Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The small square table was unbelievably uncomfortable to Roy. He lay on his back on the kitchen chopping block, a small but heavy and sturdy table no more than two feet square. The edges of the thick wood pressed painfully into his upper buttocks and upper back. His head hung down, unsupported on one side, and his legs hung down on the other.

She had tied him there, his wrists firmly secured to the legs of one side and his ankles to the other, bending him back in an upside down U position that was getting more painful every minute he lay draped over the table. He heard her humming, somewhere on the other side of the kitchen. It wasn't a good sign. It meant she was happy, and in this situation it mean she was happy about what she was going to do to him.

Roy loved her more than anything, but she was a sadist. It helped that he was a masochist, a little. Though it didn't really help that much, because she had been testing his limits more and more in recent weeks.

Looking at the cupboards upside down, he felt her soft hand grab his testicles firmly and pull out. That ellicited a slight grunt of discomfort. A corse twine was wrapped around his scrotum four or five times, digging into the pinched flesh. It hurt as she pulled it tight, the raspy texture of the thin twine digging and pinching the skin.

"How are you doing there, Roy?" her sweet voice made him shudder. He loved her so much, he would do anything for her. Anything. That didn't mean it was going to be pleasant.

"OK," he answered in a slightly strained voice.

With a squeek, the twine started to pull up on his testicles, stretching his scrotum up toward the ceiling where the twine had been threaded through a pully. His testicles ascended, higher and higher, and as they left his body behind the pain began to throb. The twine dug deeper into the flesh and the flesh in turn stretched and squeezed his testicles, which were hurting for real now.

"Ahh... aaahhhhh....." Roy began to express himself involuntarily. The pain wasn't too bad yet, but the testicles were stretched really tightly and the agony would just get worse and worse.

"aaaaGGHGHH!!" He let out another, more urgent cry as she pulled once more, drawing his
testicles almost a foot away from his body. He strained hard, and lifted his head from where it hung over the end of the tiny table, to get a look at what was happening to him. He saw his scrotum stretched out high above his hips, with the twine squeezing the shape down to a small passage that ballooned out into a purple blob of flesh that was his balls, slowly strangling.

Behind is distended ball sack he saw her, short pixie haircut accenting a beautiful face with cute freckles and turned up nose, and a hard, cruel look in her young eyes. Her neck was smooth and white like alabaster, and curved into the most lovely shoulders and breasts, which he saw for only a moment before his neck lost strength and he fell back once again, hanging upside down over the edge of the table.

He had also seen one other thing; his erect cock, as hard and pulsing as ever. It didn't feel like he was getting off on her torturing him, but he was. If only, this time, she would touch it, he knew
he would cum...

What was she doing? Slight whimpering noises came from him as he lay there, bent backward with his testicles yanked high overhead. She had something... it smelled of sulfer... matches. Fire. He shuddered, and wondered... oh, my god! Was she going to burn him? He rose again, and saw what was happening for a moment.

She had a needle, a longer thicker one, and was heating it with a candle. OK, so he had a better idea of what she was going to do. Maybe it he would rather be burned. Didn't matter, whatever she wanted to do now, she was going to do and he was going to take it. He wished she had gagged him.

He felt her hand on his pulsing testicles, the slightest touch painful. "OK, so... are you ready dear? I think I am. Let's get started, shall we?"

He didn't say anything, but steeled himself mentally for whatever was coming.

The needle pressed against his stretched scrotal flesh briefly, hurting as it strained to penetrate. It went through, and for a moment the pain subsided. But then the sharp point started working its way into his ball. He whimpered for a moment, and then cried out as the needle slid deeper and deeper into his most sensitive body part. The pain skyrocketed into agony, his body moving involuntarily, trying to get away from the
damage being done to it. But the tight distention of his scrotal sack above him allowed his body to move, but his balls were all hers.

She giggled a little at his reaction. The needle was in, and the pain, while still throbbing, wasn't as bad as when the metal was penetrating.

A moment later and his other testicle was invaded. He cried out again, trying to hold his voice but unable. "AAAGGgghhhhh oh god, oh god, oh.... god..."

Two needles had been inserted. Was this all? He raised his head again... no, she had another one that she held over the candle flame, heating and
preparing to pierce him. His head flopped back and he moaned. The pain was extending past his balls and across his hips now.

"Let's see... I think we should try a different angle. Lets try from the bottom up, shall we?" Her voice was pleased, and in spite of his agony he could feel his hard cock pulsing. Dare he ask her to touch him, to give him just a bit of pleasure?

The underside of his left testicle felt the sharp prick as she shoved the needle in, through the scrotal sack and then with a bit of extra effort, into the testicle. He couldn't help it, he screamed this time. "AAeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggccccccccccccccccc!!!!"

The needle actually made it all the way through the testicle and with some pushing and shoving, she managed to get it out the other side. "OH, my! That is really good! All the way through!"

Six needles later, three in each testicle. she took a break. "Does it hurt Roy? Are you in pain?"

"Yes." He answered in a very short, gutteral spurt, as he was concentrating on just enduring the pain and breathing. It was impossible to be polite for his lover, it was all he could to to answer her.

Pain spread across the entire lower half of his body, and he had stopped wriggling. It didn't help, his testicles were pulled so far away from his body and so tightly that movement just made it worse. Sweat trickled down his face, more from enduring the pain that any heat in the house.

He saw her upside down legs in front of him. She had come around to the other side of the table, and then knelt down so her face was in front of his. "Oh, yes, I like this. Your face is just a wonderful mask of agony... oh god, you are lovely like this!"

She moved forward to kiss him, her lips soft and moist as they met his. He tried to kiss back, he wanted to kiss her long and deeply, tongues intertwining and playing together. The pain interfered. He managed to react and kiss her back, but grimaced all the while. When she finished with the kiss, she licked his face, long and slow.

"I think I can actually taste your pain! This is so amazing. I am so fucking turned on right now. I am going to crank it up a notch." At hearing this, he let out a sob, and cried out "No, please... "

Her face appeared before him with a very serious look. "What did you say? What was that?"

He swallowed as best he could, grimaced and screwed his eyes shut as he spit out the words, "Yes, please."

She got up and went to the counter. After a moment he opened his eyes and lifted his head up to see what she was doing. She had another needle, but this one was big. Really big. It must have been a foot long and at least twice as thick as the others. The balloon of flesh that held his balls was black now, the blood backed up and squeezed off by the twine. The needles were sticking out, only tiny drops of blood in a couple of places.

He dropped his head back and started crying, tears rolling down his face as he waited for her.

"See, this one is a special one I got. Lets put it in here..." he felt her place the sharp point near the side of his right testicle. "And then.... lets push it through..." with another scream, his body shook and writhed as the needle penetrated his scrotum flesh and spread the sensitive tissues of the testicle apart to make way for its metal girth. She kept pushing, through to the center of his scrotum.

"Hmmm... there seems to be a little tough spot here..." He sobbed as the needle exited his right testicle still in the scrotum and pressed against
flesh, trying to move into the other side of his ball sack.

"Let's see... " she changed positions to get better leverage and he observed her perfect ass and legs, presented for his viewing. He could not enjoy them right then, as she was pushing, hard, to get the large needle through the flesh and into the left testicle.

"There! There we go!" she declared as the needle broke through and entered the testicle. Roy sobbed, mixing his sobs with short screams. She pushed harder, getting the needle through with determined effort. It finally broke through the other side, and Roy's testicles were completely skewered.

"oh god oh god oh god... aaaaaaahhhhh... fuck fuck fuck aaahhhhhh" Roy was crying and swearing alternately. His testicles no longer felt real, they were just a hot lump of pain that was burning above his body.

She lowered the twine just a bit, so that his ball sack descended from its previously stretched state. Blood flowed back into his balls, and the oxygen revitalized and regenerated previously numb nerves and flesh. The result was a long scream from Roy, who thrashed his head back and forth, straining against his restraints.

Clicking announced the camera and pictures. She was documenting the scene, perhaps for later private enjoyment, or to show her girlfriends. She liked to humiliate him in front of her girlfriends, and they enjoyed seeing to what depths of depravity he went to be with her. She took pictures of the needles in close up, and his balls from further back. She even took some shots of his face, wet and twisted from his cries and agony.

When she was done, she raise his balls again, tightening them up high above. His flesh felt like it was going to rip off, he felt his scrotum flesh pulling all the way to his anus and lower abdomen.

The needles started coming out, slowly. The big one first, and most painful. It wasn't as painful as going in, but any disturbance of the injured tissue produced renewed cries from him. Blood trickled from the wounds that were left. The smaller needles came out more easily, but not less painfully.

When it was finally over, she lowered his damaged testicles to rest between his legs, and cut free the twine that had held them. Roy lay sobbing for a while on the table, the pain from his ordeal still coursing through his lower body.

Then he felt her touch his cock. It was hard, it had been hard consistently through the entire torture session. She stroked it slightly and it reacted by bouncing slightly. She took the tip in her mouth, wetting it slightly, and stroked some more. When he came, it was a mixture of pleasure and pain that he had never experienced; the sperm being pulled from his mangled testicles hurt horribly, the ejaculation and contractions were strong and as much a pleasure as any orgasm he had ever experienced.

She left him there for a bit, laying bent backward over the tiny chopping block, to recover. In fact, it was that night before she swathed him with alcohol (elliciting more screams), and then cut him loose so he could fix her dinner.


  1. Extremely erotic and sadistic!

  2. Yes very sadistic and cruel. I love the brutal way she torture his balls :)