Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hunting Girl

Damn woman...

He thought of the girl he had been pursuing for the last few weeks. She had put him off again, and he was unsure what to do next. His mind was preoccupied with her shape, smell and the feel of his body's lingering desire.

He trudged across the fields, heading to check some of the traps, clear brush and repair a wall along the field access road. His job was not glamorous, but it allowed him to keep his own cottage on the border of the estate.

Dirty boots slopped in the mud. It was a warm day, and walking through the muddy fields was tiring. He diverted from his shortcut to the dirt path.

His preoccupation with the the girl was interrupted by the sounds of dogs in the distance. A hunting party, coming across the fields, he thought. He stopped... and heard the sound of approaching hooves, as well as the hunting horn. They were coming this way.

Oh great, he thought. With my luck I will get trampled by aristocracy today...

He pressed against the stone wall next to the path, out of the way, as the horses came in to view, and with a huge cloud of dust, pounded past. Horses leaped over the three foot stone wall, one after the other, with grace.

All but one. As he approach the mare that refused to clear the fence, he saw it was ridden by a woman, dressed in hunting attire that complimented her form. The horse simply refused to clear the fence. He went to the nearby gate, and opened it.

The woman guided the horse to the gate but then stopped. He looked up at her... and truly noticed her for the first time. Squinting in the sun as he look up, he saw the outline of a magnificent woman. She looked at first glance to be about 25. Her sandy hair was tied back, but wisps had come down and blew in the breeze. A long face, young, slightly haughty but still undeniably cute looked down at him. Freckles barely visible, otherwise clear complexion. A slightly turned up nose. Brown eyes looked at him as if evaluating a dog...

Her impressive figure was outlined against the sky and he felt a pang as he realized she was appraising him. As if sensing his reaction, a small smile appeared on her face.

He removed his hat, and greeted her. He talked of the weather politely, and she responded. Smiling, she made light conversation. Her voice was light, higher than he expected, full of confidence and femininity, all at once.

The awkwardness of the situation was pressing on him. He was not of her class, should not even be talking with her as if she were his equal. It felt as if she had him in a spell. He held her mount's bridle and realized she had just asked if he could walk the horse with her back to the estate.

Of course... simply walking with her might be enough for him to dream of her for the next month. He stole glances as they walked, memorizing her figure. The perfect cut of her riding outfit emphasized her bust and thin waist. Her leather boots conformed to her calves perfectly, and shone with polish. At one point they brushed his shoulder... and then again.

As they approached the barn, she reached down to pat her horse's neck and her hand brushed his where he held the bridle. They touched. It was brief, but still, a little too long for just an accident, and long enough for him to have the sensation of her warm, smooth skin.

His erection was becoming obvious.

As she dismounted he saw there was a slight sheen of sweat on her. She removed the riding jacket, exposing her figure to him. It seemed as if every move she made was a dance, an erotic gesture. She new what she was doing, and she had him focusing on her. Nothing else was of concern to him.

She stepped over to him and looked in his eyes. There was desire there, and something else that he could not identify. Whatever it was, it excited him. He reached out to her, arm around her waist and pulled her to him. They kissed, suddenly, urgently, with desire. Her hair came down, long and silky around her shoulders.

As they began fumbling to loosen their clothes, they fell to the straw on the floor of the barn. Fingers clawed skin as they became free of the restrictions of clothing.

Just as he felt ready to place himself inside her and reach the ultimate joining to climax, she stopped him. Pushing him back... kissed him and said... "indulge me". By now, he was rack hard and literally ached with desire. Watching her with glazed eyes seeing nothing but her perfect shape, he saw her reach for a leather harness...

"Wear this for me..." she said. He was not in a position to disagree, as she brushed her breasts against him while buckling the bit in his mouth, blinders and straps around his body. The leather felt strange against his skin. She tightened the last harness, and then lay down, a satisfied smile on her lips.

While strange, he was more aroused than he had ever been in his life. She was the most beautiful, desirable woman he had ever had... or was about to have. He climbed over her, the bit and bridle preventing him from kissing her, but she moved him in to place and they joined.

The sensations of being inside her were incredible. The combination of hovering over her on hands and knees, thrusting, the tight leather and restrictive bit in his mouth, was incredible. When he finally came, it was an explosion, a release like none he had ever experienced.

He collapsed to the side and began to recover. She lay beside him... breathing hard. That was incredible...

She wanted to go again. He was flacid... unable, though he was sure with the proper prompting he would be able to resume soon. She responded. "Let me help..."

A strap was tied to his harness, securing him to a ring in the wall. He was kneeling on hands and knees, and started to get up. There was a sharp pain, a stinging slash across his ass and he dropped back to the floor. She had struck him, hard, with the riding crop.

He knelt on the floor, a slight drool coming from his mouth because of the bit. He was completely aware of what was happening now. She had him completely strapped with harness, secured to the ring in the wall, and had struck him twice with the cutting crop when he moved. Remaining still for a second or two, she felt her kneel beside him, nuzzle his ear, and reach between his legs.

He was embaressed... his erection had returned. Her hand grasped it firmly, as he kneeled before her, shuddering slightly with the humiliation he was experiencing. But there was something undeniable... he was aroused, hard, ready, and he wanted her in whatever way she would give herself.

After stroking him for a little while and nuzzling him, brushing her body against him and whispering reassurances in his ear, she rose and took the harness strap. Unlocking him from the ring in the wall, she led him, on all fours, across the stall. When there was hesitation, he felt the sting of the crop.

As they walked, moving together as she led him with the bridle, he was able to catch sight of her amazing form, naked and shiny with sweat from exertion.

After a few minutes of this, his bridle was once again fastened to the wall. His erection remained huge, hard, straining. He wanted more... of anything from this amazing, dominant woman.

Reigns were attached to his harness.

Boots appeared before him. She was wearing nothing... but her boots. And the spurs on them. The shock of what might happen... the spurs... made him buck and attempt to move away once again. Once again, her crop mixed with her warm skin and soft reassurances calmed him. Her hand went once again between his legs... and he stood passively as she kept him aroused.

He had forgotten completely where he was... what he was... simply that he was there, with her, and she was training him. He wanted to please her, somehow. He just needed the guidance from her. And more than anything... he wanted to enter her again. He clung to that promise, the hope.

He waited... wondering what she would demand next, and whether he would be able to take the spurs if she used them. But then... he also knew he probably had no choice.

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