out as she thrust up and down, rubbing her pussy and clit against my wet slippery face.

The service continued. It went on for an hour and a half. I was amazed; normally when Jess and I have sex it is for no more than an hour, and usually a lot less. I can't contain myself and she seems content with having me enter her and climax when I feel I am ready. That can happen in maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and it doesn't take long for me to cum.

This time, it was all about her. There was no possibility of me having an orgasm, so I just tried to make her cum as much as I could. She came three times that night before telling me it was enough. She promised to unlock me before work the next morning.

It was a restless night.

The next morning Jess did as she promised; she unlocked the device and removed it. The fresh air hit my skin and the freedom of having my genitals unrestrained felt wonderful. My cock got hard right away; I grabbed Jess and pulled her down onto the bed and took her right away, passionately, urgently. Her legs went up around my thighs and I rammed into her wet cunt immediately. I fucked her, hard. She grunted and moaned underneath me as we went at it like animals, her arms and legs encircling and hands clawing my back until we both climaxed loudly.

That week we had sex every night except for Wednesday, when I had to work late. Something had happened to my libido, the experience of being restrained and under her control had excited me in a way that I had never anticipated.

Friday night, things changed. After dinner I took her in my arms and began nuzzling her neck, slipping my hands under her top, sliding over her smooth flesh. She stopped me.

"Tonight, no. I think it is time for you to go back into your chastity device."

My excitement and arousal seemed to swell (not to mention my cock). "OK. But I think we should make sure we  have agreed clearly when it will be removed. No misunderstandings."

"Yes, I agree," she said. "I don't want any arguments like we had last weekend."

Jess continued speaking as she went into the bedroom and got the device along with baby oil. "I think it is pretty clear that the purpose of this, the excitement and fun, is for you to give me control over your cock. If you get to decide when this comes off, then you haven't really given up control. So if we do this, I think it needs to be my decision when it comes off again. Simple as that. It makes sense."

"Uh... but... no, I don't think you can just keep it on indefinitely. Babe, it was exciting and I really... well, I loved it. But there needs to be some sort of limit. A couple of days, or something."

"Do you trust me John? I am your wife. I let you inside my body. Do you trust me enough to give me control for a while without exerting your own control?" Jess is gorgeous, and I felt my love for her (not to mention my lust) swell and overwhelm me.

"OK. Yes, all right. I trust you. I want you to have control. You get control. That's really what excited me anyway, that you had control. I work so hard during the day, managing and controlling things, it was just... really exciting to not be in control. It made me want you so much. And I really did find myself wanting to please you. So... OK."

I dropped my pants. My cock was hard, but she iced it with a cube from the freezer. She then oiled my skin and slid the device on. It felt familiar this time, though the same shock and nervous feeling spread through me when I heard the lock click into place. Once again, I had given up control; I was helpless.

Almost immediately I realized I had let her clock me up before we fucked. "Wait.. Jess... we haven't had sex tonight. Can't we--"

She cut me off. "Sorry, John. That's it. Besides, the way you have been taking me recently, it has been... well, a little violent, almost. Raw. Brutal. I think you need to learn to be a little nicer and respectful."

And that was it. The beginning, really. Jess had the key and I was living at her whim. I remained locked in chastity for the weekend, hoping perhaps to be released on Sunday. I served her, made dinner for her, cleaned the house and kept things tidy. Sunday afternoon I gave her a massage, a good one over her entire body. She was naked and the process aroused me tremendously, but my cock cage kept my erection in check. I did the best I could to make her happy.

Sunday night, I asked to be released. The answer was no. Simply, no. She felt I needed a bit more time, that she wanted to exert control, that I needed to feel the loss of control a bit longer.

I didn't sleep well Sunday night, having a series of very sensual dreams in which women would approach me, desiring me and seducing me. When the time came in the dream clothes would come off but something always happened to interfere; the woman changed her mind, or we were interrupted by Godzilla. It all meant the same thing. My mind wanted sex, and was frustrated. The cock-block was in place.

That week was difficult. My arousal and obsession with women and sex was heightened, for I was wearing the chastity device to work and around town. I even wore it when we went to visit friends down the street for drinks. It felt very odd to be acting normally in front of this other couple, knowing that I had been emasculated and that the decorative key suspended from the gold chain around my wife's neck was actually the key to my genitals.

Saturday evening came, and I fixed a nice dinner with wine; a pasta dish that Jess favored. Afterward, we went upstairs and she told me to strip. Standing naked before her I felt more exposed than when my genitals were not locked up. I felt vulnerable. Jess reached out and fondled my balls, checking the security of the device, noting how my cock bulged around the edges of the sheath but was unable to become erect.

"You've been a good boy, John. I have been impressed. I think it is time to free you, but only for an hour or two. Let's be intimate tonight, but when we are done, you go back inside, agreed?"

"Jess, I... " there was something in her voice and look that was different. I had seen it all week. She wasn't really asking.

"OK, Jess."

She unlocked the cage and the absolute thrill of being free flooded over me. I was erect and pulsing immediately, and I took Jess in my arms, played with her body, suckled her breasts, spread her ass with my hands, felt her arms around me, and then entered her wet ready pussy. Making love that night was amazing, once again. It was a privilege, I had earned it and felt overwhelming love and dedication to this woman that thrust her hips against my own as I ejaculated inside.

We were in bed several hours, and then took a shower together. It was a lovely evening, at the end of which Jess took out the chastity device and locked it back on. It wasn't as scary this time, though the loss of control and knowledge that I was in her hands was still a thrill.

From that time, Jess kept me in chastity most of the time. She removed the device when she decided we could have sex and when I had pleased her. Sometimes this was a couple of times a week, but there were longer periods where I became afraid she was not going to remove the device. It could easily be several weeks between my short periods of freedom, depending on my behavior and her desire for my cock.

A side effect of being in chastity and in my wife's control was how my attitude toward her changed. Yes, I tried to please her every day; I bought her flowers more often. I cooked, cleaned, and took care of things so she could be more leisurely. I also began deferring to her about finances and other important decisions. It was as if having my genitals locked and under her control had emasculated my mind. My desire to please her and her control began to extend well beyond my manhood.

There was one time about a year after I began submitting to chastity control that I became so frustrated and aroused I pulled and pushed and struggled with the locked device and actually got my penis out of it. My balls hurt after, and my cock was sensitive from a slight abrasion but I did it. I jacked off, masturbating several times. It seemed like the semen would never stop coming, but eventually I had had enough. Then I tried to get back into the sheath and discovered... it was impossible while the device was locked.

That night Jess inspected me as she did each night, and I flushed with embarrassment when she found my cock hanging free outside the device. She wasn't as angry as I thought she would be, though her comments were scathing. But... a week or so later, the full impact of what I had done came to me.

It was a Saturday, and Jess told me we were going someplace downtown. I was curious where, but she said wait and see, so I went along for the ride. It turned out to be a rather seedy tattoo parlor. We parked down the street, and went in.

"Hey, Jake. This is John, my husband." Jess introduced me to the long haired guy with sleeve tattoos smoking a cigarette behind the counter.

"Ah! Hey there Jess. Good to see you again. So this is the randy boy, eh?" The fact this low-life guy knew my wife bothered me.  "Let's head in back and take a look, huh?"

He guided us in back to a private room, where I was instructed to drop my pants.

"What? Jess, what is this? I'm not getting naked--" I was interrupted.

"John, this is the consequence of your disobedient behavior. I trusted you with the chastity device, but you betrayed my trust. We are going to install a little more secure kind of device." Jess was being firm.

I dropped my pants, exposing my caged genitals.

Jake reached out and touched my scrotum, moving my flesh around to examine the device. I was humiliated, letting this guy touch me, but had no choice. "So, he got out of this, huh? Pretty good, you have it locked tight. Well, we will fix that."

Jess unlocked me, removing the device. Jake washed my genital area, once again humiliating me beyond belief.

"I sort of need him erect for this. Can you help?" Jake asked Jess.

Jess came over and stroked my cock a few times. It didn't take much before I was rock hard.

Jake produced a rather strange looking set of stainless steel tools that were clearly sterile. Taking my hard cock in hand, one tool slipped inside my urethra an inch or so. The other side of the tool hinged on to the part that was insert up inside my cock.

"This is going to hurt," Jake said with a smile.

I whimpered from fear, and then screamed from pain. With a quick firm movement Jake pressed a spiked point against the bottom of my cock, right at the frenulum, and drove it through the flesh and against the metal probe inside my urethra.  The piercing hurt like hell, and I shook as Jake pushed the spiked probe deep and made sure the piercing was a good one.

There wasn't a lot of blood, and Jake cleaned up what little there was when he removed the instruments. I no longer cared about the embarrassment of being handled by this stranger, I was in pain. The alcohol he put on the wound stung like hell and I yelped again.

Jake then took a tiny metal probe with a small hole on the bottom and slid it up the inside of my cock. This metal probe sunk about three inches deep inside my urethra and then looped around the bottom of my cock. Jake took another small metal probe, inserted it through a hole in the metal on the bottom of my cock and then wriggled it through my brand new piercing. The end hit the metal piece that was inside my cock. With some more wiggling and painful positioning he aligned the end of the probe with a hole in the tube inside my cock. He screwed the probe that went in through the piercing into the hole in the cock tube, securing the whole contraption in place.

A tiny lock clicked into place, holding the piercing so it couldn't be turned and unscrewed. There was absolutely no way I was getting out of this metal contraption without shredding my penis open. I think I actually cried a little bit then.

"Keep the device in place for a month, after which the piercing will have healed," Jake was telling Jess. "After that you can unlock it and take it off and put it back on as much as you want. Like we discussed there are some more complete kind of attachments that will cover more of his penis if you want, but any kind of erection is going to be pretty impossible in this thing. The probe inside his penis is a hollow tube, so he can pee without a problem."

This happened two years ago. Since then, Jess has removed my semi-permanent chastity device maybe five times. She doesn't seem to need my cock much any more. If she wants an orgasm I will eat her, one of my few sexual pleasures. If she wants something inside her, she uses a dildo, though she doesn't do that often.

About six months after the pierced chastity device was installed, Jess replaced the exterior portion with a light metal cage that has tiny sharp spikes pointing inward. If I get an erection, the points press into the sensitive flesh of my glans, and hurt like hell. She didn't need to do this. The original pierced insertion made any kind of erection painful and impossible, and it can hurt sometimes just walking around. I have trouble walking and acting normal at work now. I may have to quit my job and stay home.

I work hard for Jess now. I have accepted my chastity; I hardly remember the times when I could masturbate freely. Jess is in control of more than just my cock; she has conquered my mind and will. I worship and love her, and have given myself to her completely, to control as she pleases. This is my ultimate satisfaction.

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