Saturday, November 27, 2010


James came in the door with the slow, tired demeanor of someone who had had a hard day, and threw his coat on the back of a worn leather chair in the living room. He untied his tie and threw it over the coat. As he stumped down the hall, the sound of his wife rummaging in the closet greeted him.

"Hi, hon. Are you getting ready to go out tonight?" James asked tentatively. His wife, Erin, turned and surveyed him with thinly veiled annoyance. She was a tall woman, almost as tall as James, with short dark blond hair cut with an attractive tousled look. Her face looked about ten years younger than her 32 years, with light freckles and gray eyes. A smooth light complexion complemented her overall look. She was putting on a rather tight black dress which nicely showed her remarkable curves, and stopped mid-thigh to show her strong legs.

"Yes, James. You remember, we are going over to Vic's tonight. I told you this Sunday night. What is it with you?" Erin put on a pair of black heels over her bare feet and then faced James appraisingly. "It doesn't matter. You aren't the one that needs to look impressive. In fact I don't think you could if you wanted to. Lets get going."

James was standing with a slightly sad, slightly shocked look on his face. He had indeed forgotten that he was accompanying his wife to her lovers house that evening. It wasn't the best of situations, and he did not relish the thought at all.

"Hon... babe... Erin. Do I need to go this time? I mean... I will take you out someplace really nice. We haven't been to the - "

Erin interrupted him before he could get any further. "James, we have been over this. I have needs that you can not fulfill. Your lousy dick is just part of the problem. I don't blame you, you didn't have any experience with women because of that pitiful thing, so even if you got a decent sized one now, it would be a waste. I need this. So if you want me to stay with you, this is what you will do."

Erin lowered her voice and slid up to James, wrapping her arms around his neck lightly, and letting her lips brush his cheek and lips as she talked.

"We are going over to Vic's. You will sit in the chair, and watch as I fuck his brains out. Maybe you will learn something, maybe not. And if I want to fuck him repeatedly, you will watch that as well. You will be silent and respectful, and not interfere. This is the condition of our marriage, and you will live up to it, or I will leave you and take everything you own in this world. Now, if we have that straight... let's get going!"

James had put his hands on Erin's waist and hips instinctively as she rubbed her body against his, and whispered her demands. The sensation of holding her youthful, incredible body drove him wild. He felt the raging erection in his pants. But instead of taking his wife as he desperately wanted to do, he simply nodded his head and followed her from the room.

Vic's house was a short drive away; a large ranch style custom home much too large for one person. He lived there quite happily, having kept the house as part of a divorce settlement a few years earlier. It was secluded from the street by a row of trees, and as James pulled into the drive and stopped in front of the house, he felt that he was descending into purgatory. Erin got out and walked up to the door. James followed, head bowed in humiliation. He watched Erin's long legs before him stride confidently, the white flesh contrasting with the black dress which showed her rounded ass.

The door opened and let out a stream of welcoming warm light. Vic greeted them both, and kissed Erin soundly with a deep tongue kiss which she returned eagerly. Vic smiled and shook hands with James and led them to the den, a large area that had comfortable couches and recliners, ottomans and even a soft fur rug in front of the fireplace. In the corner there was a small chest, which James knew contained a variety of sex toys and paraphernalia.

"So, James buddy. That's your chair, as usual," Vic motioned to a hard square office chair with arms in the corner. James sat obediently, shaking his head in wonder that he was once more about to watch this construction working do his wife. What choice did he have?

Vic raised the lid on the chest, and produced a line of rope which he handed to Erin. Erin walked over to James, smiling. "Dearest... last time I am afraid you actually tried to pleasure yourself with that embarrassing thing you call a cock, while Vic and I were having fun. Completely unacceptable. I ended up throwing your underwear away, I didn't want to touch that sticky, dried residue. No touching tonight, and to make sure you don't Vic and I have decided you should be restrained."

"Wait! Erin, what is this... you can't tie me up!"

"Oh yes, James, I can. I am very good at it too." Erin looped James' right arm several times and then strung the rope over to the left arm.

"But, Erin... please... I won't interfere, and I won't masturbate. Honestly. Just... don't tie me up. Please. Please!"

Erin felt herself getting aroused as her husband pleaded. She was really getting off on humiliating James this way. She really wanted Vic inside her fast, but she knew it would be better if she played this out a bit.

"James... I am afraid that this is quite necessary. And if we have any problem with you tonight, we might have to gag you. Vic?" Vic handed her a short penis gag that inserted into the mouth with a head harness. "You see? Vic and I are going to enjoy ourselves, and you either have to control yourself or we will control you."

James simply hung his head as she put the final touches on the ropes around his ankles. She really did know how to tie a knot, he realized. He could hardly move.

Her job done, Erin and James began spending their evening together. They poured themselves drinks, made martinis and sipped them on the sofa across from James. He watched them as they talked intimately of their jobs, their lives, hopes and dreams. Their conversation was more intimate that anything he had shared with Erin since soon after their wedding, and tears trickled down his face as he watched Erin snuggling closer, lifting one leg and sliding it over one of Vic's legs. The action rode her skirt up so that James could see her beautifully rounded ass... she was wearing no panties.

Then Vic's hand was on her ass, lifting and pulling as they kissed passionately. In moments, her skirt was lifted up and bunched around her waist and Vic's hand was stroking her pussy as she slowly moved her hips against his hand. Erin was kissing him deeply, moaning in a kind of short breathed demanding way that meant she wanted sex bad. James could see his wife's pussy was wet and glistening as Vic slid one finger inside.

James squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, but then opened them again. His own erection was raging and he was horny as hell. He wanted to touch himself so badly, but the restraints kept his hands away from vital parts.

Suddenly, Vic stopped making out with Erin, rose and removed his pants. He then walked over to James, who looked at him with amazement and surprise. Erin watched with amusement.

"So... James boy. I think your wife there deserves a nice, big, hard cock. Care to help me get ready?" With this, Vic grabbed James' hair and chin, pulled his head back and mouth open. Raising one leg up, Vic slid his semi-hard cock into James' mouth.

Erin watched with complete pleasure as her lover shoved his cock into her husbands mouth. Vic was anything but small, and James gagged as the shaft was pushed deeper down his throat. Trying desperately to breathe, James was simply keeping his mouth open and hoping for it to be over soon, but Vic kept pushing in and out, his cock getting harder and longer. When it was fully erect it was a solid nine inches, and James was seriously choking. Erin could not tell if it was due to embarrassment or choking, but she could see James' face was bright red. She slowly slid the fingers of her left hand over her clit as she watched the show.

Finally, Vic removed himself. James gasped, breathing freely for the first time in several minutes. Vic was hard and well lubricated with saliva, and moved back to Erin. Spreading her legs wide so James could see everything, she accepted Vic on top of her as she lay back on the soft couch. She gently guided Vic until he was pressing slightly on the lips of her pussy, and then with ecstasy felt him push into her.

Behind Vic, she heard James gasp as he saw Vic enter her. He never did get used to seeing it, and it never ceased to excite her to know he was watching Vic slide inside. She felt Vic's large member filling her, spreading her wide, penetrating deeper, and she almost climaxed right then.

James watched Vic's shaft press against his wife's pussy lips, slowly parting them as he pressed. They were glistening wet, and with the added lubrication of James' saliva on his cock, it slid in with little problem. He saw Erin's hands clutching at Vic's ass and back, clawing, pressing him closer and deeper. Her naked legs wrapped around his thighs, bouncing as he began to thrust.

James view was perfect; he could see his wife's flesh wrapped tightly around Vic's cock as it pulled out and then plunged back in deeply. Vic's balls began slapping against Erin's ass as they picked up the pace in a constant rhythm. Vic had lowered some of his weight on top of Erin, and they began kissing as they fucked.

It was one of the most frustrating nights James had ever experienced. Seeing his wife fucking so passionately, with Vic's long hard member pounding in deeply. Each thrust was evoking a slight grunt from his wife, and her body squirmed under Vic's muscular form.

James wanted to be inside his wife so badly, he could feel it. He was watching closely as the two lovers rocked and pushed, moaning as their sexual excitement increased and approached orgasm. His own cock was rigid and jerking inside his pants. He began a rhythmic motion with his hips, pushing in synchronization with Vic's thrusts. His cock throbbed and slid against his underwear, and his inner thighs. It wasn't enough, but it was all he would get this evening. That, and the sight of his wife's incredibly body wrapped around another man, pushing and pulling him to orgasm.

The lover's orgasm arrived with quite a bit of noise. Vic started grunting and swearing as the contractions began deep inside him, his thrusts becoming faster and deeper than before. Erin, sensing the coming wave, frantically thrust and wriggled her hips, moving one hand to rapidly massage her clit just above Vic's thrusting flesh.

With cries of pleasure, the couple climaxed within seconds of each other. James observed Vic's ass tighten and press with the need to eject his fluid into Erin's body; Erin thrust upward and wrapped her arms and legs around Vic as tightly as she could.

At the same time, James experienced a flood of pleasure. His own cock convulsed, and sperm suddenly spurted into his underwear. He tried to stop it, knowing in the back of his mind that Erin would find the dried residue, but he couldn't. It was too late, and he simply filled his pants with sticky fluid.

Hanging his head, James heard his wife and her lover panting as they held each other in an after-orgasm glow. There were wet sounds of kissing, suckling and the like as Erin and Vic caressed each other. When he finally raised his head and looked again, he was greeted by the sight of Erin's wide spread legs revealing her pussy. Draining slowly from the crack was the white fluid of Vic's semen, oozing out.

Reaching down and fondling herself, Erin felt the leaking fluid and gathered some in her fingers. She took Vic's cum and stepped over to James. She smeared the semen on his cheek, laughed, and returned to Vic.

It was only the beginning. Erin and Vic spent a long evening together, playing with each other as James watched. At one point, tears trickled down James face as he watched the couple 69 before the fire, Erin gagging slightly but continuously thrusting her hips into Vic's face.

After they had exhausted themselves completely, Erin and Vic untied James. Erin led her humiliated husband to the car, kissing Vic as she got in to the passenger's seat, and telling him what a wonderful time she had had that evening. She made it clear that Vic was by far the best lover she had ever had.

With Vic's dried cum across his face, and his own cum filling his pants, James drove his wife home.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Anatomy Lesson

"Ladies, we have a special treat today. In our studies of the human anatomy, we have spent some time doing comparative anatomy with the human male. While the study of the male is certainly of less interest, comparison of the lesser male and superior female does give us a better understanding of ourselves and of the archaic, historical reproductive methods."

At this, the 20 or so girls in Miss Leman's class had their attention drawn to a strange gurney rolled in from the side door of the classroom. The strangely shaped gurney was split at the bottom, so that the occupant's legs would be spread wide and down, away from the rest of the body. Laying on the gurney was a male in his early 20's, strong and lean. A series of straps held him securely to the hard metal gurney.

The male was naked, as all males were naked in that time. Clothes were as unnecessary as they were for animals. However, the male's head was securely covered by a black wooden box.

"Will everyone get up, and gather around the sample male? We will be examining and then castrating him today, and you need to be close to see the parts as we use and dissect them."

The class of girls gathered around, some of the shorter girls jockeying for position and squeezing forward. When everyone had a view of the male's body, Miss Leman began her examination and explanation. Her hands lifted the limp (though large) male member in her hand and began to idly stroke it.

"As you know, most of the male organs are external to the body which makes them easy to study. I am currently stroking the penis, a shaft protruding from the body which is used for urination. At one time it was also used for penetration and insemination of women, but as we all know this rather unhealthy and disgusting practice is no longer necessary."

The male moaned slightly as his penis became erect. It was muffled heavily from the box covering his head. Miss Leman commented, "You can hear a bit of the male's reactions to my manual stimulation. His head is covered with a sound absorbing box to prevent his cries from disturbing us too much. He is also wearing a heavy gag inside. However, you will be able to observe his reactions to our procedures today, as not all sound is blocked."

The girls looked on in fascination as the male's penis grew larger and harder in Miss Leman's hands. When it looked like it was going to get so stiff that it might break, the teacher surprised the students by climbing on the male's body, straddling his stomach. In this position, her skirt was hiked up high on her thighs, revealing long, strong legs which many of the other girls admired longingly. One reason for Miss Leman's popularity as an instructor was her amazing looks and tight, muscular body. Most girls had at least a little crush on her."Girl's, as you can see, the male is now erect. I shall now demonstrate the basic, and archaic use of the male genitalia."

With this, Miss Leman pulled her skirt higher, until it surrounded her waist, revealing that she was not wearing panties. She slid forward, her pussy rising slightly and positioning over the penis, which stood straight up.

"You can now see some of the original reason for natural vaginal lubrication," Miss Leman said as she spread her pussy lips and began to slowly insert the penis inside. Her breathing was coming slightly faster, and at the first contact and entry of the penis glans, the male made a grunting noise and thrust his hips slightly.

"As you can see, the male has a natural desire, which he can not resist, to enter a female. This uncontrollable urge is one reason males have been subdued and are controlled in modern society," Miss Leman continued lecturing as she slid down the shaft, letting it sink all the way inside her, meeting the male's thrust. "The mutual rubbing of penis inside a vagina produces an intensely pleasurable feeling for the male... something similar to the superior orgasm which females experience."

Miss Leman continued to slide up and down on the penis shaft for a while, as the girls observed. Some were finding themselves aroused by this decadent display of animal lust. The male was grunting and pushing, and Miss Leman appeared to be enjoying the process as well. She no longer lectured, but was breathing heavily. Some of the buttons on her white blouse had come undone, revealing soft cleavage that shuddered slightly as she bounced on top of the male.

Just when some of the girls felt the urgency to satisfy themselves, and others felt the urge to report the disgusting behavior of Miss Leman, she slid up and off the male.

"And now, to finish this part of the demonstration," she said, breathlessly recovering her composure as she continued to stroke the stiff penis in her hand. Her fingers deftly manipulated the lubricated shaft, until with a loud groan the male convulsed and a white liquid came spurting from the hole in the tip of its penis.

"You see... this is how we get sperm. I understand the shock you are experiencing with facing the pure biological function, but regardless of your distaste, it is important that you understand." Miss Leman pulled her skirt down, buttoned her blouse, and continued her lecture, describing the process of sperm manufacture in the testicles, through the various intermediate steps, mixture with semen and final ejaculation.

"All right, I think it is time to take a look inside. This male is scheduled for castration, and we can use this opportunity to take a look inside. Gather around, now." Miss Leman slid a tray of metal instruments close to the naked male's groin. His spread and strapped legs clearly revealed the genitalia, the large, engorged penis still recovering from orgasm, and the floppy sack of flesh below.

As she described the procedure, Miss Leman picked up a scalpel. Taking the male's scrotum in one hand, she displayed the heavy flesh sack for all the girls to see. They were encouraged to touch it briefly, feeling the soft lumps of the testicles inside. The male shook a little and muffled sounds came from the box that covered his head.

"As you can see, this area is extremely sensitive for the male. Your handling of his testicles has caused him some discomfort. This is nothing compared to the discomfort he is about to experience, of course, as we remove these organs from his body. We will all be grateful that he is gagged and his head well secured inside the sound absorbing container."

Miss Leman, raised the scrotum up in one hand, distending it and pulling it tight with the testicles making a smooth round shape. The scalpel was skillfully used to slice a long incision across the end of the scrotum. The male began to twist and struggle in his bonds, the pain of the cut clearly a surprise. Muffled moans and cries could be heard, but they were stifled enough that Miss Leman could be heard clearly as she described the exposed anatomy.

With a squeeze, two white soft egg-like lumps slipped out of the opening in the scrotum. Dangling before all the girls, the male's testicles were exposed. The scalpel sliced around them, cutting off a thin covering of tissue, revealing the texture of the lumps, as well as the small fleshy tubes that extended back into the body. As the male shook, squirmed and screamed inside his dark box, the girls each observed the nature of the sperm production organ, sperm path, and collection points.

Cutting deeper and further up, Miss Leman followed the path of the Vas Deferens, the tubes which transported sperm to the prostate and finally the penis. It was a mind capturing illustration of how the sticky liquid which lay drying on the male's heaving stomach was produced.

The male's penis was flaccid, shriveled and lifeless, hanging to one side. The pain wracked his body, his chest heaving up and down as he screamed into his gag and the sound deadening box absorbed most of his noise.

At last, Miss Leman produced something that looked like a sharp pair of pliers. She took one testicle in her hand, and positioned the pliers behind it, over the fleshy connection to the body. With a single, swift press, all connection to the body was severed. The male screamed, loudly enough that it penetrated through the gag and padded walls of the prison encasing his head. The testicle dropped into Miss Leman's hand. She placed it into a Petrie dish and passed it to the nearest girl, to study and pass on.

The second testicle was next. The frantic movements of the male showed that he was fully aware of what was coming. Blood was forming where the straps held his straining limbs in place. All this meant nothing, and with the same swift squeeze, the second testicle was severed, placed in a Petrie dish and then passed to the girls.

"The male's love of their genitals is unequaled," Miss Leman stated. "The removal of these organs is extremely painful, both physically and mentally. The current pain he is experiencing will give way to the psychological pain of having lost these two small lumps of flesh."

Miss Leman's hand slowly stroked the male's body, feeling the hard muscles still flexing in a useless struggle. It was clear she relished the experience.

Just before wheeling the male out of the classroom, Miss Leman removed the sound deadening box surrounding the male's head. It revealed the contorted face of a young man, perhaps about 20 years old. A heavy gag covered the lower portion of the face. The face was contorted in agony, eyes shut and cheeks wet from tears. Miss Leman leaned over and stroked the handsome face, and then kissed his cheek. The affectionate touch brought on new sobs as the man looked into her eyes, a knowing look showing that he was looking into the eyes of the woman who had just tortured and robbed him of his manhood.

The male was wheeled out. Miss Leman explained that he was to be sold as a slave in a mixed sex work camp. His castration was a requirement before entry.

His testicles remained behind in the classroom.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Breath Play

"Do you love me?" I whispered in her ear, letting my breath carry the words gently and warm her neck.

"Yes..." She was not struggling against the straps that held her to the chair. Her eyes closed and her head tilted slightly, as if to give my question more access to the bare flesh of her neck.

My own long hair slid across her skin, where goose bumps appeared and then faded. As I slowly moved around behind her I let my breasts brush against her upper arm, first my left... then my right. I wore no bra and I sensed her warmth and imagined that my nipples grew hard just at that moment.

Positioning myself behind her, I lowered my face so that it was next to hers. We both looked forward into a mirror that sat in front of the chair, she looking into my eyes, as I looked into hers. Her legs were strapped to the chair legs, slightly apart. The light skirt she wore revealed smooth thighs (though no more).

Casually, my left hand slid across her shoulder until it cupped her throat, feeling the bare flesh there and squeezing slightly to feel the blood pump through arteries to feed her brain. She did not flinch. After a moment my hand slid down from her neck to her chest, and then under her top as I felt cleavage give way to the softness of breasts. Down my fingertips felt, crawling under the cloth and finding the perfect underside of the sphere until my hand cupped and lifted her right breast. My index finger slid up and played with her nipple, which was hard, waiting for me.

She gasped slightly at the stimulation, and shifted position in the chair, her body feeling the impulse to respond. She couldn't, which was the way we both wanted it. My right hand slid fingers into her hair, entwining and grabbing and pulling her head back until she looked directly into my eyes as I looked down. I kissed her then, a deep tongue kiss, forced upon her restrained form, and yet willingly accepted. Her tongue flittered and pulled mine in as her breathing quickened. Her kisses were always the best.

I broke the kiss, and withdrew my hand. Her top was partway open from my explorations, her breasts partially visible. Restrained as she was in the chair, ankles, knees, wrists and elbows, she had never looked sexier. My own arousal almost took me made me release her and start ripping clothes off, but I held my concentration.

From behind her, I brought out the thin latex sheet I had waiting. I slowly positioned it over her face, and then pulled it back all the way until it clung tightly, conforming to the shape of her nose, eyes, mouth. Her breathing suddenly became labored. In fact, her attempts to breathe were no longer successful. She stayed remarkably still at first, simply tolerating the rubber that covered her face. But the desire for air overcame her, and her chest struggled, heaving in her attempts to suck in some oxygen.

I released the rubber sheet, and she took a huge, deep breath. Panting for just a moment, she looked at me in the mirror with frightened eyes. Looking back at her in the mirror, I kissed her cheek, caressed her hair, and smiled approvingly. The latex sheet descended over her face once again. This time she saw it coming and took a deep breath before I pulled it tight and cut off her air.

It was only 45 seconds or so, but it was enough. She began to struggle, chest heaving and arms wriggling in the restraints. The latex sheet sucked into her open mouth as she tried to breathe. I released the sheet and she sucked in air, panting, gasping for longer this time. She didn't look at me for a while, and when she finally did her eyes showed the same fear, and as well as something else...

"Do you love me?" I once again breathed in her ear.
"Yes!" She almost spit out, as if unwilling to give up the air for that simple word.

"Will you do anything for me?"

She looked at the ceiling, took a deep breath, and then lowered her face so she stared at me directly in the mirror.


It was time. She knew what she was in for, understand the reality. She had committed herself.

From behind her chair I produced a single large clear plastic bag and a Velcro strap. I slid the bag over her head. She stared out through the distortion of the clear plastic, still looking at me. The fear was still in her eyes. And yes... that something else. The love. The dedication. The commitment to do all, endure all, for me.

Could I take advantage of that? Yes, yes I could.

"When I place the strap around your neck, it will cut off your air. All you will have to breath is in this bag and in your lungs. The air will last about two minutes. The Velcro strap can easily be removed. Just pull on it, here." I illustrated how it could be undone with a quick, simple pull.

"Once I place the strap around your neck, I will undo your right arm restraints. You may remove the strap and bag at any time. You may breath at any time." She looked at me with a rising question of fear. She had not expected this-- this was a test. A test beyond what she was prepared for. She saw it coming.

"All I ask is that you not remove the bag. That's all. Give yourself to me, completely to me. Breathe in what air you have. I will be here with you. When consciousness slips away, know that you are still with me, and that it is forever."

Tears came to her eyes and trickled down her cheeks. "I don't know... if I can."

"That's up to you dear."

I slipped the strap around her neck, pulled it tight and let the Velcro hold it in place. She breathed in suddenly, the bag contracted over her face as all the extra air was sucked into her lungs.

As she continued to breathe, the bag expanding and contracting with each breath, I moved from behind her to the front, kneeling before her and undoing the restraints of her right arm. Her hand reached up and gripped my shoulder. I rose and slid over her, until I knelt between her legs, my face close to hers. She looked into my eyes with pain and fear, but I could see that it was fear that she would not make it, that she would give in.

Her sucking breath came faster now. She shook her head from side to side. Her free right hand alternately gripped the chair and my arm. Her skin under the bag was wet, sweaty from exertion and from the humidity of the trapped air inside.

The heaving of her chest was so alluring, arousing, I unbuttoned her blouse all the way, spreading it wide to expose her beautiful breasts. Placing my hands on her bare chest and stomach I felt the strain, the desperation in her body as she gasped for oxygen.

"Please... please..." She gasped. What is was she begged for I did not know, and I suspect she didn't either. I slid my hands up her body to either side, under, and then to the sides of her breasts and on to feel the ribs under her arms. At the same time I moved up and kissed her through the bag. Her gasping was panicked now, and her right arm clutched my neck, pressing my head against hers as she tried to kiss me with an all consuming kiss that would distract the pain her body felt.

I separated and watched her eyes closely. The fear was gone, the gasping was slowing. She was beginning to go.

Her free hand, which had held my arm tightly, was no longer tight. It was going limp, as her head began to wobble slightly. And then, all at once... her head fell backwards and her body relaxed completely.

I waited a moment, caressing her face, and then undid the strap. The bag slid off and cold, fresh air flooded her face, reviving her semi-conscious form. I slapped her once, twice. Her breathing strengthened and then took hold in slow, deep, starved gasps. Sitting with her head back, looking at the ceiling, she gasped and breathed and finally cried... tears running down her face.

I undid the rest of her restraints, and when they were all undone she fell forward, arms around me. "I have failed you!" she sobbed.

"No, dearest. You succeeded. I simply brought you back."

We sat together, enjoying the feeling of each others bodies against one another as she slowly recovered from the most intense experience of her life.