Saturday, June 9, 2012

Judicially Mandated Remedial Torture

The parolee sat uncomfortably in the bare waiting room in the obscure white painted brick building in the middle of a poor neighborhood in Chicago thinking about the upcoming session and the pain it would involve. The chair was functional but not comfortable. The carpet flooring gave the impression of being slightly wet at all time. The place smelled like a doctor's office, with the smell of antiseptic mixed with vaguely biological odors; the tang of urine and musk of sweat. It all combined to make him agitated and fearful.

"Jackson Lee?"

A woman's voice called the parolee's name and he jerked to a standing position. In a doorway to the side stood a tall slim woman, about 30 years old, with short brown hair. She wore a dark gray lab coat, but even that could not hide the outline of a shapely body underneath. Jackson felt the stirrings of a forbidden desire in him as he surveyed the attractive woman.

"Yes. That's me." Jackson responded. The woman turned and re-entered the door, expecting Jackson to follow, which he did. They walked down an austere hall formed with gray painted brick and nondescript tile on the floor.

"My name is Miss Peregrine. This is your first time, isn't it?" The woman spoke as they walked. "You will get used to it eventually. Well, maybe not quite used to it, but you will know more about what to expect which makes it easier. Not that it is meant to be easy, of course. Pain is never easy. Anyway, here we are."

Jackson entered the room indicated by Miss Peregrine. It was bare, containing very little furniture. There were no decorations on the painted brick walls. It was well lighted but seemed dark because the walls and floor were a uniform gray. In the center of the room was an odd apparatus that looked like a chair but had no padding and little support. It was more a set of broad metal pipes that were hinged to take different shapes, and had straps hanging from it at various points.

"The torture chair. It looks intimidating, doesn't it? Don't worry, it is just there to help keep you from moving and injuring yourself during the procedure. Nothing here is designed for comfort, of course. Please remove your clothes."

Jackson looked at Miss Peregrine questioningly. "Uh, why do I--"

Miss Peregrine cut him off with a stern look. "Don't start with me. I have five more to do today, and I am not wasting time with you. Remove your clothes. Every last bit of them. Place them on the side table there. That or I call the judge and you end up in prison for the next 10 years."

Humiliated, Jackson removed his shirt, and then top, as Miss Peregrine watched with a critical eye. His shoes, sock, watch, everything came off. Finally, he removed his underpants, exposing his genitals. Miss Peregrine observed his hardened erection with a smirk.

"Yes. Well, it isn't too uncommon for men to come here with a hardon. Apparently undressing in front of a beautiful woman does that. Even if the beautiful woman is about to cause you a great deal of pain." She reached out and touched his throbbing member for a moment, showing no interest in modesty. "We shall see if you are one of the very few who is perverted enough to keep an erection during the next hour."

A cold, clammy feeling was sweeping over Jackson as he stood exposed in this bare room, exposed and humiliated before the tall beautiful brunette. He was afraid. He had good reason to be afraid.

Flipping through a chart she had in her hand, Miss Peregrine read for a moment and then commented. "I see you were sentenced to 6 months weekly torture for embezzlement, running a Ponzi scheme, and absconding with investor money. Well, I happen to believe they let you off lightly, but let's see what I can do to help even the score a bit. Maybe in a future session we can let a few of your victims come in and observe you writhing in pain, eh?"

Jackson let out an involuntary whimper and almost ran for the door. Instead Miss Peregrine took his arm and guided him to the torture chair, positioned him in front and began strapping him into place. His wrists, upper arms, waist, knees and ankles were strapped into place. As she was tightening the straps he could smell Miss Peregrine's light perfume, and she even brushed against his naked body for a moment. Her breasts pressed against his thigh as she tightened the ankle straps and his cock grew even harder, throbbing. They felt soft and perfectly shaped.

The final strap across his forehead completed Jackson's immobilization. He was unable to move in any way. Arms held away from his body, legs spread wide, every inch of his flesh was exposed. His fear was like a fiery rock in his belly, and he was shaking.

From a side table, Miss Peregrine took a metal rod about 1 foot and half long, and a small tube. Squeezing the tube, a gooey lube began covering the long rod.

"This is a probe, the first of many instruments with which you will become intimately familiar. By the way, if you read the material you were given by the court, your bondage here is strictly for your protection. The pain we administer is always safe, if uncomfortable. But the intensity of the discomfort causes most people to jerk and thrash around a bit. It is easy to get pulled muscles, banged heads, even broken bones and severed tongues from biting."

Jackson was crying quietly now. He had never been so humiliated or so afraid in his life. Miss Peregrine took his hard penis in one hand and started shoving the lubed probe into it. The probe was large and distended the penile duct as it sunk deeper and deeper inside him. He moaned, wondering why he wasn't losing his erection. He felt the rod push past the base of his penis and jam hard against something deep inside him until it wouldn't go any further.

Miss Peregrine left the rod in place and returned to the table. She returned with a second shiny metal device with a large bulb. She lubed it up where he could see it clearly, and then moved behind him. He felt the cold metal being shoved up his rectum, spreading the anus wider and wider until he cried out. Surely his asshole was going to tear! Just when he thought he felt the flesh separating, the metal device got thinner and the butt plug was nicely in place.

"Please... Miss...." Jackson began to plead, the reality of the violation of his body hitting home.

"Peregrine. Miss Peregrine." The woman was over at the table, playing with some electronic device, dialing knobs and setting numbers. A slight electrical hummmmmmm could be heard.

"Miss Peregrine. Please. Don't ... I mean... couldn't you hold off a bit? Show a little mercy? I still have some money, I have influence, I can..."

"Jackson, let me make something clear before you embarrass yourself any more and not only make yourself a fool but get your sentence increased with a charge of bribery. I enjoy my work. I enjoy making men squirm in pain. I get off on letting you fry. I want to hear you scream, literally scream. And you will, trust me, you will. So go ahead and beg, I get off on that too."

Jackson let out a sob as Miss Peregrine attached electrodes to the metal butt plug and urethral probe. Jackson braced himself, but no shocking pain was delivered as yet.

Miss Peregrine went to the table and obtained several long metal objects. Heavy duty needles, each one about two inches in length. She removed each from a sterile packaging, and as she produced each needle she carefully located a point in Jackson's body and then pressed the point into the flesh, shoving the needle deep inside his body until only the head was exposed. Jackson screamed as the first one sunk into his upper left arm, into his bicep. He moaned and yelped as Miss Peregrine shoved another one into his right bicep. A third went into his left breast, a fourth his right.

As each needle sunk home, Jackson yelped, but held his complaints as much as he could, knowing this wasn't the real torture, just the preparation.

Small electrode clamps were placed on each of the needles. Miss Peregrine went through the process slowly, carefully, and even caressed Jackson's naked body as if she lusted after him. His cock remained hard.

Finally, a gag was produced. To prevent him from biting his tongue, not to silence screams. It was more like the bit for a horse than a gag, but drool immediately began running out of his mouth and onto his bare chest. Jackson's body fluids drained from his eyes and mouth as he cried and drooled.

"Go ahead and drool, cry, urinate, whatever you need to do. This room is sealed with a drain and gets washed down after each procedure." Miss Peregrine was removing her lab coat, revealing the amazing slim but shapely body underneath. Her knit top hugged perfectly formed breasts, and she had a tight ass that made Jackson want to leap on the woman and take her right there. Except he couldn't move. Except for his still throbbing cock, which stuck straight out in front of him.

Miss Peregrine sat down on a chair next to the table. She then did the most unexpected thing.... she unzipped her slacks and reached her left hand deep down in front and began fingering herself. Jackson shook in his bondage before her as she slowly stimulated herself with her left hand, her right hand on the humming electric box to which the electrodes were attached.

Just as Jackson eyes focused on Miss Peregrine's hand inside her pants and his cock throbbed with the desire to penetrate her, a small movement of her right hand accompanied a sudden, searing jolt of electrical pain.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH" Jackson's scream was long, loud, extended, and unremitting as the searing, burning pain traveled from his cock, through his insides and to his anus. The entire lower half of his body felt like it was on fire, burning, and he jerked and writhed involuntarily against the straps which held him in place. He had no idea pain could ever be this bad and all he could think of doing was straining against the bonds to get loose, to do anything to stop the deep, shredding pain.

The pain continued for what seemed like an hour, but was probably only about a minute. When it ended, Jackson continued to scream for a little while and then relaxed into a panting fit. The world had gone away for a while, reduced to nothing but the pain he felt in his groin and ass. As he slowly recovered, he became aware of how Miss Peregrine's hand was moving more quickly under her pants. The pants had begun to slide down and a bit of her hairy bush was visible as she rubbed herself.

"AAAAAAAAAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!" The scream came again as the electrical pain switched to the probes in his arms. All his muscles tensed from the electricity flowing through his body; he struggled and writhed without hope or thought. Miss Peregrine continued to rub her clit, harder, now sliding one finger inside herself as she watched her victim writhe.

The pain stopped for a moment, and Jackson again tried to regain his breath. His chest heaving, he was only half conscious of how Miss Peregrine's pants had now slid down to her knees, her legs spread wide, fully exposing her masturbation. He saw her hand move to the electric box once again and a muffled "Please!!! " was cut off by his involuntary scream when the pain hit his breasts. The needles were seated deep in his flesh and the electrical pain smeared deep into his chest muscles and shoulders, making his entire upper body jerk in spasms as his teeth clenched down on his gag.

One minute on, 15 seconds to recover; repeat. This was the pattern Miss Peregrine was using as she masturbated, watching Jackson writhe in hideous pain. The slight smell of burning flesh filled the room, and she leaned back in her chair, taking a deep breath as if the pungent smell was sweet. She had two fingers inside now, her thumb on her clit, rubbing as hard and fast as she could as she applied shock after shock.  The screams urged her orgasm closer and closer, and when she felt ready....

Jackson's entire body lit on fire, from his ass to his neck. His hoarse voice could no longer create much of a scream, instead he simply exhaled air until there was no more air in him, his entire body shook, and his face turned red, and then purple. Electricity poured through every electrode, providing pulsing agony everywhere. Sweat poured down his body in rivulets, saliva drained from his mouth, and urine flowed freely, all mingling on the tile floor below him and slowly moving to the drain in the center of the room.

Miss Peregrine gasped slightly and felt the lovely warmth of orgasm flooding her body as she watched Jackson's body vibrate from the electrical current. She wasn't sure he was conscious any more, though his eyes were still open. The orgasm continued, and she continued pushing the button on the electrotorture unit to urge it on, continuing delivering agony to her victim and thus pleasure to herself.

Finally, when she felt the last vestiges of climax depart from her body, she let go of the shock button. Jackson's body suddenly fell limp. If he had not lost consciousness before, he was gone now. Miss Peregrine stood, pulled up her pants and buckled her belt, then moved to the limp form on the tubular metal rack. She checked his vital signs. He was alive, heart pounding, respiration rapid, but unconscious. She removed the electrodes carefully, and when she began sliding the probe out of his now flaccid penis, Jackson roused himself from oblivion and jerked awake. A short scream devolved into a sob as the memory and lingering effects of the torture flooded over him.

Miss Peregrine kissed Jackson on the cheek, caressing him lovingly with one soft hand. "Thank you my dear. I really enjoyed that."

She removed his butt plug, pulling it out unceremoniously and painfully. Compared to what he had just endured, it was nothing and he made no protest or sound.

"Unfortunately for you, it has only been a half hour and your session is an hour," Miss Peregrine crooned, and Jackson's eyes grew big as he realized he was nowhere near done with the session. "That's right dear. We get to have some more fun. Let's get you some water, and then we can explore the next phase of your session."


  1. Great story! Hope you post more ones like this

  2. My girlfriend loves to shock my balls too! And to push things in my cock! I really love that story, specially how delicious evil you can write it :)

  3. Excellent story. The last picture of Her, with her cheek bones highlighted, and that menacing look in her eye, is terrific - and terrifying.