Monday, February 7, 2011

Bitch In Heat

It was a pitiful Starbucks on Devonshire across from an abandoned Stater Brothers.

The neighborhood looked run down, past renovation. The only thing that would save it was complete demolition. I watched as she parked and walked in. Jackie sat with me and mumbled something about wishing she could get a coffee herself.

"Fine. Let's go get something and see how it goes." I like to keep Jackie happy, it makes life easier. Not to mentioned I love her something awful.

I drove the rental car to a spot just next to the coffee shop and parked. We walked in and headed to the counter to order something. Jackie had coffee, black, and I had a double mocha latte extra whipped cream hold the coffee. Janice was sitting in one of the few chairs, texting someone as she sipped her cardboard Vente something or other. She didn't notice us, which was remarkable in itself; I was wearing black jeans, black tight fitting halter, and my kick-your-ass boots. Jackie doesn't have to dress to kill, she looks killer no matter what she is wearing.

Our drinks came up and we made our way to the tiny table in front of Janice. I pulled up a chair and sat next to Janice. Jackie stood to the side where she could be seen. Janice looked up as I put my drink on the table.

The look on her face was priceless. First confusion, followed by recognition and then fear. Our first encounter had left an impression.

"What... what are you doing here?" She asked, licking her slightly pouty lips. She wasn't trying to entice me, she was nervous.

"Now, that's not very nice of you, Janice! We haven't seen each other in a while, and I thought you would greet me with a little more enthusiasm than that. We had a good time, I think."

She looked over and noticed Jackie standing to the side for the first time. "Yes... it was... interesting. So are you just here to shoot the shit, you wanna go out or something?"

Janice was beginning to relax, and eyed my semi-revealing outfit. She was such a perv.

"No, dear. You know I wouldn't make the trip all the way out here just to shoot shit, unless it was your shit and it was still inside you. You are looking good today, kinda cute. I want to play. Do you want to play? You do, don't you?" I reached one hand up to stroke a strand of hair away from her face, gently... almost lovingly.

"Jenn, you left me on the street wearing hooker clothes last time. Not to mention I was sore for a week and got and infection. You know I like to play, but I need some reassurances. You know? Besides, how about me and Jackie do you this time," she looked pointedly at Jackie. "That would be fun, wouldn't it, Jackie? You and me? Jenn maybe upside down watching me make you cum?"

Jackie snorted a laugh, leaned down to Janice's ear and whispered loudly, "I think I might like to see your boobs sagging the wrong way, actually. And your face get red from the blood pumping the wrong way up."

Janice turned a little red and looked at me with appealing eyes.

"Here is the deal, Janice," I said. "You can come with us now, freely. Trust me, you will enjoy yourself and we will let you go relatively unharmed. Or we can leave this place now, separately, and Jackie and I will abduct you forcibly and unexpectedly. Maybe at home, in bed, or walking into school, or who knows? If I have to come get you later, I won't be as happy as I am now."

I grinned at her just to show how happy I was. She looked at me for a moment, and finally took a sip of her coffee and stood up. "Fine. Let's go."

I sighed happily and stood with her. One thing I like about Janice -- I am taller than she is, which makes the whole dominating bitch thing a lot easier. Jackie slipped behind her and snapped cuffs on one wrist before she knew what was happening. As she turned with a protest, Jackie expertly pulled her arm around her back and snapped the cuffs on her other wrist.

"Hey! Is this necessary!?" Poor Janice looked upset. She was beginning to get into the swing of things.

"Let's go," I said in a loud voice. Several of the patrons stared at us as I took one of Janice's arms and Jackie took the other. They probably thought we were undercover cops arresting a pusher or something. It felt good to lead the bitch outside and across to our car. I put my hand on her head and pushed down, just like the cops do, as she went into the back seat. The hood I bought slipped over her head and cut off her vision; slamming the doors and she was more or less in our power as I got in the driver's seat and headed over to the 405 and then north.

In less than two minutes we were heading north on the 5 and out of the city. We turned off toward Lake Piru and into the hills until we got to a dirt road. A short distance and we saw what we sought - the abandoned church. It was in bad shape, and didn't have much to recommend it other than its being really isolated. I parked in the dirt lot to the side, out of view.

Janice started wriggling around in the back seat. I think she was getting exciting now that the car was stopped. That or her wrists hurt from being cuffed behind her back while sitting in the car. Didn't matter, the cuffs were staying on. Jackie opened the door and we pulled her out of the back. She was still wearing the hood and couldn't see where we were, which was fine, but her head moved back and forth as if she was trying to see something.

As we climbed up the creaking wooden steps to the side entrance of the church, she started asking for things. "Hey, this time, don't cut my clothes off, ok? I like this top. And don't leave me strung up for so long, I think I still have scars on my wrists." She was really getting into the experience, getting excited and anticipating the pleasure/pain.

Once inside, we slipped her hood off. The sun shown through trees outside and cast an dingy light across the empty sanctuary. The pews were long gone, but the platform at the end was still there and we dragged her forward. She was silent as she took in the rotting wood and broken glass windows, realizing she was far from civilization this time. She looked cute, too.

Then she saw the noose. Right in front of her, how she missed it at first I don't know. I guess she was looking around and realizing she was in an abandoned church, and feeling the irony of how our debauchery would be amplified by our defilement of the formerly holy place.

She jerked back from the rope, looking up at it. Janice gets a lot more attractive when she is scared; her eyes get big, the hard edge fades and is replaced by a simpler, more helpless and pleading look. Almost makes me want to fuck her.

Jackie held her arms behind her as I slipped the noose over her neck, a practiced motion that was complete before there was time for Janice to complain. She stood looking at me with those big eyes and flushed. I let myself go, and leaned in and kissed her on the lips, long and slow, at first just lips sliding but then our mouths opening and tongues darting under and over each other. My arms encircled her, holding her form to mine, feeling her breasts pushing against mine as her breathing quickened.

"Enough!" Jackie was tired of watching us.

I broke my embrace, but before moving away, licked Janice from her collar bone, up her neck and across her cheek. It was a sensual movement, but also one designed to illustrate her subservience to my control. She sighed a little.

Stepping back, I grabbed the other end of the rope which loosely surrounded her lovely neck. The rope was a very heavy one, very thick. This was important, as we didn't want it to saw through the flesh and tear tendons or open arteries. Just a steady, choking pressure would be enough. The rope was flung up over a beam in the ceiling, and when I pulled on the end it tightened the noose around her white neck, slowly squeezing. The knot slipped down as the loop of the noose closed until it rested just below her ear.

"Jenn, you have to be careful... this is serious, I-- gggggghrrrggg...." Janice's protests smoothed into a raspy imitation of speech and then finally to a strained gurgle as the noose drew tight. Another inch of pull and she was on her toes, pushing as hard as she could to follow the rising rope. Another inch and I saw the rope begin to fold and squeeze her neck as the gurgling noises changed in tone; more of her weight was on her neck and less on her feet. Slowly, ever so slowly, I pulled on the rope and watched more and more of her weight being supported by the noose around her neck.

Watching her squirm was a delight. Her body was showing the stress of the situation; her breathing was strained and rasping, just a little air getting through. In spite of this, her stomach and chest were heaving and writhing in a concerted effort to suck in air. As long as her toes could touch the dirty wooden platform, her legs were still and straining straight down. As soon as her toes left the floor, her legs began kicking and flailing.

She lifted further into the air as I pulled on the rope hard; there was no pulley and it rasped against the wooden beam above. When my victim's feet were about a foot off the ground (and her face a nice beet red), Jackie slipped a couple of bricks underneath her feet. She quickly found the supports and lifted herself a couple of inches up, which relieved most of the pressure and she began breathing again. Her legs wobbled a bit, but she was able to balance and recover.

Shears. Garden shears. She protested, whined, cajoled, as we cut her clothes off. I wanted her naked as the day she was born, exposed completely, and it only took a few moments. We saved her shoes and pants. The top and her bra were quickly in shreds.

I especially enjoyed the moment when we cut her bra, slicing through between the cups. Her breasts just kind of fell out of their support, and bounced a tiny bit. Jackie reached over and cupped them, rolling both nipples between her thumbs and fingers. Hard nipples, almost immediately. Janice was into it, as much protesting as she did, her slutty side was showing through. She loved the attention, I think. In being the victim, being manipulated and pleasured with pain, she was the focus. She reveled in it.

The bricks she balanced on were a couple of feet apart, forcing her smooth legs wide. My hand went between her legs and I felt her shudder at my first touch, sliding down and between her pussy lips. I could feel her clit and passed over it as I slid one finger inside her. Poor Janice. She couldn't move much but she sure gasped when my finger went in. She was soaking wet, ready for me to tease and manipulate her, but she couldn't move for fear of losing her footing and jerking down on her noose.

We decided a vibrator would help. I knelt before our captive queen, and began licking her lips and clit as a vibrator slowly slid inside her. She was moaning as Jackie suckled on her breasts, making little gasping noises mixed with guttural grunts of pleasure. The muscles in her thighs were contracting and the longer we went, the more she shook and wriggled with pleasure.

Until she lost her footing, and first one and then the other foot slipped off the bricks. Her feet swung 6 inches off the floor, kicking slightly and her grunting gasps of pleasure became quiet, suppressed gurgles. Her body shook as she tried to breathe and failed.

All this time I kept sucking her clit, working the vibrator in and out of her, holding her ass to keep her close to my face. Jackie kept on kissing and licking her neck and face, pinching and squeezing her tits. As she slowly suffocated the lack of oxygen sent her into a different space, endorphins were released in a flood and I felt her hips shake in a massive orgasm.

As the orgasm slipped away, Janice's body went limp. She was losing consciousness. I went over to the rope and slowly brought her twitching body down. As the rope descended, her body stretched out in a mass of limp arms and legs on the floor. I stood over her, and slapped her hard. She jerked, her head moving from side to side, and I slapped her again. It felt good, so I did it again.

Gasping for air and regaining her breath, Janice struggled below me as I slapped her a fourth time for good measure. I lay down next to her with my face next to hers as she slowly recovered from her near death experience and orgasm.

"Fuck." she finally said.

"Well, yes, sort of," I replied.

"Fuck," she repeated in a hoarse voice. "That was fucking intense. I have never had an orgasm like that. I was out of it, almost blacked out but it felt like I was drifting into an ethereal sea of sexual pleasure. Fucking amazing."

"It's an age old technique, dear. Jackie wanted to let you croak and dump the body, but I told her no. I have more in mind for you."

"Take these cuffs off. I am exhausted," she was cute, thinking I was done with her.

"Well... not just yet. This part was for you. You have been really perving out recently about asphyx and death fetish, so I decided to treat you. But now comes something for me." I smiled at her, and I could see the fear come back into her eyes. She knew I was capable of things she wasn't capable of handling.

I got up. "Time for my fun!"

Janice struggled to her feet. She looked good naked and struggling, though I appreciated her more when she was prone on the floor. No doubt about it, she was cute. I wondered what had gone wrong in that poor girl's life to make her such a kinky pervert. Only for a moment though. We had work to do before dark.

As if reading my mind, Jackie got the heavy, 6 foot steel pole which had been standing inconspicuously in the corner. Janice saw that something was coming, and decided she had had enough. Attempting to dart out the door, still naked and cuffed, she tried to get away. I tripped her casually and she hit the floor like a sack of flour.

"OOOohhhh.... that must have hurt," I said as she gasped and began moving slowly to get back up. Too late, for Jackie was on top of her in a moment, sitting on her ass. She slid the pole under her, along the back of Janice's legs, along her back and under her cuffed arms and finally past her head. Jackie slipped a belt under Janice's elbows, threading it under and then over and through the buckle. Tightening the belt drew the elbows together nicely.

Jackie stood and we both took a look at her handiwork. Janice tried rolling over to get up, but having your arms secured behind your back at both wrists and elbows makes maneuvers like that much more difficult than you might think. The heavy pole didn't help much either.

"She looks delicious," Jackie said, and then leaned over and kissed me. She melts me when she is unexpectedly affectionate like that. We spent a little time enjoying the kiss, and broke when we heard Janice complain.

"Hey! Guys! I been a sport and all. But come on, let's head back. It's going to be dark soon and I will be missed. And I am getting splinters here. If you want, we can head over to my place, and get naked together..." She looked pointedly at Jackie, whom I must admit, was looking really good. She has a perfect body, one that I have described as lithe more than once.

"Uh, Janice, you are already naked. Whether we get naked or not will be up to us, later. For now, I like that you are the only one without the clothes. Be grateful we aren't going to tie you to an anthill or something." I stood with my arm around Jackie and looked at Janice's naked body splayed out on the floor.

"Let's get down to it," I said to Jackie, and she stepped over to the corner where the pole had stood. Several coils of rope lay on the floor and she brought them over and dumped them on the floor next to Janice's increasingly writhing body. The two of us knelt, slipped a couple of coils of rope under our struggling victim and began the process of wrapping them around her body tightly. As the coils slipped over and under her body, we tightened them so that she was secured to the pole. I left her head and legs from her knees down free.

Three straps left-- they went around her legs, folding her shins to her thighs and securing her there. The last strap went around her forehead, and secured her head to the pole behind her. When we were done, poor Janice was tied securely to the pole, unable to move, bend or struggle. She was complaining loudly and beginning to get on my nerves.

"One... two.... three... heave!" Jackie counted down from one end of the pole as I took the other. We lifted together, and set the pole on our shoulders. Janice hung from the pole between up and squealed like the stuck pig she was. All three of us made our way outside, Janice swaying slightly between Jackie and I as we made our way around to the back of the church.

There were two heavy posts buried in the dirt over a small fire pit just in back. Nothing fancy, just a hole in the ground with old ashes, and the two posts sticking up. The posts had notches at the top. Jackie and I had secured and tested these posts the day before when we had been out preparing the site. We moved over to the fire pit and slowly, carefully, set Janice's pole into the notches of the posts. She hung above the fire pit, looking down.

She began to realize what was happening, though I think she didn't want to admit it yet. Her complaints became a little more vocal, a little more panicked as she looked straight down at the ashes below her. I put my hand on her to calm her down, and stroked her smooth skin like I would a horse. Or a puppy. Or even a pig, spitted for roasting.

Jackie got the wood. It was a particular kind of wood design for slow, low flame coals. I got the kindling. A bit of newspaper beneath it all, and a lighter and the fire began to burn. It wasn't cold out, in fact it was kind of hot, especially out in the hills like we were. Winter in California can be that way, I guess. A breeze had come up in the late afternoon which blew the smoke and most of the gathering heat away from our roast.

Janice hung about three feet above the flames, looking down as the fire caught and flames formed. She was getting a little hysterical, though she couldn't be feeling any of the heat yet. I did take her hair and tie it back in a pony, to keep it from hanging closer to the flames. No premature catching fire.

I decided that Janice had never looked better, tied up completely immobile as she was, hanging above the fire. It made me happy to see her like this. I reached out and fondled her nipples a bit, observing them get hard. Playing with her boobs was fun, but playing with her pussy was more fun. Her legs, while tied to the pole, were still slightly apart, allowing room for me to get a couple of fingers in and play with her clit a bit, and then slide in. She was still a tiny bit wet from the asphyx scene and it felt good to be inside of her, whether she liked it or not.

Jackie had spread a blanket out with a picnic basket. Wine, cheese and bread were spread out as well as some chilled bottles of Fiji water. I love Fiji water. Who wouldn't? It's from Fiji, after all! I sat down on the blanket and Jackie and I sat watching the fire burn below our victim. We munched on cheese and bread, popped the cork on the Merlot, and began to get quietly drunk.

It wasn't long before I was in the mood; wine does that too me and with Jackie laying right next to me, I found myself rolling over and kissing her. She kissed back, and wrapped arms around me, pulling my shirt up and out of my pants. It wasn't long before my bare breasts were pressed against hers, and my hands were roaming down to her legs and ass. Jackie kisses better than anyone I have ever known, and I could have gone on kissing her for hours. She stroked my face, neck and back as she kissed, loving me in the way that melts me and wants her inside of me.

My girlfriend slipped down from my mouth to my breasts, suckling on my nipples, evoking a low moan from me. Her hand was reaching under my pants, trying to get deep enough to find my slit. I fumbled for a moment and finally undid the buttons, and her hand found me and slipped inside.

"Oh, god...." I was vocal when I had sex, and Jackie was the one that made me cum every time. She slipped my pants off, leaving me pretty much naked on the blanket, and slipped her head between my legs. Her tongue slipped over my clit, two fingers inside, and I was in heaven. I lay looking at the sky, letting the feeling slowly build in me, until finally I closed my eyes, arched my back and bucked. The orgasm flooded over me, and continued. Jackie didn't let up until I lay exhausted, arms and legs spread wide, relaxed, tired, and happy. I swear, that woman is the best.

Reality came back to me in the form of Janice, who was really complaining loudly. I looked lazily over to her and saw that the fire had begun to burn down to coals, and the air beneath her shimmered with heat. The breeze had stopped and the heat was heading right up to her exposed flesh.

"Please... Jenn... I am getting burned. It hurts here. Please, let me go. Don't really hurt me, this is burning me." Blah, blah, blah, it went on. Pleas. Begging. I could see her stomach and boobs were turning red from the heat, so I stood up and walked over.

"Tell you what Janice? You aren't done yet, but I want you to cook evenly, so I will turn you over." I took hold of her spit from one end, lifted and turned it over, then gently laid it back down on the post. She was now facing toward the sky, and the heat of the fire was covering her back and ass.

"Jenn, please. You can't leave me here cooking. This is not fun any more, you have to let me go. You really want to burn me? My front is already burned, and-- pmpppmghghhhmp" Her complaints suddenly turned into unintelligible muffled sounds as Jackie stuffed a wad of underwear into her flapping mouth. A strip of duct tape sealed it in place.

Jackie looked at me sheepishly. "Sorry. I couldn't stand her yapping any more. Really annoying, and I want to spend a little quality time with you. Can't do that with her constant, narcissistic, self centered whining."

"Yeah. I agree. She is about as narcissistic as anyone I have ever met. It's one reason she is so kinky, she loves being tied up because it's all about her. She likes the pain because it is being inflicted. The fact someone else is there to inflict it is what gets her off." I took Jackie by the hand, and walked back to the blanket. The muffled whining continued, but it was at least bearable now.

Settling back on the blanket, I got down to work removing Jackie's clothes, a bit at a time. The sun was setting fast, and the temperature was dropping so we snuggled up next to the fire. I did so love a campfire, and especially snuggling with my love next to one. We kissed for a while (my favorite activity), and started making out. She had her legs and arms around me and was moving as if trying to merge flesh, make our bodies one. I finally rose a bit when she was on her back and lifted one leg... and pressed my pussy against hers.

I can't orgasm that way, but whoa... did it feel good to have her pressing against me. We started grinding, spreading our body fluids together and across each other. My hands reached down and played with her breasts, pushing hips together as I caressed her softness with my hands. She couldn't stand it after a while, I could tell she wanted to come, and her right hand slipped between our pussies and started massaging her clit.

Taking that as a sign, I slipped down between her legs and began work. She tasted wonderful, though I knew some of what I was tasting was my own juices. It didn't matter, I loved tasting her and feeling her in my mouth. It also didn't take much time before her ass was lifted above the blanket, shaking as I penetrated her in the way I knew she liked. I looked up over her stomach and saw her face, eyes closed, mouth open in an "O", and her nipples hard and erect. About a minute later she let out a long moan, and collapsed.

I crawled up next to her and took her in my arms, cradling the naked form of my love. We snuggled together, and looked down the length of our bodies at the wiggling form of Janice. Her skin was shiny from sweat, brought on by exertion from her struggles, as well as the increasing heat of the fire below her. Jackie and I simply cuddled and watched her for a while.

Finally, I said, "it's probably time to turn her now. Her ass is turning kind of red."

"Sure," Jackie sighed, "But let's grease her. I like her body all shiny like that."

I got some butter from the picnic basket and started smearing it over Janice's folded legs. Her head was strapped in place but I could still see her eyes big and scared staring at the sky except for the moments she could see one of us. Jackie spread the soft butter over her breasts and stomach as well.

"Let's turn her." We had buttered her pretty well on top, but needed to do the other side. I lifted with Jackie as Janice struggled. "Stop that, Janice! You don't want us to drop you in the fire, do you?"

Janice stopped struggling suddenly, and we turned her over so that she was face down again. Once the pole settled down on the posts, we began smearing the butter on her back and ass. It went on a lot easier, probably because the flesh on this side was still pretty hot from the fire below. It was red, too.

After her body was shining perfectly in the firelight, we left Janice to roast for a little longer and returned to the picnic basket. There, we removed some marshmallows which we immediately impaled on wire hangers. Janice looked down at the puffy white confections which sizzled below her, closer to the fire. She had stopped complaining and trying to make noise through her gag.

We finished a few marshmallows and drank some bottled water. We turned Janice again to make sure she was cooking evenly. I figured she had been sweating up a storm and probably needed a drink to rehydrate her, so I zipped off her duct tape, which elicited a short scream of pain. I did so love to hear Janice scream. After I pulled the underwear out of her mouth, she started complaining again.

"Jenn. You can't be serious. I am fucking dying here... please. You want me to be your bitch, I will be your bitch. I will call you mistress and do anything you want. In public even. Want me to wear nipple clamps to class? I will. Fuck me with a dildo, make me wear it all day. Collar me. Please..."

Blah, blah. The offer to be my bitch stopped me for a moment. Humiliating dear Janice in public and making her do degrading things was pretty attractive. But then I realized... I had that power anyway. I poured a bottle of water into her open and flapping mouth. She gagged and then swallowed as fast as she could. When the last bit of water dripped into her open mouth, I shoved the pantie gag back in and taped it over. Before leaving though, I licked her face. She looked so lovely, I couldn't help it.

Licking her face made me realize something. "Hey Jackie, we didn't oil her face! I think we need to be more thorough!"

Janice started renewed struggles, which didn't really matter. Jackie is really good at tying people up. We used the last of the butter and smeared it over her face and neck.

It was late, and the fire had burned down to just coals. The darkness was complete, and we had to use a camping lantern to see our way around. Anyone who knows about campfires knows that the coals can be hotter than the fire itself, and Janice was getting a practical lesson about this fact. She started asking to be turned periodically through her gag. It wasn't easy but she used a lot of effort and we could understand her say "Please. Turn. Me."

We even turned her on her side a few times so that her sides would cook as well.

Post coital bliss was simply better with the naked form of Janice roasting nearby. Jackie and I snuggled and kissed and fondled each other, every once in a while going over to check on the roast.

I sighed. "OK, I think it is time to see if she is done."

Inside the picnic basket was a long cooking skewer. The kind that was used to make kabobs. I pulled it out and went over to Janice, who was once again staring up at the night sky and stars as her back and ass slowly got redder and redder...

I pressed the skewer against her right breast, which protruded up from the ropes. "Don't move now. This will hurt a bit." (I laughed). (Janice grimaced at me).

With a nice, steady shove, I pressed the heavy needle into her breast. Janice screamed, muffled behind her gag. I pushed it further. Janice continued screaming as the flesh on the other side of her breast rose and poked out. The skewer suddenly popped through. There was almost no blood, just a tiny bit from where the needle came out.

"I think she is done!" I called back to Jackie, who was packing up the camping things. I pulled the skewer back out in a slow, steady move. Janice continued yelling and moaning beneath the gag. It was almost enough to make me want to fuck Jackie again.

Once everything was packed, we threw water on the remains of the fire, kicked dirt over it and then poured water on it again. We were nothing but careful. No accidents for us. We then lifted Janice up by her pole and carried her to the car.

When she realized we weren't going to untie her, she started struggling and straining and screaming from behind her gag once again. She was getting her exercise, which wasn't a bad thing. As cute as as she was, she could stand to lose maybe 10 lbs.

We drove away from the abandoned church leaving no trace of our presence there, except for the cold campfire. The car smelled a little like cooked meat. Back on the 405 we drove to Janice's neighborhood, but before approaching her house, we unstrapped her head from the pole and slipped the hood back on. We then restrapped her head to keep her from hurting herself as she wiggled and thrashed about.

We parked in front of her house. No one was there, or if they were they were asleep. The house was dark and it was quite late, well after midnight on a weekday. Slipping Janice out of the car by her pole we carried her toward the house. She was trying to make lots of noise, but the gag and hood kept the volume down.

We carried her up to the front door and leaned the pole against the wall next to it. I kissed her once, licked some of the butter off and pinched one of her nipples.

"It's been fun, Janice. Next time we might try something a little more hard core, what do you say?"

I could hear her trying to yell "NO, NO!" through the gag and hood.

As I plopped into the driver's seat next to Jackie and rolled away from the struggling form in the dark, I said "That will teach the bitch to criticize my writing."

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