Saturday, October 16, 2010


I lay on the bed, tied, spread wide and exposed. I wonder idly what this idiot has in mind, short of the ball gag.

He approaches, pants down around his ankles, and I roll my eyes. Such a pale, squalid character. He is going to rape me. It's OK, it's the only jollies he gets, I am sure.

He starts pushing against me. I wonder what is going on. When is he going to ram in to me? He keeps pushing, its getting a little tiresome, and I raise my head to look down at him. He seems to be having fun, but for the life of me, I can't understand how.

Then I realize.

I can't feel his cock because it is so small. He is doing his best to rape me, but he just doesn't have much in the way of tools to do it.

I laugh. Hysterically, my breasts jiggle and stomach bounces with my laughter.

All too soon, it is over. I lay there, disappointed, as he backs away. All that buildup, all that drama, excitement... and then... nothing.

I yank on the incompetently tied ropes, easily getting one hand free. I undo the other wrist, and he turns to look at me as I am undoing my ankles. Fear runs through his eyes, as he sees I am free.

I step over to my purse, remove my lipstick case knife, and turn to him as he is about to attempt to overpower me. His expression is surprised as I sink the blade in to his heart, whispering in his ear "next life, get a bigger cock..."

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