Friday, December 10, 2010


She didn't struggle. It wasn't clear if the chloroform hit her too fast, or if she was just naturally submissive. In any case, Janice looked up at me with a sort of surprised recognition for a moment before her eyes rolled up and closed, sagging into my arms. She slumped down and grabbed my blouse, pulling it down as she slid. Even when unconscious she was trying to get my top off.

Getting Janice into the trunk wasn't hard, but getting her out resulted in her limp body falling to the pavement. Ooops. I actually apologized to her unconscious form before dragging her into the abandoned house I had found the day before. A patch of carpet prevented any further abrasions to her delicate skin as I drug her along. There were no neighbors, but a passing car slowed to see what was going on. I smiled, and waved, as if it was all perfectly normal. The guy driving the car stared at the scene: a tall pretty girl dressed in black, a torn blouse and bedraggled long purple hair dragging a seemingly unconscious older girl with large breasts into an abandoned house.

He almost hit a fire hydrant, and after narrowly avoiding the obstacle, he sped off. Don't get involved.

The hardest part of the whole operation was getting her limp and uncooperative form up the steps. I hate steps. I hate uncooperative lesbians even more. The two of them made me sweat like a pig, and I was really glad when my girlfriend came out and helped drag her into the room we had prepared. We let her arms drop with a thunk! when she was in position.

She began twitching on the floor. The anesthesia was wearing off. We quickly raised her arms above her head and strapped her wrists into the opposing ends of the spreader bar. Another spreader bar was secured to her ankles, and she lay on the floor with arms and legs akimbo, forced out and wide in the loveliest "X" position.

I took smelling salts, a small capsule of ammonia, and broke it under her nose. The thing stunk and I turned my head. It worked really well, too, because in a couple of seconds my sleeping beauty was thrashing around like a stuck pig, trying to get away from the penetrating odor. I threw the capsule away and sat back, observing my newly acquired possession as she slowly got her bearings.

When she saw me, her eyes grew wide with recognition. "You! You... how... "

"How did I find you?" I chuckled. "I warned you I might show up unexpectedly. So here I am. And there you are. Ready for a little play time?"

She fidgeted, realizing she was bound in a rather awkward position, testing the restraints a bit. Sitting up, she moved her widespread arms in front of her as she looked around the abandoned and decaying room. She looked worried. That turned me on.

Her body started to wriggle, prevented from making very meaningful movements from the arm and leg spreaders, but still more than I wanted right then. "Yep, you seem to be eager to get started. Let's give you a little lift!"

I walked over to the side of the room where a rope was secured to a heavy (though rotting) armoire, and then ascended to a pulley above. I untied it and started pulling on the rope, drawing it through the pulley. After going through the pulley, the rope descended to the arm spreader that held my acquisition's arms apart. By pulling on the rope, I raised her arms above her head.

"Hey, what? What's... what? Ow. That's pulling. Oh my god..." she began wriggling harder as the rope pulled her higher, forcing her to stand on her spread legs. I didn't stop there. Continuing to pull, I lifted my bound victim higher in the air, inch by inch, until her toes left the ground and she swung free, hanging by her arms.

Janice swung for a moment, the weight of her body straining her arms and shoulders. The straps around her wrists were soft, designed to take the weight while keeping her secure, but I imagined she wasn't a happy camper right about then.

"OK. Look Jenn. I understand what you are doing. Let's have some fun, but let me join in. Let me down and we can do something together..." She was looking up at her wrists and then across at me as I tied the rope off again. Being kidnapped was something that she had always carefully planned in advance, but this time it was being done unplanned, by a stalker, albeit a rather sensual and adventurous stalker. Her nerves and fear were beginning to bubble over, and it could be heard in the tone of her voice.

"My dear, you are participating. You are absolutely lovely, dangling from above. But I think you don't really have a leg to stand on right now," I grinned wide at this, "so let me help a bit."

I got two boxes that stood in the corner and slid them under her widely spread feet. She managed to maneuver onto them, and support herself just enough to relieve the worst of the strain on her arms. Her breathing was still fast and she looked at me like a rabbit in headlights. Yes, this was really, really, turning me on.

A creak in the old floorboards announced the arrival of my girlfriend. Janice jumped in surprise and almost lost her footing when she realized we were not alone. "What is this, Jenn? Who is this? I don't trust this, I am not sure that I want..."

"This is my girlfriend. You know I have told you about her. She and I do everything together. Don't worry, I won't let her get carried away. In the meantime, I think you have talked enough. Time for the gag." My girl produced the full head harness with ballgag. I stood on tiptoe and slid it over Janice's head, buckling it into place.

"Wait, you can't gag mphghhpmphhh," her protests turned unintelligible as the gag slipped into her working, flapping mouth, spreading it wide. A good shove got the rubber ball all the way in, and I buckled the last strap tightly. Yep. Nicely done, the straps covering her face enhanced her looks tremendously, making her sexier than ever. I took the opportunity to lick her cheek.

I stepped back for a moment to view the current situation. She half hung from the ceiling, sort of balancing on toes that shook on the weak boxes under her spread feet. Drool was already forming around the gag, and we could see the slightly scared, slightly expectant look in her eyes. I was getting so hot by this scene, I needed to express myself. Turning to my girlfriend, I wrapped my arms around her waist, kissing her deeply. One of her legs rose slightly to wrap around my legs, and I enjoyed the feeling of our breasts pressing softly as my tongue danced with hers.

A muffled noise drew out attention back to the prisoner, who was looking at our incipient makeout session with jealousy. My girl and I turned to her, hand in hand, while we pondered our next move.

"I really want to get a better look at her. She doesn't need that top, does she?" my girl was rather too the point as she pulled out some rather large shears. I watched as she took the bottom seam of Janice's top and pulled it out, then started snipping. She began struggling a little, and made pathetic muffled whining noises. I guess she had liked that top. Oh, well, I thought. Can't be helped.

The top removed, her large breasts were still trapped under a very unbecoming bra which looked uncomfortable. No matter. A couple of snips later and the softness of her curves was released and hung heavily and nakedly before us. My girlfriend stepped back, and I stepped forward, sliding one hand over her now naked breasts, feeling their shape, their softness, watching her nipples react to the touch. Leaning over, I took one nipple between my lips and began to suck gently. She really did have a good body, and it felt good to finally be able to touch it in any way I wished.

Janice moaned slightly. I looked up at her face as I switched sides, taking her other breast in hand, nipple in mouth, and began suckling. She was rolling her eyes, closing them, feeling the arousal and impossibility of her situation. Frustrated with the inability to respond and participate as I played with the texture of her aureole, feeling the nipple become hard under my tongue, she also felt a certain humiliation with being bound and used in front of someone she didn't know. My girlfriend watched in amusement as these conflicting emotions flickered across her face.

When I finished playing with her breasts, I stepped back and observed the lipstick I had left smeared across both her nipples. It helped, I decided. She looked better that way. But there was something missing.

Nipple clamps. The nasty gator ones that hurt a long time after they were removed, ones with big springs that clamped down hard. I pulled them out of my bag, and walked over to my poor Janice, dangling and available for me to play with in any way I pleased. She saw the clamps, and knew what was coming. The sensation of pain wasn't new to her as the first clamp clutched and smashed her left nipple, but she still squealed behind her gag and jerked her head back to look at the ceiling. The second clamp kissed her right nipple briefly before I released it and another agonized squeal was heard. A small weight was attached to each clamp, assuring a constant downward drag on her most pert breasts.

"I think you still have too many clothes on," I observed. The shears were still nearby and I began work on her jeans, cutting from her ankle cuffs up the leg, slowly exposing the shapely form. This prompted a lot of jerking around, flexing, and muffled howling. Expensive jeans? Or just shy? Hard to tell with her mouth all full like that.

Cutting jeans off is hard work. My hand hurt afterward, and as I stood looking at her nearly-naked form I sucked on some sore spots. She had a body, there was no doubt about that. She looked good in just panties, too. Still, what waited underneath was better, and needed to be exposed. My girl picked up the shears and with two quick snips, the panties dropped away and revealed my dear Janice's pussy. She had turned her head as if to try and hide her face. She was really feeling vulnerable, exposed... humiliated? Hard to believe this slut was embarrassed by nudity. Then again, this was her first encounter with me.

I felt a hand slide around my waist, gliding over my stomach and under my top. My girlfriend wrapped her arms around me, nuzzling my neck in that most arousing way she has. I continued to view Janice's taught body, strung up in front of me. With a slow, deliberate movement, I kicked the box under her left foot away. She dangled and tried to maintain with her right foot on the remaining box. Her struggles were a delight. I watched her leg muscles flex and jerk until I kicked the other box away, leaving her dangling. Stepping back to view my handiwork, I watched her hanging by her arms, slowly swaying backwards and forwards.

"I want to make you cum," the words whispered in my ear were like music. Her hands slid across my stomach and then under my pleather skirt, pushing it down over my hips slowly. When it was down far enough, I wriggled and let them drop. Her hands descended between my legs and searched for the softer flesh of my pussy. I continued to look at Janice hanging before me, wriggling gently in her bonds as my girlfriend's fingers found and spread my lips. They were wet. I moaned involuntarily and turned to kiss her. She never missed a beat, and one finger entered me as I spread my legs slightly, encouraging her entry.

The strength left my legs, and I sank down to a mattress that lay to the back of the room. Positioning myself so that I could watch our prisoner struggle, I raised my knees and spread my legs wide, inviting my girl's tongue to do what she does so well. It was hard concentrating, with two fingers deep inside, hooked to my G-spot, and her tongue sliding gently over my clit, and then harder and faster as my hips began to move with the need for increased sensation.

Janice looked down at the spectacle of our lovemaking, a mix of frustration, desire, arousal and anger flickering across her face. I could tell she wanted to participate. But she wasn't participating except as a bound and gagged observer and that's the way I wanted it. I lay looking at her suspended from the ceiling, feeling the sensations of a slowly building orgasm as I observed her body stretched and restrained before me. Her hips even began swaying (unconsciously, I am sure) in rhythm to my own.

Finally I reached the point where I could not keep my eyes focused and open any more, my hands went down and grabbed my girlfriend's head and I raised my ass off the floor as the climax flooded over me. God, it felt good, cumming in that place, with Janice looking on helplessly. I had wanted to do this for ages, and finally, here we all were. It was better than I had hoped.

My girl and lay in each other's arms for a while, panting, sweaty from exertion. Janice was making muffled whining noises, trying to talk through the gag. We looked at her for a while, enjoying the site of her naked form on display just for the two of us.

When recovered sufficiently, I rose from the mattress and walked over to Janice. "Dear. My dear, lovely Janice. I know you are frustrated, incredibly. You want to join us, I think. And in a way, it's only fair. We have had some fun, you deserve a nice fuck as well. What do you say?"

She looked at me with a mixture of hope and caution. "Mpphhhfff," she said.

"I will take that as a yes. I think we can do something here..." and with that, I went over to the rope, untied it and slowly lowered her body. When her toes touched the floor, she stabilized herself and relieved the strain on her body. As her arms came down she stood more normally (though her legs were still spread a good three feet wide). Her arms lowered until they stretched out to either side at the level of her breasts. Lowering her like this changed the whole dynamic of her body - she didn't look as skinny when her flesh was no longer stretched, and her boobs hung down a bit (which accentuated the affect of the nipple clamp weights).

My girlfriend grabbed her arm spreader and jerked it behind her as I lowered the suspension rope further. With a slow, deliberate guidance she took Janice down backwards so that she was laying down on the floor on her back. When the rope was completely relaxed she tied it to a hook in the wall, forcing Janice's arms above her head as she lay.

I took out the rather large strapon and slipped it around my waist, positioning it properly at my groin. A few buckles tightened, and it was on firmly, ready for my prisoner's pleasure... or discomfort. It remained to be seen.

When Janice saw what I was wearing she yelped. It was a large dildo, I had to admit. Big. Wide and long. Perfect for the slut I knew her to be. Slowly and deliberately, I knelt between her spread legs. Guiding the tip of the artificial cock to the edges of her pussy, I began playing at stimulating her. She was looking at me with dread and anger, and I smiled down at her for a moment.

"Oh, wait. I think I forgot something... you would appreciate a little lube, I suppose." She nodded her head vigorously, making approval noises through her gag. A small bottle and a squirt did the job, and the artificially ribbed and molded rubber was slick as could be.

The dildo pressed against her pussy lips once again, this time making a slow entry. The lube helped a lot, though I could see the cock was pretty large and had started stretching her out. I went slowly, getting it deeper and deeper, watching for her reactions. When it was about 3/4 of the way in I could feel resistance and saw her flinch as it pressed against her cervix. Perfect.

Pulling out again slowly, I observed her pussy lips clasping the rubber rod as it exited her body, clinging as if to protest its withdrawal. When it was almost all the way out, I pushed in again, pressing harder this time. She grunted. It sounded good. I felt good on top of her like this, and lowered myself a little further until our stomachs touched and my breasts brushed hers. She was looking up at me, her eyes meeting mine as I began a slow but deep rhythm, pushing in and out with my hips.

In know time at all I was pounding into her, effort combining with the heat of the old house to create a sheen of sweat all over my body. I could feel my flesh slipping against hers and it was gratifying to feel her grunting in pain at the same time she was thrusting her hips to meet my own thrusts. I was penetrating deeply, our pussies touching and grinding, which meant that on each thrust the dildo was penetrating deeply enough to ram against her cervix. She probably felt like she was being impaled. She was, and she loved it.

What a slut.

Her eyes glazed over, still open but no longer following mine. Her grunts had taken on a kind of mewling noise, and she was wriggling her hips in a most unladylike manner. Suddenly, her chest and neck flushed a deep red. Her eyes closed and she moaned, pitching her head back while her entire body tensed under me. Her climax lasted a long time, and I kept going, grinding deep within her, pressing my own clit against the back of the rubber dong, pushing, feeling her flesh against mine...

And I had my own orgasm, climaxing just as she began to come down from her own. It was mostly psychological for me, to have her pinned beneath and at my mercy while forcing myself on her. Her body felt fantastic below mind, large breasts pressed against mine, legs raised and pressed against the outside of my thighs... I came with a loud moan and after a few moments collapse on top of her prostrate nakedness.

My girlfriend was there, at our heads, sitting and observing the look on Janice's face as she recovered from this intense experience. I slowly withdrew and Janice looked up at my girl's face, only to see a leather strap descend to her throat. The strap quickly surrounded her neck, and tightened until the blood started backing up in her head, turning it red and then purpose. She was breathing in short gasps with a partially restricted airway.

My girl was quick and to the point. "We are leaving now. It has been fun. We might even do it again. Would you like that?"

Janice nodded slightly, though it wasn't sure whether she really wanted to do it again or simply thought that was the right thing to say. In response, I leaned down and removed my best nipple clamps, causing her eyes to bug out and a rather loud screech. Twice.

"Gooooood. I want to thank you for the slut you are. Since we kind of screwed up your clothes, we are going to leave you some fresh ones. We didn't know your size, so they might be a tad small. But they will be enough to get you home. Now... " My girlfriend's face was hard and cold, "you aren't going to talk about this with anyone, are you? Because if you do, we will simply say it was aaallll arranged. Your past slutcapades will be enough that no one would ever believe anything different. And of course... we would be forced to come back later, and perhaps take harsher action."

"Better listen to her Janice. She is a wild one, and I can't always control her," I said seriously. "Here are your clothes. Sorry, no underwear, but it's just for a short time. We will untie your hands, then you can take care of the rest."

I took the incredibly short plaid schoolgirl skirt and starched white blouse and lay them next to her. We untied her hands and then left as she was fumbling with the buckles of her head harness and gag.

Later, sitting down the street in the rented car, we observed Janice exit the building with an extremely angry look on her face. She was wearing the plaid skirt which barely covered her ass (as long as she stood perfectly straight) and the blouse which was two sizes too small, bulging at the buttons.

As she hurried down the street, the same car we saw earlier came slowly cruising down the street. It started pacing her, though she refused to look inside. Finally the driver, the guy that had seen me drag the unconscious Janice into the abandoned house, rolled the passenger side window down and started talking. Janice pretended not to notice for a second, and then stopped. She looked up and down the street, as if looking for something. Finally, with a sense of resignation, she got in the driver's side door (exposing her naked ass in the process) and the two of them drove off.

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