Monday, June 17, 2013

Seminal Execution

Rob hung from the X framed cross in the bare concrete room, awaiting execution on sex molestation charges.

The all woman jury had convicted him in less than a day; the woman judge had sentenced him the next.  That was just last week.  Justice was swift now that women had gained control of most institutions of power.

Rob's genitals had been locked in a tiny cage since he had been arrested six weeks earlier. Prior to this he had been used to masturbating at least once a day, depending on the circumstances. He couldn't help himself. Any beautiful woman would set his mind spinning and before he knew it he would be off someplace, thinking of her undressed, her legs wrapped around him, his arms drawing her close, his cock entering her soft flesh. Now see where it had gotten him, he thought ruefully.

The head prison guard, a woman of about 40 with a tight uniform that showed off a perfect body, large breasts and smooth brown hair tied back in a regulation pony tail, oozed sensuality as she finished the preparations for his execution. She checked the straps that held him tightly to the wooden frame and the conductive lube on the electrodes on his head and ankles, making sure all was in order.

To the side, the prison warden recited the final sentence.

"Robert Lukanis, as the Women's 8th Circuit Court has handed down, it is time for your execution. Your death shall be swift, triggered by your own semen, symbolic of your disdain for women and failure as a man. May the goddess have mercy on your soul."

The head guard produced the special tool that would unlock the genital prison that surrounded Rob's penis and testicles. A few twists and the tight ring around the base of his genitals popped open. The woman slid the cage off his penis, which began swelling immediately. Rob was more turned on than he had ever been, and having been unable to relieve himself for six weeks made his testicles feel like they were about to explode from the pressure of built up sperm.

He looked down at the head guard, standing just before him. She was beautiful. Her stern, disapproving face made him shudder with fear, but his mind had envisioned her naked and writhing underneath him, sweating and heaving to an orgasm from his hard pounding into her pussy. Hanging from the wooden frame cross, arms and legs spread wide, he could do nothing, though his cock stood out and bounced slightly, throbbing from his inner desire.

When the head guard took his cock in hand and slid a small tube a couple of inches inside its hole, Rob almost lost control. The touch of the woman's hands invoked an automatic hip thrusting motion. Rob flushed in humiliation that he had so little control, but feeling this woman holding him, her thumb under the head of his cock, massaging slightly as the tube slid inside, released his uncontrollable desire to orgasm. He wanted nothing more at that moment except to release his seed.

Except that would kill him. It had been explained to him the night before. He was to be electrocuted, but the circuit that conducted the electricity through his body would not close by itself. His own semen would be used to conduct the electricity, complete the circuit, and kill him.  If he didn't orgasm, then he would live. At least for a while. If he had an orgasm and ejaculated, the semen would be carried down the short tube and fill the space between two contacts, allowing the powerful voltage to proceed to his body and end his life.

Once the tube was in place, the warden nodded to the head guard and said, "begin the process."

The head guard looked up at Rob and slowly began to undo her uniform blouse. Rob's eyes grew large as her perfect breasts slowly revealed themselves, one button at a time. His cock was rock hard, and he could feel the sperm in his balls gathering, beginning to move, in spite of the consequences.

The guard's blouse dropped to the floor and she reached behind her back, undoing her bra. With one fluid motion her bra released her breasts and fell to the floor. Rob moaned with mixed fear and delight. The woman was fit and perfect with a hard flat stomach that accentuated her rounded breasts.

The female guard, now topless, produced a small tube of lube which she began spreading slowly over Rob's rock hard cock. She slid her hand up and back on his shaft, slowly stimulating him. Rob felt the sperm gathering and pushing through from his testicles and up into his body. He was going to ejaculate, there was no way he could stop it, in spite of the searing pain and death it would bring.

Slowly, the hand job continued, and then his cock met the guard's breasts as she rubbed the soft flesh over his hardened cock. Pressing her breasts together she slid his member between her globes. Rob closed his eyes and felt the orgasm coming. Sperm was inside him, semen was mixing and building pressure. He was ready.

He tried to stop it, he thought of other men, he thought of his mother, he tried to think of dying and shit and anything that might distract him. But the steady, unrelenting stroking from the beautiful, dominant woman before him was irresistible. She urged him on. He tried to hold back. She stroked him persistently, confident. He clenched and writhed on the cross that held him.

Finally, it happened. There was no choice really; his body simply did what it was designed to to. With sudden, powerful waves of warm pleasure the semen ejaculated, his cock pulsing as the white viscous liquid squirted into the tube.

Instantly, the guard removed her hand, at least partly ruining the orgasm. The pleasure fled but the semen kept coming. There was so much, so much that had built up inside of him. It didn't stop, his muscles kept contracting and more kept squirting out.

In his mind he knew that at any moment, perhaps just a second or two away, he would feel the surge of massive voltage which would set his entire body on fire, convulsing every muscle and destroying his brain. As the orgasm faded, he waited, anticipating the death jolt. Hanging, the warmth of afterglow filling him with both pleasure and dread.

He waited longer. Nothing happened. His semen was still tricking down inside the tube, reaching the contacts. Any moment now. He sobbed, crying out loud; he was afraid of biting his tongue, a silly fear, but he kept his jaw shut anyway. His orgasm was past, he felt no more pleasure except for a distant fading glow, and yet he still hung there, waiting.  It was agony, waiting as his semen trickled down slowly through the tube toward the contacts.

"What's the hold up?" The warden's voice entered his consciousness.

"His semen is a little thick. It's moving slower than some others. It will happen, don't worry." The guard was putting her bra back on, her part of the execution completed. Rob shook uncontrollably on the cross, sobbing, tears running down his cheeks, waiting for the death his own body fluid would bring.

Several minutes passed.

"This is dumb. I want to see him fry. I want to see him jerk around and lose bowel control like the last bastard. Can't you just flip the switch?" The warden was getting impatient.

"Not according to the judges order's and the regulations. He has to set it off with his semen. It's the way it's done."

"Let me at him. I will get more semen out of him. That will do it."  The guard stepped aside as the warden, a pretty woman in her 30s, stood in front of the hanging prisoner.

She took his lubed cock and began stroking. It was still hard. Inside, Rob knew he had much, much more semen to give. He had been masturbating so much, and for so long he had trained himself to orgasm several times a day, sometimes all during one session. The warden stroked him, urging him to give her the semen she wanted, and he felt his body obeying her.

The warden licked his cock, sliding her tongue around the tip of his penis, down to the underside and along the bottom to it's base. Wrapping lips around the hard shaft, she slid back up until her tongue played with the head once again. Rob cried out, "No, please... please don't do this to me... help me, please, oh God, I am going to come again!"

The warden was good. She had cupped his balls, manipulating them as she slid over his sensitive cock, urging his orgasm on. She knew just how to bring on a male climax.

The orgasm came, a second time, barely ten minutes after the first one. Semen came shooting out of Rob's penis, spurting into the tube, forcing more of the white slime down and closer to the electric contacts.

"He's ejaculating. Back off. You don't want to be touching him when he gets the full voltage," the guard warned urgently.  Nevertheless, the warden continued stimulating Rob, demanding every bit of his slime.

Rob convulsed on the wooden beams, thrusting his hips forward, lost in an orgasm that went on and on. The warden, finally satisfied, backed off. Rob continued voluntarily contracting his muscles, trying to get the last of the semen out and into the tube.

The white body fluid slowly slid down the tube and entered a tiny chamber with two contacts. The women watched and waited. Rob's naked body sagged on the cross, slumped down and exhausted from two consecutive orgasms.

Suddenly, every muscle in Rob's body tensed as if it were straining, taught rope. A gurgle came from his mouth as his back arched, hips thrust forward. A slight smell of burning flesh filled the room and a very faint crackling noise could be heard. Rob's cock amazingly hardened and grew even larger than before as his entire body convulsed with the surge of electricity that coursed through him. While his hips shook violently, his cock engorged with blood and bounced in an exaggerated orgasm, ejaculating even more white fluid into the tube, filling it to overflowing.

The voltage continued for more than two minutes, until the head guard disengaged the mechanism. The smell of cooked flesh hung heavy in the air. Rob's body sagged and hung unmoving on the wood frame.

"Wow. That was cool. I've never seen one do that before." The warden was examining the still rock hard cock and massive amount of white semen that had filled the tube and leaked down the sides.

"Neither have I. Glad we have it on video," said the head guard, motioning to the mounted cameras in the room.

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