Thursday, October 28, 2010

Self Control

"So, you are telling me that you have been masturbating, every day, since you were 13?" Jamie looked at Mike with a mixture of disgust and amazement.

"Uh, well... maybe since I was 12," Mike could feel the blush heating his face and looked down at the table. He had married Jamie just a year ago, and was blissfully happy. Sometimes she could get a little overbearing, but she was so gorgeous, and he loved her. Mike wasn't that great looking and Jamie's tall, thin, brunette model good looks always made him feel inferior.

"So, you have been masturbating every day since you met me? Since we moved in together? Since we got married? Is that right?" Jamie's questions were almost statements, challenges, asking him to deny the truth.

"Yes. Sometimes more than once." Mike couldn't look at her now, he was looking at the table. He could see her tight fitting top over her perfect breasts, and that was enough to give him a hard on right then. Secretly, he knew he would probably be masturbating again within the hour, just to get this sexual tension out.

Jamie shook her head, not from disbelief but from a sense of bewilderment. "This is unacceptable. My husband can not only not control himself, he is letting loose more than once a day, even days that we have sex. This total lack of self control has got to change. I will not have you doing this. It will stop now, do you understand? No more. More more masturbation unless you ask me first, and don't expect me to say OK. I should be enough for you. We have sex a couple times a week, and if that doesn't satisfy you, well... you just need to learn to control."

"OK, Jamie. I understand. No more jacking off." Mike didn't mean it, he knew down deep he would give in the first time he saw Julie at work, and would head to the restroom and seek relief.

Two weeks later, Jamie asked Mike to join her in the living room after dinner. Jamie was looking her best, her long dark hair silky and straight, a low cut blouse showing her perfect smooth neck and shoulders and some of her ideal cleavage. Tight jeans emphasized a tight ass and perfect legs as she led Mike into the room and sat down opposite him.

Jamie removed a couple of things from a bag. Lifting a plastic freezer bag, she showed it to Mike. "Do you recognize this?"

Inside the bag was a tissue. "Uh, no..."

Jamie opened it and pulled the tissue out by a small corner and let it dangle between them. "This is a tissue filled with your dried semen. I found it in the bathroom trash. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Mike felt sick for a moment and hung his head. He said nothing.

"I also have been in contact with Julie from your work. She says you have been frequenting the restroom recently. A lot. Especially after talking to her. I think we both know what is going on here." Jamie was speaking calmly, but it was clear she was pissed.

"Because you have been unable to control yourself and keep your body fluids to yourself, I am going to take control. You need this, Mike. If you are going to be with me, you have got to learn control, and if you can't, I will take control. Now, remove your pants." Jamie's voice was stern.

Mike stood, nervously removed his pants and his underwear and stood naked from the waist down in front of Jamie. He blushed bright red, because his cock was sticking straight out in a raging erection.

Jamie rose, and went to the kitchen for a moment. When she returned, she had a bowl of ice. Kneeling in front of Mike, she took his cock and shoved it into the ice. Mike gasped, and asked "what are you doing?"

"I need you to control your erections and this is the first step. You will not have an erection without my permission from now on. You will not have an orgasm without my permission from now on. Is this understood?" Jamie was pushing and covering Mike's cock with the ice, watching it shrivel as she spoke.

"Yes, but... Jamie, I don't think this is necessary..." Mike's protests were interrupted by Jamie's calm but firm voice.

"Yes, it is necessary. You were warned, and you have been completely unable to control yourself. Now, hold your cock in this ice until it is nice and small. I need to get something else." Jamie reached over for a couple of other items. One was a small tube of lube, the other was a clear plastic device that had a small curved hollow tube with some rings attached.

With some satisfaction, Jamie observed Mike's cock reduced to a tiny shadow of its former erection. "Good. Now... lets apply a little lube..." She put a small amount of the lube on his cock and spread it around.

Mike looked in horror as the plastic device was brought over to his naked genitals. He now realized what it was, as Jamie began securing it to the sagging, bulbous flesh between his legs. His lubed cock slid into the short curved pipe, enclosing completely. The rings fit tightly around his scrotum, behind his balls.

Tightening the device and making sure it was secure, Jamie produced a small lock. Sliding the lock through holes in the piped part and the rings, she locked the device in place. Mike was now installed with a male chastity device. His cock was completely enclosed by plastic that pressed it into a slightly curved, flacid position and prevented it from being touched in any way except for a tiny slit at the end which allowed urine to pass.

The rings behind the tube which held the device in place behind his balls were tight, tight enough to be uncomfortable. Tight enough that any attempt to remove the device would create excrutiating pain, and perhaps even damage his testicles. "Jamie... this hurts. Its not... comfortable. And it isn't necessary. Besides, it will stop us from having sex. I mean, you have needs, and I am dedicated to servicing you..."

"Mike, shutup. This is my decision. I won't live with a guy that is constantly spurting his cum all over in random places, so this is my sacrifice as well as yours. I can get along with a dildo until you get control of your body." Jamie tugged at the device to make sure it was secure, causing a cry from Mike.

Jamie sat back and observed the locked and secured genitalia of her husband with satisfaction. "There... this is good. No more orgasms, no more erections without my permission. Don't even ask. Here are the rules. First, we will have sex and you may have pleasure, but you must earn it. You may have 10 seconds of intercourse with me for every week you keep the device on. The more control you exhibit, the longer the session. Think about the fastest you can cum. One minute? Two minutes of being inside me? Three? Count the number of seconds you need, and thats how long you need to stay celebate for me. Six weeks will get you a minute of fucking. Twelve weeks gets you two. If you need more... well, lets just say you might want to make sure you have enough time because it would be mighty frustrating for you to be pumping away inside me when your time runs out."

Jamie smiled cruelly at the thought. "Put your pants back on and clean up the dishes."

Mike was shaking from the shock. His cock was imprisoned, and the effect of the ice was already wearing off. The erection was coming back, and as the blood flooded and enlarged his cock, he felt increasing discomfort. He rose, pulled on his underwear and pants, and then went to the kitchen, feeling the pain of compression against his surging erection. But the device was effective, as his cock became hard it also caused a lot of pain which in turn made him go flacid. He washed the dishes and wondered how he was going to last a couple of months before having this thing removed...

That night Jamie decided she wanted to pleasure herself. She did so with Mike present. Forcing Mike to sit in a chair facing the bed, she first slowly and carefully removed her clothes. Her awareness of Mike's extreme discomfort as she stripped before him and his penis kept trying to flood with blood and become hard was exciting to her and aroused her. When she was completely nude, she sat on Mike's lap, feeling the hard package of plastic press against her pussy as she kissed Mike sweetly on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her, but after a moment she broke free and stepped away.

Laying down on the bed she spread her strong, lean thighs wide apart, licked the fingers of her right hand for lubrication, and began to slowly rub the lips of her pussy. As her arousal became stronger, her internal wetness covered her fingers and she pressed harder onto her clit, sliding up and down. Her eyes closed as she felt the sweetness of sex and her fingers glided over her clit and into her pussy.
Mike watched her with increasing discomfort. His cock was hard and pressing against the plastic sheath, bulging very painfully. He whimpered, caught between the desperate need to touch his penis and stimulate himself, and the pain that urged him to distract and stop the cycle of arousal. When Jamie began sliding her hand harder inside, using two fingers inside and pressing against her lips and clit, Mike began to cry from pain and frustration. He wriggled in his seat, unable to tear his eyes away from Jamie's hips, which were now rising and falling as she neared orgasm.
He bit his lips. He dug fingernails into the palm of his hand. He did anything he could to distract himself, as the pain in his groin became unbearable. Jamie began making the small mewling noises he knew meant that orgasm was sweeping her body, and her chest flushed red as climax took her.
It might have been easier if Jamie had not been so beautiful, if her body had not been so perfect. Every fiber in Mike's being wanted Jamie, and as she slowly came down from her sexual peak, he bit his hand as hard as he could, drawing blood.

Eleven weeks later, Mike officially asked to have the male chastity device removed. He had learned to cope during this time. Reports to Jamie from work were that Mike avoided Julie now, and in fact refused to look at any of the women at work. His work performance had gone up, and he was in line for a promotion, now that he was no longer so preoccupied with self pleasuring. He had also become more docile, more obedient at home, taking direction from Jamie easily and even kneeling before her and giving her pleasure while he could receive none.

In spite of this, down deep Mike was a cauldron of boiling desire. He wanted, needed to masturbate. He wanted it almost as much as he wanted to be inside of Jamie, to bury himself deep inside her cunt, to feel her envelop him with her soft pussy and slide over his sensitive shaft until the sperm inside him welled up and spurt out in a heavenly climax of convulsions.
When he asked for removal of the device, he knew exactly what he was asking for, and what he would get. Eleven weeks... 110 seconds, almost two minutes of straight fucking the most beautiful woman in the world. Would it be enough? It was hit and miss, a calculated decision of probabilities. He knew that in optimal circumstances, he used to masturbate to orgasm in about two minutes. He was counting on the pent up frustration and desire to shorten that by a few seconds... and he couldn't make it any longer. He needed relief. He couldn't go another week.

So it was that he stood before Jamie, naked except for the plastic chastity device. Jamie had given him a viagra pill 20 minutes earler, and Mike could feel his cock pressing against the plastic tube. Jamie was sitting on the edge of the bed, also naked, ready to be fucked by her husband for the first time in almost two months.

Using the small key that hung around her neck by a delicate gold chain, Jamie unlocked the small padlock on the plastic prison. The plastic rings which had squeezed Mike's scrotum came loose, and then the plastic tube slid off his cock. Flacid for 11 weeks, Mike's cock sprang to life, reaching a full erection in just a few seconds.

"My, my... you are ready, aren't you? OK, now, for a few preparations. First of all, the numbing cream." As Mike looked on in dismay, Jamie took a small tin of cream and began spreading it over his rock hard cock. He immediately felt the impact as sensitivity was lost. Not all feeling was removed, thank goodness, but the cream made it a lot harder to feel anything.
"Jamie... please don't. This is... my chance... I have waited so long..." Mike was upset about the cream. Feeling Jamie's hand on his cock was arousing him, bringing on sensations he had not felt in weeks. But as she continued stroking the cream, rubbing it in, the sensations felt weaker and weaker.

"Mike, dear. Have you leared nothing in all this time? This is all about you and control. My control over you. You are not to have orgasm or ejaculate semen without my approval and permission. I am giving you permission now, but we still need you to learn control. You are simply learning that I control your body now, not you. You are incapable of controlling yourself and so I do."

Mike reached down and touched his bare cock. He could feel his fingers, but barely. He began stroking a little to see if he could feel enough to orgasm, but Jamie batted his hand away. "Once again, Mike, you simply can NOT control yourself. This is why I am controlling you. You are NOT to touch yourself or pleasure yourself until I say you may, and this will only be for a total of 110 seconds."

"Now," Jamie announced as she reached over to the bedside table and opened a small package,"Just on the off chance you do ejaculate, I don't want your filthy semen inside me right now. So, you are to wear this condom."

Mike knew he was doomed. Between the numbing cream and the condom, he would never feel enough to climax in the limited time he had. But... it was too late. The process had begun and Jamie would not let him change his mind. He thought gloomily that fucking this beautiful woman would still be worth it, even if he wasn't able to orgasm.

Jamie lay back, her beautiful hair spread below her, rounded breasts pointing up slightly from her chest, stomach flat and even slightly concave and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy for her husband. Her pussy lips glistened slightly with moisture. She was aroused at the process, but it was more from the torture she was dumping on Mike than the idea of fucking him. She loved seeing him frustrated, in pain, unable to feel pleasure, and it was going to be fantastic to feel him try and fail to reach an orgasm when inside her.

Mike positioned himself and pressed his condom wrapped cock against Jamie's pussy lips. With a slow movement he slid in, relishing every moment of his entry. He moaned slightly and lay down so he could feel more of Jamie's body against his. Her legs rose slightly, and hooked around his hips.

"Stop... just stay there until I say to begin!" Jamie ordered. He was ready. He was inside her. He could feel her surrounding him. He wanted to begin thrusting. Instead, he waited as Jamie took a timer from the bedside table, pre-set for 110 seconds.

"Remember, when the timer goes off, you must stop, no matter what. Are you ready?" Jamie looked at Mike's face, only a few inches from her own as they lay in the missionary position in the bed.

"Yes. Please. Let's start." Mike's cock was throbbing inside her vaginal walls, eager for some sensation.

"Begin." Jamie pressed the timer button.

Mike started his thrusts. The combination of numbing cream and condom prevented him from feeling almost anything, but he continued thrusting. Harder, faster, almost in a frenzy he slid in and out of his wife's beautiful body, pushing in as far as he could and then sliding out until his cock head felt her pussy lips, only to plunge in again.

Jamie was thrusting her hips as well, encouraging him, holding him with her arms, kissing him as he thrust into her. Her breathing came in short gasps which turned into slight grunts from the pounding her body was taking from Mike's cock. "Fuck me... that's it baby... fuck me, deep, hard..." she moaned as she felt his rock hard penis pushing deep into her cervix.

Mike was frantic in his thrusts. He felt his arousal building, the sensations of fucking flooding in from all over his body. Her breasts jiggled against his chest, her legs surrounded his hips, and his balls slapped against her ass as he pounded his wife.

But it wasn't enough. He could tell. He was pushing in and out as hard and fast as he could, but the odds were against him. He concentrated on his balls, willing them to produce sperm, contracting muscles between his legs, willing them to produce an ejaculation and the attendant orgasm.

Beside him, the timer ticked the seconds off, as he adjusted his position to get a better angle. Jamie cooperated, lifting her legs to allow him easier access. Mike's hips thrust even faster, and harder, every sensation of her vagina squeezing his penis bringing him closer, closer... he could feel it begin to build...

The timer went off. "Stop!!!" Jamie said loudly.

He couldn't stop. It was impossible. He continued thrusting, trying to get the semen to come.

"STOP!!!" Jamie barked, and jerked one leg up, the other down, twisting her hips at the same time. This forced Mike's cock out of her pussy, and she shoved him off of her, hard.

Mike rolled over, his hips still thrusting but no longer with anything surrounding his hungry cock. His cock was pulsing slightly, as if a climax were building but there was nothing to complete the process. He moaned loudly, crying out in frustration and anger, and then went limp. All except his viagra-hardened cock, that is. It remained standing straight up like a flag pole as he lay and cried quietly on the bed.

Jamie leaned over and slid off the condom. "It looks like you seeped just a bit. There is a tiny bit of pre-cum in here, but that's it. Must be frustrating, I guess."

Mike looked at her slightly sympathetic face. "Fuck." he said.

"Well... not for a while, I think. Maybe in a couple of months you can try again." Jamie reached for a bowl of ice to take away Mike's erection in preparation for replacement of the chastity device on his genitals.


  1. this is a really cruel and hot chastity story :)
    I like it that your stories begin right with the action, without long introducing.

    And that is a really great idea, 10 seconds for ever chaste week :) And I like it how cruel the woman is, just enforcing long chastity on him.

    That she uses numbing creme and a condom when he had his chance was really hot and cruel! :) I love these little evil suprises in stories.
    And I loved the ending! The best chastity stories are the one WITHOUT an orgasm at the end :)
    Great, you really know what chastity is abut!