Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sperm Producer

The rolling waves of stimulation in my hardened cock began yet again. My mind put itself on hold as I concentrated on the physical pleasures that were suddenly flooding my groin. A warmth and urge to thrust overcame me as it always did, and I went with it, pushing my hips and straining as my muscles convulsed.

I grunted, my sounds echoing those of another man undergoing similar sensations a few tables down from me. I barely heard him, I just felt the semen gathering, the sperm joining and pressing, crying to be released. I shook, convulsing, letting my muscles contract involuntarily as they sucked the seminal fluid through the vas deferens and finally with a loud cry, I spurted a huge load of cum out of my rock hard cock and into the small bottle dangling just below it.

The humiliation of being forced to orgasm and spew my seed into a jar in a room full of other men doing exactly the same thing had long since disappeared. My days were simple. Strapped down to the inclined metal table, wires strapped to my cock and balls, a probe carrying current into my anus next to my prostate, I lay there waiting as the minutes and hours ticked by.  My cock and balls extended through a hole in the table, exposed to those that might walk down the aisle before me. Once every couple of hours the automatic stimulation began, carrying a surging, pulsing current of electricity through my genitalia, forcing me to climax and deposit more sperm into the cooled container below me.

It was agony. Long hours of boredom with a very few minutes of sexual ecstasy over which I had no control. I wasn't allowed to touch my cock or be in any way part of my own pleasuring; it was all controlled remotely and automatically to generate the maximum amount of sperm output.  Thus, my wrists were more or less permanently locked behind my back with some thin but very strong metal manacles. Talking was forbidden and those that attempted it had their heads locked in a sort of metal cage which included a metal strap that ran over the front of their mouth. Inside the strap was a metal tongue which protruded into the disobedient man's mouth, pressing into and down his throat, causing a constant gag reflex. Attempts to talk wearing this device inevitably caused vomiting.

We didn't talk.

As I lay in place, waiting for the next orgasm, one of the attendant women walked down the aisle slowly, checking on the sperm producers. The women were always cute, gorgeous and young in a girl next door way. My favorite was Cecile, the woman that had been in training when I arrived and was primarily responsible for me and several others. She wasn't more than 21, had beautiful dark hair and a few freckles. When she walked by her perfect body drew the attention of all the men, including me. If I hadn't been strapped down securely, I would have tried to reach her.

I hated being a sperm producer. The sterile, electrically induced orgasms weren't real to me. I needed Cecile under me, legs gripping my thighs, pumping inside her as she gasped. I needed to deposit my seed inside of her, rather than the little refrigerated bottle below me.

It had been almost two years since I had been transferred from the prison to the sperm production facility. They had given me some sort of drug, or combination of drugs. My erection was almost constant now, even at night when I was allowed to rest in a tiny private room. My testicles had enlarged to twice their size, and produced sperm constantly, whether I orgasmed and cleared them or not. In the morning when they came to guide us to the milking tables, my testicles always ached badly, filled with sperm that needed to come out. After a day of ejaculating, my balls didn't ache but the rest of my muscles down there did.

Today was no different. Cecile walked by slowly, stopped and checked the wires on my cock. Her fingers fondled me as she did and I moaned. I could swear she did that on purpose, just to torture me. The probe in my anus had come loose and she pushed it further in, making me grunt in pain. Then she looked at me for a moment, her beautiful face close to mine, before turning and walking out.

The stimulation cycles were coming faster these days. It didn't even seem like more than an hour before they began again, the muscles in my whole body tensing as if to help those between my legs do their job as the pleasure swept over me, the pulsing shocks designed to get the maximum amount of muscle contraction going to squeeze the sperm out. I grunted and then cried out as I ejaculated another huge load out and down into the container below.

A few minutes later it was the end of the day and the other males were unstrapped one by one and taken to their rooms. I figured they put us in separate rooms because the drugs they gave us made us so constantly horny and erect that we would just end up fucking each other all night, no choice. That would be a bad thing. Sperm was precious, there were only so many good sperm producing men left, and none of it was to be wasted.

Cecile came to unstrap me last of all, put the handling pole onto my collar (a 3 foot pole that allowed the girls that kept us to handle us without getting close), and pushed me to my cell.  The cell was tiny with just enough room for a bed, a toilet and a sink. Once inside, she released the handling pole and closed the door. It had no handle on the inside. No lock was necessary.

Food was provided a little while later through the slot in the door. I ate without the help of my hands, something I had learned to do the first few days I was incarcerated at the Sperm Product Facility in Tempe, Arizona.  It had been at least six months since the last time my hands had been free, and that was only for a few minutes.

I managed to do some exercises. Most of the other sperm producers didn't bother, they let their bodies go and were flabby; my body was still tight and muscular, and I was convinced this helped keep me sane. Several of the others spent a lot of time on the tables humming, drooling, sobbing, groaning, and maybe even chewing on their own flesh.  Insanity was easy here.

As I lay on my bed in the sterile white room I heard an unexpected noise. The door handle turned and the door swung open. I quickly sat up. In the door frame I saw Cecile, the lovely, cute, sexy Cecile. It was very unusual to see any of the keepers late in the evening like this and I stared at her wonderingly. She in turn stood motionless and stared at me, biting her lip as if thinking intensely about something she was still considering but had not decided yet.

With a sudden motion, she entered my tiny room and closed the door most of the way. She placed a small chunk of wood on the floor to keep the door from shutting and then turned to face me. She reached behind her back and unzipped the white and lime green uniform dress she wore every day. As the cloth slid off her shoulders I gasped at the smoothness of her flesh, the curves of her breasts, and then as the dress fell to the floor around her feet, I saw her flat stomach giving way to the triangular patch between her legs. Perhaps it was my unique situation, but I truly believe she was the most beautiful, sexy woman I had ever seen.

She removed her bra, throwing it to the ground, exposing perfect breasts with hard, dark nipples. I rose and stood as she slid her panties down, exposing her sex to me fully; I observed the pronounced mound (shaved) and lips that protruded slightly from between her thighs. I looked in her eyes and saw the fear mixed with desire there, and observed how her breasts rose and fell with her rapid, accelerated breathing.

My erection was the hardest it had ever been, straining toward her of it's own accord. My wrists were still bound behind me but I moved forward and swiftly pushed her body against the wall behind her. As my body pressed against hers my hardened cock found its way between her legs and then pressed into her soft flesh. She was soaking wet, and it was easy to slid in. My lips met hers and she sighed as our tongues met; one leg lifted and wrapped around my ass as her arms wrapped around my shoulders. She held me, drawing me in until her naked breasts pressed against my chest.

My cock slid up into her as she raised her right leg up. I pushed hard, pressing deep within her, feeling the touch of a woman for the first time in over two years. My body pinned hers to the wall, and as I began thrusting her other leg rose and wrapped around my hips, allowing the deepest penetration.

There we fucked, hard and fast. The feeling of her wet flesh wrapped around my hardened erection made me lose all control and I simply pushed in and out as hard as I could. My huge, enlarged balls slapped against her as they swung back and forth, and within moments I felt the swelling surge of fluids building and getting ready for a massive ejaculation.

With her head flung back, eyes open and staring at the ceiling, she cried out as she reached climax just moments before I let my huge load spurt inside of her. I thrust deep, hard, impaled Cecile against the wall as I ejaculated once, twice, three times, four times, and kept going. My body produced huge amounts of semen and sperm and it all flooded her inside at that one moment. She rode me like a horse, bouncing up and down as I pushed and came.

Eventually, it was over. It was without a doubt the best fuck I had ever had, and perhaps ever will have. We slid down to the floor, exhausted, covered with shining sweat from our sudden and intense intercourse.

When she had recovered for a moment, she stood and put her clothing back on. I would have done it again, and tried to rise to indicate that I was ready and able, but she pushed me back to the floor with one foot and held me there. She zipped her dress back up and then leaned over and spoke to me.

"If you ever, ever talk of this, I will have you castrated."

I got the message and closed my mouth.

She turned and left, closing the door behind her.


Over the next two weeks, the same thing happened twice more. After a day of boredom interspersed with violent orgasms which forced sperm to spurt into the cold container below my dangling cock and balls, I was returned to my cramped cell. Late at night, Cecile returned to take my cock and ride it for her own pleasure.

Until one night the door opened and Cecile entered with another woman. The new woman was tall, about 31 or 32 years old with short dark hair, long muscular legs and perfect breasts. The woman seemed unsure of herself, and a little shocked when she saw me laying on the bed with my swollen testicles and constantly hard cock sticking up.

"It's OK, Liza, he is tied up permanently and can't free himself," Cecile said. "He is also one of the best specimens we have. Top quality sperm, guaranteed. And I must say... his cock is large and hard enough to give you quite an experience."

Liza moved toward me and I followed her as she walked. She had a slow, catlike movement that was sensual without being overtly sexy. She pulled her black dress up, revealing strong thighs ascending to a smoothly shaved pussy which glistened with moisture. My cock began throbbing, bouncing back and forth in anticipation.

"I know this is your first time," Cecile said to Liza as she guided her. "This is a rare opportunity, to be able to fuck a real, uncastrated male. Here, straddle him here."

Cecile helped Liza get positioned over my cock as her legs split and knelt on either side of my hips.

"Take your pussy lips and spread them just a bit, then lower yourself," Cecile said. Liza spread her flesh apart and then lowered herself until I felt the head of my cock touch her pussy. I moaned and pushed upward, trying to get inside, but Liza reacted and lifted herself off.

"Don't worry, Liza, it's natural for him to react. He is pumped so full of hormones that getting inside you and feeling your pleasure is all he can think about. His purpose in life is to produce sperm, and you are lucky enough to have the money to get him! Now go for it, enjoy it!"

Liza slid back down on my cock and moaned from the sensation as I sank deep inside her. I thrust upward, and she began to press down, and then up, riding my cock. I moaned and writhed on the bed, this sexy brunette sliding up and down on my penis, drawing the sperm from me, stimulating me, bringing me closer and closer to orgasm.

I cried out, moaning, crying, almost screaming with pleasure as my muscles contracted and my cock spasmed deep inside her vagina. I felt myself coming, spurting sperm into her, the ejaculations happening over and over. Fucking a real woman was so much better than the horrible, sterile electric orgasms I had 10 or 12 times a day in the sperm collection room. The soft, wet flesh surrounded my cock and took me into a different world and my whole body was consumed with the orgasmic pleasure.

When I had completely emptied my balls into her, she slowly slid off my cock, leaving it with a glistening sheen. My erection had softened (it never completely went away any more). A slight dribble of sperm was seeping out between her pussy lips as she stood.

"Oh, my dear. Liza, don't lose that sperm! It is valuable, don't waste the money you paid for it! Here, lie down for a bit." Cecile pushed me off the bed and I fell to the floor with a thud. Liza lay down with her legs in the air.  From this, I understood that Cecile was taking money under the table from women that wanted to experience real sex, and get pregnant the old fashioned way rather than with artificial insemination from a sperm farm, which had become the standard.

From that night on, there was a string of women that were brought to my room late at night, each fucking me until I filled them with my sperm, then leaving me to dream and hump my cot in frustration and never ending desire.

Cecile no longer fucked me, and I soon understood why. She entered my cell one day and I could clearly see her slightly protruding stomach. I looked at it, and she looked at me, and nodded her head. "Yes, slave, you have done your job. Is it interesting to you to see how your sperm is being used? You have many, many children far and wide. This one will be more real to you because you can see it growing inside me, but there are thousands of others like it."

I looked at her with amazement, for this was the first time it had ever hit home that my sperm was being used to impregnate thousands of women. Without thinking about it, I began to speak, "Then... you are pregnant with my child..."

I never finished my sentence. Pain burst in my face as Cecile slapped it, hard, harder than I imagined possible. I fell to the floor and felt her kick my stomach. I curled up, trying to protect myself with my knees. Cecile pulled out the small cattle prod all the keepers had and shoved it between my legs and into my distended testicles. The shock was horrible and I screamed as the pain shattered my testicles. She shoved the prod between my legs, forcing them apart again and the electrical torture ripped into my balls again, the pain covering my entire lower body.

Sobbing, I lay curled on the floor, arms still tied behind my back. Cecile had left and when she returned she brought the matron with me. "There. It's the third time he has tried to speak."

The matron had a metal cage which she slipped over my head, and with a hard motion jammed the metal protrusion into my mouth. I gagged on the iron tongue which filled my mouth.

The matron stood and shook her head. "It seems to be like this. He was one of the top producers once. But recently... he just hasn't had as much in him. And now this. It might be time for castration and expulsion."

Cecile turned and just before she closed the door, gave me a look that clearly said "I warned you..."

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  1. Wow, this story is so great in so many ways. I had the fantasy of being in a sperm factory since I'm 11 years old! :)

    Its just so hot how the women just abuse the males and make them cum just by electronic. Ruined orgasms 10-12 times a day for years!

    I really love how heartless these women are. Even the first half of the story was great, just explaining how he is forced to cum again and again and never allowed to speak, and then used for sex.

    But the second half pushed the story to a new leve. She selling him to other women and I love that unfair ending, that he is going to be castrated just because he doesnt produce enough sperm anymore (because she drained him privatly) Its really hot that she is so cruel and make him suffer that much.

    I really like stories settled in a female led world :) You really know how to write a story with cruel heartless women!

    I also had to add, I havent cum in 4 weeks, so reading a story of a sperm producing factory where guys cum as many times as possible is really make me suffering! :)