Friday, January 27, 2012

Messing With Her Insides

Janice woke slowly as if from a deep sleep. She had no idea where she was, why she was there, or even what time of day it was. As she concentrated harder, she tried to remember the day of the week... was it Friday? Had she been to work today?

She rolled over and immediately became aware that something was wrong. Her arms were tied behind her back tightly at her wrists and elbows, and her legs were strapped with her knees bent ankle to thigh in a frogtie. Her mouth was packed tight with cloth, stretching it wide and tape held the cloth packing in place. Great, she thought. Someone kidnapped me. Her restraints carried all the characteristics of someone experienced in bondage.

The room was dark and it wasn't possible to see very much. The floor was hard and cold. Concrete. What little light illuminated the room came from some cracks in very small windows near the ceiling. The room was large and mostly empty.

Janice began to struggle against the ropes as her mind sharpened. Her large breasts squashed against the floor as she rolled onto her stomach. Wriggling, she realized the ropes were not only tight, they were digging into her flesh. Struggling was just causing them to dig deeper and she would soon be bleeding.She stopped for a moment and took stock of her situation.

She had been drugged. She didn't remember where or when, perhaps because of the drugs. She was naked and felt the hard cold floor beneath her skin. Her arms were cramping and a little numb with a dull ache, so she knew she had been tied up for some time. Who ever had done this was good. She was nowhere near home, the building was obviously the basement of an old industrial complex or something similar. If she could scream, it was likely no one could hear her.

She tried anyway. Taking a deep breath through her nose, she made as loud a noise as she could in spite of the gag. The muffled scream echoed a little against concrete walls, but was weak. Screaming would be of no help. Working the restraints wouldn't work, the tie job was too good and she would only hurt herself.

Just as she was settling in for a long wait, a door opened above and a dim light illuminated a stairway. The silhouettes of two women could be seen entered and then walking down the stairs. One was medium height, wearing tight jeans and a T top, and had short brown hair. The other one was taller, had more curves and long black hair.

Jenn. And Jackie. Janice began to worry a lot harder. She had had run ins with these two lesbians before, and they didn't play nice. Their last meeting had not ended well for Janice, and afterward she had shot off her mouth quite a bit, issuing threats and insults. She looked up at Jenn standing over her as Jackie turned on a light. It was a single light bulb dangling from the ceiling, and it illuminated the bare, gray basement.

"Hi, Janice. How are you? Do you remember how you got here? No? That's OK. It doesn't really matter, does it? What really matters is what we are going to do to you, and how you react to it." Jenn spoke slowly and clearly, one hand stroking Janice's pretty face as if she were in love. Perhaps she was, in a way.

"Mmmpfffpphpfffff!!!" cried Janice, staring up at the goth lesbian bitch above her. She wriggled a little against her bonds.

"Let's give you a chance to help yourself now. I am going to take the gag out, but you have to promise not to make tooooo much noise. No one is going to hear you but us, but hey -- spare us the hysterics, OK? Besides, if you want to scream, we will have to give you a real reason to scream, then." Jenn looked down at Janice's face with a sort of bizarre kindness. Janice stared for a moment and then nodded her head in understanding.

As Jenn unwrapped the tape that held the gag in, Janice observed more. Jenn was wearing her typical leather skirt and black top. Seven earrings dangled down from each ear, and a silver star pendant hung from a chain around her smooth white neck. Janice couldn't help but feel a surge of desire. She always did like Jenna, at least physically. Maybe a little too much. As the last bits of tape came off, Jenn pulled the gobs of cloth out of Janice's mouth. Janice flexed her jaw a bit and then reached up to nuzzle Jenn's nearby neck.

"Jenn, dear. Let's let bygones be bygones. I really think we could have some fun together, you and I. And Jackie, of course." Janice glanced back at the image of Jenn's girlfriend standing behind her. Jackie was an exceptionally pretty, short haired lesbian with muscles and a few tattoos peaking out of her tight fitting clothes. Janice would actually not mind sleeping with either, or both of the two girls. It was preferable to whatever Jenn had in mind, at least.

Jenn leaned over and gave Janice a slow, deep kiss while at the same time reaching her hand down and caressing one of her breasts. When the kiss ended, Jenn finished the caress with a hard pinch of Janice's nipple, causing her to let out a little squeal of pain.

"God, it so turns me on to see you hurt." Jenn was a sadist, and it caused a pang of fear deep in Janice's gut. Jenn's hands were continuing to explore Janice's naked body, but Jackie was getting impatient.

"Jenn, let's get going. You want to see her squirm, so do I. Unless you just want to fuck in front of her like we did before." Jackie's soft voice belied her hard attitude. She was submissive to Jenn, but had no sympathy or allegiance to anyone else.

"Yeah. Let's start." Jenn stood and turned on the lights in the concrete basement. A single harsh light from an uncovered light bulb revealed the concrete walls and mostly bare room. There was a table nearby with a few items on it, and the wooden staircase. The room was dusty and cracked, old and run down, except for a rather new mattress just a few feet away from where Janice lay on the hard concrete.

Jackie moved to the side and unhooked something from the wall. Twisting around so she could look up, Janice saw a hook descending from a pulley attached to the ceiling. Jenn grabbed it and then pushed Janice over, placing the hook under the ropes that bound Janice's wrists. Moments later Janice felt her arms being pulled upward; she was being pulled up into a strappado position. Her thoughts flew as the pain in her shoulders set in and her body lifted from its prone position on the floor up to a semi vertical one. When all that was left supporting her was her knees, the rope stopped ascending.

"Please... Jenn... this is going to wrench my shoulders out of their sockets. Please let me down!" Janice begged and moaned as she felt the muscles strain on her shoulders and cramps crossing her shoulder blades.

"Shutup. It will hurt, but if you start bitching about this, we will lift you up the rest of the way and you really will have something to cry about. Not that you will have the breath to do it." Jenn was putting something together at the table at the side of the room as she talked.  Having completed assembling whatever it was, she turned and walked back over to where Janice was painfully dangling, some of her weight minimally supported by her frogtied knees and some on her shoulders and arms behind her back.

Jenn walked around behind the tortured naked girl and knelt down. Jackie moved next to her and the next moment, Janice felt two hands grab her buttocks and force them apart. She grunted and cried out at this violation, "Ahgg... ahh... owwwwww..."

Janice felt something cold and hard pressing against her anus. It was a metal butt plug, a rather large one, and it wasn't giving an inch as Jenn pushed into Janice's rectal opening. The smooth metal separated and spread the sphincter muscles, creating the intense sensation of violation with something foreign, as well as the sensation of a huge and painful bowel movement. Just when Janice thought the pain was going to make her beg for mercy, the plug narrowed suddenly and her sphincter tightened on the narrow neck of the plug, holding it firmly in place.

"Good job, Janice!" Jackie reached around and pinched Janice's right nipple, hard. Her natural breasts were rising and falling with her strained breathing from the severe position. The plug was large enough to make Janice feel like she desperately needed to relieve herself, but was narrow enough to prevent any accidental or intentional expulsion of the metal insertion.

Jackie stood and went to the side of the concrete room; Janice heard water running for a while, as if something was being filled. When she turned back around, Jackie had a large enema bag filled to its maximum.

"Oh... god.... no, please, oh please, no..." Janice did beg now, as she realized what was about to happen. She had enjoyed some enema play before and knew that while it could be pleasurable, it could also deliver nasty cramps, pains, and a large enema could hurt horribly. And the bag Jackie held was not just large, it was huge.

"Oh, yes dear, yes..." Jackie leaned down and kissed the bound, naked girl on the cheek as she caressed her tits. She then gave Jenn the bag, which was attached to a long tube which was in turn attached to the butt plug firmly implanted in Janice's ass. Jenn then rose and stood in front of Janice, and began to slowly strip. Janice watched as Jenn removed her top and bra, exposing perfect breasts that she had always wanted to suckle. In spite of her painful position, Janice felt the desire welling up within her. Her knees scuffed on the concrete floor, and her thighs shook from the strain, her head jutted out toward Jenn and her breasts were thrust out by the strappado.

When Jenn was naked, she knelt down in front of Janice, taking the rubber tube from Jackie and holding it close to Janice's face. "Now dear. Tell me you love me; tell me how much you desire me. Tell me that you want to make love to me."

"Jenn, I..."

Jenn clicked open the small metal clasp which kept the tube closed, and water rushed down from the bag and into Janice's bowels. Jenn smiled at the look in her eyes as she felt the cold water suddenly flooding her large intestine. "OH! OH... My God.... " Janice began to look worried as the feeling spread in her lower abdomen.

"Jenn, I love you. Please, I want you, I have always told you that, and I want to make love to you. Please, don't fill me. Please stop this now and I will make you so happy, I will pleasure you any way you want!" Janice continued to beg as the water continued to fill her insides. Jenn made no move to stop the flow until she saw Janice wince from the first cramps that formed as her large intestines filled and began to distend.

One hand touching Janice's stomach to feel the distention, the other reaching behind her head to draw her face close, Jenn kissed Janice softly, tenderly, but demanding a response. Janice did her best to kiss back, opening her mouth and accepting Jenn's tongue inside. She really did want Jenn, she always had, though she had always fantasized about being the dominant one.

As they kissed, Janice heard a slight click and felt more pressure in her bowels. Jenn had released the clasp again, allowing more water to flow through the butt plug. Cramping began again, much worse this time, and Janice broke the kiss and groaned from the pain. "Ohhh.... aaahhhhhhhhh nooooooo..... ohgodohgod...fuck.... ahhhhh!!!!!"

At a nod from Jenn, Jackie began lowering the rope behind Janice, slowly releasing the strappado and easing Janice's nude and shaking body to the ground. The two girls rolled Janice onto her back, her bound arms underneath her and pushing her hips up into the air as if she was begging to be fucked. Her frogtied legs spread wide and the hose from the enema bag slid between and disappeared under her.

"Make me cum, Janice, dear," Jenn whispered into her ear. "Give me an orgasm, give me pleasure as you experience the pain I give you. Then I may consider releasing you."

Janice lay whimpering, a bound writhing bundle of sensuous naked flesh, and Jenn spread her legs, kneeling over Janice's face and looking down at her distended, full belly. The water was almost completely gone from the bag now, and Jackie was squeezing the last ounces out and down the tubing. Slow, Jenn lowered herself over Janice's face until her pussy lips came down over Janice's nose.  She stopped, demanding that Janice raise her head to service and pleasure Jenn's genitals as they presented themselves just within reach.

Janice began working Jenn's pussy for all she was worth. Her tongue moved expertly over the lips of Jenn's cunt, tasting the juices and spreading the flesh apart. Delving in and moving back and forth, she felt Jenn begin to react by moving her hips back and forth, up and down.  The pain her Janice's bowels was fading in and out like the worst diarrhea she had ever had, but she knew she would have no relief until she had service Jenn to her satisfaction. And so she continued to lick, delve, suck on Jenn's cunt.

As Jenn approach climax, she lowered herself down until she sat firmly on Janice's face, cutting off the air by smothering her nose and mouth with her soft cunt flesh. Janice struggled as best she could, but could simply writhe underneath Jenn's body. Jenn in turn reached forward and pressed on Janice's swollen stomach. A muffled cry of pain rose from Jenn's pussy. The combination of knowing she was causing Janice horribly cramping pains, the sound of her cries, and the direct stimulation of lips on her clit, brought Jenn to a noisy and ecstatic orgasm.

"Fuck, fuck, yes, fuck FUCK yes. FUCK...."

As the orgasm faded, Jenn slowly rolled off of Janice letting her breathe in huge gasps. After they both recovered some, Jenn returned to kiss and lick her juices from Janice's face. Janice was wriggling, straining against her bonds as she moaned and whimpered in pain from the liquid that distended her belly and cramped her insides.

"Please, now, Jenn, can you please let me go? The pain is getting bad. I need to let this stuff out, please... god..." Janice began to cry. Jenn kissed the tears on her cheeks as she fondled her firm but large breasts.

"Let's get out of here, or do something else to her. I am getting bored. You got off on her but I need some satisfaction." Jackie was getting impatient.

"Janice, listen to me carefully." Jenn was speaking low, nuzzling the poor girl's ear as she spoke. "We will leave now, but we are going to do one more thing to you. You get to choose what it is, OK? Listen now, here are the choices."

Janice looked at Jenn's pretty face with fear as she nodded and waited.

"We have a catheter here. We can catheterize you and fill your bladder before we go. I imagine that would be fun for us, but painful for you.  Or.... we can fill you with another bag worth of enema. That might actually do a little damage to your insides. It might be fun to find out and see you squirm while it was happening. Jackie might even want to sit on your face for a bit while that was going on.  Or.... third..."

Janice was crying harder than ever; the 27 year old girl had reached a breaking point of desperation as she lay listening to options that were painful at best, and fatal at worst.

"So... third. We can fit you with a chastity belt. A nice leather one that has a lock on it. It will keep those sex urges you are famous for in check for a little while. Leather you might be able to eventually saw through and get free.  What do you say?"

Unable to face anything more that might mean added or prolonged pain, quickly chose. "The chastity belt. Please. Quickly."

"Hmmm... are you sure?" Jenn smiled but then stood as Janice nodded her head violently.

Jackie produced the simple two piece leather belt. Slipping it under Janice's waist, the belt fastened over her stomach, high above her hips. A center strap trailed down from her stomach, then between her legs and up tightly over her ass to buckle securely behind her back. Jackie tightened it and was just locking the buckles into place with a small padlock when Janice realized what was happening.

"NNNOOOOOO!!!!! Don't lock the butt plug in!!!! I need to shit so baaaaad!!!! Please, no! Don't do this, please, please......" Janice's cries slowly deteriorated into sobs as the ass plug was securely locked into place. The enema which was causing her so much discomfort and pain was now locked in as well, and she was unable to expel any of the liquid that had distended her stomach as if she was in the early stages of pregnancy.

"All right dear. We are going to leave now." Jenn kissed Janice on the cheek once more, licking the salt tears off as she did. Jackie produced a heavy hunting knife and started cutting the ropes that had held Janice's legs in the frogtie. When her legs were free, Jackie cut the ropes restraining Janice's arms, and then stepped with Jenn over to the stairs which led up and out of the stark basement.

"Please, leave the key. You can't do this. I will die if you leave me like this!" Janice was unable to stand because of cramps in her legs, but she crawled to the bottom of the steps and tried to pull and push the tight chastity belt from her waist.

As she climbed the stairs, Jenn called out, "You clothes are in the room just above. It is about 7 miles to your house, and if you get moving you can be home in a couple of hours. Though waddling with full bowels and that chastity belt might slow you down a bit. I am sure that you will be able to cut through the leather and get that enema out of you sometime before tonight.   Probably.  I think."

Janice was crawling up the stairs behind them, her breasts naked and swaying beneath her as she swore at Jenn and Jackie. The two girls looked back and threw kisses as the slut below them. The last that Janice heard as they left was Jenn calling out, "Until next time, Janice!"


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