Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Gob of Jabbar

Her legs slid up the strong thighs of her son, wrapping around his hips as he lay on top of her. His violent pushing was reaching a climax, his cock deep inside his young mother, and Paul was straining for orgasm. The involuntary contractions had begun, and he lost consciousness of the woman beneath him, her breasts against his chest, their legs entwined; he could feel nothing but the smooth texture of her insides which enveloped his cock, pulsing, squeezing, demanding his sperm.

With a gutteral cry, Paul shoved deep, his cock pressing against her cervix as the contractions began, the climax taking his body with repeated convulsions that left his mother gasping and clutching her son to her body.

When the last drop had been milked from him, his complete weight fell on the naked form of the woman beneath him. Her fingers carressed his wide back, soft lips brushed his scruffy cheek and neck, and her legs stretched out straight as his cock began to lose its hardness and withdraw from her. Finally, he rolled to the side with a heavy sigh and lay next to his mother.

"That was perhaps the best yet," he said dreamily.

His mother, a strikingly beautiful woman of about 36 with long dark hair and muscular body, lay staring at the ceiling, feeling the slowly departing warmth of orgasm slide out through her limbs. She also felt the viscous liquid which he had left inside her, and raised her knees so that it would trickle deeper within. Pregnancy had eluded her for the year she had been fucking her son, but she had a feeling this might be the time.

"Yes, I felt it too." She rolled over and placed one leg and one arm over Paul's strong body. "It might be the time. I don't know what I would do without you... "

The Lady Jessica fondled her son's semi-erect cock, as they shared the afterglow of their union. Finally, raising her hand to turn his head toward her face, she broached the subject that had been on her mind for days.

"Reverend Mother Teresa is here tomorrow."

Paul looked at her with a frown. "Why? What would pry her away from the dungeon of that castle, tormenting the lost souls of men?"

"She is here to confirm your position within the order. To appraise your skill. To... declare that you are truly human." The lady Jessica lowered her eyes as if she knew this was simply propoganda, politically correct cover for the true activity which was to come.

"Fine, I will meet her. Do I need to prepare? Dress up? Bring condoms?" He snickered slightly, laughing to himself. The Reverend Mother was a well known pedophile and pervert with strong tendencies toward the theatrical.

"No. Just yourself. She will be testing you. She will be subjecting you to... the Gob Jabbar." Here she paused for a moment, and Paul sensed her body tense slightly. "It is necessary if you are to be deemed human, and enter the exclusive ranks of the Benny Jesuit."

Paul Atrophy was the offspring of the Lady Jessica, a high ranking nun in the order of the Benny Jesuit, and Duke Fido Atrophy, the head of the House Atrophy, ruling the planet of Caladan. Lady Jessica was part of a breeding program sponsored by the Benny Jesuit, and believed that if she could become pregnant by her son that the resulting child would be the Queezy Haddock, a prophesied messiah.

But... in order to be accepted by the Benny Jesuit, Paul needed to pass the loathsome test of the Gob Jabbar, administered by the perverse reverend mother.

The next day, Paul was called to the meeting. The Lady Jessica kissed her son once for support, and walked him in to the room where the Reverend Mother was waiting. As soon as they entered, Paul sensed the hostility oozing from the old whore's pores. She was not convinced the Paul had been trained by his mother well, or that he would pass the test. She also knew of Lady Jessica's intention to bear the Queezy Haddock, and was profoundly jealous.

The woman stood as the two Atrophys entered, and immediately snapped, "I can see you have been fucking your son, Jessica. You know that any offspring that you may have before he passes the Gob Jabbar will be considered nothing but an animal and destroyed. You toy with destiny..."

Jessica ran on hand up her son's arm with affection, "I understand Reverend Mother. But... he is a really, really good fuck. And I have every reason to believe he will pass today."

"Very well," the Reverend Mother spoke cruelly, "Paul, remove your pants. Jessica, wait outside."

"Wait, what?" Paul stuttered, unsure what was happening. Was the old pedophile of a witch going to try to get him for herself? She was nice looking enough, with a good body, but was a good 10 years older than his mother. He much prefered the younger woman.

Lady Jessica reassured him. "It's OK Paul. Just do as she says, and we will be together as two equals in the Benny Jesuit order before tonight. Then we shall have an orgy such as the likes has never been seen..." She slipped out of the room and shut the heavy wooden door behind her with a *thump*.

"Remove your pants, Paul. Let's see this cock that has Jessica all in heat."

Paul removed his pants, and stood with his cock and balls exposed. He felt slightly embarrassed that his cock was engorged and standing erect. Mother Teresa moved slowly over and took it in her hands. Her fingers were cold, but she slid them down the shaft expertly, massaging his erection to the maximum possible engorgement.

"Yes... you have a good member... very good." Mother Teresa admired him, and proceded to handle his dangling balls. "I think you are ready for the test. Let's begin."

From a suitcase sitting on a side table, the Reverend Mother produced a small box, perhaps 6 inches square. In the top was a round opening, gaping black. Nothing could be seen inside the box.

"Come over here. Position your legs on either side of this bench. That's right," Mother Teresa guided Paul to straddle a bench. Sitting in front of him, she continued massaging his cock, keeping him erect but not too stimulated. He felt she was teasing him, trying to see if he would lose control. He smiled a little at the image of the Reverend Mother with his cum splattered all over her face.

"You smile... well, smile as you can. We shall begin," the Reverend Mother placed the box, open hole side up, underneath his straddled legs, immediately below his dangling balls.

"Lower your balls into the hole, slowly. Once the test begins, there are only two ways for it to stop. First, for you to cum -- orgasm, spurt your load, ejaculate, climax. If you can not do that, then the test will stop with the loss of your balls. Severed, cleanly. Oh, don't worry, if we get that far, you will be begging for it." She grinning up at him, still stroking his hard cock.

"Remember, nothing you feel when you enter the box is real. It is completely in your head. Separate your mind from the sensations in your balls. Control yourself. Focus instead on my hands, your cock and reaching climax. Go ahead now, place your balls inside..."

Paul slowly lowered his balls, sweating with nerves and fear. This was not what he expected. Something was going to happen--

Suddenly, just as his scrotum completely entered the hole and his balls were inside the box, the circular opening contracted tightly around the scrotal flesh with a *snap*. At the same time, his balls began to hurt. If felt as if tremendous pressure was building up, squeezing them, pressing them. He gasped, and grunted. The pain was severe, but not overwhelming, he looked at Mother Teresa, who had continued stroking his cock.

"Refocus... separate yourself from the pain... it is nothing. Your only hope of escape is to focus on the pleasure, embrace the pain as part of the pleasure..." The Reverend Mother Teresa continued stroking his cock, adding some lube, increasing her rhythm.

Paul, in turn, moaned loudly, and concentrated on the sensations in his cock. Just as he thought he might have a chance at ejaculating, a simmering heat began to scorch his balls. He screamed, as fire within the box began to burn his poor balls. He could feel the thick flesh of his scrotum bubbling and peeling away, and he screamed again.

The Reverend Mother continued stroking him, adding more lube, urging him on. His hip started moving back and forth to match her rhythm, the box which surrounded and tortured his balls swinging back and forth. Paul reached out, and convulsively took the Reverend Mother by the shoulders. "Fuck... oh god, please, make the pain stop!!!" he cried out, begging at the same time he continued fucking her hands.

"No, Paul. You will never achieve climax if you don't embrace the pain; channel it, make it part of the pleasure of your orgasm. Then you will be a true human!!!" Mother Teresa continued stroking him, using her thumbs to stimulate the sensitive underside of his cock.

In response, Paul embraced the pain. He allowed it to drive him, even as he was losing his mind to the irrational agony of the burning, crushing pain in his balls. The searing pain had spread from his groin across his abdomen and hips, and he was having trouble standing. He wanted to simply double over and die rather than continue.

Instead, he took his incredibly hard cock and rammed it into the Reverend Mother Teresa's face, hard. He penetrated her mouth, rammed his cock past her tongue and into her throat. This gave him pleasure, the pain of his balls was channeled now, channeled into fucking The Bitch. Mother Teresa gave a surprised gurgle, fought to breath, struggled to get free. The pain Paul felt drove him further, ramming deep home over and over again into her throat. He began to feel the semen, deep inside, collecting and building pressure. He would be ready to explode soon.

The box shot blades into his balls. Thousands of needles were penetrating, shredding his gonads. He screamed and doubled over, withdrawing from the Reverend Mother's mouth. She gasped for air, wiping a bit of vomit from her lips. Paul was stroking himself now, masturbating as the only way to counter the horrible pain of his balls being ripped to pieces. His entire body was racked with pain, sweat flowed freely, his cries and screams continued, echoing in the chamber.

With much effort, Paul regained his focus and channeled the pain. With a swift movement, he grabbed the Reverend Mother and threw her back onto a table. Yanking the skirts of her nun's habit above her waist, he thrust his cock deep inside, feeling the remarkable wet and soft flesh envelop him. He thrust, convulsively, letting the pain drive him. The Reverend Mother struggled, but she was no match for the focus that the searing pain in his balls had given him.

As he reached climax, the Reverend Mother wrapped her legs around Paul, and urged him on. She was nearing orgasm herself. Instead of spurting semen inside of her, he quickly pulled out and rapidly jerking his cock with his hand, he aimed at her face. A huge stream of cum shot out, arcing several feet and splattering all over her face. The pleasure was the most intense he had ever felt, the pain from his mangled, seared, crushed balls had all been refocused and converted into his massive orgasmic ecstacy.

With the last dribbling bit of cum dripping onto the Reverend Mother's leg, the horrible box suddenly stopped hurting. There was no pain whatever. With a *snap* the box released him and fell to the floor. Paul staggered back, the pleasure of pain withdrawn mixing with the residual pleasure of the massive orgasm. He sat on the bench, examining his balls, assuring they were perfectly intact.

The Reverend Mother rose from the table, breathing heavily and wiping slimy cum from her face. Lady Jessica entered the room, saw Paul with his genitals intact, the box on the floor, and the Reverend Mother Teresa wiping cum off her face and leg.

"Paul! You didn't... you didn't cum inside her, did you???" Paul shook his head and Lady Jessica lifted him to her, giving him a long, deep kiss that expressed both her love and lust for her son. The Reverend Mother was looking on with a look of hatred.

"He fucking raped me. He fucking shoved himself in my mouth, entered me, came all over my face!" she spit some of the white liquid from her mouth. "He is no human. He is animal!"

"No. He passed. He still retains his testicles. He channeled the pain. You must admit this, he was successful!" Lady Jessica held her son.

The Reverend Mother grimaced, and then said "Yes... he did. He is human."

Lady Jessica smiled, and turned to her son. "Come on, Paul. We have some fucking to do."


  1. cool story, I wonder where you get your ideas from! :)

    I really didnt know if he is going to loose his balls or not

  2. Dune... She must have been inspired by Dune. The box which he put his balls in an everything happening was only in his mind.... that's from the 1984 movie Dune, except it was the man's hand in the box.

    1. I read that passage too, I thought this was familiar.