Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Crushing Lust

How easy it is.

Men are blinded by lust. They see a beautiful woman, and the hormones surge, raging, urging them on. Their mind becomes clouded, and they are easily manipulated. They do things they would never normally do.

A smile was all it took, really. Just a smile. Timed correctly, when he wasn't expecting it. I could almost see the flush of chemicals running through his body, the slight quickening of his heart, the start of an erection in his pants. I could see his eyes dialate, a sure sign that the mark had been hit.

The date went smoothly, we both had a good time. He really enjoyed himself, as did I. As the evening went on, I could tell his mind was working overtime, trying to evaluate just how well the date went, and just how much I liked him. And of course, just how much of a slut I was.

We danced for a while, and I made sure to dance with at least a couple other guys, just to keep him on his toes. Then I simplified things quite a bit. I suggested we get out of there, that I was a little claustrophobic and it was hard to talk. We needed a little one on one time.

His eyes lit up and we were in the car driving to my place before you could say "do me". He was an eager beaver, I can tell you that. I expect he had a hard on before we parked and walked up the steps. Just before I unlocked the door to go inside, I stood on my toes and gave him a kiss. He moved in for more, but I held him back with my hand on his chest and said "Hold on there... I want this as much as you, but if we are going in, you have to understand some rules."

"OK" was all he could manage.

"First off, I have different tastes in sex. You have to be open to new experiences, if you are going to spend the night with me. If not, that's cool, we can have a drink and you go home. If you are open, then you get to promise me that you will at least try.

"Second, I can be a little dominant when it comes to guys. I like girls too, but with guys, I tend to be in control. It usually works out really well. Can you deal with that?"

"Um... yes, I think I would like that actually," he said in a husky voice.

In response I wrapped my arms around his neck, tiptoed to his mouth and gave him the long, deep kiss he had been wanting all evening. I could feel his erection through his jeans, and I was sure to move my thigh between his legs just a little to give it a slight stroke. He was ready.

We went in, dropped our jackets in the hall and I wrapped myself around his body as the door swung shut. I kissed him hard and long, tongues digging deep and our hands roaming around to every part of each other's body. Belts got in the way, and they were undone. My top proved cumbersome and was removed. His pants slid off quickly. About this time we struggled to the bedroom, and I pushed him down on the bed and climbed on top.

In moments, he was undressed and I had slipped down between his legs and begun attending to him. From his moans he appeared to appreciate what I was doing, so I stopped. He began to rise up to see what was going on, but I pushed him back down on the bed. "Wait."

I went to the closet, and returned with several lengths of rope. He saw what I had, and his eyes got wider. His left hand was idly stroking himself, so I took it, wrapped several loops of cord around it and then wrapped the rope around the side frame of the bed about halfway up. The cord reached to the other side, and his hand was quickly tied there, as well. Before leaving his upper body, I ran my fingers across his chest, up to his cheek and turned his head to kiss me. I smiled at him, and he smiled back.

He trusted me. Awwww.

I kissed and licked down his body, stopping at sensative areas of interest, until I reached his erection once again. There I remained for a moment, before quickly tying his ankles to the legs of the bed on either side. Once completed, he was spread eagled on the bed, legs stretched wide, but hanging off the end just a little with his ankles tied to the legs below the bed near the floor. I stood and admired my handiwork, satisfied and just as happy as could be.

His penis was throbbing a little. It seemed to bounce just a tad with the beating of his heart. It was really engorged, which was kind of nice to watch. I played with it a bit, and he thrust his hips, not that it really helped any. The time came to try the next step.

I asked him politely... "would you please wait, just a moment? I will be right back." And smiled at him.

"Uh. OK," he said, not getting the sarcasm or irony.

I left, obtained a toy I had recently purchased, and returned.

"This is a ball press," I held it up for him to see. "I know it doesn't look like much, but I really have been wanting to try it out. Can I? It will be fun!"

He was wising up, but very slowly. "Will it hurt?"

"Oh... well, yes maybe a little. Don't worry. You just let me know if it gets to be too much. This kind of stuff reallllllyyy makes me aroused. I get so wet. What do you say?" My top was off, and I leaned over and kissed him, pressing my naked breasts on his chest.

Positioning between his legs, I examined what I had to work with. Not bad. His scrotum was a little tight, but a little manipulation would take care of that. And he had a raging erection, which I was sure I could maintain, and use to maintain control. So, I began.

Thumb and forfinger around his scrotum, above the testicles. Pull gently. At the same time, stroke up on the penis, then squeeze it. In moments the scrotum was distended, and I placed the upper clamps around it, above the testicles, which bulged out below like two small overly inflated baloons. I took the opportunity to examine him closely. He was circumcized (not much of a surprise), and had a decent sized, longish penis. It was hard as a rock, and I kept it that way, stroking it and rubbing the head with my thumb periodically. His testicles were larger than I was used to, but that was a good thing. He was hairy, unshaved, and I could see the veins in his scrotal sack, and observed some of the lumpish form of the testicles inside.

It was time for the next step. Slide the bottom plate on to the posts extending from the top clamps. Slide it up, so that it began to press on the testicles slightly, and then apply the wing nuts. Quickly tightening them so that his balls were pressed slightly, I heard him grunt a little. To prevent too many protestations at this phase, I took his penis in one hand and slid my tongue up along the bottom, and then my lips over the top. He thrust upward, and I allowed it in to my mouth about an inch, and my tongue played with the head. He moaned, a good sign.

As I continued manually stimulating his penis, I also continued the slow tightening of the press. His testicles slowly flattened as the pressure built, and I could see his discomfort mixed with the desire to keep me going, stimulating his penis. His hormones were really in place now, kicked in and wanting me to keep him going. It was enough for him to accept some pain.

My hand job continued, with some added lube, and so did the very slow tightening. Finally, he grunted and cried out, "Stop! Please, that really hurts! No more!"

I stopped the tightening, and continued stroking him, bringing him close to orgasm, but slowing down before he reached it. He was moaning and thrashing a bit, I think partly frustration, partly desire and arousal, and partly pain. "Please... please... " he was saying.

"Please what, dear? Tell me what you desire?" I whispered in his ear, laying next to him.

"Please... make me come... take that thing off..."

"Which is it dear? Make you come? Or take it off? Be clear, now. Which do you want?" I was idly stroking him, feeling his muscles contracting just a little in my hand.

"Make me come. Please. Make me come!"

I kissed him deeply, and returned to his penis. I took several long licks up each side, and slid thumbs underneath the head, fingers on top of the head, and continued licking from the base to the tip. He was thrashing about, straining at the ropes, and I put my hand between his legs, under his scrotum, where I could feel the tension and muscle contractions as he tried to come. At last it came, and it was like a huge burst, squirting up and out, over his stomach, past his belly on to his chest. He spurted again and again, until finally the orgasm subsided.

"Take it off! Please, the pain is all over my stomach!" he cried after he finished ejecting his semen.

I undid the wingnuts, relieving pressure, though I knew the pain would continue for a while after I removed the device. Once removed, I climbed up and lay next to him once again. I was topless, but still had my jeans on. I put on leg over his, my arm on his chest, my head on his shoulder. "I really enjoyed that," I sighed.

He was still in pain, but had recovered enough he could still make advances. "Let's do it. Ride me. Climb on me, I want to fuck you."

"Perhaps... sometime... but not now. I think you have had enough for now."

He thrashed a bit, pulling on the ropes. He begged a little. As the pain receded, he was getting fighsty, wanting more of me. More than I was willing to give right at that moment.

"Come on... I am laying here naked, tied, I played your game, and you haven't even taken your pants off!"

"Don't you like my breasts?" I frowned. Displeased.

"Of course I do. You have a gorgeous body. I just want to see it! Come on! Do me... be fair..."

I thought for a moment, and then offered a solution. "Tell you what. You are right. Its not fair, you had the orgasm, I have had nothing. I think I should have the chance at release, don't you think?"

I knew what he was thinking. He was willing to compromise, if he could have me sit on his face for a bit he would probably be perfectly happy.

"Yes, yes... I will help... let's do it," he grunted eagerly.

"Are you willing to pay for the privilege?"

He looked puzzled... "what...?"

I held up the ball crusher again.

"Oh, god, no. Not again. Damn... "

I got up and reached for my top.

"OK! OK!"

I put my top back down, winked at him, and returned to his semi-erect penis. A few strokes had it erect again. A few twists of the wingnuts and his testicles were nicely flattened once again. He began taking deep breaths. I stood, removed my jeans and panties. I then straddled him, over his stomach.

I was wet. The whole scene had turned me on, and I thought I had been doing a great job of hiding just how aroused I was. I scooted up to where my breasts hung down over his face, just out of reach. One hand went between my legs, and I began masturbating. I could feel the excitement wash over me, knowing he was in pain below me, watching my body, wanting and desiring my body, watching me pleasure myself, but experiencing only pain himself.

He moaned and suddenly thrashed against the ropes. "Sit on me, sit on my face. Let me do it!!!"

In response, I lowered my left breast (the most sensitive one) to his mouth, and he eagerly took it and suckled. I was breathing heavily. It wasn't going to take long to come. His attentions to my breast were getting me off, and I could feel the rising warmth of orgasm below me. My climax was coming. It just needed one extra thing to make it perfect.

I slid down, my hand still working my clit and fingers sliding inside, and gave the ball crusher wingnuts a sudden twist, tightening them further. He cried out, not quite a scream, but something more than a groan. The pain I had just caused him shot through me like a shot of morphine, pleasing me, bringing me to orgasm. I moved quickly back up, to where he could clearly see me, my hand working my clit and vagina, and my other hand on my breasts.

The climax swept over me, my nipples were rock hard as I felt them with my left hand, my chest and neck flushed, and I shuddered and cried out with pleasure, as he was moaning in pain below me.

When it was over, I collapsed next to him. His thrashing had slowed, and he was laying on the bed moaning, tears slowly trickling down his cheeks. I kissed these symbols of his suffering, and removed the ball crusher.

I lay next to him, as he recovered. As his breathing slowed, he looked at my face. "You are one evil bitch, you know that?"

I laughed. "I have been called that, yes. In worse situations than this. Do you feel like going again?"

"NO!" He almost cried.

"OK, don't worry." I untied him.

When he was free, he examined his testicles closely, and felt them gingerly. He then reached for his clothes. I pulled on an oversized T, but nothing else. Lighting a cigarette, I watched him dress.

As he was leaving through the front door, he stopped and turned. He kissed me, and I kissed back. "Are you free next Friday?" he asked with a curious look.

"For you dear, yes."

He turned and left.

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