Friday, November 12, 2010

Anatomy Lesson

"Ladies, we have a special treat today. In our studies of the human anatomy, we have spent some time doing comparative anatomy with the human male. While the study of the male is certainly of less interest, comparison of the lesser male and superior female does give us a better understanding of ourselves and of the archaic, historical reproductive methods."

At this, the 20 or so girls in Miss Leman's class had their attention drawn to a strange gurney rolled in from the side door of the classroom. The strangely shaped gurney was split at the bottom, so that the occupant's legs would be spread wide and down, away from the rest of the body. Laying on the gurney was a male in his early 20's, strong and lean. A series of straps held him securely to the hard metal gurney.

The male was naked, as all males were naked in that time. Clothes were as unnecessary as they were for animals. However, the male's head was securely covered by a black wooden box.

"Will everyone get up, and gather around the sample male? We will be examining and then castrating him today, and you need to be close to see the parts as we use and dissect them."

The class of girls gathered around, some of the shorter girls jockeying for position and squeezing forward. When everyone had a view of the male's body, Miss Leman began her examination and explanation. Her hands lifted the limp (though large) male member in her hand and began to idly stroke it.

"As you know, most of the male organs are external to the body which makes them easy to study. I am currently stroking the penis, a shaft protruding from the body which is used for urination. At one time it was also used for penetration and insemination of women, but as we all know this rather unhealthy and disgusting practice is no longer necessary."

The male moaned slightly as his penis became erect. It was muffled heavily from the box covering his head. Miss Leman commented, "You can hear a bit of the male's reactions to my manual stimulation. His head is covered with a sound absorbing box to prevent his cries from disturbing us too much. He is also wearing a heavy gag inside. However, you will be able to observe his reactions to our procedures today, as not all sound is blocked."

The girls looked on in fascination as the male's penis grew larger and harder in Miss Leman's hands. When it looked like it was going to get so stiff that it might break, the teacher surprised the students by climbing on the male's body, straddling his stomach. In this position, her skirt was hiked up high on her thighs, revealing long, strong legs which many of the other girls admired longingly. One reason for Miss Leman's popularity as an instructor was her amazing looks and tight, muscular body. Most girls had at least a little crush on her."Girl's, as you can see, the male is now erect. I shall now demonstrate the basic, and archaic use of the male genitalia."

With this, Miss Leman pulled her skirt higher, until it surrounded her waist, revealing that she was not wearing panties. She slid forward, her pussy rising slightly and positioning over the penis, which stood straight up.

"You can now see some of the original reason for natural vaginal lubrication," Miss Leman said as she spread her pussy lips and began to slowly insert the penis inside. Her breathing was coming slightly faster, and at the first contact and entry of the penis glans, the male made a grunting noise and thrust his hips slightly.

"As you can see, the male has a natural desire, which he can not resist, to enter a female. This uncontrollable urge is one reason males have been subdued and are controlled in modern society," Miss Leman continued lecturing as she slid down the shaft, letting it sink all the way inside her, meeting the male's thrust. "The mutual rubbing of penis inside a vagina produces an intensely pleasurable feeling for the male... something similar to the superior orgasm which females experience."

Miss Leman continued to slide up and down on the penis shaft for a while, as the girls observed. Some were finding themselves aroused by this decadent display of animal lust. The male was grunting and pushing, and Miss Leman appeared to be enjoying the process as well. She no longer lectured, but was breathing heavily. Some of the buttons on her white blouse had come undone, revealing soft cleavage that shuddered slightly as she bounced on top of the male.

Just when some of the girls felt the urgency to satisfy themselves, and others felt the urge to report the disgusting behavior of Miss Leman, she slid up and off the male.

"And now, to finish this part of the demonstration," she said, breathlessly recovering her composure as she continued to stroke the stiff penis in her hand. Her fingers deftly manipulated the lubricated shaft, until with a loud groan the male convulsed and a white liquid came spurting from the hole in the tip of its penis.

"You see... this is how we get sperm. I understand the shock you are experiencing with facing the pure biological function, but regardless of your distaste, it is important that you understand." Miss Leman pulled her skirt down, buttoned her blouse, and continued her lecture, describing the process of sperm manufacture in the testicles, through the various intermediate steps, mixture with semen and final ejaculation.

"All right, I think it is time to take a look inside. This male is scheduled for castration, and we can use this opportunity to take a look inside. Gather around, now." Miss Leman slid a tray of metal instruments close to the naked male's groin. His spread and strapped legs clearly revealed the genitalia, the large, engorged penis still recovering from orgasm, and the floppy sack of flesh below.

As she described the procedure, Miss Leman picked up a scalpel. Taking the male's scrotum in one hand, she displayed the heavy flesh sack for all the girls to see. They were encouraged to touch it briefly, feeling the soft lumps of the testicles inside. The male shook a little and muffled sounds came from the box that covered his head.

"As you can see, this area is extremely sensitive for the male. Your handling of his testicles has caused him some discomfort. This is nothing compared to the discomfort he is about to experience, of course, as we remove these organs from his body. We will all be grateful that he is gagged and his head well secured inside the sound absorbing container."

Miss Leman, raised the scrotum up in one hand, distending it and pulling it tight with the testicles making a smooth round shape. The scalpel was skillfully used to slice a long incision across the end of the scrotum. The male began to twist and struggle in his bonds, the pain of the cut clearly a surprise. Muffled moans and cries could be heard, but they were stifled enough that Miss Leman could be heard clearly as she described the exposed anatomy.

With a squeeze, two white soft egg-like lumps slipped out of the opening in the scrotum. Dangling before all the girls, the male's testicles were exposed. The scalpel sliced around them, cutting off a thin covering of tissue, revealing the texture of the lumps, as well as the small fleshy tubes that extended back into the body. As the male shook, squirmed and screamed inside his dark box, the girls each observed the nature of the sperm production organ, sperm path, and collection points.

Cutting deeper and further up, Miss Leman followed the path of the Vas Deferens, the tubes which transported sperm to the prostate and finally the penis. It was a mind capturing illustration of how the sticky liquid which lay drying on the male's heaving stomach was produced.

The male's penis was flaccid, shriveled and lifeless, hanging to one side. The pain wracked his body, his chest heaving up and down as he screamed into his gag and the sound deadening box absorbed most of his noise.

At last, Miss Leman produced something that looked like a sharp pair of pliers. She took one testicle in her hand, and positioned the pliers behind it, over the fleshy connection to the body. With a single, swift press, all connection to the body was severed. The male screamed, loudly enough that it penetrated through the gag and padded walls of the prison encasing his head. The testicle dropped into Miss Leman's hand. She placed it into a Petrie dish and passed it to the nearest girl, to study and pass on.

The second testicle was next. The frantic movements of the male showed that he was fully aware of what was coming. Blood was forming where the straps held his straining limbs in place. All this meant nothing, and with the same swift squeeze, the second testicle was severed, placed in a Petrie dish and then passed to the girls.

"The male's love of their genitals is unequaled," Miss Leman stated. "The removal of these organs is extremely painful, both physically and mentally. The current pain he is experiencing will give way to the psychological pain of having lost these two small lumps of flesh."

Miss Leman's hand slowly stroked the male's body, feeling the hard muscles still flexing in a useless struggle. It was clear she relished the experience.

Just before wheeling the male out of the classroom, Miss Leman removed the sound deadening box surrounding the male's head. It revealed the contorted face of a young man, perhaps about 20 years old. A heavy gag covered the lower portion of the face. The face was contorted in agony, eyes shut and cheeks wet from tears. Miss Leman leaned over and stroked the handsome face, and then kissed his cheek. The affectionate touch brought on new sobs as the man looked into her eyes, a knowing look showing that he was looking into the eyes of the woman who had just tortured and robbed him of his manhood.

The male was wheeled out. Miss Leman explained that he was to be sold as a slave in a mixed sex work camp. His castration was a requirement before entry.

His testicles remained behind in the classroom.


  1. Great story! I've enjoyed it. Thanks. It's not usual to find castration stories. Gynarchy society, where males are treating like sub humans, almost animals, are very exciting.

    Congratulations, and thank you (and apologize my poor English).

    Guillermo, from Argentina

  2. This was great! Could you do a penectomy story to match it?

  3. Haha, that was just great. I love that fantasy. A male anatomy class :) And he just got castrated because he is in a mixed group.

    But what makes the story so good is the way it is written and the cruelity of the teacher and the girls. You really know what a castration story needs. I love your female controled world stories!

  4. I'm a good looking man and I love your story. What a cruel woman you are!