Sunday, November 3, 2013


"It hurts," he said.

"It's supposed to hurt," she said.

Looking up into her face, he tried to remember what had happened.

Ryan hadn't meant to stalk her, but there was no way he could ignore a woman that beautiful. Just last week he had passed her heading in from campus parking lot E, making him do a double take as she walked close by. A tall woman with young face but air of authority, long brown hair in a pony tail, white lab coat covering a perfect figure, he could do nothing but stare. Her light scent of perfume was mixed with another, more penetrating scent.

Tonight, as Ryan headed back to his car after his last late class, she was steps in front of him. He followed her by coincidence but with every step he felt himself getting harder, more aroused, just watching the beauty gliding before him.  When they reached the parking lot and she opened the trunk of her car he slipped up behind her, wrapped one arm around her waist and the other around her mouth to keep the screams muffled...

And then there was the stinging eyes; he couldn't breathe. Something knocked him to the ground, he hit his head and everything went black.

Now here he was, stark naked, wrists and ankles tied to the table. The goddess was working next to him, still wearing her lab coat. She turned to him and focused the attention of cold gray-green eyes on his groin. He didn't see it, but he could feel the knife slice through his scrotum.

"Please... no, it hurts. Don't hurt me. I didn't mean any harm, I wasn't going to hurt you."

She said nothing as she worked, manipulating the heavy flesh of his ball sack. Pain pierced through his groin; not terrible pain but enough he could tell that she was slicing him open. His groggy mind worked, trying to figure out what was happening.

The woman rolled the high wheeled stool on which she sat to the side and rolled back with an odd device that had a mirror sitting on top of a post. Positioning it over his body she moved the mirror back and forth on a hinge, trying to get the angle right. He looked up and didn't understand what he was seeing at first.

"I think you should be able to see what I am doing. I am Simone, by the way. The girl you tried to rape earlier tonight. I'm the anatomy teaching assistant. That means I really do all the work, the prof comes in once in a while, but I run the lab and do all the practical instruction." The woman resumed work, selecting a scalpel from a side table.

Ryan looked into the mirror and saw the red bloody tissue spread wide and realized she had sliced open his scrotum, taking the flesh and spreading it out so that it lay on the insides of his thighs. Laying in the center of the wide sheet of his scrotal flesh were two whitish lumps with trailing tails. His testicles.

He began to sob. The pain was suddenly much greater and he struggled against the straps that held his wrists above his head, and his ankles spread wide below. As he struggled the straps around his waist held his body in place. He could writhe, strain, protest, struggle, but he wasn't going anywhere.

"Please, please, please, don't do this. Simone. What are you doing? You won't get away with it; if you sew me up and let me go now I will forget about it!" He begged.

"I think I have more of a chance of getting away from this than you did getting away with rape. Anyway, it's too late now. And we have so much fun in store!" Simone smiled at him and then reached one hand down. He watched in the mirror as she picked up one naked testicle in her hand, sliding the scalpel knife under the fleshy lump. With a sawing motion she cut quickly through some tissue that attached the testicle to the inside of the scrotal flesh.

Ryan shook, feeling the pain as Simone worked cutting his flesh. The pain wasn't that bad, but the sensations were so strange, and seeing his body being cut like that almost made him faint. Spots appeared before his eyes, and he made a gurgling noise.

When Simone had completely freed one of the testicles so that it dangled only by the tubing at the top, she duplicated the work on the other. The emotional impact of having Simone's bare hands handling his unprotected testicles almost drove Ryan insane. He was shaking, horrified, and he babbled protests as she finished the job of cutting his testicles free of the scrotum.

Simone turned to the side again, and returned with her attention focused on Ryan's face. "Oh, my poor Ryan. Yes, I know your name, I checked your driver's license from your wallet. It's over there, in that bag with your clothes."

She indicated a large plastic storage bag. Ryan recognized his pants, shirt and shoes inside. His underwear and other items must be in there as well.

"You are sweating. I know it is painful, but it is necessary. No pain no gain, as they say," Simone seemed cheerful as she wiped sweat off Ryan's face with a sterile cloth. When Ryan opened his mouth to beg once again, Simone slipped the cloth inside his mouth, burying it deep down his throat and then stuffing more and more inside. Ignoring Ryan's muffled attempts at speech, she kept shoving until the entire cloth was inside his mouth, distending his cheeks like a balloon.

"Sorry about this, but for the next part you will probably be screaming. Everyone has gone home, but I don't want some errant security guard out on the quad hearing your cries." Simone took a long strip of medical tape and ran it over Ryan's mouth, securing the wadded cloth inside. Ryan continued to attempt screams, cries, begging, but nothing intelligible came out and the sound was muffled quite effectively.

"Let's get back to work, shall we? You know, you wanted to rape me a little while ago. I think it might be nice to show you what you were going for. Maybe a bit frustrating for you, but hey... it will enhance the experience."

With this, Simone undid her lab coat and removed it, revealing a tight knit blouse that showed an amazing figure. She spoke as she took the bottom of her blouse and pulled it up over her head, exposing breasts that bulged from her C cup bra. "Removing my clothes can also help with the cleanup. The less I have to deal with blood spatter on clothing, the better."

Casting the blouse and lab coat onto a nearby chair, Simone undid her bra. As the undergarment came free, two large, firm breasts fell out and bounced slightly. Tight, erect nipples adorned each breast, which contrasted beautifully with the flat stomach below. Ryan stared, entranced by the perfect beauty before him, forgetting the pain in his groin for a moment.

Simone put thumbs under her skirt and pushed it down over her hips, exposing tight fitting panties that bordered on a thong. The skirt was thrown on top of the rest of her clothing. She leaned over Ryan's face, smiling and bright, placing her breasts just within reach. Ryan whimpered beneath the gag, and raised his head, just barely brushing one of her nipples before she moved away.

"No chance of that, my boy. This is just a little extra torment. A little something to remind you of just how much you are losing tonight. Now... oh my!" Simone exclaimed as she moved back to Ryan's groin. "You have a very nice erection! Hmm. Too bad you won't be able to use it. You know, if you had just asked me out instead of trying to take me by force... well, I guess we never will know."

The nearly naked woman reached over to the side table and picked up a small probe with a very sharp point. She moved over to Ryan's groin and picked up one testicle again. "I know a little about anatomy, you see. But you know that, don't you. You see here, and here, there are the tubes and nerves that connect your little gonads to the rest of your body, including your brain. Now, we could poke and prod your balls to see you squirm, but really, all the nerves converge right here."

Simone indicated a spot just at the top of one testicle where the tissue narrowed and then extended upward. "One good poke here and we get all the pain nerves firing, as if your testicles were crushed. And yet we don't actually crush them, you see?"

With this, Simone pressed the sharp probe into the nerve bundle. Instantly, Ryan's entire groin exploded in pain. He screamed, breathing in and out rapidly to allow for more screaming, loud as he could against the gag. He screamed and screamed, and as he screamed Simone continued to move and poke the probe deep inside the nerve bundle.

The screams continued with the pain as she moved to the other testicle, and used a second probe to pierce and penetrate the nerve bundle there. Ryan had no idea that such pain was possible, and he arched his back, strained with all his might against the restraints, struggled, writhed, screamed and sobbed as the pain spread and throbbed throughout his entire lower body.

This went on for an eternity. The pain kept going, on and on. When one testicle lost Simone's interest, she would move back to the other one, pressing into the nerve bundle, recreating the agony, watching Ryan's lean body struggle, muscles bulging as he strained, sweat pouring out as the pain continued.

Finally she stopped, removing the probes and setting them aside. Ryan continued to writhe, crying into his gag, his face wet with tears.

"Interesting how the pain continues? I am not touching you any more, and yet you are still screaming. Once nerves like that get firing, they feed off themselves, continuing to fire even without any direct stimulation. No worries, they will stop soon, though the memory of the pain is likely to keep your brain pain centers firing for a bit." Simone took hold of Ryan's limp penis and stroked it idly, letting her perfect breasts drag across his stomach. In spite of the lingering pain, the penis responded, hardening quickly.

Several minutes passed as Simone stroked Ryan's cock, letting it harden and then pulse. The pain slowly subsided to a dull ache that showed no indication of going away, but the penile stimulation had him going. His breathing continued hard, this time with the building orgasm. He balls still ached and his scrotum hurt from being sliced open, but the pleasure was undeniable. He began thrusting his hips, looking at Simone's perfect body and with a muffled groan achieved climax.

Semen spurt from his cock onto his bare stomach.

"I've always wanted to see that; the vas deferens carrying the sperm upward during male orgasm. Fascinating. I wish I could use you in the lab next week, but I don't think it will work out. No matter," here Simone rolled over to another table, picked up a very small device and returned to Ryan's side, "I have something very special for you. It will quite literally change your life!"

Simone began working with Ryan's testicles again, performing a short procedure. A tiny plastic coated elongated box was placed between his balls. Two tiny wires extended from it, ending in small plastic clamps with pointed electrical contacts.  Carefully, Simone slid one of the clamps over the tubing extending from one testicle, folded the two sides of it down until the pointed metal contacts pierced through the tissue, and then snapped it shut.  The process made Ryan jerk and scream once again, the pain quickly regaining strength.

Once Simone determined the clamp was firmly in place holding the fleshy tube, she performed the same procedure to the other testicle. Ryan, screamed again when the second clamp penetrated his flesh, tiny electrical probes embedding themselves in his nerves and snapping securely into place.

When the process was complete, Simone sighed in a happy smile, and stroked poor Ryan's frightened and agonized face. She wiped the sweat of pain from his cheeks and forehead, and kissed him gently, tenderly before returning to his scrotum.

As she worked, Simone explained what she was doing. Ryan watched in the mirror as she spoke.

"As you can see, I have implanted a small device. The big center device is a receiver with a small battery. The battery will last about 10 years, I believe. It's sealed inside a rubber sheath to prevent it from shorting out. It's also sterile. The two wires are now clamped to the nerves that lead to your balls. We are now sewing you back up so you can heal. The device will remain in place."

Ryan began sobbing again, straining against the straps to no avail. He watched as Simone slowly sewed his scrotum flesh back in place with the electronic receiving device inside. Horrible ideas began to run through his rattled and tortured brain.

"Yes, you might have guessed what that is, but let me explain. The receiver is set for a transmitter that I control. As long as the receiver gets the signal from the transmitter, everything is fine."

Needle and thread drew Ryan's flesh back into place tightly over his testicles and the small device inside.

"When the receiver stops detecting the transmitter signal... well, it releases a tiny current to the two contacts. Very simple. Like a light switch. The current is small, but enough to cause the same kind of pain you were experiencing just a little while ago. It doesn't take much to directly trigger the reaction, you know?"

The final stitches were put into place, and Simone tied a small knot in the surgical thread.

"The transmitter will be in my house. It has a transmitting radius of about 30 feet. Leave that area and.... well, I guess you can remember what it feels like. You might have enough presence of mind and control to crawl back into range in spite of the agony. Might be better not to try it though."

Simone finished up by wiping alcohol over the sutures, then applying a sterile bandage to the outside of Ryan's scrotum.

"I also have a nice little remote control here." She raised something that looked like a simple car remote. "It disrupts the transmitter signal. Let's try it?"

Ryan's eyes grew big and as he looked at Simone's beautiful smile. She pressed the button and Ryan's entire lower body jerked with the sudden convulsing agony. His testicles were on fire, and crushed, and stretched, and dissolving to goo. Then Simone released the button and the pain disappeared. Suddenly.

"So you see, Ryan? This means you are now mine. Leave me, you will be hit by pain bad enough you won't be able to walk. Disobey me, and you will wish you had never been born."

Simone began undoing the straps, releasing Ryan from the dissection table. The pain still echoed through him as he sat up gingerly. She undid his gag, removing the tape and cloth, and then kissed him full on the lips.

"Let's get you dressed and I will help you to the car. We should head home so you can see where you will be living as my slave. This will be a fun adventure, don't you think?"

Simone smiled lovingly at her new bitch slave as he slowly got down from the table and started putting his clothes back on, resigned to obeying his new mistress. At least for the moment.

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