Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Corporate Sexual Humiliation

Since the gender revolution of 2027, women had effectively taken over and consolidated corporate structures throughout the world. Wielding their new found power, they influenced government to grant executives wide ranging discretion in dealing with employees, especially males.

Jake was familiar with the new rules and how life worked in the corporate management structure. He did pretty well in it, able to stay respectful and subservient to the women in charge, while doing a good job and making sure to keep his nose clean. He hoped to climb up in management some day, in spite of the glass ceilings that existed for men. He got along really well with his boss, a lovely woman named Corrine.

It was hard working for Corrine because she was so beautiful. Long brunette hair framed a perfect oval face with light eyes. Her lips were full and seemed to beckon him whenever he was in her presence. He was careful not to look at her body unless he could do so without being seen; she had long legs and powerful thighs rising to a tight ass. The ass gave way to a thin waist and finally to breasts that were not too large, but nicely prominent beneath the silk blouses she wore just to tease the male workers.

In spite of all this, he was respectful to Corrine, always doing his best job for her and making himself look nice so that she would be proud of her "little man". This was one reason he was so shocked when he was called into her office one day to find her in a red faced rage, angry and ready to fire him for misplacing an order.

"Jake. I simply can not take this kind of incompetence. It is beyond unacceptable! That order was worth almost $100,000 and we are going to have to work hard to get it submitted again now it is late!" He looked at her gorgeous face and flashing eyes and felt an erection growing. He crossed his legs to try and hide the hardon he always had in her presence.

"I am so... sorry... Corrine. Please, I will do anything to make it up. What can I do, you know I am a hard worker and..." Something about her eyes made him shut his mouth.

"It's true. You are a hard worker. Maybe we can correct this... correct you!" She thought for a moment while Jake stole a glance at her breasts pushing out the shiny silk blouse. There was a hint of nipple that had him salivating.

"Fine," she said. "On your knees!"

"What? I.. uh... " Jake had never been disciplined, though he knew it was done. He was afraid, he needed this job, it was hard for males to get a decent job these days.

"I fucking said... down on your knees!" Corrine's sharp bark got Jake moving. He slid to his knees in front of his boss and cast his eyes down to her feet. Such lovely feet... and ankles...

"Beg my forgiveness!"

"Please, Corrine... forgive me... It will never happen again, I promise!" Jake's voice was shaky.
"Stand up and turn around. Bend over that chair. Drop your pants." Corrine was barking orders now, and her tone made it clear there was no room for conversation. Jake turned around, bent over the chair, undid his belt and zipper and let his pants fall to the floor.

"Your fucking whitey tidies, too, bitch." She snapped at him, demanding that he pull his underwear down. He did, exposing his ass. He felt the first evidence of a blush flooding his face as he realized he was at work, in his boss's office, bent over a chair with his ass naked for her to observe and do with as she pleased.

"Janice, will you come in here please?" He heard Corrine talking on the phone, and moments later the door closed as the other manager entered the room.

"My, my... I see you have decided to punish the little bitch instead of firing him," Janice observed. "Nice ass he has. Let's see if it looks good if it changes color to red!"

"Please... Corrine... I won't--" Jake was actually beginning to break down emotionally, his humiliation and pride broken at what he was about to go through in order to save his job. Corrine cut off his pleas.

"Shutup, and feel the riding crop!"

Suddenly there was a slight whoosh of air and his ass exploded in a stinging pain. He cried out half in surprise, half in pain, "AAAAAAAGGGHHHHH!!!!!"

"Let him squeal, Corrine. I like malesong," Janice sounded amused.

For a second time the swoosh announced the crop as it struck his ass. He didn't cry out this time, though the pain was worse. He held it in, holding his breath and gripping the chair.

The crop hissed through the air again and again, never striking his ass in exactly the same place, moving up and down. He tried to adjust himself at one point, unconsciously trying to move out of the way, but the crop caught him between the legs and slapped hard against his exposed testicles. "AAAEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!"

His ass was on fire when the spanking ended. A soft hand slid over his sensitive buttocks, feeling the ridges of the welts left by the crop. The slight bit of saltiness from the hand made his welts sting and he sucked in breath to keep from whimpering. A second hand joined the first as Janice also felt his red and blistering ass.

"That was good, Corrine. I am glad that corporate came down with those new HR rules that allow us to keep the males in line. I hope that does it. Wait.... what's this?" Janice had reached between Jake's legs and pulled on his ball sack, bringing his testicles and penis back between his legs.

"Oh, my! Holy crap, look at that tiny cock..." Corrine started laughing. Jake felt one of the women take hold of his cock (which was shriveled from the pain of the spanking) and pull it. He felt himself blushing once again, humiliated by being examined like this. His small cock wasn't really that small, but he had always been a little sensitive about it.

"Spread your legs bitch so we can see this miserable thing a little better!" Janice ordered Jake and reached down to examine him more closely. He complied, spreading his legs wide so that his genitals hung down, accessible.

The two women played with his cock and balls for a few minutes, making comments about them and laughing. Finally, Corrine said, "I am not quite done with him. An added punishment is in order, one that is a little more lasting, I think." She addressed Jake sternly. "Stand up and turn around. Face me."

Jake stood, letting go of the chair and turned to look at Corrine and Janice as they smirked at him. His pants were gathered around his ankles, and he was exposed as he stood. The back of Corrine's office wall was glass, and he caught site of two female employees looking in through the plants that partially obscured the view of the interior of her workspace. He was on public display, and flushed red once again.

"I have something for you," stated Corrine. She pulled a small ring from her desk drawer. "I have been waiting for the chance to use this, and this seems perfect."

She took Jake's genitals in one hand and pulled hard, stretching them out in front of him. With the other hand she took the ring and snapped it around the base of his cock and balls. The ring fight tightly and pushed his fleshy protuberances out from between his legs.

"OK. Pants back up. But don't zip up, just do your belt." Corrine smiled as he obeyed. When the pants were back on, she reached in the slit left open by the undone zipper and pulled out his confined genitals so that they stood out from his pants, for all to see.

"There. I think the whole world should see just how pathetic you are, Jake. You are to remain like this for the rest of the day. Now, go do some useful work. I think you are late for the PO processing meeting. Get out of here, and don't fuck up again."

Jake stood for a moment in disbelief. Did they actually intend for him to work the rest of the day, exposed like this? Was this part of his punishment, to be humiliated by exposing himself in front of the whole company? He was flushing so brightly he thought he would catch fire, and didn't move.

"Go on! You want this job, you will get out there and get a record number of orders processed, while letting everyone know what a pathetic, miserable example of a male you are!" Corrine grabbed his cock and yanked him toward the door.

Jake shuffled through the door gingerly (his ass was still on fire) and was immediately confronted by the two girls that had been staring through the glass wall. Sheri and Casey. They stared at his groin for a moment and then giggled. Jake covered his face and walked along the cube aisle to his cubicle and sat at his desk. He stood up again immediately; his ass hurt far too much to sit on.

The PO processing meeting had just started, and he was supposed to be there. Jake looked down at the blob of flesh that extended exposed and distended outside of his pants. He couldn't just show up... walk in. Everyone would see him. They would want to know what was going on. They would laugh, mocking him. Especially the women. But he had no choice; if he was to retain his job, he would have to. He gathered a tablet of paper, held it in front of his exposed flesh, and left his cube.

No one noticed anything amiss as he walked across the cube farm to the conference room. When he entered, there were about 12 people sitting around the table. 10 of them were women, management and management trainees, as well as a couple of execs he knew. The two guys were processors, like himself. He carefully shuffled to the only chair available on the other side of the table, holding the writing tablet in front of his waist. The conference room was small and he had no choice to brush up against the backs of chairs as he squeezed around.

All was well until he squeezed behind Alice's chair. Alice was a management trainee, a pretty 22 year old girl that had silky blond hair that flowed over her shoulders. As he passed behind her chair he tripped slightly and the tablet caught on the back, moving it out of the way. The entire room went silent as they all became aware of how Jake was exposing himself in the meeting. Alice looked puzzled at the silence, wondering what everyone was looking at, and turned to see.

Alice turned just as Jake turned toward his chair. In his rush he had leaned forward slightly and his cock and ballsack slapped against Alice's cheek, evoking a disgusted gasp from the pretty girl. She reached up and batted the genitalia out of her face, and snapped, "Jake, you bastard! What the fuck do you think you are doing? You asshole pervert, I will get you fucking fired for this! Cover that pathetic thing up now!"

Jake was flushed with humiliation so badly he thought he would catch fire. "I... I... can't. Corrine... uh... she has ordered me to... oh, god..."

Jake hid his face for a moment before Janet, the exec leading the meeting, broke in. "Fine, Jake. We understand you are undergoing discipline. You shouldn't be letting that discipline disrupt meetings like this one. Your incompetence appears to be getting worse. Apologize to Alice."

"I'm sorry, Alice. I will be more careful." Jake noticed Alice was staring at his genitalia hanging out of his zippered pants. He looked around the table and noticed the rest of the women were as well, most with smirks on their faces. One of the guys was blushing and turning away so as not to look, the other guy was actually chuckling.

"Have a seat Jake," Janet ordered.

Jake slipped down into the chair, thankful that he could lower his exposed parts below the table and out of view. But, as soon as his ass hit the chair, he let out a small yelp and stood up again. His ass was simply in too much pain to sit.

"I am sorry, Janet. I... well, Corrine whipped my ass as well. It is very sore, and I don't think--"

Janet cut him off with a wave of her hand. "Fine, Jake. You come in here and show disrespect to the whole group, especially poor Alice here, and then insist on continuing to expose yourself. I think we might as well accommodate you. Show us what you have!"

Jake gasped in embarrassment, but stood straight, pushing his hips and exposed genitals out for all to see. Several of the women broke out laughing, including Alice.

"You know, that is a very small cock you have there, Jake," Janet said thoughtfully. "I am not sure if I should be disgusted or just sorry for you. Does it get any bigger?"

Alice reached over and took his cock in one hand, slowly beginning to rub it. "Let's see, shall we? I am sure it must get bigger, but it's hard to imagine it getting very big."

The whole room sat back in their chairs as Alice slowly massaged Jake's flaccid penis to an erection. Jake couldn't watch what Alice was doing, and instead looked at the ceiling, the walls, anywhere but looking at anyone in the room.

"Well, that's the largest it seems to get," Janet rose and came over to where Jake was standing. "I think we should have a little mercy on you here, Jake. I have a little something that can at least keep you erect. As long as you have to expose yourself for the rest of the day, you might as well be at your... erm... best."

Janet produced a cock ring and with some effort pushed it past the head and down the shaft until it rested at the base of his cock. There it squeezed gently, keeping the penis erect.

Tears had come to Jake's eyes, and one rolled down his cheek as the entire room laughed at his predicament. Janet returned to her seat and declared, "OK! Enough! We need to get some work done to recover from the $100,000 fuck up of Jake's!"

Jake stood for the rest of the meeting, his genitals exposed and drawing occasional glances of disgust from the women. When the meeting was finally over, he returned to his cube as quickly as possible, and began examining the cock ring, wondering if he would be able to get it off.

As he played and pulled on the ring, Alice appeared at his cube door and stared. "Oh... my... god... you are not content to humiliate yourself in that meeting, you come back here and start masturbating! You sickening male!"

Lisa, the 20 year old intern from the next cube heard Alice and poked her head over the cube wall. "Oh my gosh! Look at that! Wait till Corrine hears about this!"

"Oh she knows. She is the one that sentenced him to this," Alice sneered. "This is just... too much though. Using your punishment to get off and masturbate in your cube! You pervert! Fine, you want to get off so much, then do it. While we watch. Go ahead, stroke that pitiful cock of yours!"

Lisa came around to the cube entrance to get a better view.

"Please, Alice... I wasn't--"

"Shut up!" Alice barked. "Do it! Now!"

Jake actually sobbed for a moment from the humiliation and began stroking as he had been instructed.

His cock was already hard, because of the ring at it's base. He stroked, feeling it become raw from the friction and no lube. He didn't dare ask for any though, he just wanted to get it over with. He sat in his office chair, facing the entryway, pumping.

Alice and Lisa were joined by Christina, who had heard something of what was going on. Christina was a nice girl, and Jake had thought of asking her out at some point, when he got up the nerve. He almost lost his erection in spite of the cock ring when he saw her standing in his cube, watching with a kind smirk on her face. He looked down and saw his erection which was still pitifully small, and closed his eyes. In his mind's eye he imagined Christina was the one stroking him and that she was enjoying every second of it.

After a couple of minutes of pumping, he could feel the sperm begin to gather and ready itself for ejaculation. He moaned a little and shifted his hips. The girls were watching him, making little comments about his genitals. Even Christina joined in and cracked a joke about his swollen balls; the sound of her voice aroused him and made him aware of his situation.

Opening his eyes he realized there were now about seven or eight women watching him. He flushed a deep crimson and almost slowed his jerking, but Alice barked at him to keep going. She was such a bitch... and he resumed his beating faster and faster.

All at once the climax hit him and he grunted involuntarily. His head tipped back and he felt the orgasm spread across his hips as he pushed up and squeezed the semen out. The women laughed, and a few clapped when he finished his show, stroking his cock slowly as the last bits of semen oozed out. A couple of the girls had their cell phones out, and had been taking pictures, or videos. Jake hung his head in shame at the thought that this humiliation might be preserved forever... and maybe even posted on the Internet.

As the girls left his cube, Jake rose to go pick up the newest POs from Janet. As he stood he looked down at his exposed genitalia and noticed that he had soiled his suit pants with semen. The stain spread over the front of his pants down both legs and almost to his knees. The white stickiness was drying into a crusty stain. Jake stood and stared, and sat back down. He couldn't walk around like this any more.

At lunch time Jake decided to go to the cafeteria. Most people around the company knew what had happened, and would not be surprised to see him at least. He walked in the cafeteria door, his fleshy genitals hanging in front of him. His penis was still partially erect from the cock ring, and he was glad of it because it made it look a little larger. Maybe he would not be teased as much...

Christina appeared before him. She looked so gorgeous today, he wondered if he had any chance with her at all after the embarrassment of earlier. She looked kind, and asked if she could have lunch with Jake. "Sure, I would ... love that. If you don't mind."

"Of course. Here, let me guide you through the lunch line." Christina smiled, reached down, grabbed Jake's cock and pulled, leading him toward the cafeteria food line. Jake felt his cock suddenly expand from her touch, as well as his face burning from the embarrassment of it's being used to be dragged around by this beautiful woman.

His first lunch date with Christina, and he had is pants unzipped and his cock and balls hanging out for all to see. He was grateful when they finally sat down and he could hide himself under the table. Throughout lunch, he could not determine whether Christina genuinely wanted to spend some time with him or whether she was simply having some fun at his expense.

When he returned to his cube, there was an email from HR waiting for him. He was informed (it said) that as part of the new corporate discipline program, his punishment was to be captured photographically. He had an appointment at 2:00 with Paula in HR, who would take his picture, which would later be posted on the newly established company Board of Shame.

He used the time until his appointment to try and get the cock ring off. It was a problem because the harder he tried, the harder his cock became and the tighter the cock ring. He had no lube, and sat spitting on his cock, missing and getting saliva all over his pants. It mingled with the semen stains. He finally got the cock ring off by applying some soap from the restroom and his cock immediately shriveled back to its flaccid state.

He showed up at 2:00 as required, and waited outside Paula's office. The administrative assistant (a guy named John), informed him that he was to stand facing the wall in the corner, out of the way. Standing in the corner was a blessing, as he was able to turn his exposed cock and balls away from passers by, though everyone knew he was there for discipline. He hung his head and leaned against the wall as he waited.

After about a half hour, Paula came out and greeted him kindly. Jake turned and saw a tall woman of about 40, over 6 feet in her heels, with a short and very cute haircut. She looked down at Jake for a moment, staring at his cock with dark eyes that never wavered until she looked up at his face and said "I heard about you... the lost PO, tiny cock, Corrine finally getting fed up. What is that gunky stain all over your pants... oh..."

Paula let out a long, guttural laugh as she realized how Jake had messed himself earlier. "Well then... this is going to make a nice picture! Stand up against that white wall over there."

Jake stood against the wall, facing Paula who had a small digital camera. A bright light illuminated his entire form and made him squint slightly.

"Stand with your legs just a bit apart... that's it. Now, hands behind your back." Paula ordered him to stand in the perfect position to accentuate his exposed genitals. "Hmmm... that still isn't good. Let me see..."

Paula came up, grabbed Jake's cock and balls in one hand and pulled hard. Her other hand pushed his pants back, pulling his genitals further out of his pants until his unshaved pubic hair was exposed and the maximum exposure was achieved.

"There. Now... just stand still..." Click. Click. Click. Paula took picture after picture, at different angles, closeups, full body shots, his face, his cock... everything. After about 10 minutes, it was over, and she smiled happily.

"Yep. That will do it. Better get back to work, dear... if you want to keep your job. Otherwise, all this humiliation will be for nothing."

Jake worked hard from 3:00 to 4:00 when he received a call from Corrine. She demanded his presence. He stood and walked to her office, knocking on the door.

"Come in." Corrine looked happy. "Oh, god, look at that! You poor thing, you have been walking around all day with your pitiful flesh exposed like that... well, we were able to recover the order from the customer, so I guess we can let you out of your situation."

Jake felt a flood of relief and started to tuck his testicles back in his pants.

"NO! Not yet, Jake... I heard you put on quite a show for some of the girls, and I wasn't there. You owe me something for that, don't you think? Come over here... service me." Corrine sat on the edge of her desk and hiked up her skirt, exposing dark panties which she quickly slipped off. Beneath them was a perfectly shaved, glistening pussy. Jake gasped for a moment, looking at the folds of flesh nestled between Corrine's firm smooth thighs.

"Jake. Service me. I am not sitting like this so you can stare, this isn't for your benefit. Come over here and make me cum; and it better be fast or I will lose my patience with you again."

Jake knelt in front of Corrine and slowly slid his head between her naked thighs, taking a deep breath and smelling the musky odor of her sex. His nose touched the softness of her cunt, and then his lips. She was wet, and ready for him. Grabbing his head from behind, Corrine shoved his face into her pussy, hard.

Jake used his tongue, delving deep inside Corrine's vagina, tasting her natural lubrication as he worked to get her off as quickly as possible. She guided him, thrusting her hips and pushing his head down as hard as she could. Her soft flesh enveloped his face, making it hard to breath... and then as she pushed him harder, it became impossible to breath. He tried to pull back to get some air but she was getting close and shoved him back in.

With a moaning grunt, Corrine came. She ejaculated, spurting her urine over his face as she orgasmed. Jake tried to pull back but she had both hands shoving him in deeply as her hips thrust and her legs shook with the climax. When she finally let go, Jake gasped, sucking in air as fast as he could. Corrine lay on the desk, exhausted and recovering. She reached one high heeled foot out and shoved Jake away from her.

"Get out of here. Go home. Wash your face off, too. It's a mess."

Jake finished zipping up and walked across the building, a mixture of Corrine's body fluids drying on his face. Several people noticed he no longer had his cock and balls hanging out, but... what was that all over his face? He didn't answer, but got to the restroom as quickly as possible. He washed, straightened his clothes, and left the building as quickly as possible.

It had not been a good day.

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