Saturday, October 16, 2010

Testicle Destruction

The testicle destruction was to be televised, the first one in over a month. Always a spectacle, the public punishment was a popular entertainment choice. There would be crowds of women in the prison arena, as well as millions tuning in to the show.

She got comfortable in the large recliner she kept in her office. It was after hours, nothing pending for the day. The door was locked, and the large flat screen TV came on with the opening commentators for that evening's public punishments.

She had removed all her clothes except for her panties. They were reserved for a little later. Her conservative gray suit hung on a coat rack by the door, next to her judicial robes.

For a judge, she was remarkably good looking, and healthy. Perfect breasts, small but well formed, rose slightly above her flat stomach. Below, a well trimmed pubic area was nestled between two thin but strong thighs. She was a dark honey blond, and her cute face did not show her 36 years.

Sitting in her recliner, she moved the chair back, watching the events on TV. Her right hand casually stroked her panties, beginning the slow process of masturbation idly, almost unconsciously. The left hand reached up and pinched her nipples just a bit. She licked the fingers to lubricate them, and then slid them over her sensitized nipples slowly.

As the moment arrived and the criminal was about to be brought out to the prison yard, she reached down and slid off her panties. She was getting excited, as she always did when this happened. Her breathing had quickened in anticipation, and she bent her knees, sliding her naked legs up and over the side arms of the chair. She was reclined naked, legs spread wide, facing the images on the TV screen, when the prisoner was brought out.

At first sight of the young man, convicted of unauthorized copulation, she took a short breath and touched the soft flesh of her pussy directly for the first time. She remembered him, from two weeks ago when he stood in her courtroom. She had been incredibly aroused when she had sentenced him, though she could not show it. Now she indulged it, inspecting every feature as he was dragged from his cage, arms bound behind him, naked except for a the loincloth. He was muscular, and looked a lot better without clothes than he did when he fell sobbing in her courtroom after she condemned him to this torture.

She massaged her pussy, staying away from her clit but slowly moving her fingers all around and dipping slightly into her wet slit. She switched hands, taking the wet fingers and sliding them over her breasts. She licked them, tasting herself, and continued stimulating her mound and her nipples.

The prisoner had been hauled onto the platform, where he stood dazed, starting out at the 2,000 or so women that had come to see his public humiliation and punishment. There were a few men in the crowd as well, mostly the escorts of richer women that had brought their men to see the spectacle.

A tall, strong woman approached the prisoner. She was the executioner, a favorite of the public. She wore black pants and black wife beater that showed her ripped arms and shoulders. With one strong yank, she ripped and removed the man's loincloth, exposing him to all. The camera zoomed in to his flopping genitalia.

At the site of the condemned's cock and balls exposed for all to see, the judge stroked herself slightly faster. The camera pulled back slightly as the prisoner was dragged over to a wooden frame. Made of a rough wood, the frame had the general shape of a chair, but with front legs wider apart than the back, and the back rest angled back slightly. It was only a frame, there were no flat surfaces on which to sit or rest, just the wooden framework to which the prisoner would be restrained. The naked man was shoved down into the chair and quickly strapped in place. His legs were spread and tied to the front legs, his hips and waist tied to the lower frame and back. Arms were strapped to the back frame, slightly behind him. The head was left free so that he could choose what he watched and saw.

The image on the screen split, with half showing the victim's face, and the other half the objects of interest in his groin area. He appeared frightened, and alternated from looking at the cheering crowd of women in front of him, and leaning his head back to stare at the blue sky. He was struggling against the straps slightly, the strain showed in his face and neck, but this was useless and he stopped.

The executioner moved in front of him, and took his cock in her hands. Her hands were oiled, and with a few quick but expert strokes, the man's cock had grown hard. The crowed cheered, jeered and laughed. The man's face, large with the closeup on one half of the screen, looked agonized but set, as if resigned to this public humiliation. He now stared almost constantly upward, no longer surveying the crown of women calling for his punishment.

The closeup on his genitals pulled back slightly as the executioner took the crushing device and began attaching it. It was a simple device, two slightly curved plates which were placed above and below the man's scrotum. Once in place, the back was snapped together, so that the plates hinged and opened outward toward the camera and audience. The testicles rested comfortably between these plates, awaiting their task.

Above the crusher, his cock remained hard, pulsing slightly. The judge knew that he had been given a powerful drug derived from viagra that assured a prolonged and perhaps painful erection. In some prisoners it even caused an ejaculation, usually after the punishment had been completed.

The naked judge was extremely aroused now, savoring the slow preparations and the fear in the prisoners face, but feeling the need for release. She hoped the executioner would get to it. Her hands roamed her body, touching every sensitive area, as her eyes focused on the man's face and the look of fear that had possessed his features.

The last item was put in place - a gag. Not a comfortable ball gag, but simply a wood dowel that would keep him from biting off his tongue. The procedure had been added just a few months ago, after a prisoner undergoing a public penectomy had bitten off part of his tongue, and had then swallowed and choked to death on the tissue. A most disappointing display.

At last all was in readiness and the judge moved her fingers slowly closer to her clit as the executioner took hold of the crusher and screwed two bolts through holes in the front of the crusher. As she screwed these in, the two plates were forced closer together. The first pressure was put on the condemned, the pain showed in his eyes, and the judge slid one finger over her clit, all in unison. It was perfect, the rush of pleasure from her touch was enhanced by the view of pain in the victim. She loved this part.

Wriggling in her chair, feeling her nakedness and the extreme pleasure as she fondled her clit, the young judge watched as more pressure was placed on the prisoner's testicles. The executioner twisted the bolts, moving from one to another, bringing the two plates together slowly but consistently. The testicles were flattening slowly, flesh from the scrotum squeezing out from the openings of the crusher plates. The prisoner began "the wriggle", as it was called. The involuntary attempt to get free, to stop the pain that was slowly accumulating in his genitalia and then spreading through his hips and stomach. His face had taken on a wild look of panic as he stared at the sky and his muscles strained against the straps that held him. His teeth bit down hard on the wooden gag.

The judge continued stroking her clit, patiently, faster, as the crusher squeezed tighter and tighter. She squeezed her nipples hard, feeling just a hint of pain that was encapsulated in the image before her. This aroused her even more, and she rubbed herself harder. She felt that she might climax soon now. The timing felt right; the testicles on the screen were flattened and the image of the prisoner's face showed that he was screaming, though she could not hear it. His cock remained hard and throbbing throughout this whole procedure, an ironic image which made the naked woman so sexually excited she imagined it entering her, even as the man screamed in agony.

The climax inside her naked body began to build, she felt it coming and spreading, just as the prisoner's left testicle exploded. Contained in the scrotum there was no blood or fluid, but from the close up shot, there was no doubt what had happened. There was a sudden change in shape of the left testicle bulge, it flattened completely, suddenly and the skin of the scrotum on the left side took on a balloon like appearance.

She was rubbing her clit and pussy vigorously now. The climax flooded over her as she took her extra hand and pressed two fingers deep inside. Her nipples were rock hard and pointed with the overwhelming physical sense of extreme pleasure. On the TV screen the prisoner's silent screams continued as the pressure that had been applied to the left testicle pressed on his right. One more turn of the bolt from the executioner, and the remaining testicle exploded as well.

In a freak occurrence, the hard penis which stood straight out from the mangled remains of his testicles suddenly spurt a white substance. The crowd roared approval, and the judge reached the peak of her orgasm, eyes rolling back in her head as she cried out in pleasure, head back, staring at the ceiling. The sight was more than ironic as the man and woman, both naked with legs splayed wide, experienced the peak of pleasure and pain at the same time.

The cock continued spurting semen, over and over, more semen than would ever be normally ejaculated. As the judge slowly descended from her orgasm, she watched with satisfaction as the last bit of sperm was squeezed from the victim. When his cock began to spurt blood, the executioner released pressure on the remains of the victim's testicles, unscrewing the bolts and removing the plates. The scrotum was purple-black, and dangled down like a sack of mush. No evidence of the testicles remained.

The camera pulled back, and showed several guards approaching the prisoner. They unstrapped him and pulled his limp form from the punishment chair. The judge watched as he was dragged off stage, sobbing, unable to move. Her body was relaxed from the orgasm which still faded, and she lay with her legs splayed wide and hand idly moving in circles around her clit. Her skin glistened with sweat, but the office air conditioning quickly dried her.

Finally, she placed her bare feet on the ground, turned off the TV and walked over to her desk. Still naked in her chambers, she took out her calendar to see who was in the docket tomorrow.


  1. thats just a great story! I mean, the castration story itself is great. But the story that is wrapped around if about the judge who mastrubate to it is just a perfect idea! :)

    It was so hot to read how much he suffers and how much she enjoy it. How they both "came" at the same time, and it was just super hot to see how much she enjoyed his castration.

    I really love the idea to wrap a female mastrubation story around a castration story. I cant believe that I havent read your stories earlier on the internet! :)

  2. This story is my favorite! It needs a sequel.