Thursday, February 6, 2014

Human Experimentation: Beta (Enhanced Sperm Production)

The tall brunette stood and looked through the one way mirror at the prisoner wearing an orange jumpsuit in the next room. She was a beautiful woman with brown eyes and a solemn face, large lips and high cheekbones. Her white lab coat bore the name "Dr. Clarice Sykes" stitched in blue.

The prisoner fidgeted, bored in the plain white room. The metal chair was uncomfortable and a single table in the center of the room was bare. He had been there for almost a half hour.  A chain around his waist extended to a ring in the floor. He was locked in place.

Dr. Sykes turned to two other young women in the room with her, both wearing lab coats bearing their names and titles.

"As you know, this is prisoner Beta. He represents the state of this study at this time. His treatment so far has taken three weeks. It began with basic hypnosis, followed by the study medication. In the last week we have taken his natural responses and tied them to certain external stimulus. The results are satisfying so far."

Dr. Sykes opened a microphone connection to the next room. She pressed a small device in her hand that made a sound. Click Click. Two clicks, one right after the other. She then turned off the microphone and the three medical researchers watched.

The prisoner reacted immediately. At first a puzzled and slightly panicked look spread over his face. One hand slid down to his crotch and he started stroking himself through his pants.  The researchers could see the young man already had an erection, clearly visible through his prison uniform.

"You observe that the erection is immediate. He isn't completely aware of what is happening, he simply has an irresistible urge and is satisfying it."

The prisoner was moving around in the chair, still rubbing his erection through the material of his pants.

"In time we hope to get Beta to the point of ejaculating almost immediately after a command is given. At this point you can see that he is merely masturbating, and needs encouragement even with this."

Dr. Sykes opened the microphone and clicked two more clicks. Click click.  The sound made the prisoner whimper slightly, his eyes widening as if in fear or some dark need that was flooding over him. He gurgled slightly, trying to rub himself harder, and then reached to the jumpsuit zipper. Sliding it down quickly, he spread it open and reached down to his groin, pulling out his hardened penis and testicles.

"It won't take long now. The drugs he is on increase sperm and semen production significantly, and his body will be ready... ah... I think here it is." The three women crowded close to the one way mirror, watching the male prisoner's physical convulsions as he reached a climax.

The prisoner had his head back as he rubbed his cock violently, up and down, his hip thrusting up, straining. With a gasp, he thrust his hips up and away from the chair and his penis pulsated as white liquid spurt several feet into the air. Continuing to stroke, the man kept the almost constant stream of semen spewing out for almost 15 seconds, shaking and convulsing with climax.

With an sudden movement the prisoner collapsed back down to the chair, arms hanging limply at his sides, penis beginning to sag. Bits of white slime covered the table in front of him, and at one point dripped to the floor.

"That is certainly impressive Dr. Sykes, though I was hoping to see a little more. How long do you think until the final goal is reached?" asked a petite, pretty blond with the title "Section B Chief" on her lab coat.

"We are almost there. Getting the dose right was a challenge, and the hypnosis technique is still undergoing refinement. I would say in about two weeks we could reconvene and see the results we had predicted. In the meantime, let me show you something interesting."

Dr. Sykes left the observation room, and a moment later the door to the prisoner's cell opened. The prisoner stood up as she entered, seemed to realize his jumpsuit was unzipped and he was exposed, and immediately shoved his genitalia back inside his clothes. He appeared embarrassed at being caught in this way.

Pointing to the spray of semen covering the table, Dr. Sykes spoke to the prisoner. The two researchers in the observation room listened.

"Glenn. Is this yours?" Dr. Sykes pointed to the semen covered table.

Staring at the white liquid, the prisoner shook his head. "No doctor. No. I didn't do that. I mean, how... I don't think so. I sometimes, you know, recently, since you have been treating me... please..."

"Glenn, your complete lack of control is getting out of hand. We are finding you masturbating in public more and more now. It is not only completely socially unacceptable, it isn't hygienic. We may need to up your meds."

"Dr. Sykes, is that really necessary? They make my balls hurt, they really do." The prisoner seemed to shrink from the figure of the tall woman standing over him as his voice took on a plaintive, begging tone.

"Perhaps your testicles should hurt more. You know that we are going to have to punish you for this lack of control. I don't want to but it is becoming a necessary part of your treatment. Unzip."

Dr. Sykes motioned toward the man's jumpsuit, indicating he should unzip it.

With a panicked voice, the prisoner begged, "Please. Dr. Sykes. I don't know what came over me but I won't do it again. It isn't necessary to punish me. Really. Please. Please."

Dr. Sykes waited, and finally the prisoner unzipped his orange outfit and reluctantly pulled out his genitals so they were exposed. The woman leaned over and placed a small clamp on the prisoner's exposed testicles. He grimaced, and moaned slightly.

"God, that hurts. Dr. Sykes... ahaahhhhhh.... please, don't make me wear the clamp. I can hardly walk. God, it hurts..." The prisoner had begun rocking back and forth.

Two clicks. Click Click. Hidden in her pocket, Dr. Sykes had issued the conditioned response command. The prisoner shook and when he leaned back the women in the observation room saw his penis was erect and hard once again-- in spite of the painful clamp on his testicles.

"He just ejaculated five minutes ago. What is she doing?" said the "Section B Chief" to the other woman as they watched through the one way mirror.

The prisoner was stroking his exposed penis, rapidly. He moaned out loud, whether from pain or pleasure or both was unclear, but he continued stroking as Dr. Sykes stood by him, observing closely. Faster and faster he went, hips straining, head back, stomach tense as his hips moved with his strokes. It took a little longer than the first time, but very soon he grunted, cried out, and a thick stream of semen spurt from him once again. The ejaculate spewed as far as the first time, the force of the orgasm just as intense.

15 second later the prisoner collapsed once again, but this time he fell forward, the pain in his testicles causing him to double over. He head fell on the table, his forehead smearing the thick globs of semen. He sobbed a little, and then raised his head to look at Dr. Sykes.

"Please.. I am so sorry. I don't... understand. Please help me." Tears streamed down his cheeks.

"I will help you Glenn. I am doing my best. I think you should wear the clamps for a little while longer. I will come by your cell to remove them tonight after dining hall." The beautiful woman turned and left the room. Just as the door closed, a sound was heard.

Click Click.

"Oh... god oh god oh...aaaaaaahhhhh" the man's penis wasn't erect but he began stroking it compulsively. After about a minute, it was hard.

Dr. Sykes returned to the observation room and spoke with the other two women. "Well, there you have it. The speed of the conditioned response is not there yet, but the strength of it is clear. The clamps on his testicles are quite painful, and yet he has no hesitation in masturbating, and the orgasm comes as quickly as before. Even after he had a previous ejaculation only minutes before."

The three women watched as the prisoner stroked his raw cock, hard.

"You can see his skin is raw and even starting to bleed, but the compulsion is overwhelming."

The prisoner was jerking himself harder, frustrated by his inability to climax, going faster, pushing and trying to reach satisfaction. He kept working on it, harder and more intense.

"It really hurts him, doesn't it?" Said the Section B Chief.

"Oh, yes. Not just the clamps, but his penis is raw and ragged from constant rubbing. As well as the excess sperm production, which causes testicular pain and cramping. He is really caught in a vicious cycle; he is producing a lot of sperm and semen, and the hypnosis has created an irresistible urge to relieve himself, which causes a lot of pain and humiliation itself. He has no choice, though."

"Good work, Clarice." The other woman turned to Dr. Sykes and gave her a deep tongue kiss, her arms wrapping around her lover just as the prisoner in the next room let out a howl and spurted white slime out over the table once again.


Two weeks later the Section B Chief watched her lover, Dr. Clarice Sykes, enter the room where the same prisoner sat. This time his wrists were shackled to the arms of the chair.

"How have we been doing, Glenn?" Dr. Sykes asked kindly.

The prisoner lowered his head, terrified and shaking. "F-f-f-fine... Dr. S-s-s-ykes."

Click Click.

"AAAHhhhh! Ahhhoowwww... aaahhh! Oh god..." The prisoner moaned and then was still. A slight wet spot appeared in his orange jumpsuit between his legs.

"I see. Except... what I see isn't to my liking, Glenn. You appear to have lost all body control."

Click Click.

Barely 30 seconds later, the second conditioned command was issued.

"Oh. OH. Fuck.... ohohgodgod..... aaaaahhHH!!!" The prisoner writhed in his chair a moment, his wrists attempting to get free, reaching for his groin. It wasn't needed. He had come in his pants again, spurting more white sticky semen into his underwear.

"Glenn, this almost constant loss of body control, the inability to control your urges and keep your fluids inside of yourself... I am afraid we may have to do something drastic."

"Oh.... " the prisoner was panting from two sexual climaxes occurring one after the other. "Please.. what are you going to do?"

"Well, the only thing I can think of, given the circumstances. We may need to opt for castration."

"NNOOOooooooo......." the prisoner's howl was pathetic, but as it faded, the slight sound was heard again.

Click Click.

Writhing in place the prisoner shuddered with orgasm and then felt his pants fill with slime that overflowed and trickled down his leg. His orgasm and ejaculation was almost immediate after the trigger sound, and required no touching or stimulation of his genitalia.

Dr. Sykes left the room and joined her lover in the observation room. She came up behind the petite blond wrapping her arms around the woman from behind, nuzzling her neck.

They watched the despairing prisoner together as he sat exhausted in the chair, the wet spot in his pants very slowly spreading.  Suddenly, the man began writhing again, moaning loudly, tears running down his face as his hips thrust involuntarily. He shuddered through another orgasm, more slime filling his pants, draining down his leg and dripping onto the floor.

"You didn't give him the command."

"No," Dr. Sykes said quietly. "He is so thoroughly conditioned he reacts to random clicking sounds now. I think the air conditioning is clicking slightly, which is causing his conditioned response. I wasn't kidding about castrating him. If we don't he is likely to kill himself trying to masturbate and ejaculate every few minutes."

"Hmmm.... can I do it?"

"Castrate him? Of course. He is yours." Dr. Sykes turned her lover around, kissing her deeply.

The agony and despair of the chained prisoner in the next room spurred both of them on, clothes were discarded and the two made love until they both had experienced orgasms to the music of the ravaged howls of the man in the next room as he slowly and painfully disgorged more semen than ever thought humanly possible, the puddle beneath his seat slowly growing.

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