Saturday, February 21, 2015

Self Bondage

My name is Mike, and I am not really all that kinky. But there was a time when I began getting into tying myself up and getting off on the process.

I'd played with self bondage for a while, but nothing too complex or involved. It's allure was a mystery to me, but undeniable. I am a guy that can get women if needed; not bad looking and I work out. Still, at least once a month I would end up sneaking off and trying out method of strapping myself into place for a while.

Being a mechanical engineer, I started putting some ideas to the test and ended up planning a scenario that made me hard just thinking about it. It was a huge leap for me, I had never done anything that complex, but I wanted to do it more than anything.

A few days before hand I got a cock cage, a good steel chastity device that was tight and would be pretty difficult to take off. It wasn't easy to lock myself in because I was constantly erect, rock hard, while even handling the device. There was no way I could jam my cock into the small casing of the device. Sitting in the bathroom with my pants down, I pushed and squeezed, but the manual stimulation just made me harder. I finally used a bunch of ice and soaked my cock and balls in it, which shriveled me up enough I could squeeze in. The small padlock went on, clicked into place, and I was secure. I tugged, pushed and pulled but it wasn't going to come off without some surgery or a hacksaw.

The small key for the padlock went into a little padded envelope addressed to myself, which I then took with me to work and mailed at a PO box on the street nearby. Standing at the box I hesitated for a moment, realizing this was the beginning of a chain of events that would not end until Saturday afternoon. It was Wednesday morning.

I normally masturbate once a day, except on days that I am seeing a woman. Those days I typically have more than one orgasm, depending on the woman and situation. Like I say, I have an active sex life outside of self bondage.  The idea of the chastity device was to force me to forego satisfying myself until my self bondage session, planned for Saturday.

The next three work days were difficult. The device wasn't too uncomfortable, but it made me constantly aroused. Then I would start to get an erection, the pressure would become painful and I would hurt. At work, I had to excuse myself from more than one meeting, head to the restroom and run cold water over my encased cock to get some relief. This was dangerous, as it had to be done in the sink, and others might enter the restroom and observe me. The humiliation would have been awful, though I found myself getting off on the risk.

Saturday morning finally rolled around and I had achieved my purpose; going for nearly four days without masturbating or ejaculating a load of semen. The mail came about 10AM, and I knew to expect the package I mailed to myself. All the equipment and devices for my self bondage session was laid out and ready. I simply had to wait for the package to arrive, unlock genitals and begin.

Well, the mail was late. It arrived at 3:00PM. I swear, those were a tough few hours, I wanted to masturbate and actually started trying to fondle myself through the gaps in the device. That just proved frustrating and painful. About noon I went to the hardware store and bought some tools I wanted just to pass the time. I was already thinking of a new complicated device for my next self bondage adventure.

When the mail finally came and the package was there, I breathed a sigh of relief and went into the back bedroom where the self bondage equipment was laid out. It was pretty simple, a pair of handcuffs and a pair of ankle cuffs, joined together in the center. When secured, I was in a basic hogtie, except with metal cuffs and short chains.

First, I put on a ball gag. This step always gave me an extra feeling of constriction and helplessness. The ball was quite large and stretched my jaw painfully wide, though I could bite down on the soft material to relieve the spread and discomfort, if I needed to.

With the gag in place, I undressed, folding my clothes neatly on a chair in the corner of the bedroom. Drapes were drawn (though the window looked out into the back yard and there was little risk of anyone seeing me).

Completely naked and my cock pounding and squeezing painfully inside the CBT 6000, I attached the two metal ankle cuffs, closing them so they were tight. The satisfying feeling of the restrictive metal made me breathe faster in anticipation. I was already drooling from the gag, and the saliva dribbled down my chin onto my chest.

I placed one wrist into the wrist cuffs. Clicking it tightly into place, my body was now partially contorted with knees bent, left wrist pulled behind my back close to my ankles. God, I was horny. But the chastity device wasn't off yet, and that needed to happen.

Taking the key in my right hand I fumbled with the cock-lock, and after some effort managed to get it in position and pushed it into the padlock. The device clicked open and with some one-handed tugging and slightly painful pushing, my testicles slide out of the bracket that encircled them and the cock sheath slid off my penis. I was free. My cock immediately filled with blood, standing hard and straight out.

I resisted the urge to touch and masturbate immediately, and instead turned to locking my last wrist into place. Reaching my right arm behind me I fumbled around until I found the last cuff. The chains joining the cuffs, both ankle and wrist, were quite short and there was a bit of a strain getting into position. When I finally got the last cuff in position I stopped and savored the nervous anticipation for just a moment. This was the moment of commitment, the leap of faith into a state of self invoked helplessness, that brought such a rush. One small action separated me from freedom and complete bondage.

The shackle went around my wrist and ratcheted into place. I was bound. Naked, on my stomach, on the floor of the back second bedroom of my house, unable to move except in small, shuffling wriggles. My throbbing cock was exposed below me, squeezed between my stomach and the carpet. I wanted to hump the carpet, but couldn't; I needed to save my semen.

In front of me on the bed were three metal boxes of my own construction. Each was identical and contained almost identical items.  Here's how they worked:

-  The top of each box had a built in lock that took a key; when the key was turned, the box was turned on, activated and ready for use.
-  In the front of each box was a round hole. This opening led to a modified fleshlight of my own making.  The internal imitation vaginal cavity was modified to exactly fit the length of my erect cock.
-  At the end of the vaginal tube cavity was a tiny funnel leading to a small metal receptacle. This receptacle had simple electrodes built into two opposing sides, Once the receptacle was filled with an electricity conductive fluid, a circuit would be completed which would release an electromagnetic lock, and a key inside a small compartment would then be made available.

The idea was simple. Turn the box on with the key. Stick my cock into the hole, fuck the living daylights out of the box, and when I orgasmed and ejaculated semen, make sure I was in all the way so the end of my cock pressed against the funnel at the end. My semen would then be channeled to the receptacle, the electrical circuit complete, and the key inside would be mine.

Thing was, the key wasn't to my shackles. They key simply turned on the next box. Once inserted into and activating the next box, I had to repeat the process. I had to fuck and ejaculate into the second box in order to unlock the key it contained, which could be used to activate the third box.

The third box was the one that actually contained the key to my restraints.

So the task was to fuck, cum, and ejaculate three times before I could obtain the key to unlock myself.

The challenge was whether I had enough semen in me to do this. I have no problems ejaculating three times, but not one right after the other. I can cum the first time in just a minute or two of intense masturbation. The second time I can do with perhaps 20 minutes of stimulation between. The third time? An hour, at least. Probably more.

I could get out of my restraints at any time, provided I had the semen inside of me to do it.

I had thought of how I might get frustrated and attempt to get the box to release the key by introducing some other fluid. The excitement and arousal of my self bondage experience is based on being helpless, trapped by the rules and situation. I didn't want to cheat. So I thought I might use spit to open the box, but testing showed the spit would never get deep enough through the folds of the fleshlight, and wasn't enough to trigger the closed circuit at the end.

Urination was the other big possibility; simply inserting my cock into the box and peeing would certainly trigger the circuit. I knew I needed a good way to prevent this, and had thought of some complicated mechanisms, but I finally opted for emptying my bladder just before my bondage session began, combined with no fluids for at least 12 hours before hand. This turned out to be quite effective, perhaps more so than I had realized.  Peeing wasn't going to be a possibility for several hours once I began.

Moving the box to another part of the house (like the bathroom) with running water was possible, so the boxes were chained to a small ring installed on the floor. While restrained in the hogtie my mobility was extremely limited and it wasn't going to be possible to move any water out of the bathroom, down the hall and into my bedroom to activate a box. Nope. The best and perhaps only effective way to get out of my restraints was to fuck each of these boxes.

After enjoying my predicament for a moment I decided to get to it and wriggled over to the bed. The ball gag had me drooling pretty well now. Heaving and sliding inches at a time over the carpet made the saliva bubble and foam, as well as giving me carpet burn. I reached the first box, and kicked the bed hard enough to get it down to the floor. I moved slowly into position on top of it. It was metal, the edge dug into my flesh, but there was no choice about the position. I had to get my cock inside, and with my arms secured behind my back there was no other way but to climb on top and hump it.

My cock found the opening and lid in.  It was good. I had lubed the boxes when setting up early that morning, and my cock slid in easily. It throbbed with sensitivity, and the velvet interior of the fleshlight caressed the sensitive flesh. I was going to cum pretty fast. I hadn't had relief in days, and the bondage had me so horny I was ready to spurt right away.

Just as I was getting going grunting and thrusting with my hips, the doorbell rang.

I stopped still for a moment, wondering what to do. Who could it be? My mind raced. My hips began thrusting again, unable to resist the sensation of fucking. Umph. Mmmph. Ugmph. Umph. I moaned and grunted as the doorbell rang a third time. I was going to cum. I felt it. I could feel my insides gathering the liquid, ready to spurt. Then I heard the door open and a voice.

"Oh... my.... god...." A woman's voice. Behind me. Inside the bedroom. It was my next door neighbor, Amy. I had invited her to go out that night, asked her to dinner and she had actually agreed. Amy is an amazingly cute girl, young, bright, pretty, with a perfect body. And she was now standing in my bedroom looking at me shackled, ball gagged, and humping a box on the floor.

I cringed. I stopped fucking the box. I rolled over onto my back to see her standing in the doorway looking at me with the funniest expression of shock, dismay and disbelief. Now laying on my back, my cock throbbed erect over my stomach where she could see it clearly. I wanted to run and hide, my entire body flushed, but there was nothing I could do. I couldn't even really hide my exposed genitals. On my back like this my restrained arms and legs were underneath me, lifting my back and hips up in an obscene display that emphasized my throbbing, bouncing penis and dangling, bulging scrotum.

"Were you... were you attacked? Are you OK?"

I nodded no, and then yes.

"Who did this to you?"

I flushed, and then looked away. I finally said, "Me. I did it to myself" through my gag. It sounded like "mef. ifith ith though mafelth." Or something like that. It was enough for her to understand when I repeated it several times, drooling over myself in the process.

Amy was getting her calm back and surveyed the room with the neatly folded clothes, discarded chastity cage, and odd equipment all about.

"I see. Self bondage. A little overdone, don't you think?"

She understood, somehow. Most people didn't even know what self bondage was, not really. She seemed to have at least a little familiarity with it. Hmmm....

I nodded.

"So, Mike. How are you getting out of this? Any way for me to help?"

I sighed as Amy sat down on the bed and surveyed my naked and restrained body. I considered what she said. I was humiliated and literally wanted to die right then. How could this have happened? Then I remembered... the mail. It had come late. As a result the whole bondage session had started several hours late. Amy had shown up on time, I was just way late getting started and thus getting out of my shackles. What an idiot I was.

Shaking my head to indicate there was nothing she could do, I rolled over onto the box, maneuvered my cock into place, and began fucking it again. It was a lot harder this time; Amy sat there watching me, obviously having fun at my humiliation. I had no choice. I had to complete the process that I had started with.  Amy got down on her knees to see what I was doing, getting close to see the box underneath my hips as I plugged away at it.

As I fucked the box I began to wonder why I hadn't cum already. Was it my gorgeous neighbor watching me with growing amusement? Was it the pain of the metal box jabbing into my stomach? No... there was something else. My cock wasn't feeling the velvet interior of the fleshlight as it should. It was dulled, almost as if...

Oh my god, it hit me. The lube I had used. Lube I had smeared generously over the entrances to all three boxes to help my cock slide in nice and easy? I had grabbed the wrong tube. It was the desensitizing lube. I swore and fucked harder, trying to maximize the stimulation.

Even with the desensitizing cream all over my cock, it only took another minute or too before I shuddered, moaned, thrust deep and felt the tip of my cock press against the funnel. The semen spurted out and almost immediately there was a click and the lock on the tiny key compartment was released. I kept pushing, straining, finishing my orgasm and dumping a complete load out. Four days of pent up orgasm took my body in waves.

When I was finally done I slid my cock out of the hole in the box and saw the key where it had fallen on the floor.

Amy sounded fascinated and amused. "Oh, I see... wow, Mike, I would never have though this of you. You fucked the box and it gave you the key. So all we have to do now is unlock these... chain thingies, and you can take me to dinner, right?"

I was so.... humiliated. I wanted to melt into the ground. Amy picked up the key and tried to fit it into one of the shackles. I shook my head and moaned. "Ith goeth tho the mexth phoxth."

It was really, really, hard to talk around the massive ball gag. It took three tries before she understood.

"Well. OK. Fine. I guess.. you have to fuck two more boxes? Huh. Mike, this is some first date you have me on."

Tears came to my eyes. At least she hadn't freaked out and called the police, but I almost would have preferred that. As it was she was just sitting there almost laughing at me. But oh, she was beautiful to look at. My cock was hard again, and it was embarrassing for her to see it but there was nothing I could do to hide it except roll on my stomach. Amy was kind enough to take the second box down from the bed and put it on the floor.

"Well, OK, Mike. I don't think I have ever seen anything as weird as this. Let's see what you can do. Fuck that box of yours. Impress me."

It was too soon. I could try fucking the box, but what would happen if I had a dry cum? It might be even longer before I could cum again! I needed to time this right. Plus, I knew now that the lube on the boxes was in reality numbing cream and it was going to take three times as much effort to reach climax as usual. I needed to wait.

Yep. Waiting, naked, tied in a hogtie, cock flapping around, exposed for Amy to sit and observe and me completely unable to do anything about it.  Amy sat for a while and finally said, "Hey, I am going to go fix a drink. Seems like this might take a bit."

She left the room and I heard her in the kitchen, getting out a glass and pouring some liquor. When she came back I tried to make myself understood.

"Pou ah dink iii thffuuu hooooooowww"

"What is that, Mike?"

I repeated myself, trying to get it across that I wanted her to pour her drink into the hole to trigger the release mechanism. She finally understood.

"Mike. You went to so much trouble to set this up, I don't think I should interfere. And you know, pouring the drink in there might fry the circuitry, and keep the box locked forever. Besides... it is kind of fun watching you." Amy smiled a slightly cruel smile. God she was sexy. I wanted to fuck her, but was tied up and needed to fuck some boxes first.

She was right, a drink might actually leak and zap the electronics. I grunted, rolled over on top of the second box and began pushing my way inside. Amy slapped my ass as I began humping. I think a tear of complete humiliation trickled down one cheek at that point, but I kept fucking the box.

The inside felt OK. I was aroused, I really wanted to come again. My body was crying for relief, and I humped vigorously, but the numbing cream took most of the sensation away. It wasn't even as good as dry humping through jeans (heck, when I was in high school I creamed my pants more than once that way).

I pumped hard, straining, as if contracting muscles could force semen out even without an orgasm. In the process I almost (but not quite) forgot about the beautiful girl with a vodka tonic sitting on the bed watching me. My moans crept around the large rubber ball belted into my mouth. Drool foamed and covered my chin and neck. I thrust, each thrust pressing the end of my cock against the small funnel at the end of the imitation vagina. I thought about Amy and what she would feel like under me, wondered if I would get inside her tonight.

The orgasm came unexpectedly, suddenly. One moment I was straining hard, the next I was jerking, pushing in and against the funnel. I let out a long, low moan as the warm flood of pleasure spread across my body. My cock ached with the effort when I was done and slid out. I rolled over and went flaccid almost immediately this time.

Amy leaned down and picked up the key that had plunked out while I was straining to push out as much cum as I could.

"So... this one is for the next box. Let me check it." She inserted the key and turned it.

"Do you want to try this now? I knew a guy once, he could cum three times in a row, no problem. Well, maybe with just a couple minutes between."

Amy took the fleshlight and slipped it over my cock slowly and gently. It was difficult getting my flaccid cock inside but she wrapped her hand around its shaft and pushed it in. The touch of her hand was electric, even with desensitizing cream all over it. My cock gained some hardness, enough to stay in the fleshlight, and Amy began sliding it up and down. I tried, I really did. Having her help was almost as good as being inside her... well, not nearly as good as that. But it was exciting nonetheless. But it was no use. My cock never reached full, throbbing hardness and the aching told me there was no way I would ever cum.

I shook my head. She didn't know about the numbing cream. In addition, I realized that in not drinking anything over the last day I had not only deprived my bladder of liquid, but I had also reduced my prostate's ability to produce semen. It actually hurt between my legs. I needed a rest.

Amy took the fleshlight off and lay it down. I lay motionless, except for my panting from exertion. My legs splayed wide like a dog wanting a tummy scratch. Amy had her hand in her lap, between her legs. She wore jeans but the hand was pressing against her pussy through the denim. Moving just ever so slightly, and pressing. She was enjoying the show in more ways than one.

She watched me, sipping her drink. I lay on the floor, my panting subsiding. My legs were cramping so I wriggled to try and get more comfortable. Being restrained like this was a thrill for me, as always. Having Amy sitting and watch me as I tried to find a comfortable position... that was not as much of a thrill. I pulled and yanked and wriggled in my hogtie and got myself rolled over onto my side, facing away from her.

Laying on the carpeted floor quietly, I patiently waited. This was part of the experience I had planned and wanted. If I had wanted to get in and out of bondage fast, I would have just arranged a single box. The whole point of the process was to extend my time in restraints, to enhance my feeling of helplessness, forcing me to stay in bondage. By assuring that I would need to wait until my body could recover enough to orgasm with some ejaculate once again, the whole setup made me feel completely helpless. I got off on that.

Having Amy watch me made me feel even more helpless.

My original plan had been that it would be an hour, maybe a little more, before I was able to get out. Worst case, I figured it would be a couple of hours in restraints before I could muster myself to get my cock hard for the third time and ejaculate something to release me.

My cock was still flaccid.

Amy went into the living room and came back with a book. I lay on my side. I realized I was thirsty. No water or other liquids for 14, 15 hours now. I was getting really thirsty and unhappy about it. My cock was maybe half erect.

How long had it been? A half hour? An hour? Amy sat in a chair, her long legs stretched out. She kicked off her shoes and her feet idly made their way to my genitals. They fondled and slowly played with my flesh as she read. I wasn't sure she even knew what she was doing.

After a while her toes urged my cock to slowly stand up, pointing ridiculously toward the ceiling. But just because my cock was hard didn't even mean I could fuck and get out of this; if I had no semen, just dry cum, it would be for nothing. I had to be patient, which was exactly what the scene was about.

"So, Mike... " Amy put the book down and knelt down next to my face, her long brown hair hanging down next to me. She smelled nice.

"So... I sort of like seeing you like this. It's fun. And you have a nice body. Would you, well, would you like to have sex? On the bed? Now? You've made me rather horny."

I looked up at her beautiful face, and my eyes wandered to where her nipples made slight bumps in her top. A whimper escaped my ball gagged lips. My cock was erect. I wanted to do it. Like, really, really wanted to get inside this girl.

Amy lay down next to me and put her hand on my face, and then ran her soft fingers down my arm and side, feeling my ribs as they went. I twitched from the sensuous tickle.

"I'd really like to feel you, right now. Is it OK if I touch?"

I nodded. Her hand continued down to my hips. Her fingers slid over my stomach to my rock hard cock and touched, very lightly. It bounced in response. She stroked it very lightly while looking into my eyes.

"So, what do you say, Mike? Shall I get naked, maybe straddle you and slip you inside?"

I whimpered and nodded my head. All I wanted to as get inside her, thrust and push, making her body jerk and bounce with my force, until I unloaded deep inside her pussy.

She didn't move.

"But... if we do that, you won't get to fuck your little box there. At least, not for a while longer. Would it be worth it? I mean, how long would you have to wait before you could get enough cum inside you to do whatever it is you need to do?"

She had been teasing me. If I fucked her now, it might be another 12 hours before I would have enough semen to ejaculate into the receptacle. And fuck, I was thirsty. I really needed to get a drink before then. Who knows, I might have something in my bladder in a couple of hours, but I had never tested the boxes with urine and while I was pretty sure it would work I didn't actually know. I had done too good of a job of dehydrating myself.

I shook my head.

Amy sat back, fondling my body, touching me, enjoying my helpless state. She took some of the saliva that ran over my cheek, chin and chest, and smeared it about.

I know my body pretty well, and it wasn't ready. I was hard and could fuck, but it would be a dry cum. Or just a little semen, maybe not enough to make it through the funnel and into the receptacle. Risky. I moaned and sighed, jerking and struggling against my restraints. My shoulders were cramping now in addition to my thighs.

Amy had her second, and then third drink, put on some music and danced for a bit as I lay helpless. It was fun watching her dance; she had a lithe, fluid way of moving her body that made me think she would be amazing in bed.

I don't know how long it was, but I finally decided to risk having a go at the box. I rolled over, wriggled and straining until I was on top and aimed my hard tool for the hole. It slipped in; the sensation was amazing. The numbing cream from before had warn off, though the fresh cream would start its work in moments. I started fucking hard, trying to get as much sensation as I could before the cream made it harder.

Amy encouraged me.

"That's it, Mike. Show me how it's done. Fuck it. Fuck that thing, deep, push deep."

I did, too. The numbing cream got to me almost immediately but I kept going. Sweat broke out on my body as I worked, training and struggling against my restraints in addition to thrusting into the small box beneath me.

Nothing was coming. It felt good to have my cock inside something, I sensed and enjoyed my nakedness and being restrained in the hogtie position was exciting. But my body didn't want to reach orgasm. I kept going.

The interior of the fleshlight was soft and shouldn't cause any soreness, but my cock began to feel raw from constant friction. My balls ached from slapping against the side of the metal box with each thrust. I kept going. My thighs shook, the muscles strained to weakness. My stomach ached from the box edges jamming up into my flesh. Cramps rippled through my body, distracting me

I thought I felt a climax on the horizon. I pushed toward it with my hips. Concentrating. Amy's voice was in my head urging me on. I thought of her body beneath me, imagined that she was wrapped around my cock, legs wrapped around my ass. It helped a little.

The humiliation helped a little too. Yes, I was still incredibly embarrassed. I was laying on my floor, chained tightly with cuffs, porking a little metal box in front of my incredibly sexy, smart neighbor, whom I hardly knew. I was a slave to the mechanics of the box, and only debauched sexual exhibitionism would release me. Wow did this get me off!

It hurt when it finally came. My whole body shuddered as I pushed as hard as I could to get semen out of me. My cock pressed against the small funnel, and then I pulled back and stroked in and out several more times then pushed in hard again as I felt muscles contracting. My whole body was bathed in sweat from exertion.

Panic filled my brain. This had to work. I had to squeeze out enough juice to open the box. If it didn't work, it would be hours before I could try again.

The climax reached its peak and then quickly subsided. My genitals ached. My whole body ached.

Pulling out and rolling off of the box I looked down and saw the key. It had worked. Relief flooded through me as I wriggled around to get my hands near the key on the carpet. Amy had stepped back and was watching my struggles.

I got the key and angled it around between fingers so that it faced one of the handcuff locks. With a little work the key sunk home and with a tiny click the cuff was unlocked. One hand free. I worked on the other, faster this time. Hands free, legs straightened out... wow, that felt good. Getting out of self bondage was a thrill in itself. I rolled over, unlocked the ankle cuffs then reached behind my head to unbuckle the gag.

"Oh my god... thank god... oh my god..." I was exhausted, panting, sweaty, sore, and relieved. Amy handed me a drink, which I gulped down.

"I hope you don't mind that I didn't let you out. It was fun."

"It's OK," I said. "It would have been a little risky. I need to put these boxes through a few more tests. Maybe add a fail safe for something."

"You were very, very sexy. I liked seeing you forced to fuck an inanimate object in order to free yourself. I... well, let's just say I enjoyed."

I stood up, my naked body close to her clothed one. She looked up at me for the first time that evening and we kissed.

"Well, thank you for a wonderful evening," Amy said when the kiss ended.

"What? I know this wasn't exactly... well, it was pretty embarrassing, but your presence made it... unexpectedly pleasurable. I thought we might still do dinner?"

"No." Amy was firm. "I work tomorrow morning and it is getting late. It's almost 10. Maybe some other time. Let me know next time you decide to lock yourself up."

She turned and left me standing naked in the room, spent, nothing left inside me but wanting more. Wanting her.

Maybe someday soon.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Judicially Mandated Prison Torture

The guy was cute, in a large, muscular construction worker sort of way. Anna had accepted the drink when he offered to buy it, and had even flashed him some side boob. She liked flirting with men, especially hunks like this one. Anna was a gorgeous woman about 30 with long legs, long dark hair, flat stomach and nice sized boobs. She had no trouble attracting whatever man she wanted.

Things changed when she decided not to take him home with her, and he turned ugly. The parking lot was deserted that late, and he had forced his way into Anna's car, tearing her skirt when he shoved her legs apart and wedged his hips between her thighs. His hands were on her breasts, pushing and tearing her blouse away as she struggled, surprised and panicked at the man's force.

When his cock entered her, it hurt. He was large, very large, and she wasn't lubricated, but he pushed hard. His cock was so hard it felt like she was being impaled by a spear, and the deeper he went the wider her soft flesh was spread. She cried out at that point, her sounds of pain mingling with his grunts of pleasure as he shoved deeper into her and began thrusting until he spurted a huge load of semen deep inside her.

They caught him a week later. Trace evidence from her car as well as his semen, and the bruising and lacerations on Anna's body combined to provide enough evidence for a fast conviction. He was sent away to Richland prison for a five year term.

Now Anna stood in a small, darkened room in the prison, looking through a one way mirror. She was waiting to observe the man who had raped her. Barely a month into his sentence and had been approved for remedial torture as a means to reduce his sentence. Ever since the Fair Sentence Reduction Act had been passed, torture had become a replacement for time served, and prisoners could cut their time in prison from years to months, if they were willing to undergo a series of controlled, intense torture sessions.

Now, the bastard that had penetrated and damaged Anna's body was scheduled to undergo his first voluntary torture session. Two hours of pain in exchange for a month off his sentence. It didn't seem fair to Anna, but it was happening. At least she had been invited to watch the prisoner as he suffered in the room on the other side of the mirror.

The torture chamber she saw through the mirror didn't look at all like a torture chamber, but more like a small operating room. White tile covered the floor and walls, extending to a painted white ceiling. In the center of the room was a metal chair with straps, adjustable for a number of positions. Above the chair was a large adjustable light, and to the side were a couple of small cabinets. The whole thing looked extremely sterile, bright, and empty.

The door in the other room opened and a tall good looking blond woman, barely Anna's age, entered with a metal tray covered with medical instruments. She set them down on the top of a cabinet to the side and turned as a man in prison jeans and shirt was led in by two guards.

"Thank you gentlemen," the woman said to the guards, who proceeded to unlock the shackles that had restrained the prisoner. They left the room, closing the door behind them. Even now, Anna stared at the man, feeling the physical attraction of the brute mixing with her fear and hatred of what he had done to her.

"Greetings, Kyle. My name is Melanie and I am the Pain Tech assigned to your case. Remove your clothes and put them on the chair, there." The woman in the next room indicated a chair on the side of the room.

"Whatcha mean, bitch? I ain't takin' my clothes off for some woman." The prisoner's voice was harsh and brought memories to Anna that she wished she could forget, the way he had grunted her name as he had slapped her and held her down as he thrust into her in the back seat of her car.

"Kyle, you have had the rules explained. This is voluntary. You want to do this or not? I am not going to waste time." Melanie spoke in a very matter of fact way.

The prisoner, Kyle, grunted, stared for a moment, then removed his clothes. As he removed his shirt, Anna gasped, seeing the full size and muscle of the man for the first time. He removed his pants, revealing narrow hips and strong legs.

"Your underwear, as well, please." Melanie sounded almost bored, as if she had been through this many times. Of course, thought Anna, she probably has.

Kyle removed his underwear revealing a tight ass and genitals that made Anna gasp again. While the man's cock had actually been inside her cunt, she had never seen it, just felt it. Seeing it now for the first time she was amazed it hadn't done more damage. He was huge, with a fine large scrotum holding big testicles behind his thick shaft.

"Sit back in the chair," Melanie directed. Kyle climbed into the chair, snickering, and then took hold of his cock and stroked it a few times. It began to swell with an erection.

"Take a good look babe, I might just give you some of this later. You want it don't you? I know you do. All bitches do." Kyle spat out the words as if they were knives, but Melanie simply began strapping him into the chair, securing his legs and arms, his waist, and finally chest. Kyle fell silent as he felt himself slowly becoming immobile, his bravado draining away as he became more helpless in the torture chair.

Melanie took a strap with a bulge from a cabinet and held it up to Kyle's face. "Open your mouth."

"Fuck you, bitch. You gonna hurt me cause I get out earlier if you do, but I don't have to be humiliated! You remember this face, bitch, cause when this is all over and I get out of here, I might just come get you, sometime, when you don't expect it."

"Kyle, this is just a job, nothing personal. The gag is to keep you from biting off your tongue during the procedure. Now, how silly would you be trying to impress some babes if you can't talk because you have no tongue, eh?" Melanie smiled sweetly.

Kyle looked confused for a moment, not wanting to allow Melanie any more power over him, but obviously afraid. Finally he opened his mouth, the gag went in, and Melanie buckled it behind his head.

"Now you are all safe and secure, I will be right back. Just hang on a second, and don't go anywhere, OK?" Melanie gave a light laugh of irony as she stepped out the door into the hall. Moments later she opened the door to the observation room in which Anna was standing.

"Hi, Anna. I'm Melanie, the Pain Tech that will be putting dear Kyle here through his paces today." Anna shook Melanie's hand. "I was wondering... I am not supposed to do this, but considering what an asshole this guy is, and what he did to you... would you like to come inside and have a closer look?"

"Oh.... well... I mean, will it be safe?" Anna was taken aback.

"Sure. He can't get out of the chair, and by the time his session is over, he won't be in any condition to do much of anything but drool and be dragged back to recovery. Come on, it will be fine. Let's play." And with this last sentence, Melanie smiled in a wicked way that made Anna realize that she was more than a tech; she liked her job. A lot.

They left the observation room and entered the chamber. Kyle turned his head to observe the two beautiful women as they entered. His eyes grew large in recognition when he saw Anna, and he tried to speak. All that got past the gag was a muffled, distorted series of grunts, but the message was clear. He didn't like the idea of Anna being there.

Anna surveyed his body up close. In another situation, another circumstance, she could have seen herself fucking Kyle. She liked men with good bodies, and her eyes wandered to his cock, laying on his abdomen, half erect. Kyle saw her gaze and was obviously aroused by it, for his cock pulsed and began hardening further.

Melanie flipped a switch and the torture chair moved on quiet motors, leaning back and then raising Kyle's legs into the air, spreading them wide, wide, wider, until his genitalia were easily accessible and exposed. She stepped in and described what she was doing to Anna, who stood close and observed.

"So, first we will wrap the strap around his scrotum just above his testicles. This puts pressure on the testicles in the sack, reducing their natural ability to move, to flop about, you know. Makes it easier to manipulate, in this case to apply the injection."

Melanie took Kyle's scrotum in her hand and lifted his testicles gently up, then wound the strap around their base. As she did this, the heavy scrotal flesh stretched and grew tight around the blobs of tissue inside. Kyle began to struggle instinctively from feeling his most tender body parts manipulated.

"Now, Kyle, this part doesn't hurt. Honest. It won't start to hurt for just a bit." Melanie spoke condescendingly, as if to a child patient in a hospital.  Then she spoke to Melanie. "So, now we simply inject the pain medication into each of his testicles. He has rather large testicles, so the dose is a little higher than normal."

Melanie picked up a large syringe, pulled the cap off the large needle, and positioned it next to the distended scrotal flesh. Kyle started whimpering in fear, and struggled against the straps more.

"The insertion of the needle might cause some pain, in fact it would be considered quite painful by most men." With this Melanie shove the needle through the taught flesh. Kyle jumped and gave a muffled squeal behind the gag. "But, compared to the results of the pain medication, this is nothing."

Melanie pushed the plunger and the clear liquid was pushed into Kyle's testicle. It was apparently a painful process, because Kyle reacted strongly, his naked body jerking and grunts coming from his gag.  The needle was withdrawn and Melanie repositioned it next to the other testicle. She continued describing the process as she injected again.

"The scrotal flesh isn't particularly sensitive, at least no more than any other. The testicle itself is covered by a hyper sensitive layer of tissue, as well as nerve bundles that extend from the testicles back up into the abdomen. This pain medication is a mix of a number of agents, like methyl bromide and capsaicin, which act directly on the pain nerves to excite them."

The injection was completed and needle removed, and Melanie wiped a couple of small drops of blood from Kyle's tight scrotal flesh. Kyle was shaking slightly, his whimpering subdued, eyes closed.

"So now we wait a bit. Not long, perhaps five minutes, while the injected liquid permeates the testicle and epididymis. When that happens, Kyle here will discover what true pain is."

Melanie disposed of the syringe then turned back to watch. Anna stood and watched in fascination as Kyle lay on the chair, strapped to he could only move slightly. He was chewing on the gag, mostly out of tension and nerves, but after a minute or so he moaned and his face took on a concerned look. His eyes scrunched and he grunted, and wriggled against the straps again. It was clear the pain was beginning to take hold.

Anna was about to ask how much pain the injection caused when Kyle opened his eyes wide and screamed. The sound was slightly muffled because of the gag, but it was a good, long, loud scream. Kyle looked wildly at Melanie, with a pleading look in his eyes.

"Yes, Kyle, this is the beginning. Your dose is designed to last about two hours, maybe a bit more. Nothing to do now but endure it. Just lay back and feel the pain..." Melanie had an intense, satisfied look on her face.

Kyle was jerking against the straps, muscles straining. The pain was obviously getting worse, and his body took on a slightly shiny sheen.

"Ah, Anna. Notice he is sweating; this is an indication that the pain levels are really getting up there. As the pain increases, he will become less and less aware of his surroundings."

Anna watched Kyle's muscular body strained against the straps, shaking now as the nerves in his genitals fired their pain signals more and more intensely. He was biting hard on the bit, tears flowing from his eyes.

Noticing something unusual, Anna watched and finally asked Melanie something. "Melanie... his cock is hard. He has a stiff erection. Is it supposed to do that? Is he like, some sort of pain freak pervert?"

Melanie laughed. "Well, no, at least not at the moment. It is a curious byproduct of these drugs in some men, it gives them a raging erection. In a few men, I've actually seen ejaculation during the torture session. With those men, repeated treatments can have an odd effect-- pain begins to become an arousal factor for them. In other words, they associate pain with sexual pleasure, as if the two are the same thing. That is rather rare though."

Kyle was foaming at the mouth, saliva drooling out as he panted and screamed from the pain. His throbbing erection seemed out of place, and yet somehow... appropriate to Anna. He had caused her a lot of physical and mental pain obtaining pleasure, it seemed right that he should now have intense pain combined with sexual pleasure.

This thought grew in Anna's mind, until she suddenly turned to Melanie and asked, "Can I touch him?"

Melanie looked a little surprised, but said "Well, yes. Don't do anything that will leave a mark or endanger his life, or I get in trouble. This is supposed to be controlled. But sure, go ahead."

The women were speaking with raised voices to be heard over Kyle's continuous screaming and sobs. The pain had reached a peak and he was alternating gasps and screams, sobbing, and trying to beg through the gag.

Anna reached out to Kyle, and touched his hardened cock. Kyle thrashed against the straps as much as he could, but the movement was quite restricted and Anna was able to grasp the thick member in her hand with ease. It throbbed in her fingers, and she squeezed. The cock throbbed again, pulsing as Kyle tried to thrust his hips up and down, more because of the pain than any arousal, but the movement still looked like Anna was masturbating him and he was joining in.

Anna squeezed again, and Kyle's cock pulsed.

Anna took her other hand and slapped Kyle's distended, bound ballsack. Kyle reacted, jerking his body. Anna slid her hand down the massive cock, her fingers barely surrounding the thick flesh rod. She hit the ballsack again when her hand reached the base of Kyle's cock, and Kyle grunted through tears.

"Well, that's a new twist." Melanie watched with interest as Anna stroked Kyle's cock, periodically whacking his testicles.

"Huh... yeah..." Anna grabbed Kyle's balls and twisted. Kyle screamed, thrusting his hips up in reaction, causing Anna's hand to slide down his cock.

Anna felt the reaction before it was visible. She twisted the ballsack, squeezing hard as she stroked the throbbing penis once again, but this time the throbbing was more of a convulsion, and as Kyle yelled and screamed from pain, sperm came squirting out from the end of his cock, spraying over his stomach and chest.  Anna stopped her stroking and simply squeezed, feeling the contractions as huge gobs of cum spurted out of Kyle.

Finally, it appeared to be over. Kyle continued to thrash about, grunting and yelling out from continued pain in his balls. Anna let go of his cock and stepped back. Melanie handed her a tissue.

"Thanks. I... I didn't know I was going to do that."

"Oh, that's quite all right," said Melanie. "Playing with the victims is an unofficial perk of this job. I might have uh... estimated the dose a little high, too. He is just now peaking, and it's been more than an hour. He might last three hours instead of two."

Kyle's eyes were glazed and the drool foamed over his gag, snot draining from his nose as he screamed, writhed and grunted in the pain chair.

Anna watched for a while longer, feeling some sense of justice mixed with... something else. She was enjoying this. It was actually fun watching this big, handsome, macho guy writhe in pain, and it was especially fun to be able to touch and play and tease him while it happened. She was really getting off on it.

"Melanie. His cock is still hard."

"Yeah, I noticed that. He is still reacting to the meds pretty strongly." Melanie was silent for a moment, then said "So... can I give it a try?"

Anna smiled and stepped back, motioning Melanie to take her place. Melanie grabbed Kyle's cock and squeezed, then stroked. Anna could see it pulse under the stimulation. Melanie then pulled her arm all the way behind her back, made her hand into a fist, and rammed it into his testicles as hard as she could.

Kyle screamed, and as he thrust his hips around Melanie stroked his cock hard and fast. When Kyle's hips and moans subsided, she punched him in the balls again, as hard as she could. This time when Kyle thrust up and Melanie stroked hard, the cock pulsed, jerked, and with a loud, long, wail, Kyle came once again, spewing a huge load of sperm over his stomach, all the way to his chest, where it mixed with the already drying load from earlier.

When it was over, Melanie punch Kyle's balls once again, hard.  Anna felt Kyle's scream penetrate her body, shake it. The sound seemed to release her sexual desires as never before, like a trigger. She was breathing hard and her hand slid down to her jeans. Unable to delve under the fabric she rubbed her pussy through the denim before she realized was she was doing.

Melanie caught what she was doing, and grinned. "You really are made for this."

Anna flushed with embarrassment, but in her mind she had to admit that there was something incredibly exciting about what had happened, and it involved everything. Her feeling of hatred for Kyle, the feeling of justice in seeing him suffer, as well as simple enjoyment in his pain. And somewhere, deep down, Melanie... she played a part. She liked Melanie, she... wanted Melanie.

Another 20 minutes went by, during which Kyle's screams and moans slowly subsided. Finally, Melanie said, "Well, Anna, I think it is probably time for you to go. You can't be here when he finishes up and the guards come to take him to recovery. It's been... fun?"

Anna took one last look at Kyle's twisted face, sweat trickling down his body, which no longer thrashed against the straps. "Yes. Thank you Melanie. I mean it. It was... well..."

Melanie quickly put her arm around Anna and kissed her, unexpectedly, but Anna sank into the kiss, knowing that she had wanted this all along. When they finally broke, Melanie said, "Will you come to his next session? It's in a month. I would love to see you again. Here."

"Yes," Anna said. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."

Anna turned and left, feeling the exhilaration of her newly found sadism, combined with the anticipation of a new found relationship with someone that shared her secret desires.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Ball Busting Agreement

I wake slowly. The sun is shining in my eyes, but that isn't what wakes me.

"Get up, wake up sleepyhead!" My young wife stands next to my bed, prodding me. I look at her, marveling at her beauty and once again am astonished that I somehow married someone half my age and so beautiful. She is wearing nothing but panties, and her firm young breasts stand with hard nipples, not a bit of sag.

"Come on, babe, I have to get to work. Let's get going." My wife chides me lovingly, but with a tiny bit of edge in her voice. She wants to get this over with.

So do I; it isn't pleasant. In fact, I hate it.

"Yes, Monica," I say and then kick the covers off. Shoving one pillow under my hips I bend my knees and then spread them as wide as I can, exposing my genitals. My hands go behind the small of my back, gripping one another. In the past, I have had trouble keeping them out of the way; it's automatic to try and protect myself.  Placed behind me like this, it is easier to keep still.

Monica positions herself at the end of the bed, leans over and touches my scrotum. Lifting and pulling, she checks their health. The touch of her soft fingers fondling my defenseless gonads is arousing and my cock grows hard. She wraps a small bungie around my balls, separating and lifting them.

She then stands, and without any further warning swings the heavy studded belt in her hand up over her shoulder, then brings it forward and down onto my exposed and vulnerable balls. There is a loud, distinct whack as the strap strikes my most sensitive anatomy.

"Uhhgg... one!" I manage to grunt out. The pain of that first strike is always horrible and unexpected.

Monica swings again; the belt hits my balls precisely on target again, and the shock of pain once again slices through my groin, building and adding to the last stroke.

"Aaaah! two!" I moan. I want to close my knees together but manage to keep them spread wide.


"AAAH!!!... three!"


"Aaahhaaaahh! ...." I pant, catching my breath. "Four!"

Whack! The studs on the belt are cruel; they add extra dimensions of pain to the ball torture delivered by my cute wife.

"Aahgghg, oh fuck..." I say and then forget my place.

"Five, dear. Say it." Monica pauses.

"Five!" I grunt. It is all I can do to keep my knees spread, but I do.


"Oh, god, oh.... oh, please.... six!" I manage to grunt out. The pain has spread from my testicles throughout my entire lower body.

Monica comes close to me, and kisses me full on the lips. I can feel her young tongue in my mouth, but it is hard to kiss back. I am hurting, and kissing her back is just automatic. Soft breasts slide over my naked chest as Monica returns to her position.


"Ohh....... shitshtishit..." I am beginning to sob real tears. It has gotten to the point the pain isn't spiraling that much worse with each strike; I am already reaching the maximum pain level. The strikes just give the agony a boost, keep it going and prolong it.

"Seven..." I whisper.


"Oh..." I manage a gurgle. My hands are gripping each other behind my back as hard as they can.


Monica is shifting position to get a good angle for the last two strikes. She wants to give them some extra power. She is petite but works out and is muscular. She puts everything she has into the next strike. She is good; her strikes are always right on target, seldom raising welts on the flesh surrounding my scrotum.


"AAAAAHHH!  gggggggggg" I scream and then gurgle. When I recover, I say the word. "Nine."


I hardly feel the last impact. My balls aren't numb, but the pain has become so all encompassing that the extra strike doesn't seem to matter as much.

"Ten." I gurgle in a strained voice and then roll over in the bed, my knees coming together and my hands instinctively going to cover my groin.

Monica kisses me on the cheek, hangs the belt up, and then heads to the bathroom to get ready for work. I simply lay curled in a fetal position on the bed, waiting for the pain to subside enough that I can move.

Twenty minutes later I limp into the bathroom. Monica has showered and is putting makeup on. She doesn't need it, she is naturally gorgeous. She stops to kiss me affectionately. I am able to kiss back this time, though I am still in agony.

The pain is pretty much gone by the time I get to work. I walk in a little gingerly, as I do most days.

I don't like having my balls beaten like this. But I do love my wife, and I love fucking my wife, and I am still amazed that this young girl is with me. Sometimes I consider skipping the sex with Monica just so I don't have to get my balls beaten the next morning. But I never seem to actually do it. We go to bed and her soft, smooth skin seduces me, her sweet breath and silky hair pull me in, her legs encircle me and my hard cock slips inside her.

The next morning is agony, but so far, it is worth it.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Enforced Male Chastity

My name is John.  I am married to a beautiful woman named Jess, whom I love dearly and deeply. This revelation is something I told myself I must write, to get the story out of my mind, to tell others and to try and understand myself, if nothing else.

We met in college and married while we were still quite young. Perhaps too young? I was 21 and she was 20. Neither of us were virgins; Jess had lost her virginity to the captain of the football team at the age of 16. I had convinced my high school girlfriend to do it with me in the back seat of my parents car in front of her house at the age of 17.

I don't know how many men Jess has had since that time, but she is gorgeous; lean with large but still nicely proportioned breasts, silky blond hair, and a cute freckled face that men seem to lose control over. I sure did. She could have any man she wanted, but I think she has been picky, only fucking a few guys before we met.

Sex while we were dating and just after our marriage was really good. We seemed to find time to do it just about anywhere and any time. We would fuck in the morning if we woke up at the same time; we played before going to bed. Sometimes we would just look at each other when we were in public or a party, and just know what the other was thinking, and then find a private place where Jess could hike up her skirt and wrap her legs around me. She was up for blow jobs at times (though she wasn't too thrilled, she'd do them for me) and we even did anal from time to time. I've always liked anal... there is something so primal and dirty about it. I cum fast when I get inside her ass.

In spite of the way things started, our sex life slowed down over the years. Five years after getting married, we were down to doing it maybe once every two weeks. I don't know why, it just happened. Maybe work stresses, or too much routine.

Secretly I looked at some porn and jacked off; some of the kinkier stuff I saw really excited me. I wanted to try some weird things, but was afraid to mention it to Jess. I wanted to try toys. Maybe some handcuffs, or butt plugs, or, well, just anything that might bring some excitement back into our sex life. I wanted her to focus on me, to play with my body, to take control of me and stimulate or play with me the way she wanted.

One evening we were talking about random stuff and we actually started talking about sex and how much we both enjoyed it and how things had gotten routine. Neither of us liked it, but didn't quite know how to break out of our cycle. So I brought up some of the toys I had seen and talked about maybe expanding our play.

I was really surprised, but she actually agreed to try a couple of things. One was butt plugs, and the other was a male chastity device. I got the butt plug from a store in the next city, but we had to order the chastity device.

Just ordering the chastity device ended up being an incredible turn on for me (and Jess). We measured my cock, both the length and circumference while flaccid (that was difficult because I kept getting a hard on). We went to the bedroom and I dropped my pants but my cock sprang out hard as a rock, immediately, I was so turned on by the whole idea. We struggled a bit, but frankly the more things we tried the hornier I got and we ended up falling on the bed naked and fucking. God, Jess is so good, the memory of that time gets to me, her sweet soft pussy wrapping around my cock...

Anyway, we actually fucked twice before my cock got truly limp. She got the measurements she needed and we sent them off.

The device came in a small brown box, all wrapped nicely with discreet return address on a Tuesday. We decided to try it out that Saturday. We would have sex in the morning and then Jess would put it on me and lock it in place for the rest of the weekend. The entire week I kept thinking about what was going to happen, and ever time I did my cock got rock hard. I was hornier than I had been in years.

Saturday morning rolled around, and I remember waking slowly, then rolling over and feeling Jess's hard naked body next to mine, and my cock was hard before I was completely awake. I wrapped my arms around her, nuzzled her as she woke and sighed, and then turned and kissed me. It was amazing; we made love like the first time then, and I came twice with no problem, both times with my arms wrapped around Jess and holding the entire length of her body close to mine.

Finally I lay on the bed, exhausted, as Jess went into the bathroom to clean up (my semen was drooling down her leg). When she returned, still naked, she was holding the chastity device.

"It's time," she said with a smile. "Spread your legs for me. Let's do this."

I spread wide. Jess put a little baby oil as lube on my cock, and I began to get hard again, though not completely. Jess slipped the ring around the base of my cock and balls, and then slid the sheath over my cock, pushing to get it all the way in. It fit well, tightly considering I was halfway erect, but it was the right length and size. The feeling of the thing going on was amazing, truly amazing. My stomach had butterflies, I was aroused, a little afraid, and mostly excited.

The final click of the lock was like a door slamming in my mind; it was done. I was locked in and Jess was in total control of my genitals. I wanted to do nothing but take her again, right then, I was so excited and aroused, but I couldn't.

The first hour I spent around the house naked, just getting used to the feeling of having this cage locked onto my cock. My erection was accommodated by the device in a rather strange way; as my cock swelled and elongated, it pushed the device out, pulling my balls away from my body and stretching my scrotum slightly. The sheath still covered most of my cock and kept it bent downward. It couldn't really get too large because the sheath was just too small. In fact, it began to hurt some if I got too erect, so I began to train myself to relax and not get aroused.

Finally I dressed, and we went out and spent the rest of our weekend.

That entire weekend was incredible, the feeling of the device constraining and trapping me combined with the knowledge that the device was actually locked on, and that the key was in the hands of my wife. I thought about her constantly, her body, her perfect breasts, the way the key nuzzled between them hanging from a chain around her neck, her tight ass... her pussy. I would get erect again. I had to stop and worked at it, but it was really, really difficult.

Sunday night came and after dinner, I went to Jess with a big smile and asked if she would remove the device. My heart was pounding, I had been anticipating this moment all weekend. I wanted nothing but to fuck her right then, to take her under me and thrust into her.

"I'm not sure it's time, John." Jess said with a curious look on her face.

"What do you mean? We said the weekend, and it is Sunday night!"

Jess shifted sensually in her chair and leaned toward me a little so the chain with the key could be seen descending down between her breasts.

"Yes, and that was Saturday morning. It's Sunday night, but a weekend is usually at least 48 hours. I think you should keep your cage on for at least that long, don't you?" My wife's voice was husky, her soft smell filled my nostrils and my cock throbbed in it's cage. She was teasing me, and it was working.

"Jess, no, please. Come on. I know this was my idea, and I think the weekend is over. Let's fuck. I want you so bad!"

"John, this whole thing is about raising your frustration through denial. I think it's a good thing to wait a little longer. And yes, it was your idea; it was your idea to give me the key. To give me control. And now I am taking it." Jess sat back in her seat. "Let's watch a little TV and then have a nice sleep. Tomorrow, before you go to work, we will see."

"What??? WHAT??? We Will See? What does that mean? You might not even unlock me tomorrow morning?" I was getting nervous, but also incredibly aroused. This was a side of my wife I hadn't seen before and it was turning me on, totally.

"Well, if you behave and don't cause problems. I think we should see if you can make me happy. There should be some price for taking off your cage."

I grimaced. "What? What do you want?"

Jess sat back and propped one of her legs over the side of her chair. She was wearing tight jeans, the sexiest thing that drove me wild.

"An orgasm. Just for me. I think you should service me."

"How? What do you mean? I can't do anything locked... oh.... " It dawned on me.

I got down on my knees, undid her jeans and slid them down, exposing her firm thighs and beautiful mound. She helped me slide her panties down, and I dived eagerly between her legs. Her taste hit me immediately, she was soaking wet. The scene was turning her on as much as me, maybe more.

My tongue was busy that night, I worked her hard, giving her the best I could in every way.It was a game, sure, and eating out my wife was a very great pleasure. I wish I could have at least touched myself and jerked off a little while I was doing it, but worshiping and pleasuring Jess was exciting and pleasurable for me as well.

Jess came the first time with her hand on my head, shoving me hard deep into her cunt. She moaned and shuddered, thrusting her hips up and then cried out as she thrust up and down, rubbing her pussy and clit against my wet slippery face.

The service continued. It went on for an hour and a half. I was amazed; normally when Jess and I have sex it is for no more than an hour, and usually a lot less. I can't contain myself and she seems content with having me enter her and climax when I feel I am ready. That can happen in maybe 10 or 15 minutes, and it doesn't take long for me to cum.

This time, it was all about her. There was no possibility of me having an orgasm, so I just tried to make her cum as much as I could. She came three times that night before telling me it was enough. She promised to unlock me before work the next morning.

It was a restless night.

The next morning Jess did as she promised; she unlocked the device and removed it. The fresh air hit my skin and the freedom of having my genitals unrestrained felt wonderful. My cock got hard right away; I grabbed Jess and pulled her down onto the bed and took her right away, passionately, urgently. Her legs went up around my thighs and I rammed into her wet cunt immediately. I fucked her, hard. She grunted and moaned underneath me as we went at it like animals, her arms and legs encircling and hands clawing my back until we both climaxed loudly.

That week we had sex every night except for Wednesday, when I had to work late. Something had happened to my libido, the experience of being restrained and under her control had excited me in a way that I had never anticipated.

Friday night, things changed. After dinner I took her in my arms and began nuzzling her neck, slipping my hands under her top, sliding over her smooth flesh. She stopped me.

"Tonight, no. I think it is time for you to go back into your chastity device."

My excitement and arousal seemed to swell (not to mention my cock). "OK. But I think we should make sure we  have agreed clearly when it will be removed. No misunderstandings."

"Yes, I agree," she said. "I don't want any arguments like we had last weekend."

Jess continued speaking as she went into the bedroom and got the device along with baby oil. "I think it is pretty clear that the purpose of this, the excitement and fun, is for you to give me control over your cock. If you get to decide when this comes off, then you haven't really given up control. So if we do this, I think it needs to be my decision when it comes off again. Simple as that. It makes sense."

"Uh... but... no, I don't think you can just keep it on indefinitely. Babe, it was exciting and I really... well, I loved it. But there needs to be some sort of limit. A couple of days, or something."

"Do you trust me John? I am your wife. I let you inside my body. Do you trust me enough to give me control for a while without exerting your own control?" Jess is gorgeous, and I felt my love for her (not to mention my lust) swell and overwhelm me.

"OK. Yes, all right. I trust you. I want you to have control. You get control. That's really what excited me anyway, that you had control. I work so hard during the day, managing and controlling things, it was just... really exciting to not be in control. It made me want you so much. And I really did find myself wanting to please you. So... OK."

I dropped my pants. My cock was hard, but she iced it with a cube from the freezer. She then oiled my skin and slid the device on. It felt familiar this time, though the same shock and nervous feeling spread through me when I heard the lock click into place. Once again, I had given up control; I was helpless.

Almost immediately I realized I had let her clock me up before we fucked. "Wait.. Jess... we haven't had sex tonight. Can't we--"

She cut me off. "Sorry, John. That's it. Besides, the way you have been taking me recently, it has been... well, a little violent, almost. Raw. Brutal. I think you need to learn to be a little nicer and respectful."

And that was it. The beginning, really. Jess had the key and I was living at her whim. I remained locked in chastity for the weekend, hoping perhaps to be released on Sunday. I served her, made dinner for her, cleaned the house and kept things tidy. Sunday afternoon I gave her a massage, a good one over her entire body. She was naked and the process aroused me tremendously, but my cock cage kept my erection in check. I did the best I could to make her happy.

Sunday night, I asked to be released. The answer was no. Simply, no. She felt I needed a bit more time, that she wanted to exert control, that I needed to feel the loss of control a bit longer.

I didn't sleep well Sunday night, having a series of very sensual dreams in which women would approach me, desiring me and seducing me. When the time came in the dream clothes would come off but something always happened to interfere; the woman changed her mind, or we were interrupted by Godzilla. It all meant the same thing. My mind wanted sex, and was frustrated. The cock-block was in place.

That week was difficult. My arousal and obsession with women and sex was heightened, for I was wearing the chastity device to work and around town. I even wore it when we went to visit friends down the street for drinks. It felt very odd to be acting normally in front of this other couple, knowing that I had been emasculated and that the decorative key suspended from the gold chain around my wife's neck was actually the key to my genitals.

Saturday evening came, and I fixed a nice dinner with wine; a pasta dish that Jess favored. Afterward, we went upstairs and she told me to strip. Standing naked before her I felt more exposed than when my genitals were not locked up. I felt vulnerable. Jess reached out and fondled my balls, checking the security of the device, noting how my cock bulged around the edges of the sheath but was unable to become erect.

"You've been a good boy, John. I have been impressed. I think it is time to free you, but only for an hour or two. Let's be intimate tonight, but when we are done, you go back inside, agreed?"

"Jess, I... " there was something in her voice and look that was different. I had seen it all week. She wasn't really asking.

"OK, Jess."

She unlocked the cage and the absolute thrill of being free flooded over me. I was erect and pulsing immediately, and I took Jess in my arms, played with her body, suckled her breasts, spread her ass with my hands, felt her arms around me, and then entered her wet ready pussy. Making love that night was amazing, once again. It was a privilege, I had earned it and felt overwhelming love and dedication to this woman that thrust her hips against my own as I ejaculated inside.

We were in bed several hours, and then took a shower together. It was a lovely evening, at the end of which Jess took out the chastity device and locked it back on. It wasn't as scary this time, though the loss of control and knowledge that I was in her hands was still a thrill.

From that time, Jess kept me in chastity most of the time. She removed the device when she decided we could have sex and when I had pleased her. Sometimes this was a couple of times a week, but there were longer periods where I became afraid she was not going to remove the device. It could easily be several weeks between my short periods of freedom, depending on my behavior and her desire for my cock.

A side effect of being in chastity and in my wife's control was how my attitude toward her changed. Yes, I tried to please her every day; I bought her flowers more often. I cooked, cleaned, and took care of things so she could be more leisurely. I also began deferring to her about finances and other important decisions. It was as if having my genitals locked and under her control had emasculated my mind. My desire to please her and her control began to extend well beyond my manhood.

There was one time about a year after I began submitting to chastity control that I became so frustrated and aroused I pulled and pushed and struggled with the locked device and actually got my penis out of it. My balls hurt after, and my cock was sensitive from a slight abrasion but I did it. I jacked off, masturbating several times. It seemed like the semen would never stop coming, but eventually I had had enough. Then I tried to get back into the sheath and discovered... it was impossible while the device was locked.

That night Jess inspected me as she did each night, and I flushed with embarrassment when she found my cock hanging free outside the device. She wasn't as angry as I thought she would be, though her comments were scathing. But... a week or so later, the full impact of what I had done came to me.

It was a Saturday, and Jess told me we were going someplace downtown. I was curious where, but she said wait and see, so I went along for the ride. It turned out to be a rather seedy tattoo parlor. We parked down the street, and went in.

"Hey, Jake. This is John, my husband." Jess introduced me to the long haired guy with sleeve tattoos smoking a cigarette behind the counter.

"Ah! Hey there Jess. Good to see you again. So this is the randy boy, eh?" The fact this low-life guy knew my wife bothered me.  "Let's head in back and take a look, huh?"

He guided us in back to a private room, where I was instructed to drop my pants.

"What? Jess, what is this? I'm not getting naked--" I was interrupted.

"John, this is the consequence of your disobedient behavior. I trusted you with the chastity device, but you betrayed my trust. We are going to install a little more secure kind of device." Jess was being firm.

I dropped my pants, exposing my caged genitals.

Jake reached out and touched my scrotum, moving my flesh around to examine the device. I was humiliated, letting this guy touch me, but had no choice. "So, he got out of this, huh? Pretty good, you have it locked tight. Well, we will fix that."

Jess unlocked me, removing the device. Jake washed my genital area, once again humiliating me beyond belief.

"I sort of need him erect for this. Can you help?" Jake asked Jess.

Jess came over and stroked my cock a few times. It didn't take much before I was rock hard.

Jake produced a rather strange looking set of stainless steel tools that were clearly sterile. Taking my hard cock in hand, one tool slipped inside my urethra an inch or so. The other side of the tool hinged on to the part that was insert up inside my cock.

"This is going to hurt," Jake said with a smile.

I whimpered from fear, and then screamed from pain. With a quick firm movement Jake pressed a spiked point against the bottom of my cock, right at the frenulum, and drove it through the flesh and against the metal probe inside my urethra.  The piercing hurt like hell, and I shook as Jake pushed the spiked probe deep and made sure the piercing was a good one.

There wasn't a lot of blood, and Jake cleaned up what little there was when he removed the instruments. I no longer cared about the embarrassment of being handled by this stranger, I was in pain. The alcohol he put on the wound stung like hell and I yelped again.

Jake then took a tiny metal probe with a small hole on the bottom and slid it up the inside of my cock. This metal probe sunk about three inches deep inside my urethra and then looped around the bottom of my cock. Jake took another small metal probe, inserted it through a hole in the metal on the bottom of my cock and then wriggled it through my brand new piercing. The end hit the metal piece that was inside my cock. With some more wiggling and painful positioning he aligned the end of the probe with a hole in the tube inside my cock. He screwed the probe that went in through the piercing into the hole in the cock tube, securing the whole contraption in place.

A tiny lock clicked into place, holding the piercing so it couldn't be turned and unscrewed. There was absolutely no way I was getting out of this metal contraption without shredding my penis open. I think I actually cried a little bit then.

"Keep the device in place for a month, after which the piercing will have healed," Jake was telling Jess. "After that you can unlock it and take it off and put it back on as much as you want. Like we discussed there are some more complete kind of attachments that will cover more of his penis if you want, but any kind of erection is going to be pretty impossible in this thing. The probe inside his penis is a hollow tube, so he can pee without a problem."

This happened two years ago. Since then, Jess has removed my semi-permanent chastity device maybe five times. She doesn't seem to need my cock much any more. If she wants an orgasm I will eat her, one of my few sexual pleasures. If she wants something inside her, she uses a dildo, though she doesn't do that often.

About six months after the pierced chastity device was installed, Jess replaced the exterior portion with a light metal cage that has tiny sharp spikes pointing inward. If I get an erection, the points press into the sensitive flesh of my glans, and hurt like hell. She didn't need to do this. The original pierced insertion made any kind of erection painful and impossible, and it can hurt sometimes just walking around. I have trouble walking and acting normal at work now. I may have to quit my job and stay home.

I work hard for Jess now. I have accepted my chastity; I hardly remember the times when I could masturbate freely. Jess is in control of more than just my cock; she has conquered my mind and will. I worship and love her, and have given myself to her completely, to control as she pleases. This is my ultimate satisfaction.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Descent into Slavery

I am writing this in the basement of the house in which I live with my owner. I am in pain, as I am much of the time. My testicles are currently clamped at level 4, which makes them ache constantly, though not enough to prevent me from moving, working, and serving my mistress.

My mistress is named Serena. She has not only given me permission to write this, she instructed me to do so. If I do a good job, I may have the testicle clamps removed for a while. Serena believe that her slave should be in constant discomfort, and that the absence of discomfort is a reward for good behavior and obedience.

My journey began when I was a teen boy experimenting with my sexuality, and discovered I liked the play of being tied up. I seemed to hook up with girls that were domineering and was never happy with the more submissive girls. I discovered my tastes were unpleasant and rejected by most girls so I hid them. Through out college I had "normal" relationships with girls. I love sex, and fucked a number of women during my early 20s.

In my late 20s I couldn't stand it any more. I needed something more, and girls sensed this. I never kept a girlfriend for more than a few months; none of them would dominate me, hurt me, or humiliate me the way I desired. So I looked around for a commercial dominatrix and after a few false leads and poor experiences I found Mistress Serena.

Serena is a tall thin girl, muscular and well proportioned. She has dark hair and a beautiful though stern looking face. When I first saw her I knew what I wanted.

Serena made it clear that she is not a prostitute. She charged money to dominate and hurt men that desired it, but there was never any sexual interaction of any kind. During my first visit she explained that I would never be naked in front of her, and she would never remove her clothes, either. I might disrobe as she pleased, but would always be wearing shorts or underwear. Nudity was not allowed.  She would not touch my genitals, nor would I be allowed to touch her body.

I agreed. The first session cost me $200 for one hour, and when I left my back was covered with red stripes, my knees scraped from crawling, and I had a throbbing erection that made me drive home fast to relieve myself. I masturbated three times after that first session. It was thrilling. Serena had tied me up, hurt me, demanded obedience, and I was in heaven.

Two weeks later I returned for another session. $400, two hours. I remember licking her black leather boots, and then being hung from the ceiling by my tied wrists wearing a hood that completely covered my head.  Two tiny holes allowed a minimum amount of air to enter, that was it. My wrists, arms and back hurt as I simply hung there with my toes inches above the floor, unable to see or hear what was happening. Suddenly, a whip kissed my body, wrapping around my back and chest. I jerked and screamed through the hood. The whipping was erratic, strokes coming at uneven intervals so I couldn't prepare myself for the pain.

Over the coming weeks my masturbation levels increased, and I thought of my mistress often. I didn't have enough money to go as often as I liked. All my spare money was saved so that I could go once every three or four weeks for a two hour session. My boss once asked me if I was OK one Monday, because I was walking gingerly. I was still sore from the beating Serena had given me the Saturday before.

Serena raised her prices to $300 an hour. There was demand for her services; other men were coming to her house and she didn't need to work all the time. She has a regular job during the days, and being a dominatrix has always been extra cash for her, and because... well, because she loves it. She is also gorgeous and can pick and choose who she takes.

In spite of the increased cost, I continued to go to Serena's whenever I could. I brought her tributes when I could afford it. A new leather hood one month, a couple of months later a flogger. I was proud of the inflatable gag. The most expensive item I ever bought her was a stainless steel male chastity device.

I guess it was the chastity device that caused the shift in our relationship. When she received it, she sat down on the couch with me kneeling in front of her. We had a conversation that went something like this.

"You know I can't accept this."

"I understand I am not worthy, but it is simply a sign of my devotion."

"You apparently don't understand. The device works by direct application to genitalia. I am not a whore, I do not accept money for sexual activity, and by giving this to me and paying me you are telling me I am a whore."

At this I shook and flung myself at her feet. "No, Mistress Serena, I never meant anything like that. Please forgive me!"

Serena thought for a moment, "Well, I can take one of two actions here. Return this gift to you and then beat you within an inch of your life, or accept this gift from someone that wishes to enter into a permanent relationship with me as sex slave. No more money. No more restrictions. You would be mine to do with as I please. Sex, pain, love, whatever. Permanently."

I lay on the floor breathing hard, sweating, not knowing what was going to happen.

"Which way do you think we should go?"

This was the first time Serena had ever asked me a question or given me a choice. I was a little taken aback, but I also understood I would be making a decision to escalate our relationship from one of a client paying for services to that of a sex slave owned by my mistress.

"Mistress Serena, I am yours. I have been yours for many months. I wish for nothing else."

Serena thought for a moment and then answered.  "Very well. Stand up and remove your underwear."

I shook nervously as I stood and dropped my underwear. This was the first time I had ever exposed myself completely to her, and it was a very emotional (and scary) experience. My penis stuck straight out, hard, and bounced very slightly at the rapid beating of my heart.

Serena went into the kitchen and brought back a bowl of ice.

"Place your penis in the ice," she said. I did as she wished. The ice immediately began to shrink my erection, and after a minute was hurting.  "Keep your disgusting flesh in the ice, slave."

It took 10 minutes for my cock to shrivel completely, I was so aroused. But finally, it was a tiny lump of flesh and Serena took the chastity device and placed my genitals inside. It was the first time my mistress had touched my penis or scrotum. She slid the small lock in place, snapped it shut and tested it to make sure it was secure.

"Session is over for now. Come back next Saturday morning, 8:00AM. Get out."

I dressed and left, my genitals locked securely away. As I drove home I realized I was not going to be able to masturbate as I had every time I had been to Serena's before. Feeling the cage between my legs aroused me, I started to get hard. There was no room in the device, and my incipient erection began to hurt, which caused the erection to subside. I was frustrated, and excited. I couldn't wait a week to see Serena again. I wondered if she would remove the chastity device, and whether I would ever see her naked. I had never before considered that it might be possible, that she might remove her clothes and allow me to see her nude. But now, it seemed like perhaps...

For the first time, I considered that there was some inkling of a possibility that I might be able to enter my mistresses body. I immediately became erect again, and suffered all the way home.

In fact, I suffered the entire week. My cock was constantly trying to grow and expand in its cage, and consequently I was in constant discomfort. My boss at work questioned me again, and even told me I might want to see a doctor when he found me in the back room bent over, sweating and groaning.

Thursday night I tried to work around the cage, or even get it off. My skin chaffed and testicles ached and hurt with my struggles. Eventually it because clear that I might be able to get it off, but there might be some damage to my testicles, and I began to remember that I had to present myself to Serena on Saturday, and she would not take kindly to my having removed the device. I decided to stop my attempts to get it off.

Saturday morning came and I woke early. I was so excited that I got out of bed and hour early, dressed and headed over to Serena's house. She lived in a semi-rural neighborhood where people could come and go discreetly. I sat in the car at the end of her drive waiting for 8AM. When it arrived, I drove up to the house, got out and rang the doorbell.

Serena opened the door and allowed me to enter. She was wearing very casual clothes, unlike our usual sessions. Instead of leather pants and a corset she was wearing jeans and a rough work shirt. In spite of this, she looked more beautiful and sexy than I had ever imagined. I worshiped her.

We sat down at her kitchen table. The whole situation felt very different, her attitude felt different, my level of arousal and anticipation was heightened; I didn't know what to expect.

She produced some legal documents.  The first was a slave contract. It defined the terms and conditions of our relationship. In summary, she was in charge. Her word was law, I was to obey. I could cancel out of the agreement at any time, that was clear. There was a clause that assured that our separate property would remain separate; any gifts, transfer of wealth, or other property which I gave her while the contract was in force would remain hers, and any property that was mine would remain mine. I had no rights to "community property" or half of anything. Anything I owned would remain mine, unless I gave it to her, at which point it would obviously be hers. This made sense to me.

The slave contract also outlined that while she would not do anything to risk my life, that she was to be the judge of all discipline and that I did not have a say in it. The only action I could take was to opt out of the contract. No safe words -- the only safe word was to cancel the contract and leave. I was either in or out.

As I sat reading the contract my cock was rock hard, bent and pressed and smashed inside the horrible cage I had purchased and given to her just the week before. The idea of being completely subservient to Serena, of giving myself and my freedom to her, allowing her complete control over my body... it just drove me crazy with desire. It was hard to read the contract. I could smell her body, hear her breath, sense her presence at every moment.

There were other conditions and terms, less fundamental but still called out.

I signed, and she signed, and the deal was done.

The next document was a model release. I was a little surprised, but she informed me that she intended to take pictures of me, or have someone else take pictures of us when we were together, and that it was a legal necessity. It was a weird request, but also one that excited me. I loved the idea of our games being caught on film. It made me feel even more vulnerable and helpless, which was what I wanted, down deep inside.

I signed the model release, and it was done. I was Serena's sex toy pain slut slave.

My chastity device never came off that weekend, though many of my wishes were fulfilled during those two days, and they were mixed with frustration and pain as I had never experienced. Yes, I saw Serena naked from the waist up, her breasts magnificent before me. I was punished severely for gaping at them, placed on my back on a table with my legs pulled apart and my balls beaten with a leather belt. Yes, we had sexual intercourse, but it was completely different than I had ever imagined; my penis wasn't involved at all. Instead, she rammed my ass with a huge strap on, filling and stretching me until I whimpered for mercy.

I slept at Serena's house for the first time, after a full day of service to her. I slept in the basement in a small cage. A bucket was provided for urinating and defecating. Left overs scraped from her dinner plate were placed in a dog bowl for me to eat as when I was hungry.

Serena took pictures of me in my cage that Sunday. The bucket was clearly visible as were its contents. My food bowl showed signs of my eating. She let me out of the cage and had me roll over onto my back, legs high in the air and spread to show my locked genitalia.

Sunday night I was sent home at 6:00 PM, and told to return the following Saturday at 8:00 AM once again.  I asked if I could have the chastity device removed before I left and Serena looked at me as if I had grown a third eye. I left with the device still on. I was growing to hate it.

That week at work was truly difficult. The chastity device bothered me every second, mostly because I was aroused and it hurt. I could never get a real erection; but the arousal was still there and I could think of nothing but Serena's beautiful breasts and being butt fucked by her. The lock on my genitals reminded me that I was hers, owned by her, under her control, every waking moment.

The next weekend I finally had the male chastity device removed, so I could bathe. Or rather, so Serena could bathe me. She washed my body in the shower, including my cock and balls. It was heaven to be naked in the shower with her; our bodies touched at times, and my erection was constant. I almost came when she washed me with her soapy hands.

That night before I was placed in the cage Serena took the scrapings of her dinner and placed them in a bowl for me as she had before. This time she told me to position myself over the food, and then masturbate. It had been two weeks since I had ejaculated and I was filled with sperm, ready to cum. I straddled the plate and began stroking. It took no time at all before I was grunting and spewing semen out all over my food. When done, Serena placed me in the cage along with my sperm topped food and locked me in.

I ate the food; I was hungry. That was the first, but most certainly not the last time I ate my own sperm.

This situation went on for six weeks and it became more difficult for me to do my job. I was exhausted at the beginning of the week, sometimes sore and bruised from serving my mistress this entire time. If I was in chastity, the device was mildly uncomfortable but bearable. If I was not restrained, it was worse. I had a constant erection and spent time in the bathroom pleasuring myself, constantly.

The solution came the weekend that Serena suggested I quit my job and move in with her, permanently. This was a big step but a natural one. By this time Serena had become the most important single thing in my life; my job was good and I would have preferred to keep working, but it was getting difficult. So that week I gave two weeks notice and packed things from my apartment.

When I was ready to move, Serena came over and told me there was very little I could bring with me. Clothes were in general unnecessary. So was furniture (she had what was needed) or a bed (I didn't sleep in one any more, unless she might allow me into hers). So we held a garage sale and sold just about everything. The few items she allowed me to keep she said I should donate to her, along with the proceeds of the garage sale. I handed over the cash (there was only about $200 from the garage sale) and a couple of furniture items she said she could use around the house.

I moved in.

Sleeping with Serena in her bed was out of the question. She didn't want me in her bed unless it was to serve her or for her comfort. At times I gave her massages, and she frequently had me lay down so she could sit on my face. What happened when she sat on my face varied; usually I stimulated her until she came, sometimes several times. If she was particularly horny, she pressed down hard, making it all but impossible to breathe. A few times she sat on my face and urinated or defecated. These times I cried, it was so humiliating and disgusting. Serena would look at me with concern, and then laugh.

Serena did sleep with others, both men and women. Sometimes she made me watch, or even lick her boots while she was being thrust into by some other guy's cock. She had a boyfriend for a while. He didn't like me, and she allowed him to torture me at times. I served him as I served her. One day I was tied with my arms above my head and legs spread apart and her boyfriend kicked my balls, repeatedly. I screamed and begged for mercy, which just seemed to spur him on. Serena finally called a halt to it, not wanting me to be damaged permanently. I was her property, after all.

Her boyfriend also fucked me a couple of times. I am not gay and it was really disgusting to me. The first time I took his cock in my mouth I thought I would choke and vomit, but I kept it there. He just shoved it in and out; I didn't have to do much. Another time he fucked me in the ass. The worst part of the whole process was after he came I had his semen in my mouth, or in my ass, or dribbling down my leg or chin. I wanted to die at those times. Serena took pictures and enjoyed the scene.

It was after being abused by Serena's boyfriend that I began to wonder if I wanted to stay with her. So much of my life was exactly what I wanted; I was happy with Serena, though being humiliated like that was very, very difficult for me. I don't know... during the entire time I was being raped by her guy I had a hardon. It wasn't because of him, like I say I am not gay. It was because he was an instrument of Serena. I was subjugated by her, and that had become very, very easy to accept.

Soon after she broke with her boyfriend (threw him out, actually), I mentioned to her I was glad and that I had begun having doubts. We were actually out together, shopping at Home Depot to get stuff for her house. I was in chastity, and wearing one of three basic outfits I kept for going out into public. These clothes were basically all I owned at that time.

I had been living in her house for a year and a half at this time.

When we got home, Serena called me over to show me something on her computer. She brought up a web site. When I saw it I was shocked. There were pictures of me, all over it. In fact, it was a sort of expose of my slavery, including all the most humiliating and debauched aspects of my behavior. I flushed as I realized just how low I had sunk, how these images of me made me look like the worst of degenerates.

There I was on all fours, getting ass fucked by her boyfriend with an odd look that might have been pleasure on my face.

There I was in my cage with my own semen dribbling down my chin, looking pathetic.

Another picture of me showed my tongue out licking Serena's boots, my face smeared with drool.

And there... a picture with my face smeared with her shit, looking unhappy.

She told me what was going on.

"This web site is secured right now. It requires a password to get in, and I am the one with the password. You signed a model agreement when you committed to be my slave, and these pictures are mine to do with as I please."

Serena leaned over and caressed my face lovingly. "And you see dear, you can leave any time. Of course, the moment you leave, this web site goes public, and the extensive library of pictures and movies I have of you will go out on the internet. You won't be able to get a job, or a girlfriend, or... well, do much of anything except maybe be a submissive male fetish model or beg your way into some desperate old woman's house."

I sat, shocked with the realization that she had me locked in to her slavery so much more securely than I had ever imagined. Our private relationship was something I desired, and reveled in. But if it were made public, it would make life very, very difficult.

"And lastly dear, you forget that you sold your car, and transferred your bank accounts to me. You have no money. If you leave, I will give you one set of clothing and $50. After that, you would be on your own. Good luck going back to your Mom after I email her the web site URL."

That was it. I had voluntarily given up everything in my life, slowly but surely. She owned what little I had, even my clothes. She also owned what little dignity I had, and could squeeze and mold and destroy it whenever she pleased.  I sat numb, the realization that I really was her slave, owned by her, completely dependent on her.

"Now, slave. Get out of those clothes. Tonight, I think I might let you fuck me."

My jaw dropped. In a year and half of being with Serena as her owned slave she had never allowed me inside her body. I had been made to watch while she fucked others, of course, which was a form of torture all by itself. But I was never allowed to touch her for my own pleasure.

That night, it happened, but not the way I thought.  That night I was brought into her bedroom. Serena was naked, and my cock was instantly erect.

She took a cream and began smearing it on my scrotum, then behind my scrotum and finally into my anus. It felt cool and nice, and I thought perhaps it was a type of lube. That didn't make sense though, because she very carefully kept it from getting on my hardened cock.

I realized why a minute or two later when it began to burn. It was Capsaicin. Wow did it burn. I began to whimper and beg for relief. Everything between my legs was on fire within a few minutes, and tears came to my eyes.

Serena positioned me at the foot of her bed, facing it. She took a thin cord that she had tied to the bed frame and tied it securely around my flaming testicles. Then she lay on the bed and spread her legs invitingly.

"Come, fuck me. Now, I want you inside."

In spite of the pain between my legs, the sight of my mistress naked and spread wide for me was all I needed. I moved forward, ready to mount her.

The rope on my balls pulled me back.

"Come, dear. Now. Fuck me." Serena was demanding.

I moved forward further, still crying from the pain between my legs; the rope around my balls kept them behind as I pulled further and further up. My cock touched her inner thighs, I could almost feel her moist pussy... but the rope had my balls stretched far behind me, perhaps six inches or more. Not only did the pepper cream burn my flesh, my balls were stretched taught and aching.

"Fuck me! Now!" Serena barked the order, not kidding. She wanted it. I pushed further, the pain in my balls growing. The tip of my cock reached the softness of her pussy and that one sensation made me not care what other pain I was in, I would enter her. I thrust. My balls stretched behind me, aching agonizingly, but I was inside! Inside Serena, for the first time! She was soft, and wet, and warm, and sliding in I felt the texture of her vagina... and I thrust again.

Each thrust brought new waves of pain, and new heights of pleasure. I felt Serena's body under me as we fucked, pain swathing my hips and legs, the act of pleasure with her an act of pain for me. It didn't matter. My thrusts became more urgent, and she raised her legs high and wide, and with a few more thrusts I shuddered, pushing deep, pulling my testicles back and stretching my scrotum farther than I ever thought it could go, but it was worth it, every bit of pain was worth it because I was cumming inside my mistress. My orgasm shuddered through my body, and when it was over I backed up, relieving the pressure on my balls, and rolled onto my back with legs spread. I burned, burned down there, ached and burned and was spent.

I've been allowed to enter Serena since then, but never without some price. There is always pain involved, and it is always worth it. Whether it is needles that thrust into my balls with each thrust of my cock into her, or a burning hot curling iron in my ass positioned so it impales my ass each time I withdraw, I am in agony and in ecstasy when I am allowed to fuck her.

It has now been four years and I have completely accepted my role. I barely remember what it was like to be free.

This story will be placed on the secured web site my mistress maintains to record my depravity. I am now totally and entirely hers, I am owned by her. It is not consensual. I have no choice. I gave up the choice by my own free will, and now live with the commitment made. I gave up the choice freely, and am now trapped in the consequences.

Mistress Serena says she has a new cage for me tonight. She says it is much smaller than the old one, and that I won't be able to lay down in it. I hope she removes the testicle clamps first. They hurt. Really bad.