Sunday, December 9, 2012


She observed him for a while, watching his movements and facial expressions. He was a typical living male and as such held a fascination for her. Not that it was an attraction, per se, for she didn't really like him that much. But she did lust after him, or rather she passionately desired that which made him so unique and different from her.
He in turn saw the beautifully crafted facade that she presented to him. The long straight black hair, shining like silk in the low light. Her oval face with absolutely clear, light skin punctuated by two dark pools that were her unblinking brown eyes. Her perfectly formed red lips parted slightly to show just a glimpse of white, even teeth. Her body, where it was not covered by her black dressed, presented smooth skin that appeared to flow over delicate bones and just a hint of rippling muscle.
If he noticed that she didn't blink, he didn't let on. Most people didn't. Most people just felt there was something a tiny bit odd about her, but then chalked it up to the somewhat preternatural ambiance that surrounded her beauty. There is usually something odd about the very, very beautiful, just as there is about the very, very ugly. Mostly, they didn't care because they were too busy either being jealous or trying to control their lust.
He continued talking and she continued to listen with one part of her mind, the part she had trained to attract and deal with men. This one had actually come to her, so the process had not been difficult at all and was nearing an end.
She turned her head slightly to the side in a calculated manner that created a curious, almost shy look that hinted at deeper meaning and attraction.
"What makes you think that you want this?" she asked in a quiet voice that cut through silence like a knife.
"Oh, well... I had been told and heard through a number of sources that this was in fact the ultimate experience. And now, of course, seeing you and..." his voice trailed off as if he was unable to locate the part of his brain that controlled speech.
She slowly uncrossed and recrossed her legs, watching his eyes flitter from her face down to her naked limbs, then past her waist and bust where the dress pulled and revealed the shape of her body beneath. His heart was beating faster, pumping blood to the flush in his face.
"I like you," she lied reaching her hand out to take his and in the process drawing him closer. Their joined hands rested on the naked flesh of her knee.
"I have enjoyed our time together. I would like us to be closer." She looked down at their hands and concentrated for a moment on the pulsing of the blood in his flesh where it touched hers.
She leaned over to him, her long black hair sliding over her shoulders and hanging down on each side of her face as her lips approached his. As their lips touched gently at first and then more urgently, opening to admit tongues and become more playful, she let go of his hand and slid both her arms around his shoulders. He reciprocated, breathing deeply and pressing closer to her. She felt his lust building, blood pounding in him, making him erect and pushing his mind to the state where he would most of his rationality.
Her breasts touched and pressed his body, her hips slid along his thighs as she repositioned to sit on his lap, facing him. Her legs were spread on each side when she did this, a symbol of her willingness for more intimate contact.
She broke the kiss and brushed her lips across his cheek as she moved to nuzzle his neck. Raising her head slightly so her lips were next to his ear, she whispered "I want you. All of you. Inside me. I want to take you. Now."
They struggled with each other's clothes momentarily, the only thing slowing them down their continued intense touching, kissing and fondling of each other. When they were finally naked, he turned and lifted her up and then down onto the floor, on her back, her legs spread and hooked around his hips. He slid into her with no effort and gasped as her inner flesh surrounded and rubbed his erection. It was a unique sensation to him, he had never experienced the level of stimulation he was experiencing at that moment, and his surprised eyes showed it.
She wrapped her arms under his and up behind his shoulders, holding him close as he pushed deep within her, and she rocked her hips up to meet him. It felt right, having him inside, but she wanted more. Much, much more.
As his thrusts began and his climax built faster than he had ever imagined possible, she smelled his scent and listened to his pounding heart to determine the exact right moment. The total experience of taking him inside of her was leading her to a different kind of climax, one that was much deeper, passionate, and complete than anything he would ever have.
At just the right moment, she opened her mouth, curling back those perfect lips to expose the perfect small but razor sharp fangs, and bit into his neck. He let out a muffled cry that blended nicely with his moans as she sliced into his carotid artery. Her lips sealed on his neck as his heart pushed rich, hot blood into her mouth, spurting and filling her throat as quickly as she could swallow.
He continued thrusting, letting her drink his blood as he copulated and lost himself in the combined sensual experiences of having both his sperm and his blood sucked and consumed by her.
As she sucked and rocked with him, urging his body to give her everything, he began to convulse. She knew this, it was the point at which the male's climax reached its height, pushing out body fluids, giving her its life in a paroxysm of joy and pleasure. It satisfied her that they both derived a peak of ecstasy from their joining; her entire body was pulsing hot with pleasure and satiation. For a moment she lost herself, gripping his struggling and convulsing body with a steel grip that prevented him from moving away from her even a hair's breadth, and simply felt the pleasure of dual orgasm.
For her, it went on for some time. The warmth in her hips might fade after a while but was bolstered by the circulating warmth of his blood that filled her and gave the rest of her body the extended climax. She consumed him, sucking everything from him until he lay on top of her unmoving. Even then she continued suckling on his neck, drawing the last bits of blood that lingered deep in his body, no longer pumped by the heart but responding to her insistent siphoning.
At last she released the body on top of her own, letting her arms and legs collapse in exhaustion. Satiated, filled, happy, she slowly pushed his motionless form off of her. The body rolled to one side and fell the short distance to the floor with a soft thud.
She rose, and staggered to the bedroom, closing the blackout curtains against the burning sun that would soon appear. The tryst had lasted most of the night, and had ended most satisfactorily. For both of them, she hoped.

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