Thursday, March 8, 2018

Lunchtime Quickie

Sheri rode the elevator down from her 20th floor workplace, standing alone and knowing that the warmth between her legs meant she was wet.

She had been wet all morning. It had been difficult to work. Her mind kept wandering and the urge to touch herself nagged.

Sheri was an admin assistant in HR for a large company, a professional, respected, well liked. 

Sheri also had a bit of a secret life; a few special things she did that gave life a bit of a bite. She was on her way to do one of these things even now.

Two blocks away in a glass and steel tower was a special facility, discreet and inconspicuous. She had stumbled across it one day during a job interview. She didn't get the job, but she had inadvertently become aware of EMS, Inc. It sounded like an ambulance service, or something. It wasn't until she found out what EMS stood for that she began to ask more. Erotic Matching Services, Inc.

Her budgeting had changed a bit since discovering EMS, Inc. She now reserved almost 10% of her income so she could visit the offices once every week or two.

Stopping outside of the massive downtown building on Clark Street, she looked up. EMS Inc. occupied about half the third floor of the business building. The bottom was a bank. A logo for a major company appeared on the top. She was certain none of these businesses had any idea what was going on in the offices of EMS Inc., on the third floor.

Sheri fit in with the other business people that boarded the elevator, dressed in business casual attire. Only one other person got off on the third floor, and that person went in the opposite direction down the central hall, toward an accounting firm.

Upon entering the lobby of EMS, Inc., Sheri found the familiar waiting room with several comfortable chairs, magazines, soft lighting and music. She approached an attractive receptionist and announced herself.

"I have a noon appointment." She said. "Sheri is the name."

The receptionist looked her up on a sheet and nodded. "Yes, Sheri. That will be $300."

Sheri handed over the cash. EMC Inc. did not know her last name, and she always paid cash.

The receptionist counted the cash and nodded. "Thank you Sheri. Changing room 4, I believe everything is set up for you."

"Thanks," Sheri said. She entered the back offices through a side door and went down a corridor. Doors were spaced every ten feet or so, numbered. She entered the one numbered "4".

The carpeted room on the other side was the size of a corporate office, and contained a sofa, a table, a set of hangars, and a small combination safe. The door to the room from the hall was heavy for soundproofing. There was a door on the opposite side of the room as well, also heavy and soundproofed. There were no windows. A small bathroom could be seen in an alcove to the side, containing a toilet and shower. Soap, shampoo and towels were provided, though Sheri would not need them for today's activity.

Sheri removed her clothes. She did so not because she was going to have any sexual activity per se, but because it made her feel more sensual. And because she was likely to masturbate during the upcoming activity, and it made for easier access. Once her clothes were folded and set on the small side table, she waited on the couch until the light over the next door turned from red to green.

Opening the door she entered the activity room.

The activity room was plain. Beige tiled walls and floor were unadorned with pictures or other clutter, making it easy to wash the room down of any body fluid residue after a client's activities. A small drain in the center of the floor supported this requirement.

In the center of the room was a long table, rather like a gurney. A long coffin-like box sat on top of it.

Sheri approached the table, one hand between her legs, rubbing slowly. Her breathing was becoming more rapid. Just below the table was a large pad similar to that used by gymnasts during practice. She sat down on this pad cross-legged and looked underneath the table.

There, slightly off center, hung a penis and testicles. 

They projected from a small hole in the table. They were attached to a man, of course, currently confined inside the small coffin-like box above. But that didn't matter. All that mattered to Sheri was the cock and balls hanging before her.

Smiling, Sheri reached out and took hold of the penis. The cock and balls jerked slightly at this first touch, but the man in the box above was clearly strapped down securely and would be unable to move. Sheri stroked the cock for a bit, watching and feeling as it became engorged and hardened.

Once it was nice and hard, she let go of it.  Now for the fun part.

She punched the balls. One fist, balled up, swung hard and slammed into the fleshy scrotum and two lumps inside, as if they were a punching bag. The whole genital assembly gave way and flopped to the side, swinging up and slamming into the bottom of the table, then dangling below.

Above, in the box, was a muffled cry. The testicular impact had the desired effect. Some guy was in pain.

Sheri struck again, and again, the testicles bouncing back and forth as she struck. The cock began to shrink as she slammed her fist into the balls, smashing them into the table above. Each impact evoked a sharp sound of pain and misery from the box above.

The cries of pain were muffled, partly because of the box containing the male and partly because the male's mouth had been gagged in some way.

Sheri resumed masturbating as she continued to strike the testicles as hard as she could. The screams that ensued from the box above made her wet, hardened her nipples, readied her body for sexual intercourse, stimulated and aroused her, encouraged her to keep beating the small globes of flesh inside the fleshy sack before her.

Over and over again she hit, and the screams migrated to sobs.

After about 15 minutes of continual beating, she stopped and switched to stroking the cock again. It had shriveled and become limp during the ball beating, but now quickly responded to her hand job. She kept stroking it, pulling it, sliding both hands on it continuously, until it hardened and began jerking.

The moans from the box above changed subtly and liquid began dripping from the end of the penis as Sheri stroked it. She moved from stroking to jerking, moving faster, concentrating on the head of the cock. The drips of fluid suddenly changed into a stream of white sticky fluid that spurted down, puddling on the floor below. The moans in the box above changed to a gasping and then grew silent.

Sheri let the cock and balls hang as she diddled her clit for a bit. She could bring herself to orgasm right then, she had been having lots of fun and the muffled cries from the box were hugely arousing to her.

Glancing at a large round wall clock near the ceiling, Sheri noted she still had 10 minutes. Might as well use them.

She grabbed the cock again and began jerking. The male voice started moaning and crying out. Post-orgasm stimulation; not something guys liked. Sheri kept jerking him, causing squeals and slight wiggles of the genitals that hung before her. The cock was slowly getting harder again.

She didn't want him to cum again, and there was that possibility. So she stopped the post orgasmic stroking and grabbed his balls and squeezed as hard as she could. That caused a different kind of screaming, muffled but still quite audible.

Not letting go of the small globes of tissue, Sheri pulled down in addition to squeezing. She added a second hand to try and squeeze and pull even harder.

The male was sobbing now. That sound... that sound was what made Sheri the happiest, the most aroused. When a man lost it and basically just cried. It encouraged her, spurred her on and she got up on her knees to put some weight into her pressure and pulling, dragging, pushing, squeezing the testicles down and away from the man held in bondage above.

She jerked. Jerking the balls down, letting them up, jerking them down.

Then she released her nails. She had long nails, carefully manicured. Natural ones, not acrylic paste-ons. Her own nails, sharpened and polished.

Sheri curled her fingers and dug her nails to the soft scrotal flesh. With some added pressure they cut the skin, not only smashing the testicles, but slicing the flesh open until little dribbles of blood appeared.

The clock was getting close. Her time was almost up. She reached between her legs and stroked as she grabbed the testicles with her other hand.

Just as the climax arrived, just as the orgasm warmth flooded her body, she felt something happen to the glob of tissue in her hand. It changed, yielded in a strange way. Gushed. Popped. Deflated.

At the same time the screams from the box changed tone. They were already going non-stop, they were like music accompanying Sheri's orgasmic pleasure. But they became sharper, more panicked.

When the orgasm had faded and Sheri was leaning back against the wall, relaxing, the screams continued and changed back into sobs. They were muffled in and distant, but still conveyed a sense of panicked agony. That poor guy had probably paid $300 or more to have Sheri come and abuse his genitals.

Sheri smiled happily and rose, exiting the room to the dressing room where her clothes were folded. Someone would be along to remove the man in the coffin any moment. Her time (and his) were up. He had paid his fee to be abused, she had paid her fee to abuse, EMS had brought them together and raked in the cash. Fair trade.

Heading back up to her job a couple of blocks away, Sheri smiled happily. The rest of the day would be good. The endorphins were raging in her system, she had gotten her money's worth. She was already saving up for the next session, one where she would be able to take some man's breath away. Literally. She was planning on pasting a photo of her boss to the man's face before taping the plastic bag around his neck.

Thursday, December 7, 2017


My wife, Lori, has demanded that I write this and submit it to Miss Polly's blog to document what has become of me. I sort of hope she doesn't publish it, but Lori is writing to Miss Polly to try and convince her.

Lori and I have a good marriage. A loving one. A normal one. I'm 29 and she's 27, both good looking, healthy, sexually active people.

I have always considered the slight kink that we play with a very normal part of our marriage. It's in private, between consenting adults for the mutual pleasure of each. Our kink has been limited. We've used handcuffs during sex; I like her to wear them sometimes, and she has enjoyed having me in them. I sort of like it to, the feeling of being helpless while she takes me, you know? All the attention, but no choice on my part but to take the sex from her the way she doles it out.

We've also done some light role play that has come from some hidden sort of desires I've had. It came out when she put the cuffs on me before we got naked for sex. She undressed me then and I was so hard so fast that I came from touching before she even got undressed herself. We laughed, but it was obvious the feeling of being naked while she was clothed sort of got me off.

Lori took the lead in exploring that later, having me undress for her while she was still clothed, and inevitably I was hard and incredibly aroused. Putting the cuffs on was fun, and we would sort of play at me being sort of embarrassed and a little submissive, getting down on my knees and eating her out, that kind of thing.

She's really good about taking ideas and playing with them, turning them into sex games, and she expanded this whole thing to including making me do household chores naked in front of her, and rewarding me by giving me an orgasm.

We developed this rule that she could demand that I strip naked any time she wanted and order me to do some task. I'd never know when it might come, which was part of the allure.  If I did well, she would "take me in hand" and have me cum for her. Sometimes she would not like the job I did and deny me a cum... at least then. She would always relent later and we'd end up having some pretty mind blowing sex in bed.

I've really enjoyed the game, and it is weird how being naked in front of her while she was dressed seems just so... exciting to me. I'm sort of embarrassed and yet the embarrassment is arousing.

Well, Lori took this whole game of ours to the next level one day.

Lori has several friends, a couple from the neighborhood and two that are from her work. The five of them get together on Saturday mornings for coffee and sometimes go out and do "girl things" like spa treatments or a concert for some folk singer. They are all about the same age, and sort of sexy. Lori and I have talked about whether we could ever have a threesome or foursome with them, but it's never gone anywhere. I think secretly Lori has always sort of wanted to be with a woman, and I wouldn't mind having another in my bed, but... hey, it's a big leap. We weren't sure any of them would want to do that and she didn't want to ruin any friendships by suggesting something to them that they would be offended by.

The "next level" occurred during a wine and cheese party one Saturday evening. The five girls were chatting and getting just a bit drunk on wine and I was in the den watching a game when Lori called for me to come in to the living room. So I rose and wandered in, wondering what was up.

"I've been telling the girls about some of our kink play," Lori said in a very matter of fact way. "The handcuffs and the whole... thing with you naked."

I blushed a bit. Our private kinks were our own and I wasn't sure why but I didn't like sharing them with her friends. "Hey, Lori, that's kind of private, you know?"

The fact that one of the kinks involved me putting myself in an embarrassing position was another reason I didn't like it.

"Yeah, but they think it is hot."

"Yeah. We think you are hot for being so open and well... just because you are hot," said Elise, a tall brunette friend from her work.

"My husband would never do anything like that," said Sandy, a petite blonde from one block over. "He doesn't believe in anything but missionary."

She rolled her eyes and the girls laughed.

"Show them," Lori said. "Take off your clothes for us. They want to see you naked. I told them you are really well endowed and always get a hard on when you strip for me."

"Yeah, we wanna see you naked, and I wanna see that cock," said Paula, the oldest (and cutest) of the group. She lives about three blocks away.

I laughed, and shook my head. "No... I think you girls are a bit drunk. Thanks but no thanks. I am going to watch the game."

I turned to go but Lori called me back. "Strip, babe. You know you have to when I say so, and I am saying so."

Hesitating, I looked at her incredulously. "Lori, not here. Not now. No, I--"

"You want to have sex any time in the next year, you better do it," She said, dead serious.

My mouth gaped and the other girls were watching with slightly drunken amusement, and then started chanting, "Strip... strip... strip... strip..."

Well, I stripped. My shirt came out, and the girls whistled and clapped. Shoes and socks next, easy. Then came the pants. That was the hard part. I unbuckled and unzipped, then hesitated again. This was incredibly embarrassing, but Lori was giving the the look she had when she was in control and willing do to whatever it took to get her way. Plus... it was turning me on just to be stripping in front of this set of sexy women. The ones Lori and I had discussed having group sex with. My hormones were sort of raging, I guess.

"Come on, Vick, let's see it!" called out Mia, another friend from work.

I sighed and pulled the pants down. I had boxers on, but my erection was really, really obvious.  It brought a number of gasps, comments and cheers/jeers from the girls.

Steeling myself, I pulled down the boxers and my cock sprang out like a spring and bounced.

"Whoa!!!! All right!!!!" the reaction was positive, but somehow I was still really embarrassed. I was standing in the middle of my living room stark naked in front of five women who were completely clothed.

Then I got really embarrassed. They began moving closer to get a better look. Examining me.

"He's uncut," said Mia.

"He's not as large as my George, though," said Paula. She was looking very closely.  Lori was sitting back, observing and letting the other girls have their fun. I just stood, being examined like a slave for sale.

"Is he fully erect? I don' think he's fully erect," said Mia.

"You said he cums? Does he cum too?" slurred Sandy. She is unmarried and as far as I know doesn't have a boyfriend because she likes to play the field. "I wanna see him cum."

"Oooooo can we make him cum?" said Elise.

"Lori, this is going a bit far, can I get dressed?"

"No, Vick. You know the rules. You need to perform a task first. A task of my choosing." Lori was smirking.

My hands were actually trying to cover my genitals, which was dumb given the raging erection I had. I looked down at the floor so I wouldn't have to look the girls in the face. My embarrassment was going well beyond anything I had ever experienced with Lori or any other time in my life, and was rather unexpected. It was becoming... humiliation.

"Turn around," said Sandy, twirling her finger. I looked at Lori pleadingly.

"Turn around," my wife agreed. "And bend over. Show them your ass."

"Ooooo yes, his ass! Lemme see dat ass!" said Elise, her words slurring a bit as well.

I turned, grateful I didn't have to see the women looking at me, but then when I bent over I could fee my ass cheeks spread automatically, exposing my anus and I felt the flush of humiliation and exposure flood my face like a fire. I knew all of them were looking at my anus, and I simply could not stop from contracting it.

"Wow, he is making his ... hole ... it's... flexing." Sandy was awfully close to my body. "Have you ever pegged him?"

I remained bent over.

"Um...what's that?" Lori asked.

Sandy laughed. "I done it a few times to guys. They will do it if they want a fuck bad enough. It's when you fuck them in the ass with a strapon."

Lori was quiet for a moment then I heard her say, "No, but that sounds like a really good idea. Any of you girls got a strapon?"

I stood up and turned around, but I did it too quickly and my erect cock literally slapped Sandy in the face.

"Oh, oh... my god, I am sorry, Sandy," I said, but she didn't seem to even notice much. She was turning toward Lori.

"I have a nice one you can borrow. Not wit' me 'course."

"I have one too, but I haven't used it since... well, that lesbian episode I had last year," said Elise.

Mia reached out and took my balls in her hand. I hadn't expected any of them to touch me and it came as a huge surprise. I jerked a bit and put my hand down to protect myself.

"Stop it, Vick. Let her touch you!" snapped Lori.

I pulled my hands away, and Mia reached out again.

"His balls are tight." She looked up at me and squeezed. "Does that hurt?"

"Ow... uh... yeah," I said and my hands went down instinctively to protect myself again.

"OK, that's it. If you can't keep your hands clear, we are going to keep them clear for you." Lori got up and left me in the room alone. It made me feel even more nervous and embarrassed to be alone, naked, with her girlfriends.

She returned with our handcuffs, and said, "behind your back."

I slid my arms behind my back obediently, without thought, but as the metal clicked shut I tried to pull away again. "Wait!"

Too late. My hands were locked in place behind my back.

"Can I touch him?" Elise said, and then reached out not waiting for Lori to say yes, which she did.

Elise grabbed my cock and lifted it up, looking at my balls in Mia's hands and then dropped my cock, which bounced. I closed my eyes and tried to calm myself. The touch of Elise's hands felt incredibly good and I was terrified to show it. I could feel my cock harden just a bit, it was already up and ready but her touch made it pulse harder like when it was inside Lori and I was getting ready to cum.

That's all it took, and all four of Lori's friends started touching me, playing with me. I thought about how we had talked about having a threesome... this wasn't the way I had imagined it. Me standing there, naked, them dressed, them examining me and doing whatever they wanted with my most private parts.

"Bend over again," Elise said. I leaned over as best I could with my wrists restrained behind my back, and she grabbed my ass cheeks and spread them further. "Look at his asshole twitch!" she said.

More and more I just wanted to melt into the floor. This was not at all what I had ever imagined.

Yet my cock was as hard as ever.

"Make him cum," called Lori.

My eyes went wide and I looked over my shoulder at Lori with a surprised, pleading look. She stared back with amusement.

I don't know who grabbed me first but one of the girls did and started stroking me. I moaned at the sudden feeling of pleasure and my hips involuntarily thrust slightly.

"There he goes!" said Mia, she was at my side observing closely.

"Oh... fuck..." I moaned as whoever had me let go and Elise took my cock in hand and began stroking hard, like a lot harder.

"Please no..." I suddenly begged. I didn't want to be forced to cum in front of these women. Waves of red hot embarrassment flooded over me. I was being belittled and demeaned and treated like a pet by Lori's friends. I was the only one naked in the room and I felt incredibly vulnerable. "Nooo....."

"He's cumming!" Called Elise and suddenly someone else's hand joined hers, I think it was Sandy's, and then another hand had hold of my balls and was pulling on them, jerking them like they were a cock, and I felt the contractions and suddenly my cock was bouncing and sperm was spitting out and I was cumming and hand no idea where it would land but didn't care it just had to cum out.

"Ooooo there it is..."  "Whoops!"  "Oh... he is cumming on the carpet!" "Jeeze he is still jerking, how much does he usually produce, Lori?"

The comments were humiliating as well, and I became more aware of them as the wave of orgasmic pleasure slowly left me.

I found I was on my knees with a small puddle of white stuff in a couple of spots in front of me.

Lori came over and observed the mess I had made.

"You are going to have to clean that up," she said with serious disapproval.

"I know, I will."

"No, I mean right now!" Lori barked at me.

"What? I... undo my wrists..." I sort of slid my handcuffed arms around so she could see them.

"No. You stay that way. Clean that up with your mouth."

The girls all laughed and went "ooooo that's it, make him clean up his own mess!"

"What?" I said weakly.

"You heard me. Lick it up. Get it clean, do it quickly before it gets into the fibers!"

Resigned and humiliated worse than I had ever believed possible, I lowered myself down to the puddles and began licking. The girls had returned to their seats on the sofa or chairs, sipping wine and watching intently as I licked my own cum off the carpet.

I wasn't blushing any more. I was past that. I felt like crying but held it together anyway.

My cum tasted terrible. Well, it wasn't terrible, but it didn't taste good and it was mixed with dirt and dust from the carpet. It turned out there were a number of spots, not just the puddle I had seen before. There were several clumps of semen three feet out from where I had been kneeling. I guess I had ejaculated with some... force.

When I was done, Lori inspected and finally approved. "You will need to use carpet cleaner later, but that's OK for now."

Sandy had come over and was handling my genitals once again.

"Nice and flaccid, but I can feel him getting hard again. He's virile."

"Well, now is the time to do it, if it is going to be done!" Said Paula. I didn't quite understand what she meant.

Sandy nodded and went back to where she was sitting at the end of the sofa. She rummaged in her oversized purse and pulled something out. I couldn't see what it was.

She handed it to Lori.

Lori took a look at it. It was some sort of plastic and metal thing, not very large.

"You have to help me get it on, I've never done this before," Lori said to Sandy.

"Yeah. I've done it many times, it's really pretty simple. Mia, Elise, Paula, want to get around behind him in case he struggles?"

My eyes went wide. What? Why would I struggle? What was going on???

"What's going on, Lori?" I said.

"Oh, just a little new toy we are going to play with. We talked about it when we were first married, you might recall."

She held out the device. I could see it clearly now and knew what it was.

A male chastity device.

"Whoa... wait..." I began to move backward and try to get up but the three girls had positioned themselves behind me and pushed me right back down to my knees.

"Wait, Lori, we haven't talked about this!"

"Oh yes, we have. I told you when we were first married I had concerns about how much you were masturbating and that we might have to put you in chastity. For control. You seemed to think it was a kinky idea back then."

I looked from Sandy to Lori and back to the chastity thing she held. "That was three years ago!"

"Yes, and it is still a concern. We are just going to give this a try now, nothing permanent. Yet."

She reached down and took hold of my cock and balls.

"OK," said Sandy. "This ring, just slip all the way to the back. Behind the balls. No... get the cock in there too. Yes, it's tight but... "

I yelped. It wasn't just tight, it was cramped tight and my balls had to be pushed through one at a time after my cock went through. I instinctively moved away but Elise and Paula pushed me back in place.

Sand continued. "Now, you slide this part over the cock. He isn't erect yet, but is beginning to so it might be tough... just shove it in... we should have gotten lube..."

The second ring went on and Sandy was right. It needed lube. They crammed and shoved and all that manipulating just made my cock get bigger, though it was still relatively flaccid. With all this manipulation it was amazing I didn't get a massive hard on. I think it was the fear and nerves and embarrassment of having this done to me in front of her friends that kept me soft.

"There. Push it all the way back. Yeah, see how it fits together right here? Yeah, and don't worry about his balls bulging out like that, it's OK. It's just evidence it is on nice and tight and he won't be able to get it off."

The two rings were pressing millimeters away from each other. My ballsack was trapped between them. The scrotal flesh itself didn't hurt, but there were tubes and stuff inside that were also getting squeezed.

"Please, Lori, this is too tight. It hurts even now!"

"You'll get used to it. The discomfort is temporary," Sandy said encouragingly.

I suddenly caught myself drooling, my mouth had been open and I was so distressed I hadn't realized. It dripped onto the carpet just in front of me.

"Now the last part," Sandy said. "The good part. Slip this over his cock. I hope you measured him right."

"I did, though... well, I ordered a size smaller just because, well... I figured it would be safer." Lori admitted. I remembered a few weeks ago when we had been playing, she had actually measured my cock when it was erect and flaccid.

"Jeeze, it looked pretty small compared to his cock," said Mia from behind me.

"Yeah, but... well, it's supposed to be small. It's supposed to keep him in a constantly flaccid state, so it has no room for an erection at all."

I looked down at my soft cock as Lori began pushing it into the sheath that was to cover it. It didn't go in easily and her jamming and grabbing, shoving and pushing just served to stimulate it and make it begin to swell with blood.

"We need lube," Sandy said.

"I have some upstairs," Lori said and left. We had purchased some lube a couple of months ago to help with anal sex, something I was growing to appreciate... though it looked like maybe I wouldn't be appreciating it much in the near future.

Sandy also got up, leaving me alone with the three girls behind me. "I hope we aren't going to have any trouble," said Paula behind me. "Lori asked us to help do this, and we agreed. So help us out here. It's your wife, after all."

I hung my head and waited. Sandy came back with an ice cube melting and dripping all over the floor. She applied it to my cock. Done carefully, it didn't stimulate me, but just made my cock cold. It did shrivel some as a result.

Lori appeared with the lube. "Oh, cool. I should have thought of that," she said when she saw Sandy with the ice. "He's smaller already."

She carefully smeared a little lube on me, and the sheath slid on without any further problem.

It felt weird.

"Last bit," Sandy said. "Get the lock."

Lori picked up a tiny lock and slid it into a small set of holes at the top of the device and then click it shut.

"Voila! Your husband is now in chastity!" Said Sandy.

Lori smiled big, then leaned over and kissed me on the lips. "I love you babe. Trust me, this is going to be fun for us. Thanks for cooperating."

"I didn't have much choice," I growled, looking down at my pitiful genitals, trapped in that locked device.

Lori slipped the key for the lock onto a thin gold jewelry pendant chain and held it up. All five girls stood around it looking.

"I want it!" Said Mia.

"All right then, Mia. You are the key holder," said Sandy and Lori handed her the key.

"Wait a minute, why... what? Why isn't Lori going to have that? What if... when do I get out of this???"

"A week. We have another get together planned next Saturday. If Lori reports you have been obedient and a good husband, I will unlock you for her. But until then, the key won't even be in the house with you or someplace she can get to it."

I rolled over onto my side and groaned. "A weeeeeek?"

"Yes," Lori said lovingly. "That's for starters. Next week you get to be nude in front of my friends again, and if you are really, really good this week, they might unlock you and let you cum while they watch."

OK, that's the story Lori told me to write. It was Friday's requirement, the job I had to do for today in order to get unlocked tomorrow. I've had the device on for a week now, and am desperate to get it off. Partly because it is just... so weird to have it on, and really uncomfortable when I start to get an erection.

And partly because, well... I want to have an orgasm! I have had at least one orgasm a day since I was, like, 12 years old. I've never stopped masturbating, not even when I've had steady girlfriends. So this last week has been like hell for me.

Lori says I have done well though. Knowing there is no choice, sex isn't an option for me, well... I've been concentrating on making her happier and it shows.

OK, Lori. I wrote it. I sure hope it is good enough for tomorrow because I did the best I could.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Demoness of Árbol Colgante

Elena Rivera greeted her husband when he came home from a long day at Árbol Colgante prison outside Santiago. His wife, a young woman of only nineteen, greeted him at the door of their modern home in the suburbs.

"Another long day, Manuel?" She asked.

"Another long day, floración delicada." He took the beer she offered to him, and drank deeply.

"Have you--"

"Yes! Yes, I have, Elena. Tomorrow. Finally. I have a man you can use. I hope this means you will stop begging!" Manuel plopped down on his leather couch and turned on the TV.

Elena gaped in surprise and delight. "You really did? You have a man for me? To play with, to do what I want to?"

"Yes, my dear. I have a man. He has been interrogated and information extracted. It is unlikely he will ever be released, so he can be yours now."

"I hope they didn't damage him too much, you know I want someone in good shape, someone that still is--"

"He's in pretty good shape. Broke fairly easily and began babbling. He's been in a cell recovering for the last week and will be in fine shape for you to do whatever... weird things you have in mind."

Manuel was aware that his wife had a perverse streak. It was what had first attracted this gorgeous girl to a middle aged jailer. She was fascinated with prisons, iron shackles, interrogations, and all things prison related. After their first meeting, she had thrown herself at him, but had used her relationship to find out more and more about the prison where he worked, and had even taken several tours. She enjoyed seeing the men and women locked up, abused, suffering. It made her wet.

He knew there was something wrong with her, but he didn't care. She was the sexiest thing in Santiago, twenty years younger than he, and she was his. Elena was a wildcat in bed, making him feel like a man twenty years younger; his energy fucking her was boundless. She didn't do a bad job cooking, either.

But ever since their wedding, she had pushed him for more access to the prison. He was the head jailer, after all. He should be able to arrange anything. Like a private session with a man, one in which she could teach herself interrogation techniques, perhaps even create new ones.

It was a bit weird, but Manuel was learning to accept his new bride's quirks.

And now, he had finally arranged what she had been pushing for. Her own prisoner to interrogate, to torture, to play with. If the government ever found out what he was doing... well, they wouldn't. No one cared what went on inside Árbol Colgante prison.

"His name's Franco, if that matters to you," said the guard, opening the door to the cell. The hallway was brightly lit, with concrete walls painted a light green up to waist level, and then grey above that. The paint was peeling. The cell door was metal, and there was a small eyepiece allowing viewing of the inside.

Elena entered the cell where the prisoner was laying on a table, his legs tied to the table legs at the bottom, his wrists tied securely to ropes that stretched his arms above his head and spread them out a bit, tied to the other two table legs. There was a single strap across his waist.

"No, I don't suppose it does," she said. She carried a small satchel with her, a leather bag that had one time carried medical instruments. It was her grandfathers.

"Leave us. I will be fine. I will call you if I need anything."

The guard looked dubiously at the man and then at Elena, but closed the door behind him.

Franco had raised his head and looked at Elena. His eyes were big and he made a noise. "Oh, Mamacita... did I die and go to heaven? Come here baby, let me see what Franco can do for you!"

Elena ignored the man, pulling a simple chair from the corner, placing it at the foot of the table and sat down.

"Baby... you are giving me a hard on! Do something about it, puta! Give me some sweetness, let me see those perfect breasts of yours!"

Elena reached into her bag and pulled out a set of sheers, large industrial strength things. She calmly began cutting the man's right pants leg.

"What are you doing, puta? Can't wait to get to my pico, eh baby? Come..."

The scissors had made their way to the man's groin and cut to his waist. She then started on the other leg, ignoring the insults, insinuations and outright offers for sex that poured from the prisoner's mouth.

A couple of minutes later Elena yanked hard and the man's ragged pants slipped away, cut to pieces.

"Puta, those are my only pants! Why you do that, bitch? We could have just taken them off if you wanted to get to my pico!"

With Franco's legs spread wide it was easy to get to his genitals. Elena scooted the chair in a bit. Franco had an erection, he had gotten it the moment she had walked in. She did that to a lot of men.

She took a bit of duct tape and taped the member to the man's stomach.

"Whoa...  piruja, stroke it a bit. You have me hard. Touch me some more, babe! Let me out of these ropes and I will let you touch it more!"

Elena reached to the man's scrotum and picked it up.

"Careful babe..." Franco now had a worried tone in his voice.

She ran her fingers and thumb over the bag of flesh, feeling it gently. She had felt men before, of course, but not this freely. She always had to make sure she didn't hurt them, and it was always part of sex play. She could never spend the time actually feeling, investigating, learning about the anatomy.

The globs of flesh inside the flesh sack slipped between her fingers, rolling in and out. Apparently even that small pressure was enough to hurt because Franco began complaining. "Mujer malvada, leave me alone! Don't... don't push. It hurts."

Elena was listening, not because she intended to talk to Franco but because she was fascinated with how he was reacting. What caused him pain? How much? Where? She needed to listen to his reactions, get to know him, in order to understand the nuances of what she intended to do to him.

She started by pressing. Simply applying pressure to various locations. The right testicle was first; she applied a moderate pressure and Franco tensed up and swore. She released and he continued swearing. The same pressure was applied to the left testicle. The swearing continued, but acquired a slight edge of panic. Franco was realizing this "puta" was not there to bring him pleasure. Quite the contrary.

Pressing on the scrotum itself didn't seem to do much. It was just flesh.

Then she felt the long strings of flesh, the vessels that ran from the testicles back up into the body. She had some basic anatomy from high school, she knew what these were but forgot their names.

Pressing on them got the same reaction as the testicles, interestingly enough. Franco jerked and strained against his restraints, swearing up a storm and adding in some words of pleading. Elena was pleased.

Then came pressure on different areas of the testicle. She had thought they were simply round globs without one side or another; this wasn't true. As she felt around Franco's genitals she realized the testicles were oblong, and had one side where the stringy vessel things attached.

Based on Franco's sudden screams, right there was a good place to invoke pain. Elena grinned as Franco's legs writhed and strained on either side of her face, but his genitals, his balls... they were in her hands and went nowhere.

The edges. Flicking her fingers along the edges of the testicles, that was good. The prisoner was writhing constantly now, swearing and begging for her to stop.

She checked the clock on the wall. It had been twenty minutes. Plenty of time left. It was hot though, she was used to the air conditioned house, the luxury she had at home. The prison was dank, humid, and hotter than the streets.

Elena pulled her shirt off, revealing the perfect breasts that Franco had lusted over a few minutes before. He saw her and clear lust filled his eyes, it couldn't be wiped away by the pain he had experienced, but he was no longer aroused.

His cock had shrunk. The erection shriveled and the penis, while still held by the duct tape, was half the size. Elena suddenly decided she liked it hard, ripped the tape off and began stroking it. Franco was confused, feeling Elena's expert hands sliding over his cock, the same hands that had been poking and prodding his testicles and making his groin ache moments before. But his cock responded, hardened and actually pointed upward.

Franco began making slight thrusting motions with his hips, moaning. "Yes... yes, baby... " This was Elena's signal to stop the stimulation and move on to the next phase.

She removed a set of nails and hammer from her medical bag. It wasn't a big hammer, but perfectly sized and balanced for her small, feminine hand.

She stretched his scrotum out, pulling the flesh as hard as she could. This distressed Franco a lot, but she got the feeling it wasn't actually a lot of pain. Until she struck the first nail, of course.

It didn't go all the way through the flesh. Apparently skin is a rather tough material. She had misjudged. Franco continued struggling, begging her now more than swearing. She wondered how much his begging was the lingering pain from her testicle play, and how much was simply fear of what was coming next.

A second attempt brought better results. The nail pierced the scrotum flesh and drove into the wood of the table below. Good job, Elena!

Now the scrotum was stretched out permanently she didn't have to pull on it all the time to keep it in place. She lifted and positioned another nail, pulled the flesh tight, and the hammer came down, piercing and nailing poor Franco to the table. It was clearly very distressing, but not that painful.

 Then again, distress was part of what she wanted to explore. She wanted to see what would cause pain, but also what would cause fear and horror, things that would bring a man to his knees as a slave, obedient.

Elena was still sweating, in spite of removing her shirt. Her bare flesh glistened. It must be over 100 degrees in the windowless concrete room. Elena slid her pants off, so she was wearing nothing but her panties now. She didn't care she was exposing herself to Franco, perhaps it would add just a bit to his torment.

With the scrotum pulled tight, the testicles were two slight bulges in the flat skin surface.

Time to nail them, as well.

A nail was positioned above one lump, and Franco was screaming now; he knew what was coming and was willing to do anything to stop it.

"Please, no, I will tell all! I lied before, I have the names, and the addresses! I will tell all, I will tell all!!!"

The poor victim began rattling off the names of co-conspirators in some plot Elena knew nothing about. He gave their addresses, the names of their wives and children, where they worked. When he knew their phone numbers he spewed that out as well.

Manuel had been right. This one was broken easily, she decided as the hammer descended and the nail pierced the scrotum but slid off the slippery solidity of the testicle, scratching it as it went.

"AAAAAAAAAHHHGGG.... OOOOWWHHHAAFFGGGGGGGgg....." the scream was most satisfying to Elena. She stood to look at Franco's face for the first time, and simply watched the shades of agony flip past.

"Pleaaaaasseee!!! NO!!!" Franco began to gasp out the details of some attack that was to take place... somewhere. Elena didn't care. She wasn't there to interrogate and obtain information. Not this kind of information, at least.

Try again with the nail. This time she pressed the point of the nail into the testicle with her hand a bit, held the testicle in place with fingers, and then hammered one hard blow. The nail pierced the globule of tissue, but did not penetrate the wood below. That took another couple of strokes.

Standing back, Elena viewed her handiwork. Franco was sobbing now, jerking around but being more careful about it, as he knew he was nailed to the table.

Elena repeated the process with the other testicle, placing the nail point into the soft tissue, then with three hard whacks driving it through and into the wood beneath.

Franco's screams were satisfying, and she felt the wetness between her legs that had been building since she walked into the cell. She could hardly contain herself, she wanted to masturbate. She reached down, hand slipping beneath her panties and finding the soft wetness there. Her nipples were already hard, her cunt wet, her clit engorged.

Torturing this man had aroused Elena, her body preparing itself for sex. Elena obliged, massaging her cunt, rubbing her clit, watching the man before her writhe and struggle as he moaned and begged for mercy.

She stopped before reaching orgasm, though. She had something special in mind.

She stripped off her panties, and was now completely nude. She straddled Franco's head, and lowered her pussy slowly down onto the agonized man's face.

In spite of the pain in his genitals, Franco knew what was happening. This gorgeous angel was placing her naked cunt at his disposal to eat. He found he had no desire. The pain, the agony he was in was too much and he tried to turn his head away.

Elena grabbed his hair, forced his head back up his fact pointing to the lips of her cunt and she pressed down onto him.

He tried to accommodate as best he could. His tongue came out, he moved and sucked. But he was in agony, the pain was still consuming him, his balls had been nailed to the table!

Elena demanded, and pressed down harder, smashing against his face. He began to rock, sliding her cunt back and forth on her victim's face, using him to pleasure herself.

Franco could not breathe. Elena was smashing down and covering his mouth and nose. The need for air began to become more urgent than the pain in his groin and he struggled. Elena hung on and pinched her strong thighs closed, squeezing his head between them.

Beneath her ass Elena could feel her victim's chest heaving, trying to get air. She found this even more arousing, and simply pushed down harder. Her cunt enveloped Franco's face, covering his nose, her asshole smashing against his chin.

Spots formed in front of Franco's eyes. Eyesight was dim. Elena continued rubbing, using Franco's struggles to stimulate her cunt and clit; Franco was losing consciousness.

Was this the way he would die? His eyes looked up, past the flat stomach of the beauty above him, past her perfect breasts, to the angelic face that looked down at him, framed by her long dark hair.

As his eyesight and consciousness faded, he felt the contractions, the shudders of this woman going through a climax of sexual pleasure.

Elena felt the flood of warm orgasm and stayed where she was until it was completely gone. She then slid off the man's face. She noted he was unconscious, perhaps dead. She sighed. She had never had such an amazing orgasm...

That evening Manuel Rivera lay in bed with his wife. They had finished dinner, and then made love. Elena had been a tigress, as she usually was. An amazing sex partner. Though Manuel could sense something a bit different. She was harder, more demanding. And her orgasm was sharper, more prolonged. He himself had cum especially hard feeling the wildcat that twisted and writhed that he tried to control as he thrust into her.

"The guards obtained significantly more information from Franco this afternoon," he finally said. "Apparently he had held out on them. Your interrogation was more effective."

Elena snorted a laugh. "I didn't interrogate him. I just had some fun learning about men and their bodies."

Manuel nodded thoughtfully. His wife actually scared him a bit. She was only nineteen...

"Is he alive?" she asked. "I couldn't tell when I left."

"Yes, barely. He spoke while recovering in the infirmary. Apparently you have a new name that is spreading through the prison."

Elena, whose head was resting on her husband's naked chest, looked up at his face questioningly.

"Demonia del Arbol Colgante" he said. "Demoness of Hanging Tree Prison."

Friday, August 4, 2017

Male Abuse

If you are reading this, you are probably familiar with at least some of the blogs I write. There are a number of them, exploring various kinks, mostly in the area of bondage, sensual domination and submission, sadism and masochism.

You can imagine that I get a fair number of inquiries, challenges and pleas from a variety of readers, mostly male, many begging me to engage with them to help them realize some fantasy or specific kink of theirs. I respond to most politely, but it seldom goes beyond that.

Recently, for some perverse and sickening reason, I actually decided to follow through with one of the queries from a fan. He said he was a bit of a masochist, a man who wanted to be dominated, tortured, to give himself to a woman for abuse.

Fine, I thought. Why not? I am a submissive in my current relationship, but I am a switch and with the right kind of man I can find it in me to dominate and enjoy my sadistic side.

After obtaining permission from my current partner, I responded to the gentleman and we met a couple of weeks later. At a starbucks. A nice, safe place.

I'm about 5'8", long dark hair and a reasonably nice body. I am not super skinny but an average weight, with nice boobs and ass, and slim waist. Being in my early 30s, I think I have been able to keep most of the looks I had in my 20s.

Shall we call the gentleman in question "Ed"? Yes, let's. Ed was in his 50s, not especially good looking, and overweight. I was a bit disappointed but... well, perhaps there was potential.

After a few minutes of getting to know each other, I cut to the chase.

"So, Ed, you want me to dominate you, and fulfill your fantasy of being dominated by a woman. Painfully dominated, is that right?"

Ed gulped and nodded. He had been nervous since he first laid eyes on me. Most guys think about getting inside me when they meet me, and I was sure Ed was no different. Sitting having coffee with a girl like me, discussing his sexual fantasies was probably close to overwhelming for him.

"OK," I said. His eyes got wide and I thought he was going to faint. "Let me make a few things clear. You come to my place. Four hours. I do whatever I want. Trust me, I won't do anything that will permanently harm or disfigure you. Otherwise, all bets and restrictions are off, no safe words. At the end you go free. Don't expect to see me naked, don't expect to fuck me. In fact, I can't even guarantee you will have an orgasm. But you will be dominated by me, and you will experience pain at my hand. You want that?"

He gulped again and nodded. "I'd love to, Polly. Whatever you say."

I grimaced. "OK, so let's start now. Don't ever call me by my first name again. I am either 'Miss' or 'Miss Plummer'. And don't call me mistress, I am not your mistress. That implies a relationship and we don't have one."

Ed nodded. "Yes, ma'am, P-- Miss."

"Don't call me ma'am, either, bitch," I said to him with a glare. I gave him a card with my address on it, and said "Saturday. 1:00pm. Show up at my front door, naked. No clothes. Expect to leave at 5:00pm."

I stood and looked down at the giant bowl of ancient flab and wondered why I was doing this. Because I really do want to explore my sadistic side, and this degenerate guy truly deserves to be broken into little pieces, I thought.

Saturday rolled around. I gave the guy about a 25% chance of showing up, and so had made contingency plans. But if he did show up, I was ready.

He showed up. He rang my door bell at exactly 1:00. I opened the door and looked at this putrid excuse for a man and said, "Why aren't you naked?"

I closed the door on his face.

Two minutes later the doorbell rang again. Ed was standing there, naked as a jaybird, holding his clothes in a pile. "I... I didn't realize you were serious, I am out in public here!"

It was true, my front door is visible from the street, but I didn't care. Not true, I did care. I wanted to humiliate the guy in public. I stood in the door for a moment looking him up and down, making him wait.

"Can I come in please?" He said, with urgency.

"Fine. Come in. Put your clothes over there, then on your hands and knees." I pointed to a bench I keep in the entryway. He was obedient.

"Follow me," I said.

He crawled behind me as we went into a bedroom in the back of the house. It is a punishment room, normally used when I am punished (I mentioned I am a submissive), or when a friend wishes to use the room for some BDSM play, which is fairly often.

"Turn around and put your arms up!" I barked. The poor man did as he was told. I fastened his wrists to a chain above him and then pulled it up, stretching his body up into a standing position, and then until he was on his tip-toes.

"Yeah. So... Ed." I leaned my face very close to his. "You fucked up big time. Remember you agreed I could do anything to you, no safe words? Well, yeah. That's gonna happen. You have a lot to be punished for, too."

I took out a ball gag and shoved it into his mouth, buckling it tightly behind his head.

"First of all, you arrived at my door and presented yourself fully clothed, completely ignoring my instructions. What an Ass Hole."

I have a black dildo, about nine inches long and two inches thick. It's big enough it can actually get inside but only with some pushing and prodding and... well, yes it is designed to bring pain, not pleasure. With this in my right hand, I used my left to spread his ass cheeks and then rammed it up his ass.

It wasn't lubed and from Ed's reaction it hurt going in. It took two or three really hard shoves to get it through his sphincter. I don't think I damaged him doing that, but couldn't be sure. He did make some interesting noises over the ball gag while it went in.

Once past his sphincter I shoved some more and got it all the way in, a good nine inches, so the fake balls at the end pushed against his ass cheeks. His anus was spread wide, and I could see the sphincter muscles pulsing, squeezing and pushing on the huge thing that had invaded his ass. Interestingly, he had a really stiff erection, too. I would have to work on that.

"Let's let your muscles work on that for a while. Now... you addressed me twice at the door. Both times, it was extremely disrespectfully. You are to use terms of respect at all times. Miss, or Miss Plummer. I explained that! But you are so damned self centered you thought I wasn't serious!"

I let him know how serious I was.

Ed needed a whipping. We started out with a flogger. Floggers are one of those BDSM specialty pieces that are designed to look horrible but in fact don't do that much. If you hit someone with a wide surface area, the impact is spread out and absorbed by a large area, which means the kinetic energy absorbed by the flesh is spread out.

With this guy it created a nice pattern of red marks on his back, and he made all sorts of screaming noises like he thought he was supposed to. I knew it stung, but it wasn't anything unbearable.

After about ten minutes of flogging, I decided to crank up the amperage a bit.

"You've paid for not speaking respectfully. Now I need to punish you for thinking you even deserve enough attention from me to be punished! I find you disgusting, and your desire to use me for punishment disgusting."

I switched to a single tail whip. With that baby, the same kinetic energy contained in the flogger was concentrated in a strip a quarter of an inch wide. I hauled off and swung that baby wide and watched as poor Ed jumped in surprise and pain. He yelped, not putting on the show he had thought he should, but actually reacting to real pain.

A couple more strokes and he was having trouble keeping on his feet. The difference in his reaction was seriously gratifying. "Come on, baby," I said to him. "Cry for me. Real tears. Beg me to stop."

He did, too. Tears were running down his cheeks by the tenth stroke. Each stroke was leaving deep red and purple welts, real stripes that were beginning to seep tiny bits of blood. I was breaking the skin. It felt good.

For some that would be a limit. For this asshole, he had come to me begging to be dominated and tortured... without limits.

Ball gags don't stop you from talking; they just make it hard to be understood and communicate disdain from the dominant to the submissive. He was begging through the gag, and I was enjoying.

"Please, oh... god, ohhhhhh!!!! AAhhhhgghh... please, no, please, mistress! Please this is too much! I can't do this, oh god noooooo!!!!"

He had slipped up again, calling me Mistress. The standard name submissives like him used for their women. The asshole was used to using women to dominate him for his pleasure. I hate men like that. They get off on being tied up and flogged by a pretty woman, they get off on the attention, they expect an orgasm or two from it, all very exciting for them. But they are essentially using the woman.

That wasn't going to happen with me. He was there because I needed an outlet, not because I was providing pleasure for him (even if the pleasure was pain).

When he had gotten to the point he was just blubbering non-stop and hanging from his wrist restraints, no longer trying to stand up, I decided to move on.

Moving around in front of him I raised his chin and made him face me directly.

"Hello, worm. You screwed up again. I am going to punish you for calling me Mistress. I am not your mistress. You should be so lucky. I am here for one reason-- to hurt you, and then hurt you some more, and then hurt you until I begin to feel satisfied. I don't feel anywhere near satisfied."

His eyes looked at me with fear and he began to beg again. "Please, Miss. Let me go. Don't hurt me any more, I can't take it!"

"How do you know what you can take until you've tried, slut?"

I had forgotten his name already. Slut seemed more appropriate. What was his name... Ed. That's right. Eh. He continued begging.

"Please, mis-- Miss Polly. Please don't hurt me any more! I... I didn't know! I can't take-- AaaAAHHH!!!"

He screamed again as I whipped him again, this time higher on his back, then moving down to the back of his thighs. The slut kept screaming. He was really in pain, more than he had ever experienced.

His cock was soft, too. That was a good sign. Guys with a hard cock are getting off on it too much.

Finally I stopped and he just sagged in the restraints, no longer trying to stand. I reached down and pulled the artificial cock out of his ass, which made him yelp again. He would have thanked me if he had realized what was coming next. That artificial cock in his ass had opened him up for what I was about to do.

A tight strap on. I have a good leather harness I have used with women for sex, and this time I placed a rather larger, longer rubber cock in it.  I lowered the restraints a bit so he went to his knees. Standing in front of the Slut, I shoved the cock to his mouth.

"Suck it. Make it cum."

Tears trickling down his face he turned and took the phallus into his mouth.

"Deeper!" I shouted. God, it felt good to see him trying to take a cock into his mouth. How many times have I been subjected to that?

I pinched his nose. "You breathe when it gets in all the way!"

He whimpered, gagged, opened wider and tried to get more in. He flailed, desperate from lack of air. I shoved harder, he took more Finally I pulled it out and he gasped, panting for breath. A string of slime dripped from his lips.

"Lube!" I observed happily, shoving the cock back into his mouth. He took it, I shoved it, and face fucked him.

My hips shoved back and forth, just like I was a man fucking a woman, except I wasn't. I was a woman face fucking a man.

Just when he started making noises that sounded like he was going to die, I pulled out and went around to his rear.

"Open wide, slut..." I said, spread his cheeks and shoved hard.

He was still choking from the ass fucking but he had enough breath to yelp again. I really think I would have drawn blood had he not been stretched wide by the dildo I inserted earlier.

So I ass fucked him for a while.  Pushing my hips forward, imitating the motions I have seen men go through. I'd felt dozens of men inside me when they were jerking their hips like this, and it was an amazing feeling to be thrusting and jerking myself, this time embedded in a man.

Good god it was satisfying to hear him grunt with every thrust. I wondered if the cock inside his rectum was pushing his intestines out of place. Probably.
I really enjoyed fucking a man for once. I pretended I was a guy, feeling the pleasure of inserting myself and thrusting inside a woman. I thought about making a woman hurt by the sheer size of my cock, but thrusting anyway because it pleasured me. This piece of meat before me was simply there for my pleasure.

His cock remained flaccid, bouncing back and forth as I thrust and jerked.

A white brown sort of foam gathered around his sphincter where the phallus was reaming him out. I wondered what the fluid was. A mixture of stuff, clearly. Was he lubricating himself, just like a woman's vagina? I smiled at that idea as I thrusted and watched.

No, it was probably a mixture of shit, saliva, and blood. Whatever it was, it did make him slipperier and it was easier fucking him.

My hips got tired after a while.

"You failed to make my cock cum!" I barked at him. "Clean it off!"

I put the filthy cock in front of his face, the tip just touching his lips. At first he squeezed both his eyes and lips shut, but I grabbed his head and shoved it in, and he opened up.

The dirty cock slid in and he began sucking it clean. He grimaced, either because of the lingering pain in his ass, or because of the tasty filth in his mouth.

Probably because of both.
Once the Slut had cleaned my cock to my satisfaction I took it off and went around to the back of him.

"I think we've ignored your pathetic genitals long enough. Let's see what we can do with them," I said. The slut whimpered. I reached for his balls and grabbed them, yanking hard. The male slut yelped. I grabbed them hard in my fist, tight enough he couldn't wriggle away, even though he was trying.

It felt incredibly good to just grab as hard as I wanted, as hard as I could. I felt excited hearing him yelp and knowing that I was crushing sensitive parts of him.

Then I began punching. Pulling his scrotum out and making his balls into tight little punching bag with one hand, I used my other to hit him.

Every strike caused a howl. Every punch made him jump and wriggle.  It was amazing how much this male was reacting to my punches! Those little tiny globs of flesh in that little sack, every time I whacked them he sobbed and begged and cried. It really motivated me to just keep going.

I liked to hear him cry.

I stopped when my arm got tired of punching. Deciding to give it a rest I went to get a special treat I had arranged. I had obtained a humbler from a friend. We don't have one in the house normally, because, well... I am usually the submissive. But I had prepared. This humbler was a nasty one, it had a ball stretcher. Normal humblers pull the balls and scrotum back between the legs but that isn't enough to cause real discomfort for most guys.

This one had an extension that pulled the balls back behind the thighs, and then pulled them even further. It was adjustable.

The Slut felt me working on his scrotum and began to whimper and beg, realizing his torture was nowhere near over.

"Mistre-- I mean, Miss Polly, please don't do any more. I am stupid, I didn't realize. I need a safe word. Yellow! Red! Red! Please don't do anything more to me!"

I just chuckled. "Keep begging, I like to hear you beg," I said.

He kept on. "I really think you've hurt me, permanently. Something doesn't feel right in my insides. And I can feel blood trickling down, it's going to leave ooowwwww OWWWWWW AAHAHHAHA!!!!"

That was me cranking the adjustment on the humbler to pull his balls out. I stretched them until they were nice and taught and his testicles bulged, the scrotal flesh tight and shiny over those two small lumps of male flesh. Releasing the tension on his wrists, he dropped down, slowly lowering himself to the floor on his knees and elbows, trying to relieve the pressure on his balls.

The Slut was crying again.

"Stop crying!" I said and gave his balls a whack with a riding crop.

Of course, he didn't stop. I don't think he could, actually, he was in pain. As least, from the way his body kept writhing around it seemed like he was in pain. So I whacked him again, and again, and again. It was fun.

I had never realized just how much fun it was to cause a male pain. I mean, I had dumped enough guys in my life, I had seen emotional pain, but this was a man just writhing in physical agony as I kept hitting and stretching and pounding and whipping his most sensitive parts.

I stopped for a while. I was curious. I had never had a guy tied and and helpless like this before, where I could do anything I wanted. I knelt behind him and examined the taught skin of his scrotum over his testicles.

Gently. Every so gently I stroked them.

I could tell, this was unexpected to him. After a couple of hours of pain from being beaten, this guy wasn't expecting the gentle touch.

His cock started getting hard, even though he was still crying.

"Oh, baby. You are getting aroused! You like this, don't you?" I crooned to the pathetic slut as he lay on the floor, testicles stretched, still tied and helpless.

"No, Miss Polly please let me go... or... give me an orgasm... "

Now there it was. He wanted sexual pleasure from me. He came claiming he wanted to be dominated and hurt by me, but what he really wanted was a hand job.

I stroked his cock a little, watching it get hard as a rock. His crying and slowly been turning into moans, little whimpers of pleasure mixed with the pain.

I continued stroking, playing, just fondling his cock. Not enough to really get him to cum, but enough to make him think he might. I kept holding on to his scrotum tightly, but his cock was hard and pulsing, getting ready to spurt some fluid out when I stopped.

"Oh... no... please mistress please keep on-- AAAAAAAA!"

He yelled as my booted foot struck his balls.

"You are never going to learn, are you? I am *not* your mistress! You should be so lucky, you pathetic whore slut!"

I kicked him again, and again, and he stopped moaning and start crying again.

"You know something, you are without a doubt the most disgusting, slimy, awful disgrace I have ever met. You are old, fat, ugly, have a tiny cock and make me want to puke!"

I heaped abuse on him. It was heartfelt, too. He really was disgusting. I would never want to have sex with a guy like this and the only reason he was in my house with his clothes off was because it made it easier to get to his body to hurt him.

"You disgusting lump of flesh. Slave meat! Putrid vomit!"

With each insult I struck him again.

"I never want you to ever contact me again! Do you understand?"

He nodded vigorously.

"You stay away from me, I never want to see your hideous fat face again! You are good for nothing but pain, and you are a wimp at that!"

"Miss, yes miss, please, yes miss, let me go, let me get dressed and go and you will never see me again!"

His voice had a hopeful sound to it, as if he though I might actually let him go.

Suddenly I yanked on the rope that was fastened to his wrist restraints. This yanked him back up into the air, rising into a standing position once again. He howled in pain as the pressure grew on his balls from the humbler.

Once he was raised up I went ahead and released him from the humbler. It had been fun.

"Look at the clock. What time is it?"

Through is tears, the male slut looked and mumbled, "3:32, miss."

"You leave at 5:00, remember?"

A look of profound misery came across his face and he nodded.

I walked off to the side where I had a few items including my purse. I hadn't thought of doing this before, but as I was watching him there struggling, the thought came to me. My stun gun! It isn't really a gun, it's more of a hand held thing with two electrodes. You shove it up against someone and it shocks them.

I came back with it and showed it to him. "If I ever see you again, I will use this. Do you know what it is?"

He nodded, hard. "I will never come back!"

"Let me show you what it feels like," I said.

"NOOOO!!!Please, no, don't do it don't nonononononono AEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!"

The device let out a small snapping noise as it touched the flesh of his scrotum. Wow, did he jump! Oh it was so damn satisfying! I had that thing for a year now and this was the first time I had used it. He acted like he had been hit with a bullet, jerking back and screaming, writhing and flailing around.

I managed to keep hold of his scrotum and did it again. Snap!!! More screams and writing, gibberish now instead of begging.

We kept playing with the stun gun for a while. The slut seemed to like it based on the way he reacted.

Finally I let him be for a bit, pulling on his wrist restraints so he dangled with his toes about an inch off the floor. He was panting. His as was bloody, his balls were red and swollen, his body criss-crossed with whip marks. I had a drink and watched as he slowly rotated before me.

At 4:45 I asked the slut if he wanted to go home. He nodded his head vigorously.

"Then I must cum," I said. "Eat me, then you can go."

I let him down and stood before him, pulling up my skirt and exposing myself.

He had wide eyes as he looked at my exposed cunt.

On his hands and knees he crawled to me and buried his face in my pussy. His tongue slid out and began working.

He was OK. Not great, but with some urging and direction, he got me going. He was really, really motivated, too. He wanted to go home at the appointed time. 5:00. He had fifteen minutes to get me off.

I slid one leg over his shoulder to open my legs more, and give him access to my vagina. He took advantage and expanded his tonguing. "Stay on my clit. Just a little inside, most of it on my clit" I gasped as I got closer.

My orgasm came quickly and was huge. I shuddered and smashed his face into my soft flesh, demanding his tongue keep working as I felt the flood of warm pleasure cover my body.

When I had finished and pulled away from him I saw his cock was hard again. Very hard. Made sense, he had just had his face buried in my pussy.

"You may dress outside. Follow me," I said. I released him but kept him on his hands and knees as we walked to the front door. He was as naked as when he had entered the door, which was completely.

I threw his clothes outside, and pointed. "You may go."

He crawled outside and I closed the door.

The entire four hours had been extremely pleasurable for me. I had never released my inner sadist that way before. Prompted by my disgust of the slimy men that are my readers, the chance to finally get one tied up and to cause them real pain... it was marvelous.

My own man and dominant came home that evening about 7pm.

To get me back into the mood he had me strip and present myself. He then slapped my breasts hard several times, turned me over and fucked me in the ass, no lube.  After coming inside me he placed a butt plug in me to keep his sperm inside. I was once again a submissive.

Ed contacted me two weeks later via email to thank me. He apparently had healed up all right and was masturbating twice a day to memories of our time together. He asked if we could do it again some time.

I responded no, that the next time I might really hurt him.