Sunday, January 6, 2013

Janice's Revenge

The goth girl sat in the coffee shop playing with her ipad, using the free wifi. In the corner of her eye she was watching a couple of guys watching her; she was wearing a tight fitting black knit top that showed her figure, black mid-thigh leather skirt and mesh stockings. Her booted feet were up on the coffee table, giving a nice view of her thighs and a hint of what might be higher.

Jenn enjoyed taunting men. She was lesbian and had no interest in men except to make them squirm and play with their emotions and occasionally their bodies.

Bored, she finished her coffee, dumped the cup in the trash on the way out and headed toward her car. Just as she was fishing for her keys, two clean cut young men approached her and flashed badges.

"Jenna Sykes?" One of the men stated her name officiously.

Jenn paled as the man flashed a badge. She nodded.

"Hands on the hood, palms down." She was guided to the front of her car and forced to bend over it.

"What the fuck is this. You got probable cause? Why are you hassling me?" Jenn was scared and hoped they weren't going to search her car.  Instead they dumped her purse out, sorted through it, and then cuffed her hands behind her back.

"Come with us. We will discuss it at the station."

The drive in the back of the late model plain sedan bothered Jenn. There was something off about this. She had been arrested several times before, and it had never gone quite like this. She wasn't sure whether to be really worried or really suspicious. The cuffs were tight, too, and pressed on the small of her back as they rode along.

"Hey, guys. Tell me whats' going on, and what station we going to? This isn't any place nearby, what is going on, huh?" Jenn was finally figuring out that they were going out of town. And the car she was riding in was too new and nice to be a cop car. She began to have a sinking feeling.

"Just hang on, it will all be explained when we get there." The driver of the car said shortly, and turned down an empty road with sparse trees that wound between hills covered with dry grass. They weren't going to any cop station, that was for sure.

"Read me my rights and arrest me or let me go now!" Jenn snapped.

The car pulled onto a dirt road and stopped next to a beat up Ford. Leaning against the driver's door stood a tall, shapely girl of about 28 with shoulder length brown hair.

Jenn felt all the blood drain out of her head and almost fainted. It was Janice, the tall, overly sensual lesbian in which Jenn was trapped in a hate-hate relationship of desire, lust, and sadism. Jenn had kidnapped and sexually tortured and humiliated Janice more than once, and had so far been protected from retaliation by the fact Janice didn't know where she lived. Obviously, she had been found and Jenn was in for some rough treatment. If it was anything like what she had done to Janice, Jenn was scared.

"Janice, you bitch. What did you do, hire some private detectives to find me or something?" Jenn spat out as the two false cops dragged her out of the car and presented her to the rival lesbian.

"Jenn, Jenn, you shouldn't talk that way. Considering you are mine now." Janice placed one hand on Jenn's face gently in a parody of intimacy and kindness, then grabbed Jenn's long black hair, jerking her head back. She leaned in and kissed Jenn hard and long in an aggressive pseudo-rape of her face.

Janice turned to the two guys. "Take off her clothes," she ordered.

The two guys laughed and began disrobing the sexy goth girl, enjoying the slow revelation of her white flesh. Jenn fought against them, but one of the guys held her tightly while the other unzipped and slid her skirt off. When Jenn tried biting, Janice moved in with a ball gag which slipped easily into Jenn's mouth and filled it.

A belt strapped Jenn's elbows behind her back painfully so that both her wrists and elbows were secured tightly, shoulders pulled back. The three kidnappers began to wriggle the remains of her clothes off. What clothes couldn't come off because of the restraints, Janice cut off with a large pair of shears. Jenn cried out when they cut off her top, "mmpphpmmm mpshjhhpph!!!" It was an expensive top and they had just shredded it. Her bra straps were cut easily, and her firm breasts suddenly popped out, free and swaying as she struggled.

Last to go was her panties. She tried to get up and run, but was pushed back onto the ground as the two men grabbed her ankles and forced her legs apart. They took a leg spreader and attached one end to each of her ankles.  When they were done she was sitting, a little bruised from the struggle, with her legs forced wide apart, arms tightly pinioned behind her, forcing her breasts out, and her back against a tree.

"Thanks guys. I can take it from here." Janice nodded to her two conspirators.

"Awww, come on, Jan. You need our help. We wanna help. Can't we watch?" One of the guys whined, looking at Jenn's naked body as she shook with anger and fear.

"No. I told you, this is between Jenn and me. Thanks for helping. I might let you see the videos, later."

The two men sulked off, getting in their car and leaving a cloud of dust behind them that made Jenn cough into her gag. She looked over at Janice, who was surveying her naked and helpless victim with a look of smug satisfaction.

"Well, Jenn, I guess it is time to begin. I am going to enjoy this, in more ways than one." Janice sauntered over to Jenn, grabbed her hair and pulled her down flat to the ground. She then undid her jeans, pulling them down and off her legs. She straddled Jenn's head, lowering herself onto the ball-gagged face of the pretty goth girl. Janice was wet, thoroughly aroused by her power over the other lesbian and her willingness to exploit it. She sank her bare pussy down onto Jenn's face, pressing slowly harder down and then beginning a slow rubbing motion, back and forth.

Jenn found herself overwhelmed with Janice's crotch pressing down on her face. Janice pressed down hard enough it became impossible for Jenn to breathe, and she began struggling. Janice simply squeezed her legs tighter together and pressed down harder, rubbing her wet flesh over Jenn's ball gagged lips, nose, chin. Every once in a while she slid a little farther than would cover Jenn's face completely and she gasped in a quick breath of air before being suffocated by female flesh once again.

Janice's hips rocked back and forth faster and faster as her arousal increased. Jenn's struggles below her simply increased her arousal and brought her quickly to a warm climax. "Make me cum Jenn... make me cum. That's it. Make me cum... oh..."

She grunted and panted as the wonderful feeling of release flooded her body. Beneath her, Jenn's stomach and chest were heaving in a futile attempt to suck in some air. It felt wonderful to the lesbian on top that her orgasm was coming at the expensive of Jenn's agony.

When the larger lesbian finally rolled off the goth girl pinned beneath her, Jenn gasped air in through her nostrils as hard as she could. Her entire body was crying out for oxygen, and the humiliation at being used by her rival in this way was mortifying. She cried out threats and pleas, but the ball gag obscured most of what she tried to say. Janice just sat and watched her recover, pulling her jeans back on and putting on some heavy work boots.

"Time to get ready for the next stage of our little playtime," Janice talked with Jenn as she took out a rope from her trunk. She straddled Jenn's naked body and sat down on her hips. She then took the pliant rope and started wrapping it around Jenn's right breast. Each circle of rope she placed around the soft breast tissue was pulled tight, causing Jenn's breast to stand out like a purple balloon.

Jenn cried out in pain as the rope cut off blood flow and stretched flesh around her breast. Janice ignored this and started wrapping the rope around Jenn's left breast, causing the same balloon-like distension and bulbous purple appearance. She finished off by making a knot between the two bound boobs so the trailing rope extended from the center of Jenn's chest.

Janice pulled a small backpack out of her trunk and opened it next to where Jenn lay on the ground. "This is the special surprise I have for you. Something really nice I think you will enjoy a lot." From inside the backpack Janice produced a set of wires, a leather harness, and a small black box. The box looked like an electronic device, and Janice attached several wires to it. The other end of the wires were then screwed firmly into one end of a large metal dildo.

It was a TENS unit, or something similar. Electric shock torture. Jenn saw what was happening and began to struggle against her restraints once again, helplessly. Janice smiled and seemed to really enjoy taking the metal dildo and placing it at the entrance to Jenn's vagina; with no lubricant applied, Janice shoved the smooth metal device up inside Jenn's vaginal canal. Jenn squealed in pain as the device rammed home.

A second metal device was produced, but this looked a lot more like a plug. Wires were attached to it. When it was ready, Janice took hold of the leg spreader and forced Jenn's legs up high and back toward her shoulders. This exposed Jenn's lovely cunt and asshole, and moments later the butt plug was shoved deep inside her.

Jenn began to cry, both in fear and anger, as well as humiliation. She was helpless against the bitch, and now both her holes were filled, stretching her flesh wide and painfully. She tried pushing them out, tensing her muscles, but couldn't. Taking no chances, Janice grabbed the leather harness she had removed from the backpack earlier, and put it around Jenn's waist. A final strap went down and over Jenn's crotch, finally coming back up the back, spreading her butt cheeks wide apart, before buckling into the waist strap. There was no way the electrical torture devices would come out now.

The electrical control box was strapped to the front of the waist strap where Jenn could not reach it.

Janice stood before Jenn and grabbed the rope that was firmly fixed to Jenn's purple balloons of breasts. "Now, Jenn. We are going to take a little walk. I am going to unfasten your leg spreader. When I do, we will start walking down this dirt road, and you will follow me. Got it?"

Jenn nodded sullenly. Janice unbuckled one ankle from the spreader, and then the other. As soon as she was free, Jenn struggled to her feet and began running away as fast as she could. Unfortunately, Janice had a solid hold on the rope attached to her breasts and when Jenn reached the end of this rope she felt a sudden, agonizing jerk on her breasts that twisted her around violently and knocked her back down into the dirt. She lay there for a moment, recovering.

"You see, Jenn. Running away from this will just prolong and increase your pain. Now. get up, and follow me. Or, if you prefer, I will tie you to the back of my car and drag you behind it," Janice looked like she almost hoped Jenn would opt for being dragged. But she didn't, she slowly rose to her knees and then stood.

They walked down the rough dirt road about a half mile until they came to an old railroad bridge spanning a shallow ravine. Jenn lagged behind several times, trying to pick her way over the rough, rocky road without hurting her bare feet. Janice took the opportunity to jerk the rope, urging Jenn on by yanking on her breasts. When they reached the bridge Janice positioned Jenn underneath some of the lattice work of the metal bridge supports and threw the rope over a beam above her. Pulling on the rope, Jenn found herself pulled up onto her toes to relieve the pressure on her poor, abused breasts.

"Don't worry dear," Janice said in an almost loving tone to the tormented girl as she stood on tiptoe. "I am not going to hang you by your boobs, though I have thought about it. I have something better in mind."

Several more ropes were pulled from the backpack, which looked nearly empty now. Janice slipped one of these ropes around Jenn's bound arms, behind her back. The other two ropes went around Jenn's ankles, and were loosely attached to the metal bridge supports, with plenty of slack. One she was secured in the manner, Janice pulled on the rope around Jenn's arms. Slowly, Jenn's arms lifted behind her back, higher and higher until her elbows began to point up. Jenn leaned forward to relieve the pressure and pain from the strappado position, but as the rope was pulled further up it was no use. Eventually her feet left the ground, and as she was pulled higher the ropes around her ankles stretched her legs further and further apart.

Jenn tried to scream, but found it was painful. The strappado had an iron grip on her chest and breathing deeply hurt. All the came out was a sort of whimpering, muffled by the ball gag in her mouth.

When Jenn reached the height where her legs were pulled tightly apart, Janice stopped pulling on the strappado rope. She reached up to Jenn's suspended body and untied the breast ropes. Stepping back across the train tracks to observe her handiwork, Janice simply stood and felt the pleasure of Jenn's pain as she hung suspended before her. It felt good to see her in agony.

"Well, I guess we are just about ready for the next step," Janice said conversationally to Jenn. "You see, the TENS unit you are connected to is sound activated. I am going to turn it on now, so don't make a whole lot of noise, OK?"

Janice stepped over to the suspended, naked girl and reached over to the electrical control unit. She flipped it on, and two green lights came on. She then stepped back across the bridge and said "Let's test it, shall we?"

Clap, clap! Janice clapped her hands twice. The sound wasn't very loud, but it was enough to trigger brief impulses to the vaginal and anal probes inside Jenn's body. Jenn felt the sudden burning shocks and yelped in surprise. The yelp set off the unit which shocked her again, longer this time, and Jenn screamed.

The scream set off the electric shocks for several seconds, and Jenn screamed again, writhing as best she could against the bonds as each sound she made rippled back and became painful, burning shocks inside her body. Janice watched and laughed in delight as she watched the vicious cycle. Jenn seemed to be dancing on the bridge, her muscles jerking her this way and that as the device reacted to each noise of pain she made, delivering more shocks.

Finally, Jenn managed to stifle her cries and the shocks stopped. When she was calmed herself, she looked around and saw that Janice was gone, nowhere to be seen. Two HD cameras were set up to record her struggled, but otherwise she was alone.

Making the mistake of yelling for Janice not to leave her there alone from behind her ball gag, the noise set off another series of shocks, which Jenn was able to control faster this time. Her vagina and rectum felt sore and tingly as she hung from the bridge, wondering how long she would be left there.

It wasn't long. In 15 minutes or so, Jenn heard something in the distance that at once encouraged her and then filled her with dread. A train was coming. A train filled with people that might see her and help her... but also a train that would make noise. Lots of it. She hung and waited for the inevitable, hoping for the best.

A few minutes later and she saw the light of the lead engine as it turned a curve approaching the bridge. Moments later, its horn sounded. It was loud. Very loud. A split second later Jenn's cunt and ass lit on fire, a massive shock pulse burning deep inside her. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but then the train started crossing the bridge. It was an Amtrak train, a passenger train that would be carrying people.

The engine passed her, and the noise it made set off the shocks again, this time in a continuous rippling of electrical agony. She felt like a red hot spear had been jammed up her cunt and she had been anally impaled at the same time. Every muscle in her body tensed instinctively, and she bit down on the ball gag, hard.

Clack-clack, clack-clack, the train cars passed by. Jenn writhed in agony at the sound. She had been drooling uncontrollably from the gag, now she lost bladder control as a stream of urine flowed down to the gravel below.

Clack-clack, clack-clack, the train passed her, and finally the last car left the bridge. Jenn's eyes had rolled up inside her head and it took a few seconds after the continuous shocks ceased before she recovered enough to see again. Her muscles, which had contracted hard into an imitation of rigor, began to relax.

After the passing of the Amtrak train, Jenn began to wonder if she would get out of this alive. During her last encounter with Janice she had hung her rival by the neck, nearly suffocating her to unconsciousness. She had later roasted the girl naked above a fire. Either of these tortures could have resulted in Janice's death, though she had been careful not to let it go that far. But would Janice? Was Janice looking for the ultimate revenge?

Tears streamed down the pretty goth girl's face as she endured the pain of her suspension, waiting her fate.

Her fate was a freight train. It came about a half hour later, rumbling and clacking across the bridge, unwittingly triggering the torture of Jenn's pain racked body. Once again her muscles tensed and contracted, the pain shuddered through her lower parts, deep inside her body, and she couldn't help but scream into the gag.  The gag had become her friend, for it was something she could bite; it kept her from biting her tongue.

The freight train was long, perhaps 50 cars or so; and after the engine passed Jenn was shocked for a second each time the huge metal wheels rolled across the rail joints. Clack-clack, clack-clack... the sound came and was accompanied by the jerk-jerk, jerk-jerk of the naked girl's body. Her drool covered her chest and breasts making them shine wetly, and her urine trickled down her inner thighs.

The train had passed by and Jenn was just coming back to her rational senses when Janice appeared.

"Wasn't that exciting? That was just so amazing, watching you jerk and wobble and convulse up here as those trains went by," Janice unbuckled the leather strap that held the dildo and plug in place. She then slid the two probes out of Jenn's body.

"I masturbated the whole damn time. Jenn, you are good, we really need to do this more often!" Janice sounded truly excited as she undid the rope that held Jenn aloft and slowly lowered her to the ground.

"OK, so we are almost done for today. Almost... but I need to take you someplace where you can be found. You sure are filthy. Let's get you someplace you can clean up, ok?" Janice untied the ropes that fixed Jenn's ankles to the bridge. All the rope trailed behind Jenn on the ground, still attached to her arms and legs. Jenn had no strength to resist at that moment and simply lay on the ground, but Janice tied a rope around her neck and insisted she get up and follow. Jenn did her best, trying to keep up even though every muscle in her body protested.

Janice guided Jenn down the banks of the small river the bridge crossed, and then down the flow of the stream for a way. Jenn tried to talk from behind the ball gag a couple of times, but Janice either didn't hear or didn't care. The finally reached a muddy place where the stream's water spread wider.

"Kneel," Janice ordered Jenn. Jenn considered her options. Her arms were still bound securely, and the noose around her neck was pulling tight, cutting off air and blood. She was going to be forced to kneel, either of her own will or because she would lose consciousness from the tight noose. She knelt.

Janice took the ropes attached to Jenn's ankles and pulled them to stakes that had already been placed in the ground under the water. She tied them securely through loops. Jenn sat with her ass and legs in 6 inches of mud as Janice then tied ropes from Jenn's wrists to two more stakes. Jenn was pulled backward and fell into the mud as Janice pulled the ropes tight.

"There you go, Jenn. I think this is a perfect place to leave you. Do you remember when you left me naked, tied to a stake on my mother's front porch at 6 A.M.? Well, I think this is quite possibly fair retribution. There is a hiking trail right over there," she motioned to the closest bank of the river. "Someone will be by soon. But... don't try drinking this water, it's pretty muddy."

Janice leaned down and kissed Jenn's muddy, exhausted face, and then walked away.

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  1. Jenn is very accomplished at torture as her tortured victim. Jenn stated the staking in the stream was the fitting end for the day. Eventually her victim will be her slave-willingly!