Monday, August 27, 2012

Last Orgasm

The judge looked at some papers on her bench, and then demanded that the prisoner rise for sentencing. The young man stood with his lawyer, obviously nervous. He had been convicted of assaulting a woman out of his social class six months before by sending flowers and asking for a date. The woman, disgusted that someone as desirable could be approached by such a squalid, ugly creature, had brought charges.

"Having been convicted of the crime of assault on a superior woman I have no choice but to sentence you accordingly. Sex crimes are punishable by penectomy. Last Orgasm is scheduled for next Thursday, 10am. The process will be televised. Bailiff, restrain the prisoner." The judge slammed her gavel down with a large *crack* and then rose and left the bench, her lavender robes swishing as she exited the court.

The bull dyke bailiff, a woman about 35 years old, dark blond hair in a pony tail,  6'2" and with a perfect hard body, came over to where the convicted and sentenced felon was swaying, looking like he might faint. Reporters were swarming the courtroom visitor's barrier, trying to get good photos and yelling questions. The felon's lawyer gathered his papers, done for the day. Sentence was passed; there were no further options. He would leave the young man to his fate.

The tall, muscular but gorgeous bailiff turned the man around, and grabbing his wrists roughly, cuffed them behind his back. She then took hold of the waist band of the young man's suit pants and pulled, hard, yanking then down until they gathered around his ankles. The reporters were taking pictures wildly, and the bailiff made sure to turn the poor convict around so that his genitals were in plain sight. He stood wearing his suit coat and tie, eyes filling with tears, waiting for the next step.

Rummaging about in a small case, the female guard pulled out a small plastic contraption that looked like a curved pipe with a round loop. It was a male chastity device. Making sure the reporters and TV crews had a good view of the procedure, she kicked the convicts legs slightly apart and then knelt in front of him. A tube of lube was produced and quickly smeared all over his cock and balls. The dyke guard smiled a little as she saw his cock begin to grow hard.

Before it could become too large, the bailiff slid the tube over his cock. As large as it was becoming, it still fit in with a minimal amount of pushing, the lube was slick enough and she had gotten it on before he became fully erect. She then slipped his testicles through the loop and clicked the heavy plastic tight at the base of his scrotum. A small padlock clicked in place and the convicted felons genitals were firmly encased in the chastity device.

Cameras clicked, television crews zoomed in, and reporters wildly asked how it felt to be humiliated in this way. The young man simply stood, numb, tears trickling down his cheeks, his pants around his ankles, and his cock smashed into the small plastic tube. After another 4 or 5 minutes of standing in this humiliating position, the guard grabbed his arm and guided him out of the courtroom, shuffling in short steps because of his pants gathered around his legs.

When he finally reached his cell, the poor man collapsed onto the cot. The bailiff removed his pants the rest of the way. He lay huddled on his cot as she produced some large shears, which she used to simply cut off his suit and shirt.

"You won't be having any more court appearances, so you don't really need these any more now, do you?" She snickered as the last bit of clothing fell off the handcuffed man. His cock was strangely stiff and swollen inside its sheath. All the handling and humiliation was causing an erection, which was stopped by the hard plastic container. He moaned a little in pain.


The next day the prisoner was given a dog dish filled with leftover stew from the prison kitchen. The guard refused to remove his handcuffs, forcing him to descend to his knees to eat from the dish. He ate eagerly, not having been fed since the day before, and the tall dyke bailiff watched him. He drank water from another dish when he finished and then looked up at her with fearful eyes.

"Bastards like you need to learn your place. I hate men. The government hasn't done enough to cage organisms  like you." The guard stood above him and placed her boot on his forehead, and then shoved hard. He fell back against the floor, in the corner of the cell, his legs splayed wide.

"Your pathetic little penis... all trapped inside that little cage. But it wants to come out, doesn't it?" The female guard teased him, seeing that the chastity device was fitting very tightly, and the flesh of the prisoner's cock was squeezing out of the ends.

"That looks painful. Is it painful?" The guard moved one hand between her legs, stroking herself absently.

"Please. Can you release me? It does hurt, yes, and I can't pee properly." The young man begged subserviently, laying on the concrete floor and looking up at the tall, beautiful woman in uniform.

"Painful. Yes. I like that." The woman continued to touch herself, and then unbuttoned her pants with a casual motion. The prisoner gaped as she slid her hand under her clothes and began masturbating before him. His cock began to get harder, engorging in blood as she exposed her pussy and let her fingers slide up and down in her slit.

"Please.. miss... This is making me hard. It really hurts." The prisoner begged, laying on the floor and staring at the woman's gorgeous legs and pussy exposed before him.

In response the bailiff sat down on his cot, spreading her legs further, exposing herself to him and masturbating harder. The prisoner writhed on the floor, feeling his erection throbbing, pressing against the plastic sheath painfully. The mixture of pain and pleasure was driving him wild. He felt so horny he couldn't stand it, and tried to find a way to stimulate his imprisoned cock. Unfortunately, the harder his cock became, the more it felt like it would burst from the pressure.

The female bailiff watched the prisoner's painful writhing with sadistic pleasure. She continued to masturbate, slipping one finger inside herself, pleasuring herself while watching the prisoner's frustration and pain. He rolled over onto his stomach and tried to hump the floor, to no avail. The plastic covering his cock prevented him from feeling anything but hard edges and painful pressure. He rolled back over and saw the pretty guard's face smiling, eyes half closed, as she approached an orgasm. Her hand was working hard and fast now, rubbing her clit, her hips making small thrusting motions.

The prisoner sobbed in pain and frustration as the gorgeous woman before him suddenly caught her breath and flushed with orgasm. He watched her, and suffered as she enjoyed his suffering.

When it was over, the pretty woman covered herself and left the prisoner throbbing in confined pain on the floor.


Over the next two days the prisoner was fed a diet which contained a significant amount of sugesterone, a drug which had been developed by the dominant female class to assure proper control of breeding behavior in young men. Simply put, it gave them raging hardons and made them desperate to fuck anything that moved. The prisoner was in a constant state of pain from his denied erection, and had tried to push his plastic sheathed cock into or on top of anything in his sparse cell in order to stimulate himself. No matter what, he couldn't come. He couldn't orgasm. He had constant pain from his cock trying to expand beyond the limits of the tight plastic chastity cage, and there was nothing he could do.

The bailiff personally put the sugesterone into his food, and would come into his cell in the evening and strip part way just to see him writhe in pain as the sight of her beautiful body set his cock into a raging attempt at an erection. Each evening she masturbated to his pain, enjoying how her sexuality and pleasure caused him pain and frustration. The last night before his scheduled "Last Orgasm" she spent several hours tormenting him, masturbating herself to orgasm repeatedly.


The next morning the prisoner awoke with a terrible feeling in the pit of his stomach. Today was the day of the televised procedure. He was to be mutilated on live TV. He didn't know exactly how it would be done, and fear had taken his entire body, making him sweat and shake.

A double dose of sugesterone the night before had his cock and balls swollen and red inside the chastity device. He rocked, naked and in pain, on the cot. He waited.

At 9 AM the door was opened by the bailiff he had grown to love and hate, as well as another woman. This woman was shorter, very pretty with dark brown hair cut in a smooth, precise angle at the bottom of her chin so that it framed her pretty face perfectly as it exposed the smooth white of her neck. She had a thin, tight body and looked to be about 25 years old.

The two women took him by both arms and guided him out of the cell.

"Where are we going? What will they do? How is it done? Is it going to hurt?" The prisoner begged for information, and the two women simply ignored him and guided him down the stark concrete hall of the prison. They passed through two heavy metal doors, and finally entered a room that appeared to be a small theater. It was semi-circular and had several rose of very comfortable seats facing a center, well lit stage. The room was filled with women from the ruling class.

Standing in the center of the stage, the younger woman addressed the audience. "Ladies, here we have the accused, the convicted, the sample of disgusting filth of the male breed. Rightly tried, judged and sentenced to penectomy, we now begin the ritual of the Last Orgasm."

There was a rustle and whispering of anticipation through the room of women. Two photographers snapped pictures as the prisoner was brought forward to the center of the stage. He noticed there were also four television cameras focused on the stage, ready to get different angles on the procedure.

The bailiff stepped forward and used a small key to unlock the chastity device. "Ladies, the prisoner has been denied all sexual pleasure for the last five days, as prescribed by law. He has also been given a diet heavily laced with sugesterone, three times the normal dose for a breeder. This is to assure his readiness for this procedure."

She began to remove the plastic shell from his genitals, but it wouldn't come off. She tugged, and he cried out in pain. His testicles hurt and his penis hurt. The tugging made it worse, and he began to cry out and beg for mercy.

Instead, the shorter woman produced a small tube of lubricant, which she squeezed onto his privates. With some additional tugging, the plastic came off. Second later, his erection was observed by all in the room. His cock sprung up, hard and throbbing, harder than he ever imagined it could get, larger than he had ever been. It stood straight out, and bounced slightly from his breathing, crying, and from the pulse of his pounding heart. It shined in the bright stage lights from the lube that covered it.

Both women took his arms and guided him a few feet over to a device which stood in the center stage. He didn't recognize it. It looked like a flat piece of wood with a small hole in it, with some rings and straps hanging down. Then he noticed that just above the wood was a small blade affixed between two vertical uprights. The sharp side of the blade pointed down, toward the small hole in the wood plank below.

Realization of what this was and how it worked flooded the condemned man. He suddenly lost all strength in his legs and began to try and run. His legs were too weak and the two women dragged him over and shoved him up against the back of this device. With a quick, practiced motion, the dark haired girl grabbed his cock and pushed it through the hole. It stuck through and could be seen by all the women in the audience (and on TV, as the cameras zoomed in).

The bailiff, the tall guard that had tormented the prisoner for the last few days, rapidly fastened straps around the man's waist, hips and thighs. She tightened them as much as she could, pulling hard to make sure his hips were shoved hard against the back of the device, forcing his cock through as much as it would go.

Humiliated by his pulsing erection sticking out of this public glory hole, the young man cried, and once again begged for mercy. He apologized for whatever he had done wrong (he had forgotten exactly what it was, his mind was so stressed and frustrated and fearful).

Nothing happened for a minute or two. The man stood as the viewers watched his suffering. His cock throbbed, searching for release. The petite, dark haired woman approached the front of the device where his engorged cock was exposed. She knelt before him. She touched him.

Pleasure, sweet sexual pleasure flooded the young man. He looked down at the pretty freckled face of this young woman who was slowly stroking his cock. She was so pretty... and she was giving him a handjob. It was the thing he desired most in the world just then. He began breathing steadily, allowing the pleasure to flood from his cock to his balls and then his hips. She was good, too. The best he had ever felt. He could not have masturbated better himself.

She teased him. Prolonged him. Licking under the tip of his cock with her tongue. Slid her hands down his shaft and then back up over the head. The head went into her mouth, just a moment and he thought he was going to come.... then she pulled him out. Let him throb for a while. Precum appeared and trickled down.

She began again, expertly stroking his shaft and slowly getting closer to his most sensitive spots, and just as she slid fingers and tongue and lips over the head of his cock, she pulled away again. The cameras zoomed in. He was flushed, breathing hard, trying to fuck the wooden hole, needing relief, feeling more sexual pleasure than he had ever felt (part of this was the sugesterone, part the skill of his executioner, the petite brunette).

Once again his cock was stimulated. Cameras zoomed in. He whimpered as he felt the semen building inside himself. His buttocks contracted, his hips tried desperately to to thrust but the straps held him tightly in place. He forgot where he was, just that he was going to come, spurt out his load, orgasm like he had never orgasmed before...

The contractions started, unstoppable now. The brunette expertly stroked him now, urging him on, giving him permission to spurt his semen out with her help. He felt it coming... the hot glow of orgasm spread...

His cock spurted the first stream of slimy white liquid out, almost three feet straight out into the air and then down onto the floor of the stage. Cameras zoomed in. The women in the audience leaned forward.

The brunette flipped a small switch at the side of the vertical platform to which the prisoner was strapped. Instantly, the small blade slide down. The prisoner was too far into the throws of his orgasm to know what was happening as the blade descended toward his cock, convulsing and spitting out a second huge, drug induced stream of semen.

A split second later, the prisoner's cock had separated from the prisoner's body. The brunette executioner held it in her hand and raised it up for all to see. It was huge, still engorged with blood and quivering with the remaining nervous contractions of orgasm.

The prisoner felt the blade tug at him but felt no pain, at first. The muscles between his legs continued to contract in orgasm, spurting out the white semen. Except now the ejaculation came directly from a stump recessed in the penile guillotine, and mixed with blood that began spurting out at the same time. He groaned, feeling the mixed pleasure of orgasm with the pain of the severed penis for the first time. It was hard for him to separate and understand the two. They were mixed, the same, two sides of the coin. He continued to jerk his hips, pumping semen out.

The cameras zoomed in, showing women watching throughout the country a mix of red and white stream pumping out onto the stage. The brunette held the severed cock in her hand, up high, and the audience in the theater began applauding. The man acquired a shocked look on his face as he finally realized what had happened and the pain set in.

Mixed with the applause from the audience rose a scream. The prisoner was writhing now, not in orgasm, but in panic. He couldn't get away from the infernal device. His stream of semen spent, all that came from the stump of his cock was blood. A lot of blood.

Blood surged from arteries leading to the missing penis which was now held aloft by the pretty, young, freckled brunette. The man screamed and screamed, shaking and looking down at the pool of blood before him. He couldn't move, he couldn't do anything except watch as the blood flowed from his body.

The audience in studio and at home watched as the blood gushed from his wound. No move was made to release him. He was forced to stand, strapped in place, as his life's blood slowly left his body.

After a minute or so, his screaming stopped. His face was white. He looked especially shaky. He looked about wildly, and tried to speak but his speech was slurred as if drunk.

The tall, beautiful bailiff that had tormented him so in the prior days approached his shocked body and slowly took his face in her hands. Slowly, deliberately, she moved her face to his and kissed him, full on the lips. It was a passionate kiss, as if they were lovers.

The blood was still leaving his body from the stump that was held in place in the penile guillotine, but it was no longer spurting far out. It was draining slowly, and then dribbling.

The bailiff backed away and when she let go of the prisoner's head, it fell before him, and his body sagged.

Applause rose once again from the audience as the young man slumped down, muscular control leaving him. He soiled himself. He drooled. He tried to lift his head once more, but failed.

A minute later, he was dead from loss of blood and shock. The brunette executioner took the severed penis and stuck it in his gaping open mouth. The body would be left on display for another day for women to come view as they wished.

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