Monday, October 14, 2013

Human Experimentation: Alpha

Richland Prison was designated as the stop of last resort for incorrigible and recalcitrant prisoners. Their crimes weren't necessarily the worst, but the criminals themselves showed the least promise for rehabilitation. The state chose to place these lost causes here, allowing radical experimentation that wasn't spoken of outside the unmarked secure concrete walls in upstate Idaho.

The heavy bullet proof glass door slid shut quietly behind the tall brunette woman after she stepped into the bare white hall. There was an almost indiscernible hiss and thunk as the door latched in place, locking her inside the medical residence wing of Richland Prison. There was a clean smell of disinfectants and deodorizer, with a slight minty tinge. Under the smell was the slightest hint of something musky like urine, but could have been ammonia cleanser.

She was met inside by a shorter blond woman wearing a white lab coat over her functional top and jeans. Both women were in their early 30s and pretty, walking and talking with confidence.

"Dr. Sykes, I am so glad you decided to join our staff. I hear you wanted to see some of our latest medical trials," the blond woman shook the tall brunette's hand and then gave her a lab coat.

"Thank you Dr. Wilson. And please, call me Jenn. I am particularly eager to see prisoner Alpha, as I believe you call him."

"That would be nice, Jenn. Call me Emily. And yes, Alpha is just down the hall here, and is one of our more fascinating... well, I am not sure I would call it a success, but in some ways it certainly is." Emily Wilson walked down the corridor, past plain metal doors that were locked with simple deadbolts that required a key from either side.

Emily stopped in front of a door with the number "27" on it. From a hook on the side of the door she took a small remote control device. "Please be cautious. Alpha has never been violent, but there is always a first time. He is a lifer, after all."

She unlocked the door and the two women stepped in.

The room was small and equipped with a bed, a small table, a chair and a shelf on which several personal items were placed. A stainless steel toilet peeked out from a privacy curtain in the corner. Sitting in the chair reading a novel was a young man in his early 20s; muscular, good looking, thoughtful, slightly sad eyes. His hair was a short blond, not quite hiding a scar that ran across the side and back of his head. He wore simple but comfortable prison clothes made of denim. He stood when the women entered.

"Dr. Wilson. I hope all is well. I have met my quotas for the week and am behaving. Have there been any complaints or reports?"  The man known as Alpha had a fearful look in his eyes, and stood with an air of respect and deference to the doctor even though he stood a good foot taller, and he looked down at the floor furtively.

"That's quite all right, Alpha. This is Dr.Sykes. She is joining the staff here and asked to see you." Emily waved at the new doctor as she spoke.

Alpha's breathing rate had increased and become almost a pant in the short space of time the two women stood in his small cell. He said nothing, but Jenn noticed a tiny shake in his hands. He was obviously terrified of something.

Emily spoke again. "I am afraid we need to demonstrate the progress we have made with you. And... the lack of progress. Dr. Sykes will be working with patients here and this is part of her introduction."

Alpha raised his face to look directly at Emily, and pleaded in a tired manner, "Please don't. You know I have been good. There is no cause for you to punish me."

Emily turned to Jenn and showed the remote control device. "As you know, we have been experimenting with the placement of neurostimulus devices in the brains of recalcitrants. Alpha has a small chip embedded in his brain which will stimulate certain specific areas. Unfortunately, the accuracy and predictability of this technique isn't yet what we hope for, but we are getting closer. In Alpha's case, the chip placement was supposed to stimulate pleasure and guilt centers, but the results aren't quite what was expected. Let me illustrate."

Emily pressed a black button on the remote.  Jenn watched as Alpha shuddered, closed his eyes, and suddenly sat down in his chair. He lowered his head into his hands and began crying. Emily kept pressing the button and spoke as Alpha's tears flowed.

"You can see the effect. The chip is causing depression and despair. We missed the mark completely, though this has certainly had an impact on his behavior. He is much more compliant now."

Alpha had begun to sob uncontrollably, his body shaking and wracked with the convulsive bawling that had taken him. The man had suddenly melted into a puddle of misery and despair. The change was immediate and impressive.

"Wow. This must be a terrible experience for him. Does it have a lasting effect?" Jenn observed as Alpha slipped off his chair onto the floor to his knees, where he lowered his head so that the forehead rested on the ground at Emily's feet.

"Not really. It takes only a few seconds after the chip has stopped stimulation before the direct impact has subsided. The neurotransmitters released are very quickly reabsorbed. But there is a sort of echo, or memory effect. The immediate feelings of despair might disappear, but the memory of them last and can be a little difficult to shake off."

As Emily spoke, Alpha had crawled to Emily's feet and had grabbed her lab coat, begging something through his sobs. Jenn didn't quite understand what he was asking for, but it sounded like death, mercy, failure, please, please, please...

Emily released the black button. Alpha's sobs and pleas subsided quickly. He rolled back and sat on his heels, wiping snot, saliva and tears from his face as he stopped crying and regained his composure.

"And now for the stimulation which was to be the pleasure center." Emily pushed the white button just as Alpha raised his head sharply and cried out "NO!!..."

Alpha's protest turned into a grunt and his hands encircled his stomach. He bent over and started to moan in pain. His body shook as the two women looked at him writhing on the floor as he alternately grunted, cried and begged. "Please, please... don't do this, it hurts... the cramping... there is no need... I'll be good..."

"Yes, strangely enough, the chip is invoking peristalsis. Alpha is experiencing rather nasty stomach cramps right now." Emily looked almost smug, happy as she watched the poor man writhe on the floor. Jenn looked on as well, fascinated by the powerful impact the tiny chip was having on this man.

Thoughts took form inside Jenn's mind, thoughts that she had suppressed for years, only visiting in her darkest times of intimate privacy. She looked at the man on the floor with pleasure, enjoying his pain and humiliation. She thought of him as her slave, a pet she could do anything with. She felt the arousal of dominance surge through her body like an orgasm as Alpha rolled from his left to his right side, moaning and curling into a ball.

Without warning, there was a loud sound of gas being expelled from Alpha. The flapping, farting sound continued for a few seconds, and then took on a muffled wet quality. Accompanying this change was a smell that rapidly grew and became heavy in the air.

"Whew!!! Yes, if it is kept up long enough it turns into diarrhea. That's one reason I don't do this very often," Emily Wilson waved her hand in front of her nose, and released the button.  It took almost a minute for the peristalsis to fade away, after which the man lay on the ground panting, recovering from the agony of a massive bout of suddenly invoked cramping and diarrhea. The wet shit he had expelled began to soak through his pants and the noxious smell increased.

Emily turned and unlocked the door from the inside, leading Jenn out into the hall. "Let's give him some privacy to clean up and I will show you around the lab."

Jenn caught one last glimpse of the completely decimated and subservient man slowly picking himself up off the floor, and once again felt the thrill of excitement. She was going to like this job. A lot.

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