Friday, December 10, 2010


She didn't struggle. It wasn't clear if the chloroform hit her too fast, or if she was just naturally submissive. In any case, Janice looked up at me with a sort of surprised recognition for a moment before her eyes rolled up and closed, sagging into my arms. She slumped down and grabbed my blouse, pulling it down as she slid. Even when unconscious she was trying to get my top off.

Getting Janice into the trunk wasn't hard, but getting her out resulted in her limp body falling to the pavement. Ooops. I actually apologized to her unconscious form before dragging her into the abandoned house I had found the day before. A patch of carpet prevented any further abrasions to her delicate skin as I drug her along. There were no neighbors, but a passing car slowed to see what was going on. I smiled, and waved, as if it was all perfectly normal. The guy driving the car stared at the scene: a tall pretty girl dressed in black, a torn blouse and bedraggled long purple hair dragging a seemingly unconscious older girl with large breasts into an abandoned house.

He almost hit a fire hydrant, and after narrowly avoiding the obstacle, he sped off. Don't get involved.

The hardest part of the whole operation was getting her limp and uncooperative form up the steps. I hate steps. I hate uncooperative lesbians even more. The two of them made me sweat like a pig, and I was really glad when my girlfriend came out and helped drag her into the room we had prepared. We let her arms drop with a thunk! when she was in position.

She began twitching on the floor. The anesthesia was wearing off. We quickly raised her arms above her head and strapped her wrists into the opposing ends of the spreader bar. Another spreader bar was secured to her ankles, and she lay on the floor with arms and legs akimbo, forced out and wide in the loveliest "X" position.

I took smelling salts, a small capsule of ammonia, and broke it under her nose. The thing stunk and I turned my head. It worked really well, too, because in a couple of seconds my sleeping beauty was thrashing around like a stuck pig, trying to get away from the penetrating odor. I threw the capsule away and sat back, observing my newly acquired possession as she slowly got her bearings.

When she saw me, her eyes grew wide with recognition. "You! You... how... "

"How did I find you?" I chuckled. "I warned you I might show up unexpectedly. So here I am. And there you are. Ready for a little play time?"

She fidgeted, realizing she was bound in a rather awkward position, testing the restraints a bit. Sitting up, she moved her widespread arms in front of her as she looked around the abandoned and decaying room. She looked worried. That turned me on.

Her body started to wriggle, prevented from making very meaningful movements from the arm and leg spreaders, but still more than I wanted right then. "Yep, you seem to be eager to get started. Let's give you a little lift!"

I walked over to the side of the room where a rope was secured to a heavy (though rotting) armoire, and then ascended to a pulley above. I untied it and started pulling on the rope, drawing it through the pulley. After going through the pulley, the rope descended to the arm spreader that held my acquisition's arms apart. By pulling on the rope, I raised her arms above her head.

"Hey, what? What's... what? Ow. That's pulling. Oh my god..." she began wriggling harder as the rope pulled her higher, forcing her to stand on her spread legs. I didn't stop there. Continuing to pull, I lifted my bound victim higher in the air, inch by inch, until her toes left the ground and she swung free, hanging by her arms.

Janice swung for a moment, the weight of her body straining her arms and shoulders. The straps around her wrists were soft, designed to take the weight while keeping her secure, but I imagined she wasn't a happy camper right about then.

"OK. Look Jenn. I understand what you are doing. Let's have some fun, but let me join in. Let me down and we can do something together..." She was looking up at her wrists and then across at me as I tied the rope off again. Being kidnapped was something that she had always carefully planned in advance, but this time it was being done unplanned, by a stalker, albeit a rather sensual and adventurous stalker. Her nerves and fear were beginning to bubble over, and it could be heard in the tone of her voice.

"My dear, you are participating. You are absolutely lovely, dangling from above. But I think you don't really have a leg to stand on right now," I grinned wide at this, "so let me help a bit."

I got two boxes that stood in the corner and slid them under her widely spread feet. She managed to maneuver onto them, and support herself just enough to relieve the worst of the strain on her arms. Her breathing was still fast and she looked at me like a rabbit in headlights. Yes, this was really, really, turning me on.

A creak in the old floorboards announced the arrival of my girlfriend. Janice jumped in surprise and almost lost her footing when she realized we were not alone. "What is this, Jenn? Who is this? I don't trust this, I am not sure that I want..."

"This is my girlfriend. You know I have told you about her. She and I do everything together. Don't worry, I won't let her get carried away. In the meantime, I think you have talked enough. Time for the gag." My girl produced the full head harness with ballgag. I stood on tiptoe and slid it over Janice's head, buckling it into place.

"Wait, you can't gag mphghhpmphhh," her protests turned unintelligible as the gag slipped into her working, flapping mouth, spreading it wide. A good shove got the rubber ball all the way in, and I buckled the last strap tightly. Yep. Nicely done, the straps covering her face enhanced her looks tremendously, making her sexier than ever. I took the opportunity to lick her cheek.

I stepped back for a moment to view the current situation. She half hung from the ceiling, sort of balancing on toes that shook on the weak boxes under her spread feet. Drool was already forming around the gag, and we could see the slightly scared, slightly expectant look in her eyes. I was getting so hot by this scene, I needed to express myself. Turning to my girlfriend, I wrapped my arms around her waist, kissing her deeply. One of her legs rose slightly to wrap around my legs, and I enjoyed the feeling of our breasts pressing softly as my tongue danced with hers.

A muffled noise drew out attention back to the prisoner, who was looking at our incipient makeout session with jealousy. My girl and I turned to her, hand in hand, while we pondered our next move.

"I really want to get a better look at her. She doesn't need that top, does she?" my girl was rather too the point as she pulled out some rather large shears. I watched as she took the bottom seam of Janice's top and pulled it out, then started snipping. She began struggling a little, and made pathetic muffled whining noises. I guess she had liked that top. Oh, well, I thought. Can't be helped.

The top removed, her large breasts were still trapped under a very unbecoming bra which looked uncomfortable. No matter. A couple of snips later and the softness of her curves was released and hung heavily and nakedly before us. My girlfriend stepped back, and I stepped forward, sliding one hand over her now naked breasts, feeling their shape, their softness, watching her nipples react to the touch. Leaning over, I took one nipple between my lips and began to suck gently. She really did have a good body, and it felt good to finally be able to touch it in any way I wished.

Janice moaned slightly. I looked up at her face as I switched sides, taking her other breast in hand, nipple in mouth, and began suckling. She was rolling her eyes, closing them, feeling the arousal and impossibility of her situation. Frustrated with the inability to respond and participate as I played with the texture of her aureole, feeling the nipple become hard under my tongue, she also felt a certain humiliation with being bound and used in front of someone she didn't know. My girlfriend watched in amusement as these conflicting emotions flickered across her face.

When I finished playing with her breasts, I stepped back and observed the lipstick I had left smeared across both her nipples. It helped, I decided. She looked better that way. But there was something missing.

Nipple clamps. The nasty gator ones that hurt a long time after they were removed, ones with big springs that clamped down hard. I pulled them out of my bag, and walked over to my poor Janice, dangling and available for me to play with in any way I pleased. She saw the clamps, and knew what was coming. The sensation of pain wasn't new to her as the first clamp clutched and smashed her left nipple, but she still squealed behind her gag and jerked her head back to look at the ceiling. The second clamp kissed her right nipple briefly before I released it and another agonized squeal was heard. A small weight was attached to each clamp, assuring a constant downward drag on her most pert breasts.

"I think you still have too many clothes on," I observed. The shears were still nearby and I began work on her jeans, cutting from her ankle cuffs up the leg, slowly exposing the shapely form. This prompted a lot of jerking around, flexing, and muffled howling. Expensive jeans? Or just shy? Hard to tell with her mouth all full like that.

Cutting jeans off is hard work. My hand hurt afterward, and as I stood looking at her nearly-naked form I sucked on some sore spots. She had a body, there was no doubt about that. She looked good in just panties, too. Still, what waited underneath was better, and needed to be exposed. My girl picked up the shears and with two quick snips, the panties dropped away and revealed my dear Janice's pussy. She had turned her head as if to try and hide her face. She was really feeling vulnerable, exposed... humiliated? Hard to believe this slut was embarrassed by nudity. Then again, this was her first encounter with me.

I felt a hand slide around my waist, gliding over my stomach and under my top. My girlfriend wrapped her arms around me, nuzzling my neck in that most arousing way she has. I continued to view Janice's taught body, strung up in front of me. With a slow, deliberate movement, I kicked the box under her left foot away. She dangled and tried to maintain with her right foot on the remaining box. Her struggles were a delight. I watched her leg muscles flex and jerk until I kicked the other box away, leaving her dangling. Stepping back to view my handiwork, I watched her hanging by her arms, slowly swaying backwards and forwards.

"I want to make you cum," the words whispered in my ear were like music. Her hands slid across my stomach and then under my pleather skirt, pushing it down over my hips slowly. When it was down far enough, I wriggled and let them drop. Her hands descended between my legs and searched for the softer flesh of my pussy. I continued to look at Janice hanging before me, wriggling gently in her bonds as my girlfriend's fingers found and spread my lips. They were wet. I moaned involuntarily and turned to kiss her. She never missed a beat, and one finger entered me as I spread my legs slightly, encouraging her entry.

The strength left my legs, and I sank down to a mattress that lay to the back of the room. Positioning myself so that I could watch our prisoner struggle, I raised my knees and spread my legs wide, inviting my girl's tongue to do what she does so well. It was hard concentrating, with two fingers deep inside, hooked to my G-spot, and her tongue sliding gently over my clit, and then harder and faster as my hips began to move with the need for increased sensation.

Janice looked down at the spectacle of our lovemaking, a mix of frustration, desire, arousal and anger flickering across her face. I could tell she wanted to participate. But she wasn't participating except as a bound and gagged observer and that's the way I wanted it. I lay looking at her suspended from the ceiling, feeling the sensations of a slowly building orgasm as I observed her body stretched and restrained before me. Her hips even began swaying (unconsciously, I am sure) in rhythm to my own.

Finally I reached the point where I could not keep my eyes focused and open any more, my hands went down and grabbed my girlfriend's head and I raised my ass off the floor as the climax flooded over me. God, it felt good, cumming in that place, with Janice looking on helplessly. I had wanted to do this for ages, and finally, here we all were. It was better than I had hoped.

My girl and lay in each other's arms for a while, panting, sweaty from exertion. Janice was making muffled whining noises, trying to talk through the gag. We looked at her for a while, enjoying the site of her naked form on display just for the two of us.

When recovered sufficiently, I rose from the mattress and walked over to Janice. "Dear. My dear, lovely Janice. I know you are frustrated, incredibly. You want to join us, I think. And in a way, it's only fair. We have had some fun, you deserve a nice fuck as well. What do you say?"

She looked at me with a mixture of hope and caution. "Mpphhhfff," she said.

"I will take that as a yes. I think we can do something here..." and with that, I went over to the rope, untied it and slowly lowered her body. When her toes touched the floor, she stabilized herself and relieved the strain on her body. As her arms came down she stood more normally (though her legs were still spread a good three feet wide). Her arms lowered until they stretched out to either side at the level of her breasts. Lowering her like this changed the whole dynamic of her body - she didn't look as skinny when her flesh was no longer stretched, and her boobs hung down a bit (which accentuated the affect of the nipple clamp weights).

My girlfriend grabbed her arm spreader and jerked it behind her as I lowered the suspension rope further. With a slow, deliberate guidance she took Janice down backwards so that she was laying down on the floor on her back. When the rope was completely relaxed she tied it to a hook in the wall, forcing Janice's arms above her head as she lay.

I took out the rather large strapon and slipped it around my waist, positioning it properly at my groin. A few buckles tightened, and it was on firmly, ready for my prisoner's pleasure... or discomfort. It remained to be seen.

When Janice saw what I was wearing she yelped. It was a large dildo, I had to admit. Big. Wide and long. Perfect for the slut I knew her to be. Slowly and deliberately, I knelt between her spread legs. Guiding the tip of the artificial cock to the edges of her pussy, I began playing at stimulating her. She was looking at me with dread and anger, and I smiled down at her for a moment.

"Oh, wait. I think I forgot something... you would appreciate a little lube, I suppose." She nodded her head vigorously, making approval noises through her gag. A small bottle and a squirt did the job, and the artificially ribbed and molded rubber was slick as could be.

The dildo pressed against her pussy lips once again, this time making a slow entry. The lube helped a lot, though I could see the cock was pretty large and had started stretching her out. I went slowly, getting it deeper and deeper, watching for her reactions. When it was about 3/4 of the way in I could feel resistance and saw her flinch as it pressed against her cervix. Perfect.

Pulling out again slowly, I observed her pussy lips clasping the rubber rod as it exited her body, clinging as if to protest its withdrawal. When it was almost all the way out, I pushed in again, pressing harder this time. She grunted. It sounded good. I felt good on top of her like this, and lowered myself a little further until our stomachs touched and my breasts brushed hers. She was looking up at me, her eyes meeting mine as I began a slow but deep rhythm, pushing in and out with my hips.

In know time at all I was pounding into her, effort combining with the heat of the old house to create a sheen of sweat all over my body. I could feel my flesh slipping against hers and it was gratifying to feel her grunting in pain at the same time she was thrusting her hips to meet my own thrusts. I was penetrating deeply, our pussies touching and grinding, which meant that on each thrust the dildo was penetrating deeply enough to ram against her cervix. She probably felt like she was being impaled. She was, and she loved it.

What a slut.

Her eyes glazed over, still open but no longer following mine. Her grunts had taken on a kind of mewling noise, and she was wriggling her hips in a most unladylike manner. Suddenly, her chest and neck flushed a deep red. Her eyes closed and she moaned, pitching her head back while her entire body tensed under me. Her climax lasted a long time, and I kept going, grinding deep within her, pressing my own clit against the back of the rubber dong, pushing, feeling her flesh against mine...

And I had my own orgasm, climaxing just as she began to come down from her own. It was mostly psychological for me, to have her pinned beneath and at my mercy while forcing myself on her. Her body felt fantastic below mind, large breasts pressed against mine, legs raised and pressed against the outside of my thighs... I came with a loud moan and after a few moments collapse on top of her prostrate nakedness.

My girlfriend was there, at our heads, sitting and observing the look on Janice's face as she recovered from this intense experience. I slowly withdrew and Janice looked up at my girl's face, only to see a leather strap descend to her throat. The strap quickly surrounded her neck, and tightened until the blood started backing up in her head, turning it red and then purpose. She was breathing in short gasps with a partially restricted airway.

My girl was quick and to the point. "We are leaving now. It has been fun. We might even do it again. Would you like that?"

Janice nodded slightly, though it wasn't sure whether she really wanted to do it again or simply thought that was the right thing to say. In response, I leaned down and removed my best nipple clamps, causing her eyes to bug out and a rather loud screech. Twice.

"Gooooood. I want to thank you for the slut you are. Since we kind of screwed up your clothes, we are going to leave you some fresh ones. We didn't know your size, so they might be a tad small. But they will be enough to get you home. Now... " My girlfriend's face was hard and cold, "you aren't going to talk about this with anyone, are you? Because if you do, we will simply say it was aaallll arranged. Your past slutcapades will be enough that no one would ever believe anything different. And of course... we would be forced to come back later, and perhaps take harsher action."

"Better listen to her Janice. She is a wild one, and I can't always control her," I said seriously. "Here are your clothes. Sorry, no underwear, but it's just for a short time. We will untie your hands, then you can take care of the rest."

I took the incredibly short plaid schoolgirl skirt and starched white blouse and lay them next to her. We untied her hands and then left as she was fumbling with the buckles of her head harness and gag.

Later, sitting down the street in the rented car, we observed Janice exit the building with an extremely angry look on her face. She was wearing the plaid skirt which barely covered her ass (as long as she stood perfectly straight) and the blouse which was two sizes too small, bulging at the buttons.

As she hurried down the street, the same car we saw earlier came slowly cruising down the street. It started pacing her, though she refused to look inside. Finally the driver, the guy that had seen me drag the unconscious Janice into the abandoned house, rolled the passenger side window down and started talking. Janice pretended not to notice for a second, and then stopped. She looked up and down the street, as if looking for something. Finally, with a sense of resignation, she got in the driver's side door (exposing her naked ass in the process) and the two of them drove off.

Saturday, November 27, 2010


James came in the door with the slow, tired demeanor of someone who had had a hard day, and threw his coat on the back of a worn leather chair in the living room. He untied his tie and threw it over the coat. As he stumped down the hall, the sound of his wife rummaging in the closet greeted him.

"Hi, hon. Are you getting ready to go out tonight?" James asked tentatively. His wife, Erin, turned and surveyed him with thinly veiled annoyance. She was a tall woman, almost as tall as James, with short dark blond hair cut with an attractive tousled look. Her face looked about ten years younger than her 32 years, with light freckles and gray eyes. A smooth light complexion complemented her overall look. She was putting on a rather tight black dress which nicely showed her remarkable curves, and stopped mid-thigh to show her strong legs.

"Yes, James. You remember, we are going over to Vic's tonight. I told you this Sunday night. What is it with you?" Erin put on a pair of black heels over her bare feet and then faced James appraisingly. "It doesn't matter. You aren't the one that needs to look impressive. In fact I don't think you could if you wanted to. Lets get going."

James was standing with a slightly sad, slightly shocked look on his face. He had indeed forgotten that he was accompanying his wife to her lovers house that evening. It wasn't the best of situations, and he did not relish the thought at all.

"Hon... babe... Erin. Do I need to go this time? I mean... I will take you out someplace really nice. We haven't been to the - "

Erin interrupted him before he could get any further. "James, we have been over this. I have needs that you can not fulfill. Your lousy dick is just part of the problem. I don't blame you, you didn't have any experience with women because of that pitiful thing, so even if you got a decent sized one now, it would be a waste. I need this. So if you want me to stay with you, this is what you will do."

Erin lowered her voice and slid up to James, wrapping her arms around his neck lightly, and letting her lips brush his cheek and lips as she talked.

"We are going over to Vic's. You will sit in the chair, and watch as I fuck his brains out. Maybe you will learn something, maybe not. And if I want to fuck him repeatedly, you will watch that as well. You will be silent and respectful, and not interfere. This is the condition of our marriage, and you will live up to it, or I will leave you and take everything you own in this world. Now, if we have that straight... let's get going!"

James had put his hands on Erin's waist and hips instinctively as she rubbed her body against his, and whispered her demands. The sensation of holding her youthful, incredible body drove him wild. He felt the raging erection in his pants. But instead of taking his wife as he desperately wanted to do, he simply nodded his head and followed her from the room.

Vic's house was a short drive away; a large ranch style custom home much too large for one person. He lived there quite happily, having kept the house as part of a divorce settlement a few years earlier. It was secluded from the street by a row of trees, and as James pulled into the drive and stopped in front of the house, he felt that he was descending into purgatory. Erin got out and walked up to the door. James followed, head bowed in humiliation. He watched Erin's long legs before him stride confidently, the white flesh contrasting with the black dress which showed her rounded ass.

The door opened and let out a stream of welcoming warm light. Vic greeted them both, and kissed Erin soundly with a deep tongue kiss which she returned eagerly. Vic smiled and shook hands with James and led them to the den, a large area that had comfortable couches and recliners, ottomans and even a soft fur rug in front of the fireplace. In the corner there was a small chest, which James knew contained a variety of sex toys and paraphernalia.

"So, James buddy. That's your chair, as usual," Vic motioned to a hard square office chair with arms in the corner. James sat obediently, shaking his head in wonder that he was once more about to watch this construction working do his wife. What choice did he have?

Vic raised the lid on the chest, and produced a line of rope which he handed to Erin. Erin walked over to James, smiling. "Dearest... last time I am afraid you actually tried to pleasure yourself with that embarrassing thing you call a cock, while Vic and I were having fun. Completely unacceptable. I ended up throwing your underwear away, I didn't want to touch that sticky, dried residue. No touching tonight, and to make sure you don't Vic and I have decided you should be restrained."

"Wait! Erin, what is this... you can't tie me up!"

"Oh yes, James, I can. I am very good at it too." Erin looped James' right arm several times and then strung the rope over to the left arm.

"But, Erin... please... I won't interfere, and I won't masturbate. Honestly. Just... don't tie me up. Please. Please!"

Erin felt herself getting aroused as her husband pleaded. She was really getting off on humiliating James this way. She really wanted Vic inside her fast, but she knew it would be better if she played this out a bit.

"James... I am afraid that this is quite necessary. And if we have any problem with you tonight, we might have to gag you. Vic?" Vic handed her a short penis gag that inserted into the mouth with a head harness. "You see? Vic and I are going to enjoy ourselves, and you either have to control yourself or we will control you."

James simply hung his head as she put the final touches on the ropes around his ankles. She really did know how to tie a knot, he realized. He could hardly move.

Her job done, Erin and James began spending their evening together. They poured themselves drinks, made martinis and sipped them on the sofa across from James. He watched them as they talked intimately of their jobs, their lives, hopes and dreams. Their conversation was more intimate that anything he had shared with Erin since soon after their wedding, and tears trickled down his face as he watched Erin snuggling closer, lifting one leg and sliding it over one of Vic's legs. The action rode her skirt up so that James could see her beautifully rounded ass... she was wearing no panties.

Then Vic's hand was on her ass, lifting and pulling as they kissed passionately. In moments, her skirt was lifted up and bunched around her waist and Vic's hand was stroking her pussy as she slowly moved her hips against his hand. Erin was kissing him deeply, moaning in a kind of short breathed demanding way that meant she wanted sex bad. James could see his wife's pussy was wet and glistening as Vic slid one finger inside.

James squeezed his eyes shut for a moment, but then opened them again. His own erection was raging and he was horny as hell. He wanted to touch himself so badly, but the restraints kept his hands away from vital parts.

Suddenly, Vic stopped making out with Erin, rose and removed his pants. He then walked over to James, who looked at him with amazement and surprise. Erin watched with amusement.

"So... James boy. I think your wife there deserves a nice, big, hard cock. Care to help me get ready?" With this, Vic grabbed James' hair and chin, pulled his head back and mouth open. Raising one leg up, Vic slid his semi-hard cock into James' mouth.

Erin watched with complete pleasure as her lover shoved his cock into her husbands mouth. Vic was anything but small, and James gagged as the shaft was pushed deeper down his throat. Trying desperately to breathe, James was simply keeping his mouth open and hoping for it to be over soon, but Vic kept pushing in and out, his cock getting harder and longer. When it was fully erect it was a solid nine inches, and James was seriously choking. Erin could not tell if it was due to embarrassment or choking, but she could see James' face was bright red. She slowly slid the fingers of her left hand over her clit as she watched the show.

Finally, Vic removed himself. James gasped, breathing freely for the first time in several minutes. Vic was hard and well lubricated with saliva, and moved back to Erin. Spreading her legs wide so James could see everything, she accepted Vic on top of her as she lay back on the soft couch. She gently guided Vic until he was pressing slightly on the lips of her pussy, and then with ecstasy felt him push into her.

Behind Vic, she heard James gasp as he saw Vic enter her. He never did get used to seeing it, and it never ceased to excite her to know he was watching Vic slide inside. She felt Vic's large member filling her, spreading her wide, penetrating deeper, and she almost climaxed right then.

James watched Vic's shaft press against his wife's pussy lips, slowly parting them as he pressed. They were glistening wet, and with the added lubrication of James' saliva on his cock, it slid in with little problem. He saw Erin's hands clutching at Vic's ass and back, clawing, pressing him closer and deeper. Her naked legs wrapped around his thighs, bouncing as he began to thrust.

James view was perfect; he could see his wife's flesh wrapped tightly around Vic's cock as it pulled out and then plunged back in deeply. Vic's balls began slapping against Erin's ass as they picked up the pace in a constant rhythm. Vic had lowered some of his weight on top of Erin, and they began kissing as they fucked.

It was one of the most frustrating nights James had ever experienced. Seeing his wife fucking so passionately, with Vic's long hard member pounding in deeply. Each thrust was evoking a slight grunt from his wife, and her body squirmed under Vic's muscular form.

James wanted to be inside his wife so badly, he could feel it. He was watching closely as the two lovers rocked and pushed, moaning as their sexual excitement increased and approached orgasm. His own cock was rigid and jerking inside his pants. He began a rhythmic motion with his hips, pushing in synchronization with Vic's thrusts. His cock throbbed and slid against his underwear, and his inner thighs. It wasn't enough, but it was all he would get this evening. That, and the sight of his wife's incredibly body wrapped around another man, pushing and pulling him to orgasm.

The lover's orgasm arrived with quite a bit of noise. Vic started grunting and swearing as the contractions began deep inside him, his thrusts becoming faster and deeper than before. Erin, sensing the coming wave, frantically thrust and wriggled her hips, moving one hand to rapidly massage her clit just above Vic's thrusting flesh.

With cries of pleasure, the couple climaxed within seconds of each other. James observed Vic's ass tighten and press with the need to eject his fluid into Erin's body; Erin thrust upward and wrapped her arms and legs around Vic as tightly as she could.

At the same time, James experienced a flood of pleasure. His own cock convulsed, and sperm suddenly spurted into his underwear. He tried to stop it, knowing in the back of his mind that Erin would find the dried residue, but he couldn't. It was too late, and he simply filled his pants with sticky fluid.

Hanging his head, James heard his wife and her lover panting as they held each other in an after-orgasm glow. There were wet sounds of kissing, suckling and the like as Erin and Vic caressed each other. When he finally raised his head and looked again, he was greeted by the sight of Erin's wide spread legs revealing her pussy. Draining slowly from the crack was the white fluid of Vic's semen, oozing out.

Reaching down and fondling herself, Erin felt the leaking fluid and gathered some in her fingers. She took Vic's cum and stepped over to James. She smeared the semen on his cheek, laughed, and returned to Vic.

It was only the beginning. Erin and Vic spent a long evening together, playing with each other as James watched. At one point, tears trickled down James face as he watched the couple 69 before the fire, Erin gagging slightly but continuously thrusting her hips into Vic's face.

After they had exhausted themselves completely, Erin and Vic untied James. Erin led her humiliated husband to the car, kissing Vic as she got in to the passenger's seat, and telling him what a wonderful time she had had that evening. She made it clear that Vic was by far the best lover she had ever had.

With Vic's dried cum across his face, and his own cum filling his pants, James drove his wife home.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Anatomy Lesson

"Ladies, we have a special treat today. In our studies of the human anatomy, we have spent some time doing comparative anatomy with the human male. While the study of the male is certainly of less interest, comparison of the lesser male and superior female does give us a better understanding of ourselves and of the archaic, historical reproductive methods."

At this, the 20 or so girls in Miss Leman's class had their attention drawn to a strange gurney rolled in from the side door of the classroom. The strangely shaped gurney was split at the bottom, so that the occupant's legs would be spread wide and down, away from the rest of the body. Laying on the gurney was a male in his early 20's, strong and lean. A series of straps held him securely to the hard metal gurney.

The male was naked, as all males were naked in that time. Clothes were as unnecessary as they were for animals. However, the male's head was securely covered by a black wooden box.

"Will everyone get up, and gather around the sample male? We will be examining and then castrating him today, and you need to be close to see the parts as we use and dissect them."

The class of girls gathered around, some of the shorter girls jockeying for position and squeezing forward. When everyone had a view of the male's body, Miss Leman began her examination and explanation. Her hands lifted the limp (though large) male member in her hand and began to idly stroke it.

"As you know, most of the male organs are external to the body which makes them easy to study. I am currently stroking the penis, a shaft protruding from the body which is used for urination. At one time it was also used for penetration and insemination of women, but as we all know this rather unhealthy and disgusting practice is no longer necessary."

The male moaned slightly as his penis became erect. It was muffled heavily from the box covering his head. Miss Leman commented, "You can hear a bit of the male's reactions to my manual stimulation. His head is covered with a sound absorbing box to prevent his cries from disturbing us too much. He is also wearing a heavy gag inside. However, you will be able to observe his reactions to our procedures today, as not all sound is blocked."

The girls looked on in fascination as the male's penis grew larger and harder in Miss Leman's hands. When it looked like it was going to get so stiff that it might break, the teacher surprised the students by climbing on the male's body, straddling his stomach. In this position, her skirt was hiked up high on her thighs, revealing long, strong legs which many of the other girls admired longingly. One reason for Miss Leman's popularity as an instructor was her amazing looks and tight, muscular body. Most girls had at least a little crush on her."Girl's, as you can see, the male is now erect. I shall now demonstrate the basic, and archaic use of the male genitalia."

With this, Miss Leman pulled her skirt higher, until it surrounded her waist, revealing that she was not wearing panties. She slid forward, her pussy rising slightly and positioning over the penis, which stood straight up.

"You can now see some of the original reason for natural vaginal lubrication," Miss Leman said as she spread her pussy lips and began to slowly insert the penis inside. Her breathing was coming slightly faster, and at the first contact and entry of the penis glans, the male made a grunting noise and thrust his hips slightly.

"As you can see, the male has a natural desire, which he can not resist, to enter a female. This uncontrollable urge is one reason males have been subdued and are controlled in modern society," Miss Leman continued lecturing as she slid down the shaft, letting it sink all the way inside her, meeting the male's thrust. "The mutual rubbing of penis inside a vagina produces an intensely pleasurable feeling for the male... something similar to the superior orgasm which females experience."

Miss Leman continued to slide up and down on the penis shaft for a while, as the girls observed. Some were finding themselves aroused by this decadent display of animal lust. The male was grunting and pushing, and Miss Leman appeared to be enjoying the process as well. She no longer lectured, but was breathing heavily. Some of the buttons on her white blouse had come undone, revealing soft cleavage that shuddered slightly as she bounced on top of the male.

Just when some of the girls felt the urgency to satisfy themselves, and others felt the urge to report the disgusting behavior of Miss Leman, she slid up and off the male.

"And now, to finish this part of the demonstration," she said, breathlessly recovering her composure as she continued to stroke the stiff penis in her hand. Her fingers deftly manipulated the lubricated shaft, until with a loud groan the male convulsed and a white liquid came spurting from the hole in the tip of its penis.

"You see... this is how we get sperm. I understand the shock you are experiencing with facing the pure biological function, but regardless of your distaste, it is important that you understand." Miss Leman pulled her skirt down, buttoned her blouse, and continued her lecture, describing the process of sperm manufacture in the testicles, through the various intermediate steps, mixture with semen and final ejaculation.

"All right, I think it is time to take a look inside. This male is scheduled for castration, and we can use this opportunity to take a look inside. Gather around, now." Miss Leman slid a tray of metal instruments close to the naked male's groin. His spread and strapped legs clearly revealed the genitalia, the large, engorged penis still recovering from orgasm, and the floppy sack of flesh below.

As she described the procedure, Miss Leman picked up a scalpel. Taking the male's scrotum in one hand, she displayed the heavy flesh sack for all the girls to see. They were encouraged to touch it briefly, feeling the soft lumps of the testicles inside. The male shook a little and muffled sounds came from the box that covered his head.

"As you can see, this area is extremely sensitive for the male. Your handling of his testicles has caused him some discomfort. This is nothing compared to the discomfort he is about to experience, of course, as we remove these organs from his body. We will all be grateful that he is gagged and his head well secured inside the sound absorbing container."

Miss Leman, raised the scrotum up in one hand, distending it and pulling it tight with the testicles making a smooth round shape. The scalpel was skillfully used to slice a long incision across the end of the scrotum. The male began to twist and struggle in his bonds, the pain of the cut clearly a surprise. Muffled moans and cries could be heard, but they were stifled enough that Miss Leman could be heard clearly as she described the exposed anatomy.

With a squeeze, two white soft egg-like lumps slipped out of the opening in the scrotum. Dangling before all the girls, the male's testicles were exposed. The scalpel sliced around them, cutting off a thin covering of tissue, revealing the texture of the lumps, as well as the small fleshy tubes that extended back into the body. As the male shook, squirmed and screamed inside his dark box, the girls each observed the nature of the sperm production organ, sperm path, and collection points.

Cutting deeper and further up, Miss Leman followed the path of the Vas Deferens, the tubes which transported sperm to the prostate and finally the penis. It was a mind capturing illustration of how the sticky liquid which lay drying on the male's heaving stomach was produced.

The male's penis was flaccid, shriveled and lifeless, hanging to one side. The pain wracked his body, his chest heaving up and down as he screamed into his gag and the sound deadening box absorbed most of his noise.

At last, Miss Leman produced something that looked like a sharp pair of pliers. She took one testicle in her hand, and positioned the pliers behind it, over the fleshy connection to the body. With a single, swift press, all connection to the body was severed. The male screamed, loudly enough that it penetrated through the gag and padded walls of the prison encasing his head. The testicle dropped into Miss Leman's hand. She placed it into a Petrie dish and passed it to the nearest girl, to study and pass on.

The second testicle was next. The frantic movements of the male showed that he was fully aware of what was coming. Blood was forming where the straps held his straining limbs in place. All this meant nothing, and with the same swift squeeze, the second testicle was severed, placed in a Petrie dish and then passed to the girls.

"The male's love of their genitals is unequaled," Miss Leman stated. "The removal of these organs is extremely painful, both physically and mentally. The current pain he is experiencing will give way to the psychological pain of having lost these two small lumps of flesh."

Miss Leman's hand slowly stroked the male's body, feeling the hard muscles still flexing in a useless struggle. It was clear she relished the experience.

Just before wheeling the male out of the classroom, Miss Leman removed the sound deadening box surrounding the male's head. It revealed the contorted face of a young man, perhaps about 20 years old. A heavy gag covered the lower portion of the face. The face was contorted in agony, eyes shut and cheeks wet from tears. Miss Leman leaned over and stroked the handsome face, and then kissed his cheek. The affectionate touch brought on new sobs as the man looked into her eyes, a knowing look showing that he was looking into the eyes of the woman who had just tortured and robbed him of his manhood.

The male was wheeled out. Miss Leman explained that he was to be sold as a slave in a mixed sex work camp. His castration was a requirement before entry.

His testicles remained behind in the classroom.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Breath Play

"Do you love me?" I whispered in her ear, letting my breath carry the words gently and warm her neck.

"Yes..." She was not struggling against the straps that held her to the chair. Her eyes closed and her head tilted slightly, as if to give my question more access to the bare flesh of her neck.

My own long hair slid across her skin, where goose bumps appeared and then faded. As I slowly moved around behind her I let my breasts brush against her upper arm, first my left... then my right. I wore no bra and I sensed her warmth and imagined that my nipples grew hard just at that moment.

Positioning myself behind her, I lowered my face so that it was next to hers. We both looked forward into a mirror that sat in front of the chair, she looking into my eyes, as I looked into hers. Her legs were strapped to the chair legs, slightly apart. The light skirt she wore revealed smooth thighs (though no more).

Casually, my left hand slid across her shoulder until it cupped her throat, feeling the bare flesh there and squeezing slightly to feel the blood pump through arteries to feed her brain. She did not flinch. After a moment my hand slid down from her neck to her chest, and then under her top as I felt cleavage give way to the softness of breasts. Down my fingertips felt, crawling under the cloth and finding the perfect underside of the sphere until my hand cupped and lifted her right breast. My index finger slid up and played with her nipple, which was hard, waiting for me.

She gasped slightly at the stimulation, and shifted position in the chair, her body feeling the impulse to respond. She couldn't, which was the way we both wanted it. My right hand slid fingers into her hair, entwining and grabbing and pulling her head back until she looked directly into my eyes as I looked down. I kissed her then, a deep tongue kiss, forced upon her restrained form, and yet willingly accepted. Her tongue flittered and pulled mine in as her breathing quickened. Her kisses were always the best.

I broke the kiss, and withdrew my hand. Her top was partway open from my explorations, her breasts partially visible. Restrained as she was in the chair, ankles, knees, wrists and elbows, she had never looked sexier. My own arousal almost took me made me release her and start ripping clothes off, but I held my concentration.

From behind her, I brought out the thin latex sheet I had waiting. I slowly positioned it over her face, and then pulled it back all the way until it clung tightly, conforming to the shape of her nose, eyes, mouth. Her breathing suddenly became labored. In fact, her attempts to breathe were no longer successful. She stayed remarkably still at first, simply tolerating the rubber that covered her face. But the desire for air overcame her, and her chest struggled, heaving in her attempts to suck in some oxygen.

I released the rubber sheet, and she took a huge, deep breath. Panting for just a moment, she looked at me in the mirror with frightened eyes. Looking back at her in the mirror, I kissed her cheek, caressed her hair, and smiled approvingly. The latex sheet descended over her face once again. This time she saw it coming and took a deep breath before I pulled it tight and cut off her air.

It was only 45 seconds or so, but it was enough. She began to struggle, chest heaving and arms wriggling in the restraints. The latex sheet sucked into her open mouth as she tried to breathe. I released the sheet and she sucked in air, panting, gasping for longer this time. She didn't look at me for a while, and when she finally did her eyes showed the same fear, and as well as something else...

"Do you love me?" I once again breathed in her ear.
"Yes!" She almost spit out, as if unwilling to give up the air for that simple word.

"Will you do anything for me?"

She looked at the ceiling, took a deep breath, and then lowered her face so she stared at me directly in the mirror.


It was time. She knew what she was in for, understand the reality. She had committed herself.

From behind her chair I produced a single large clear plastic bag and a Velcro strap. I slid the bag over her head. She stared out through the distortion of the clear plastic, still looking at me. The fear was still in her eyes. And yes... that something else. The love. The dedication. The commitment to do all, endure all, for me.

Could I take advantage of that? Yes, yes I could.

"When I place the strap around your neck, it will cut off your air. All you will have to breath is in this bag and in your lungs. The air will last about two minutes. The Velcro strap can easily be removed. Just pull on it, here." I illustrated how it could be undone with a quick, simple pull.

"Once I place the strap around your neck, I will undo your right arm restraints. You may remove the strap and bag at any time. You may breath at any time." She looked at me with a rising question of fear. She had not expected this-- this was a test. A test beyond what she was prepared for. She saw it coming.

"All I ask is that you not remove the bag. That's all. Give yourself to me, completely to me. Breathe in what air you have. I will be here with you. When consciousness slips away, know that you are still with me, and that it is forever."

Tears came to her eyes and trickled down her cheeks. "I don't know... if I can."

"That's up to you dear."

I slipped the strap around her neck, pulled it tight and let the Velcro hold it in place. She breathed in suddenly, the bag contracted over her face as all the extra air was sucked into her lungs.

As she continued to breathe, the bag expanding and contracting with each breath, I moved from behind her to the front, kneeling before her and undoing the restraints of her right arm. Her hand reached up and gripped my shoulder. I rose and slid over her, until I knelt between her legs, my face close to hers. She looked into my eyes with pain and fear, but I could see that it was fear that she would not make it, that she would give in.

Her sucking breath came faster now. She shook her head from side to side. Her free right hand alternately gripped the chair and my arm. Her skin under the bag was wet, sweaty from exertion and from the humidity of the trapped air inside.

The heaving of her chest was so alluring, arousing, I unbuttoned her blouse all the way, spreading it wide to expose her beautiful breasts. Placing my hands on her bare chest and stomach I felt the strain, the desperation in her body as she gasped for oxygen.

"Please... please..." She gasped. What is was she begged for I did not know, and I suspect she didn't either. I slid my hands up her body to either side, under, and then to the sides of her breasts and on to feel the ribs under her arms. At the same time I moved up and kissed her through the bag. Her gasping was panicked now, and her right arm clutched my neck, pressing my head against hers as she tried to kiss me with an all consuming kiss that would distract the pain her body felt.

I separated and watched her eyes closely. The fear was gone, the gasping was slowing. She was beginning to go.

Her free hand, which had held my arm tightly, was no longer tight. It was going limp, as her head began to wobble slightly. And then, all at once... her head fell backwards and her body relaxed completely.

I waited a moment, caressing her face, and then undid the strap. The bag slid off and cold, fresh air flooded her face, reviving her semi-conscious form. I slapped her once, twice. Her breathing strengthened and then took hold in slow, deep, starved gasps. Sitting with her head back, looking at the ceiling, she gasped and breathed and finally cried... tears running down her face.

I undid the rest of her restraints, and when they were all undone she fell forward, arms around me. "I have failed you!" she sobbed.

"No, dearest. You succeeded. I simply brought you back."

We sat together, enjoying the feeling of each others bodies against one another as she slowly recovered from the most intense experience of her life.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Self Control

"So, you are telling me that you have been masturbating, every day, since you were 13?" Jamie looked at Mike with a mixture of disgust and amazement.

"Uh, well... maybe since I was 12," Mike could feel the blush heating his face and looked down at the table. He had married Jamie just a year ago, and was blissfully happy. Sometimes she could get a little overbearing, but she was so gorgeous, and he loved her. Mike wasn't that great looking and Jamie's tall, thin, brunette model good looks always made him feel inferior.

"So, you have been masturbating every day since you met me? Since we moved in together? Since we got married? Is that right?" Jamie's questions were almost statements, challenges, asking him to deny the truth.

"Yes. Sometimes more than once." Mike couldn't look at her now, he was looking at the table. He could see her tight fitting top over her perfect breasts, and that was enough to give him a hard on right then. Secretly, he knew he would probably be masturbating again within the hour, just to get this sexual tension out.

Jamie shook her head, not from disbelief but from a sense of bewilderment. "This is unacceptable. My husband can not only not control himself, he is letting loose more than once a day, even days that we have sex. This total lack of self control has got to change. I will not have you doing this. It will stop now, do you understand? No more. More more masturbation unless you ask me first, and don't expect me to say OK. I should be enough for you. We have sex a couple times a week, and if that doesn't satisfy you, well... you just need to learn to control."

"OK, Jamie. I understand. No more jacking off." Mike didn't mean it, he knew down deep he would give in the first time he saw Julie at work, and would head to the restroom and seek relief.

Two weeks later, Jamie asked Mike to join her in the living room after dinner. Jamie was looking her best, her long dark hair silky and straight, a low cut blouse showing her perfect smooth neck and shoulders and some of her ideal cleavage. Tight jeans emphasized a tight ass and perfect legs as she led Mike into the room and sat down opposite him.

Jamie removed a couple of things from a bag. Lifting a plastic freezer bag, she showed it to Mike. "Do you recognize this?"

Inside the bag was a tissue. "Uh, no..."

Jamie opened it and pulled the tissue out by a small corner and let it dangle between them. "This is a tissue filled with your dried semen. I found it in the bathroom trash. What do you have to say for yourself?"

Mike felt sick for a moment and hung his head. He said nothing.

"I also have been in contact with Julie from your work. She says you have been frequenting the restroom recently. A lot. Especially after talking to her. I think we both know what is going on here." Jamie was speaking calmly, but it was clear she was pissed.

"Because you have been unable to control yourself and keep your body fluids to yourself, I am going to take control. You need this, Mike. If you are going to be with me, you have got to learn control, and if you can't, I will take control. Now, remove your pants." Jamie's voice was stern.

Mike stood, nervously removed his pants and his underwear and stood naked from the waist down in front of Jamie. He blushed bright red, because his cock was sticking straight out in a raging erection.

Jamie rose, and went to the kitchen for a moment. When she returned, she had a bowl of ice. Kneeling in front of Mike, she took his cock and shoved it into the ice. Mike gasped, and asked "what are you doing?"

"I need you to control your erections and this is the first step. You will not have an erection without my permission from now on. You will not have an orgasm without my permission from now on. Is this understood?" Jamie was pushing and covering Mike's cock with the ice, watching it shrivel as she spoke.

"Yes, but... Jamie, I don't think this is necessary..." Mike's protests were interrupted by Jamie's calm but firm voice.

"Yes, it is necessary. You were warned, and you have been completely unable to control yourself. Now, hold your cock in this ice until it is nice and small. I need to get something else." Jamie reached over for a couple of other items. One was a small tube of lube, the other was a clear plastic device that had a small curved hollow tube with some rings attached.

With some satisfaction, Jamie observed Mike's cock reduced to a tiny shadow of its former erection. "Good. Now... lets apply a little lube..." She put a small amount of the lube on his cock and spread it around.

Mike looked in horror as the plastic device was brought over to his naked genitals. He now realized what it was, as Jamie began securing it to the sagging, bulbous flesh between his legs. His lubed cock slid into the short curved pipe, enclosing completely. The rings fit tightly around his scrotum, behind his balls.

Tightening the device and making sure it was secure, Jamie produced a small lock. Sliding the lock through holes in the piped part and the rings, she locked the device in place. Mike was now installed with a male chastity device. His cock was completely enclosed by plastic that pressed it into a slightly curved, flacid position and prevented it from being touched in any way except for a tiny slit at the end which allowed urine to pass.

The rings behind the tube which held the device in place behind his balls were tight, tight enough to be uncomfortable. Tight enough that any attempt to remove the device would create excrutiating pain, and perhaps even damage his testicles. "Jamie... this hurts. Its not... comfortable. And it isn't necessary. Besides, it will stop us from having sex. I mean, you have needs, and I am dedicated to servicing you..."

"Mike, shutup. This is my decision. I won't live with a guy that is constantly spurting his cum all over in random places, so this is my sacrifice as well as yours. I can get along with a dildo until you get control of your body." Jamie tugged at the device to make sure it was secure, causing a cry from Mike.

Jamie sat back and observed the locked and secured genitalia of her husband with satisfaction. "There... this is good. No more orgasms, no more erections without my permission. Don't even ask. Here are the rules. First, we will have sex and you may have pleasure, but you must earn it. You may have 10 seconds of intercourse with me for every week you keep the device on. The more control you exhibit, the longer the session. Think about the fastest you can cum. One minute? Two minutes of being inside me? Three? Count the number of seconds you need, and thats how long you need to stay celebate for me. Six weeks will get you a minute of fucking. Twelve weeks gets you two. If you need more... well, lets just say you might want to make sure you have enough time because it would be mighty frustrating for you to be pumping away inside me when your time runs out."

Jamie smiled cruelly at the thought. "Put your pants back on and clean up the dishes."

Mike was shaking from the shock. His cock was imprisoned, and the effect of the ice was already wearing off. The erection was coming back, and as the blood flooded and enlarged his cock, he felt increasing discomfort. He rose, pulled on his underwear and pants, and then went to the kitchen, feeling the pain of compression against his surging erection. But the device was effective, as his cock became hard it also caused a lot of pain which in turn made him go flacid. He washed the dishes and wondered how he was going to last a couple of months before having this thing removed...

That night Jamie decided she wanted to pleasure herself. She did so with Mike present. Forcing Mike to sit in a chair facing the bed, she first slowly and carefully removed her clothes. Her awareness of Mike's extreme discomfort as she stripped before him and his penis kept trying to flood with blood and become hard was exciting to her and aroused her. When she was completely nude, she sat on Mike's lap, feeling the hard package of plastic press against her pussy as she kissed Mike sweetly on the lips. He wrapped his arms around her, but after a moment she broke free and stepped away.

Laying down on the bed she spread her strong, lean thighs wide apart, licked the fingers of her right hand for lubrication, and began to slowly rub the lips of her pussy. As her arousal became stronger, her internal wetness covered her fingers and she pressed harder onto her clit, sliding up and down. Her eyes closed as she felt the sweetness of sex and her fingers glided over her clit and into her pussy.
Mike watched her with increasing discomfort. His cock was hard and pressing against the plastic sheath, bulging very painfully. He whimpered, caught between the desperate need to touch his penis and stimulate himself, and the pain that urged him to distract and stop the cycle of arousal. When Jamie began sliding her hand harder inside, using two fingers inside and pressing against her lips and clit, Mike began to cry from pain and frustration. He wriggled in his seat, unable to tear his eyes away from Jamie's hips, which were now rising and falling as she neared orgasm.
He bit his lips. He dug fingernails into the palm of his hand. He did anything he could to distract himself, as the pain in his groin became unbearable. Jamie began making the small mewling noises he knew meant that orgasm was sweeping her body, and her chest flushed red as climax took her.
It might have been easier if Jamie had not been so beautiful, if her body had not been so perfect. Every fiber in Mike's being wanted Jamie, and as she slowly came down from her sexual peak, he bit his hand as hard as he could, drawing blood.

Eleven weeks later, Mike officially asked to have the male chastity device removed. He had learned to cope during this time. Reports to Jamie from work were that Mike avoided Julie now, and in fact refused to look at any of the women at work. His work performance had gone up, and he was in line for a promotion, now that he was no longer so preoccupied with self pleasuring. He had also become more docile, more obedient at home, taking direction from Jamie easily and even kneeling before her and giving her pleasure while he could receive none.

In spite of this, down deep Mike was a cauldron of boiling desire. He wanted, needed to masturbate. He wanted it almost as much as he wanted to be inside of Jamie, to bury himself deep inside her cunt, to feel her envelop him with her soft pussy and slide over his sensitive shaft until the sperm inside him welled up and spurt out in a heavenly climax of convulsions.
When he asked for removal of the device, he knew exactly what he was asking for, and what he would get. Eleven weeks... 110 seconds, almost two minutes of straight fucking the most beautiful woman in the world. Would it be enough? It was hit and miss, a calculated decision of probabilities. He knew that in optimal circumstances, he used to masturbate to orgasm in about two minutes. He was counting on the pent up frustration and desire to shorten that by a few seconds... and he couldn't make it any longer. He needed relief. He couldn't go another week.

So it was that he stood before Jamie, naked except for the plastic chastity device. Jamie had given him a viagra pill 20 minutes earler, and Mike could feel his cock pressing against the plastic tube. Jamie was sitting on the edge of the bed, also naked, ready to be fucked by her husband for the first time in almost two months.

Using the small key that hung around her neck by a delicate gold chain, Jamie unlocked the small padlock on the plastic prison. The plastic rings which had squeezed Mike's scrotum came loose, and then the plastic tube slid off his cock. Flacid for 11 weeks, Mike's cock sprang to life, reaching a full erection in just a few seconds.

"My, my... you are ready, aren't you? OK, now, for a few preparations. First of all, the numbing cream." As Mike looked on in dismay, Jamie took a small tin of cream and began spreading it over his rock hard cock. He immediately felt the impact as sensitivity was lost. Not all feeling was removed, thank goodness, but the cream made it a lot harder to feel anything.
"Jamie... please don't. This is... my chance... I have waited so long..." Mike was upset about the cream. Feeling Jamie's hand on his cock was arousing him, bringing on sensations he had not felt in weeks. But as she continued stroking the cream, rubbing it in, the sensations felt weaker and weaker.

"Mike, dear. Have you leared nothing in all this time? This is all about you and control. My control over you. You are not to have orgasm or ejaculate semen without my approval and permission. I am giving you permission now, but we still need you to learn control. You are simply learning that I control your body now, not you. You are incapable of controlling yourself and so I do."

Mike reached down and touched his bare cock. He could feel his fingers, but barely. He began stroking a little to see if he could feel enough to orgasm, but Jamie batted his hand away. "Once again, Mike, you simply can NOT control yourself. This is why I am controlling you. You are NOT to touch yourself or pleasure yourself until I say you may, and this will only be for a total of 110 seconds."

"Now," Jamie announced as she reached over to the bedside table and opened a small package,"Just on the off chance you do ejaculate, I don't want your filthy semen inside me right now. So, you are to wear this condom."

Mike knew he was doomed. Between the numbing cream and the condom, he would never feel enough to climax in the limited time he had. But... it was too late. The process had begun and Jamie would not let him change his mind. He thought gloomily that fucking this beautiful woman would still be worth it, even if he wasn't able to orgasm.

Jamie lay back, her beautiful hair spread below her, rounded breasts pointing up slightly from her chest, stomach flat and even slightly concave and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy for her husband. Her pussy lips glistened slightly with moisture. She was aroused at the process, but it was more from the torture she was dumping on Mike than the idea of fucking him. She loved seeing him frustrated, in pain, unable to feel pleasure, and it was going to be fantastic to feel him try and fail to reach an orgasm when inside her.

Mike positioned himself and pressed his condom wrapped cock against Jamie's pussy lips. With a slow movement he slid in, relishing every moment of his entry. He moaned slightly and lay down so he could feel more of Jamie's body against his. Her legs rose slightly, and hooked around his hips.

"Stop... just stay there until I say to begin!" Jamie ordered. He was ready. He was inside her. He could feel her surrounding him. He wanted to begin thrusting. Instead, he waited as Jamie took a timer from the bedside table, pre-set for 110 seconds.

"Remember, when the timer goes off, you must stop, no matter what. Are you ready?" Jamie looked at Mike's face, only a few inches from her own as they lay in the missionary position in the bed.

"Yes. Please. Let's start." Mike's cock was throbbing inside her vaginal walls, eager for some sensation.

"Begin." Jamie pressed the timer button.

Mike started his thrusts. The combination of numbing cream and condom prevented him from feeling almost anything, but he continued thrusting. Harder, faster, almost in a frenzy he slid in and out of his wife's beautiful body, pushing in as far as he could and then sliding out until his cock head felt her pussy lips, only to plunge in again.

Jamie was thrusting her hips as well, encouraging him, holding him with her arms, kissing him as he thrust into her. Her breathing came in short gasps which turned into slight grunts from the pounding her body was taking from Mike's cock. "Fuck me... that's it baby... fuck me, deep, hard..." she moaned as she felt his rock hard penis pushing deep into her cervix.

Mike was frantic in his thrusts. He felt his arousal building, the sensations of fucking flooding in from all over his body. Her breasts jiggled against his chest, her legs surrounded his hips, and his balls slapped against her ass as he pounded his wife.

But it wasn't enough. He could tell. He was pushing in and out as hard and fast as he could, but the odds were against him. He concentrated on his balls, willing them to produce sperm, contracting muscles between his legs, willing them to produce an ejaculation and the attendant orgasm.

Beside him, the timer ticked the seconds off, as he adjusted his position to get a better angle. Jamie cooperated, lifting her legs to allow him easier access. Mike's hips thrust even faster, and harder, every sensation of her vagina squeezing his penis bringing him closer, closer... he could feel it begin to build...

The timer went off. "Stop!!!" Jamie said loudly.

He couldn't stop. It was impossible. He continued thrusting, trying to get the semen to come.

"STOP!!!" Jamie barked, and jerked one leg up, the other down, twisting her hips at the same time. This forced Mike's cock out of her pussy, and she shoved him off of her, hard.

Mike rolled over, his hips still thrusting but no longer with anything surrounding his hungry cock. His cock was pulsing slightly, as if a climax were building but there was nothing to complete the process. He moaned loudly, crying out in frustration and anger, and then went limp. All except his viagra-hardened cock, that is. It remained standing straight up like a flag pole as he lay and cried quietly on the bed.

Jamie leaned over and slid off the condom. "It looks like you seeped just a bit. There is a tiny bit of pre-cum in here, but that's it. Must be frustrating, I guess."

Mike looked at her slightly sympathetic face. "Fuck." he said.

"Well... not for a while, I think. Maybe in a couple of months you can try again." Jamie reached for a bowl of ice to take away Mike's erection in preparation for replacement of the chastity device on his genitals.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The small square table was unbelievably uncomfortable to Roy. He lay on his back on the kitchen chopping block, a small but heavy and sturdy table no more than two feet square. The edges of the thick wood pressed painfully into his upper buttocks and upper back. His head hung down, unsupported on one side, and his legs hung down on the other.

She had tied him there, his wrists firmly secured to the legs of one side and his ankles to the other, bending him back in an upside down U position that was getting more painful every minute he lay draped over the table. He heard her humming, somewhere on the other side of the kitchen. It wasn't a good sign. It meant she was happy, and in this situation it mean she was happy about what she was going to do to him.

Roy loved her more than anything, but she was a sadist. It helped that he was a masochist, a little. Though it didn't really help that much, because she had been testing his limits more and more in recent weeks.

Looking at the cupboards upside down, he felt her soft hand grab his testicles firmly and pull out. That ellicited a slight grunt of discomfort. A corse twine was wrapped around his scrotum four or five times, digging into the pinched flesh. It hurt as she pulled it tight, the raspy texture of the thin twine digging and pinching the skin.

"How are you doing there, Roy?" her sweet voice made him shudder. He loved her so much, he would do anything for her. Anything. That didn't mean it was going to be pleasant.

"OK," he answered in a slightly strained voice.

With a squeek, the twine started to pull up on his testicles, stretching his scrotum up toward the ceiling where the twine had been threaded through a pully. His testicles ascended, higher and higher, and as they left his body behind the pain began to throb. The twine dug deeper into the flesh and the flesh in turn stretched and squeezed his testicles, which were hurting for real now.

"Ahh... aaahhhhh....." Roy began to express himself involuntarily. The pain wasn't too bad yet, but the testicles were stretched really tightly and the agony would just get worse and worse.

"aaaaGGHGHH!!" He let out another, more urgent cry as she pulled once more, drawing his
testicles almost a foot away from his body. He strained hard, and lifted his head from where it hung over the end of the tiny table, to get a look at what was happening to him. He saw his scrotum stretched out high above his hips, with the twine squeezing the shape down to a small passage that ballooned out into a purple blob of flesh that was his balls, slowly strangling.

Behind is distended ball sack he saw her, short pixie haircut accenting a beautiful face with cute freckles and turned up nose, and a hard, cruel look in her young eyes. Her neck was smooth and white like alabaster, and curved into the most lovely shoulders and breasts, which he saw for only a moment before his neck lost strength and he fell back once again, hanging upside down over the edge of the table.

He had also seen one other thing; his erect cock, as hard and pulsing as ever. It didn't feel like he was getting off on her torturing him, but he was. If only, this time, she would touch it, he knew
he would cum...

What was she doing? Slight whimpering noises came from him as he lay there, bent backward with his testicles yanked high overhead. She had something... it smelled of sulfer... matches. Fire. He shuddered, and wondered... oh, my god! Was she going to burn him? He rose again, and saw what was happening for a moment.

She had a needle, a longer thicker one, and was heating it with a candle. OK, so he had a better idea of what she was going to do. Maybe it he would rather be burned. Didn't matter, whatever she wanted to do now, she was going to do and he was going to take it. He wished she had gagged him.

He felt her hand on his pulsing testicles, the slightest touch painful. "OK, so... are you ready dear? I think I am. Let's get started, shall we?"

He didn't say anything, but steeled himself mentally for whatever was coming.

The needle pressed against his stretched scrotal flesh briefly, hurting as it strained to penetrate. It went through, and for a moment the pain subsided. But then the sharp point started working its way into his ball. He whimpered for a moment, and then cried out as the needle slid deeper and deeper into his most sensitive body part. The pain skyrocketed into agony, his body moving involuntarily, trying to get away from the
damage being done to it. But the tight distention of his scrotal sack above him allowed his body to move, but his balls were all hers.

She giggled a little at his reaction. The needle was in, and the pain, while still throbbing, wasn't as bad as when the metal was penetrating.

A moment later and his other testicle was invaded. He cried out again, trying to hold his voice but unable. "AAAGGgghhhhh oh god, oh god, oh.... god..."

Two needles had been inserted. Was this all? He raised his head again... no, she had another one that she held over the candle flame, heating and
preparing to pierce him. His head flopped back and he moaned. The pain was extending past his balls and across his hips now.

"Let's see... I think we should try a different angle. Lets try from the bottom up, shall we?" Her voice was pleased, and in spite of his agony he could feel his hard cock pulsing. Dare he ask her to touch him, to give him just a bit of pleasure?

The underside of his left testicle felt the sharp prick as she shoved the needle in, through the scrotal sack and then with a bit of extra effort, into the testicle. He couldn't help it, he screamed this time. "AAeeeeeehhhhhhhhhhhhhhgggggccccccccccccccccc!!!!"

The needle actually made it all the way through the testicle and with some pushing and shoving, she managed to get it out the other side. "OH, my! That is really good! All the way through!"

Six needles later, three in each testicle. she took a break. "Does it hurt Roy? Are you in pain?"

"Yes." He answered in a very short, gutteral spurt, as he was concentrating on just enduring the pain and breathing. It was impossible to be polite for his lover, it was all he could to to answer her.

Pain spread across the entire lower half of his body, and he had stopped wriggling. It didn't help, his testicles were pulled so far away from his body and so tightly that movement just made it worse. Sweat trickled down his face, more from enduring the pain that any heat in the house.

He saw her upside down legs in front of him. She had come around to the other side of the table, and then knelt down so her face was in front of his. "Oh, yes, I like this. Your face is just a wonderful mask of agony... oh god, you are lovely like this!"

She moved forward to kiss him, her lips soft and moist as they met his. He tried to kiss back, he wanted to kiss her long and deeply, tongues intertwining and playing together. The pain interfered. He managed to react and kiss her back, but grimaced all the while. When she finished with the kiss, she licked his face, long and slow.

"I think I can actually taste your pain! This is so amazing. I am so fucking turned on right now. I am going to crank it up a notch." At hearing this, he let out a sob, and cried out "No, please... "

Her face appeared before him with a very serious look. "What did you say? What was that?"

He swallowed as best he could, grimaced and screwed his eyes shut as he spit out the words, "Yes, please."

She got up and went to the counter. After a moment he opened his eyes and lifted his head up to see what she was doing. She had another needle, but this one was big. Really big. It must have been a foot long and at least twice as thick as the others. The balloon of flesh that held his balls was black now, the blood backed up and squeezed off by the twine. The needles were sticking out, only tiny drops of blood in a couple of places.

He dropped his head back and started crying, tears rolling down his face as he waited for her.

"See, this one is a special one I got. Lets put it in here..." he felt her place the sharp point near the side of his right testicle. "And then.... lets push it through..." with another scream, his body shook and writhed as the needle penetrated his scrotum flesh and spread the sensitive tissues of the testicle apart to make way for its metal girth. She kept pushing, through to the center of his scrotum.

"Hmmm... there seems to be a little tough spot here..." He sobbed as the needle exited his right testicle still in the scrotum and pressed against
flesh, trying to move into the other side of his ball sack.

"Let's see... " she changed positions to get better leverage and he observed her perfect ass and legs, presented for his viewing. He could not enjoy them right then, as she was pushing, hard, to get the large needle through the flesh and into the left testicle.

"There! There we go!" she declared as the needle broke through and entered the testicle. Roy sobbed, mixing his sobs with short screams. She pushed harder, getting the needle through with determined effort. It finally broke through the other side, and Roy's testicles were completely skewered.

"oh god oh god oh god... aaaaaaahhhhh... fuck fuck fuck aaahhhhhh" Roy was crying and swearing alternately. His testicles no longer felt real, they were just a hot lump of pain that was burning above his body.

She lowered the twine just a bit, so that his ball sack descended from its previously stretched state. Blood flowed back into his balls, and the oxygen revitalized and regenerated previously numb nerves and flesh. The result was a long scream from Roy, who thrashed his head back and forth, straining against his restraints.

Clicking announced the camera and pictures. She was documenting the scene, perhaps for later private enjoyment, or to show her girlfriends. She liked to humiliate him in front of her girlfriends, and they enjoyed seeing to what depths of depravity he went to be with her. She took pictures of the needles in close up, and his balls from further back. She even took some shots of his face, wet and twisted from his cries and agony.

When she was done, she raise his balls again, tightening them up high above. His flesh felt like it was going to rip off, he felt his scrotum flesh pulling all the way to his anus and lower abdomen.

The needles started coming out, slowly. The big one first, and most painful. It wasn't as painful as going in, but any disturbance of the injured tissue produced renewed cries from him. Blood trickled from the wounds that were left. The smaller needles came out more easily, but not less painfully.

When it was finally over, she lowered his damaged testicles to rest between his legs, and cut free the twine that had held them. Roy lay sobbing for a while on the table, the pain from his ordeal still coursing through his lower body.

Then he felt her touch his cock. It was hard, it had been hard consistently through the entire torture session. She stroked it slightly and it reacted by bouncing slightly. She took the tip in her mouth, wetting it slightly, and stroked some more. When he came, it was a mixture of pleasure and pain that he had never experienced; the sperm being pulled from his mangled testicles hurt horribly, the ejaculation and contractions were strong and as much a pleasure as any orgasm he had ever experienced.

She left him there for a bit, laying bent backward over the tiny chopping block, to recover. In fact, it was that night before she swathed him with alcohol (elliciting more screams), and then cut him loose so he could fix her dinner.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hand Job

It had been a long time since I had the opportunity to play with a man.

He was decent looking, well kept and muscular. His brown hair was straight and short, framing a firm face with a smile that must have wooed more than one lady. He was slightly taller than I, which gives men a natural sense of superiority, regardless of whether they realize it or not. When we stood next to each other, I looked up slightly, which worked rather nicely. It made us smile, simultaneously.

It had been a long time... since I had toyed with a man. This one was good, and I was looking forward to it.

While he knew I was a dominatrix, and claimed he was open to all that meant, it was clear he was something of a newbie. He had probably played with handcuffs during sex, or something like that, and thought it was a great BDSM experience. To me, he was something like a new puppy, something to cherish and enjoy as well as train.

We came home from that first real date, to my place. He, a perfect gentleman, opened my door, and served me as a man should, all with a pride in his expertise in social convention that showed an innate sense of superiority. We fixed drinks, and sat next to each other on the couch, our bodies touching each other, communicating to each other an unspoken understanding of liking, closeness and intimacy.

I was wearing a black knit dress, that was well fitted and outlined my body. The top ran in a crossover across my breasts, showing my cleavage to its greatest advantage. My long dark hair was loose, over my shoulders. The total effect was perfect, as we sat next to one another, finding excuses to touch.

His arm went around my shoulders, as he turned to face me. He touched my hair, brushing it out of my face more than it needed to be... he touched my leg, as my bare thighs crossed under my dress. He touched my face, to brush something off, and then his lips touched mine, as he kissed me.

It was a good kiss, and our hands roamed almost immediately, as his slid my dress up and explored my upper thigh, and my hand unbuttoned his shirt and reached inside. Our clothing continued to be pushed aside, moved and adjusted to allow access. One shoulder strap of my dress slipped down, and his hand pushed it aside, exposing my left breast. He cupped, and played, and we continued to kiss, exploring each other's bodies for the first time.
His kisses moved from my face to my ear, and then down to my neck. My sensitive spots... I had mentioned them casually during dinner, knowing he would remember and use the knowledge. I threw my head back to expose my neck, turning my head slightly to the side. His lips and tongue slicked along my skin and just as he reached my collar bone, I moaned.My hands found his hard member through his pants.

His reaction was priceless... his attention to my neck increased, at the same time becoming more mechanical. His male reaction was so predictable. His attention had been redirected to what I was doing between his legs, and I knew I had him.
In a moment he had brought my other shoulder strap down, and exposed my other breast. His legs moved over mine, forcing my legs apart. His hand that was up my dress pushed higher, searching for its goal.

I stopped him. My hand removing his, sitting up, and explaining... now was not a good time. I was not ready, and it was the wrong time of the month. Any number of reasons... the exact reasons didn't matter, as his mind was in a haze of desire. My hand still brushed against his crotch, keeping him stimulated as I explained our limitations, and hinted at the possibility of another date, at a better time, when we could be together more fully...

He was frustrated, poor dear. Yes, he was, and as my leg continued pressing against him and we kissed, I expressed my regret that he had to leave unfulfilled... my fault really, but what could one do?

Well, what could one do? Of course.. there were alternatives... and he hinted. I smiled... accepted. He would leave satisfied. Completely, but it was to be done my way. He was to submit himself to me, allow me freedom in providing stimulation, my own experience. He quickly agreed.

His shirt was mostly off, and I removed it completely. His pants were removed, and then his underwear. I in turn slid my straps back up, covering my breasts, and took him gently by the hand. He stood, with his cock erect and huge, and followed me in to the other room, and then down stairs, to the basement.

A couple of buckles and the cuffs were on him, and he was lying on the table, angled up at a 45 degree angle. He was getting nervous, a little afraid, so I straddled him, kissed him deeply as I rubbed his cock with one hand. He calmed, and even began thrusting his hips slightly in response. Thus committed, I made my way down his body, licking nipples, running my hands down his sides, bypassing his cock.

With a practiced motion, his knees were strapped in a spread position, and his ankles followed. He was now secured, ready for my attentions. I felt the thrill running down inside me, starting in my shoulders, down my spine and ending in my pussy, which was getting very wet now that I had him stretched and waiting at my command.

I slowly pulled a stool up in front of his prone, taught body. I applied lube to my hands, rubbing them together. Looking up at him, I saw him observing each careful step I took, as well as trying to see down my dress. A reassuring smile, and I applied some lube directly to his cock, which was hard and pointing up, almost flat on his stomach.

He let out a quick short moan, excited at the sensations, and how they held promise for what was coming.

I took his balls in my hand, and began manipulating them, pulling his scrotum out, and gently playing. His knees were forced apart by the straps, but he seemed so thrust himself out and attempt to widen his legs further to give me access. Such a nice submissive... he was doing well.

The lube allowed easy smooth movement and massage of the area between his legs, a hit of a touch of his anus, and then to the base of his cock. Slowly, I massaged his hard cock, enjoying the feel of his skin, the hard tissues inside, the thick vein at the bottom... a gentle pulsing. His muscles were already contracting slightly, and I was just reaching the head.

My fingers smeared the lube around the head of his cock, moving slowly, placing my thumbs underneath on the sensitive underside. A gentle motion, moving my fingers up his head as my thumbs went down the under side, then reversing the motion, thumbs up the underside and down the head. His hips were moving in earnest now, the muscles deep inside pushing his sperm through, struggling to bring it out, to achieve climax. I could feel the pulsing in his cock, as he contracted his muscles, pushing and getting closer to his goal.

One hand stroked his shaft, the other stroked his cock head faster and faster until I sensed the orgasm approaching. I knew what was happening in his body better than he did and the power of my ability to manipulate and cause these reactions was so exhilarating that I almost came myself.

With one short, swift movement, my left hand descended to the base of his cock, and press in hard, cutting off all fluid access just at the pelvic bone. My other hand slid to his scrotum, and I wrapped my fingers and thumb around it just above his balls. I squeezed tight, and pulled down, hard, in a motion very much like milking a cow.

The pain invoked had an immediate effect. He yelped, screamed almost, partly with surprise and partly with some very real pain. His orgasm was cut short just as it had started to build, and while his cock feebly attempted to ejaculate for a few seconds, the rest of his body no longer cooperated. As his cock began to soften, I released my hold of his balls, and the pressure on the base of his cock.

He had struggled a little in his bonds, and calmed as the pain subsided. Reaching out and gently stroking his cock, I moved up until my hair hung over my face and brushed his chest. I looked in his eyes, lovingly, cherishing, and explained that he was to come only when I allowed. He was not to orgasm without my permission.

After a few expletives expressed under his breath, I resumed my position at the end of the table and began again. I put on a medical examination glove, and with plenty of lube, inserted a finger in to his anus. After a little gentle pumping motion, a second finger joined the first, and I curled and pressed to find his prostate. MMMmmm.... there it was, and as I pressed, my other hand resumed gently stroking his cock, which was quickly regaining its hardness.

My toy had been introduced to how pleasure and pain can be mixed, and was adapting. It was easy to keep his interest, allowing him the glimpse of my breasts, a kiss now and then, the stroking and stimulation continuing...

Once again, he began the hip movement, ready to reach a climax, the muscles contracting to push the sperm out... but this time, he called out, requesting permission. Begging to be allowed to come. I continued my stimulation, both inside and outside of him, but denied him.

He was not allowed to climax. He must not climax, even as I continued.

He tried, I saw his muscles relax, as he tried not to react to my stimulation. But he could not help it, and I felt the telltale signs. Once again, at the right moment, severe pressure and sharp pain stopped his ejaculation. This time he howled, and really did jerk and pull on his restraints.

When subs reach this point, I simply must share it with them. I undressed... and naked, placed my body next to his, my leg over his, my pussy brushing his thigh. My breasts pressed against his side, and my face was close to his, kissing him slightly on the cheek as is struggled and swore in frustration.

My presence calmed him once again, as my body absorbed his sensations, felt his struggles and pressed against him. He wanted more of me, wanted control over me. He wanted to be free of his bonds so that he could take me, satiate his desire.

We began, once again... and this time, he was able to hold it off much longer. I approved, and rewarded him. I gave him permission to climax, and he quickly pushed, grunted and moaned as he approached his orgasm. With one small, wet lick of my tongue under the head of his cock, he thrust up and ejaculated his sperm, coming, repeatedly, spraying his male fluids over his stomach, some of it reaching to his chest.

Such was his orgasm that I laughed... the pleasure of having caused this, to have toyed with him and finally allowed him this pleasure... it was a delight to me.

After he calmed and relaxed, he assumed I would release him. Instead, I lay with him again, my nude body stretched next to him. I felt him, was one with him, knowing every feeling, every pleasure and pain and frustration he experienced. At last, I raised myself up, and sat once again on my stool, taking him in hand.

He was ready, once again.

During the course of that night, my new toy learned obedience and control very well. As a reward, he probably had more orgasms in that one night than he had ever had in any other single night with a woman.

Six months later, he and I have still not had intercourse. So far, he hasn't complained.